Nothing can remain secret in the entertainment industry anymore. Seems more and more people are paying attention to trademark registrations at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Seems Blizzard Entertainment has registered a “goods and service” trademark for a popular game that could send fans into a frenzy. For years fans have clamored for Blizzard to get into making their own CGI animation. Love or hate the games, there’s no denying that their CGI is top-notch and their shorts and trailers are nothing short of jaw-dropping in terms of quality and storytelling. But will this next endeavor endear fans or ruffle feathers? caught Blizzard’s trademark registration. This could be an exciting new direction for the company who hasn’t had a stellar year as far as fan relations go. After announcing the Diablo mobile game Blizzcon (much to fan’s chagrin), content and storyline issues with World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth, and numerous complaints about Activision’s involvement in the company, Blizzard is in desperate need of a win.

And their new trademark might be able to deliver it.

It was also reported that Hellboy Series Screenwriter Andrew Cosby tweeted out about his new animated series with Activision and Netflix. He quickly deleted the tweet, but not before a screenshot was taken. Cosby confirmed the existence of an Activision/Netflix produced Diablo animated series.

Depending on how well done and how close it ties to which games, this could be something fans of the Diablo franchise can get behind. But to prove you can’t please everyone, if it veers too closely to Diablo 3 there could be some noses thumbed at the series.

Months after deleting his tweet, Cosby tweeted again hinting at a project. One can only assume that his new “super secret” project is none other than the aforementioned Diablo animated series, though there’s no concrete evidence of it.

In August of last year, Nevalistis, Community Manager for Diablo, spoke in a video about the future of the franchise. Nevalistis claimed there are several projects in the works. One can assume Diablo IV is among them, along with the mobile game Diablo: Immortal announced at Blizzcon. (You guys have phones, right?) Fans hope this animated series is among the projects.

While other franchises have seen some moderate success when venturing outside of the video game industry, this would be the first of such outing for the Diablo franchise. The Warcraft movie didn’t fare well in the U.S., but was very popular worldwide, especially in China.

Overwatch recently came out with a much-sought-after breakfast cereal called Lucio-Oh’s.

Blizzard games taking over other platforms, be it the small screen or the breakfast table, makes sense. The games are wildly popular and have massive potential for tv and movies. The games have spawned comic books, novels, board games, and other creative products. Diablo and even Starcraft could lend themselves well to other screens outside of the computer. Netflix is home to many quality sci-fi shows that Starcraft, while expensive, would fit well alongside. Diablo as an animated series makes sense, but a feature-length live-action film would likely do well with Blizzard fans and horror fans alike.

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