After a long period of anticipation Disney has finally announced its mammoth streaming service, that will be rivaling giants such as Netflix & Amazon Prime Video. Due to hit North America in November of this year, can this century old powerhouse become one of the leaders of the not only the big screen, but the small screen too?

Taking place at Sound Stage 2, at the company’s iconic Los Angeles hub, the firm chose a very fitting place to announce Disney+. The set that Mary Poppins was made, and latterly Pirates of the Carribean, both films heralded advances in technology, which is exactly what Disney are presenting with their latest offering. Comprising of a long list fan favorite franchises such as Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel Studios, and National Geographic, Disney looks to be an absolute streaming juggernaut, that nerds and nostalgia fiends everywhere will be bathing in.

On day one nearly ALL of each franchise / studio’s back catalogs will be available, including all the core Disney family favourite films. Bob Iger and Chief Executive at Disney also gave a preview of the new content provided on the streaming service, which includes 10 brand new movies, and 25 different series. The stars of which boast to be multiple Marvel Universe series including Loki starring Tom Hiddleston, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian StanWandaVision starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany and Hawkeye with Jeremey Renner.


And if that’s not enough to tickle your taste buds, there will also be a new live action Star Wars series titled The Mandalorian, brought to life by Iron Man director Jon Favreau. It is set after the events of Return of the Jedi and before the Force Awakens, after the fall of the Empire and prior to the emergence of The First Order. It follows a lone gunfighter who travels to the far reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic, and will be available for you to stream from day one. There will also be another Star Wars series that’s yet to be named, but it will be a prequel to Rogue One and will feature Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk.

Among other original films and series coming to Disney+ in its first year, will be a live action Lady and the Tramp, a new Phineas and Ferb movie and a Monsters, Inc series reprising Billy Crystal and John Goodman in their roles as Sully and Mike Wazowski called Monsters at Work, which is set 6 months after the end of Monsters, Inc.

With its its recent $70bn purchase of 20th Century Fox, and also welcoming the likes of Malcom in the Middle and the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons to its ranks,  Disney have not been shy in getting out the chequebook of late. However, in the new unveiling of this streaming service like 1movies, they have promised that subscribers to Disney+ won’t have to shell out. With a monthly cost coming out at $6.99 and the yearly being $69.99, this works out $2.00 cheaper than the lowest monthly subscription Netflix offers, and will certainly be challenging Apple TV’s payment plan idea’s, when they launch their subscription site later this year.


So with all that to offer, it was no surprise that Disney shares went through the roof after the announcement of Disney+. The real challenge now facing Bob Iger and “his biggest priority”, is getting the rights back to the content sold to the other platforms prior to Disney’s plan to launch their own, taking as long as four years until some deals expire.  However with the new content Disney are looking to bring, as well as its plethora of existing content, fans and family’s alike will no doubt be signing up come November 12th. The question is, will you switch to The House of Mouse?

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