Love the 80s? Who doesn’t! But what’s even better than the 80s? The 80s nostalgia merchandise! Heavily pixelated graphics, pop culture references, and the ability to transport you back in time to the 1980s where you can feel like a kid again! On Kickstarter, with 12 days left as of this article, Retro Gaming Cards! gives you just that. The feel of retro gaming with the 80s aesthetic and subtle pop culture references. A great game for friends and family who don’t want to learn a lot of complicated rules. Open the box, sit down, and start having fun with Retro Gaming Cards!

First of all, the thing everyone loves about Kickstarters – the rewards. The reward tiers for RGC is fairly straight forward.
(Disclaimer, as this isn’t an American ran Kickstarter, the prices are off by just a bit.)

$1 Tier is your standard heartful thanks.
$5 gets you a printable PDF copy of the game.
$15 jumps a bit more, giving you 6 cards for the Kickstarter exclusive game mode and one standard deck of cards with free shipping.
$40 is a bigger jump, but the rewards make it worth it. You get the previous tier times 3, and 3 Retro Gaming Cards! posters signed by the creator.

That last tier that actually comes to $45 American dollars is a hell of a good deal. A deck and poster for you and two others to give away to friends and family of all ages is a pretty awesome steal.

Okay, cool rewards, but what’s the game like? At its core, Retro Gaming Cards! is a classic matched pairs game. You lay out the cards, spend 30 seconds memorizing what you have down and where then you take turns matching the cards. Pretty simple, right?

The game comes with several reference cards so everyone can be on the same page as far as what cards match with other cards. Then you can dive into game modes. While the Kickstarter comes with some suggested modes, House Rules are always fun. There’s no end to how many different “modes” you could come up with it.

RGC! gives you a game you can sit down and play in seconds. No complicated rules or pieces to set up. The reference cards make sure veteran and newbies are all on even ground. This is definitely a pick-up-and-play kind of game. Perfect for quick, 10-15 minute games while you’re waiting on dinner to finish, stuck in a hospital waiting room with the kids, or just looking for a new game to add to game night.

The graphics take you right back to Atari or Commodore 64 style games. Hacked, Anti Virus and Loading cards give you that old-school gaming feel. Error and Game Over cards can be just as frustrating as running into the real thing in an arcade. The cards will be available in English and Spanish.

Backing this Kickstarter and reaching its stretch goals will unlock even more great 80s inspired cards and modes.

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