He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. So many of us grew up with the uber-macho He-Man and his alter ego, Prince Adam. He-Man had unfortunately named teammates like Fisto and Ram-Man. He fought Skeletor for the safety of Greyskull. And what little boy or girl in the 80s didn’t yell ‘I HAVE… THE POWAAAAAH!” at least once a day? He-Man spawned the spin-off She-Ra, his long lost sister who had her own power sword and alter ego. But just as She-Ra has gotten a heavy reboot, it seems its time for He-Man’s. But how true to the source material will it stay? Or the more important question may be ‘How much fanboy rage will spill out onto keyboards and out into the internet’? With the lead casting announcement, the answer is probably “a lot”.

Noah Centineo is famous for his role in FreeForm’s “The Fosters” as well as Netflix’s “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser”. Centineo is no Dolph Lungren, but with the direction She-Ra took, is anyone really surprised?

Aaron and Adam Nee are set to direct from a script rewritten by “Iron Man” screenwriters Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. The Nee Brothers also have screenwriting credit.

Previously, David Goyer had written the project. Thank the powers that be that the man who claimed She-Hulk was made to give someone for Hulk to bang has been pulled back to executive producer.

Centineo may or may not be playing both Prince Adam and He-Man. There’s little else known about the project so far. Centineo could be being brought in to usher a whole new He-Man to the current generation. With the popularity of the new She-Ra cartoon, reimagining He-Man to be a more inclusive and positive role model for the modern age seems like a good idea. An idea that will undoubtedly draw the ire of 30-40-year-old men who can’t stand it when children’s shows aren’t made for them.

She-Ra got heat for not allowing Adora to transform into a hyper-sexualized version of herself. Despite the rage, She-Ra has been immensely popular through many age ranges and its second season is ready to release in April, much to fan’s excitement.

The casting of Centineo immediately draws the conclusion that the He-Man property will see similar adjustments. Casting a person of color is the first obvious step away from the classic image of He-Man. While Centineo is in great shape, he’s not the over-buff Conan-Meets-Pro-Wrestler that He-Man is known for either. Centineo has the soulful puppy-dog eyes look down pat, sure to bring more emotion and sensitivity to the character.

That’s not to say the show can’t keep true to the spirit of The Masters of the Universe with fantasy elements, awesome action scenes, and over-the-top characters. Centineo can show a new generation that being masculine doesn’t just mean hitting things while looking good doing it. Bringing a more soulful edge to He-Man could do a lot of good for the image of masculinity in today’s culture.


What do you think? Could Centineo make a good Adam/He-Man? Could you be excited for a reboot that may or may not be directed at you? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!



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