It feels good to see a wrong righted. It happens far too often in the world. And rarely is it so public. Everyone saw our article on James Gunn’s departure from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise last year, right? Disney reinstated James Gunn as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Gunn said indefensible comments, meant as jokes, that were the outlandish remarks of someone trying way too hard to be funny and missing the mark by a mile. But Gunn never justified his actions, in fact, he apologizes numerous times. He never blamed Disney, always taking responsibility for his actions, condemning his words and not trying to cover them up. James Gunn did everything right in handling the situation. Fans, family, friends, all sent outpouring support for the writer/director. And in the end, it paid off.

6 years prior to getting the Disney/Marvel gig helming one of the most surprising break-out hits, Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn was raked over the coals for his comments. He apologized. He didn’t justify his behavior or excuse it. It was uncalled for. It wasn’t funny. And he wasn’t that person anymore. His actions, as well as his words, proved that to anyone willing to stop and take a look at him. We as a society need to be open to these changes and second chances, or else those who act like this are doomed to continue lashing out through the stigma we perpetually hold them to. Words aren’t enough, though they’re a good start. They need to prove through continued action that they can and are willing to change. Then we can look at second chances.

And James Gunn has toed the line, doing everything he should do. A heartfelt apology (twice, 6 years apart…), speaking out against those who acted as he did previously, and actively seeking change to make the world a better place.

He didn’t delete the tweets. He didn’t hide what he had done. He left them, and his apologies, out in the open as a reminder of who he didn’t want to be, and an example to others as to what not to do. But Pizzagate instigator, conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, drug it all back up years later as Gunn gained notoriety and fame. Gunn used his platform to speak out against political misdeeds and Cernovich targeted him for it. Even Fox News reported that he was “exposed” a second time as payback for being vocal against the President.

But through the entire thing, no matter how cruel the comments or outraged the pearl-clutchers seemed, Gunn never faltered. His friends and family and fans were outspoken. NerdBastards certainly was. Gunn never spoke ill of Disney.

He didn’t sit still, however. He’s signed on with Warner Bros. and DC Comics to direct the Suicide Squad sequel, almost ensuring that the following movie will be just as big of a draw as the first. And hopefully, this will spawn a continuing relationship between Gunn and WB, seeing new properties hit the big screen helmed by James Gunn.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will commence after Gunn completes Suicide Squad 2.

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