Please read no further if you have NOT seen Avengers: Endgame, as this naturally contains SPOILER’S. You have been warned…

Well, it’s here. The culmination of 22 films and 11 years’ worth of massive block busters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where fans have finally reached the end of a truly glorious era. And what an end it was too.

With its first five days taking a whopping 1.2 billion in cinema sales worldwide, Avengers Endgame gave a spectacular close to some of the most beloved character arc’s in comic book cinema. Whilst the task of wrapping up over a decade’s worth of story and characters is an unenviable one, for the most part the MCU succeeded in giving fans what they ultimately wanted.

However, for all the answered questions and finality that we got from Endgame, there are still a few loose ends that have fans scratching their heads. Not to mention the mental gymnastics surrounding allllllll of the time travel shenanigans in the film, there are definitely a lot of points that fans want to discuss. Last Spoiler warning – ALERT ALERT. Let’s get into it.


Where in the hell is Gamora?

After a hop, skip and more than a few jumps, we see the 2014 Gamora make it to the future, and in doing so, reunite with old (new) flame Star-Lord. Caressing her face, he receives the 2014 Gamora treatment of not one, but TWO knee’s to the man parts, as she clearly is not in love with him, let alone knows who the hell he is. So, there is an alternate version of Gamora running about the MCU.


After the battle to end all battles has been won, we do not see Gamora again for the remainder of Endgame, other than Star-lord looking at her picture on the ship’s computer as he attempts to locate her whereabouts. Where in the world DO you go when you’re 9 years into the future, alone, and daddy dearest is dust? She is out in a world where this timeline’s version of her has already died.  So, where to go? I guess we’ll have to wait for ASGARDIANS Vol. 3 for that one. (HYPE!)

Anyone seen Loki?

So, we’re back, from out of space, I just walked in to find… (yeah yeah yeah you get it) Loki being apprehended, while Scott Lang and Tony Stark are attempting to obtain the Space Stone. With this plan back firing big time, it presents the opportunity for Loki to grab the gem and disappear without a trace.


Now this Loki, is evil Loki, not the Loki that bonded eventually with Thor which turned him into the lovable rogue we now know, but the mischievous, planet bargaining, power tripping Loki. His very venture through space using the stone must start the beginning to his own new timeline according to the rules of Professor Hulk, which would mean this new timeline’s Loki, would not result in his death-by-choking from Thanos. This could be the basis for the new side series Disney+ will be releasing at the latter part of the year. However, it begs the question… just where in the universe did he decide to go?

Captain America x 2?

So as Professor Hulk explained to us boys and girls, you cannot change the past and have it affect this future; it merely creates an alternate timeline.

Well, old man Cap certainly does pose an issue on this. By taking the stones back to the past and staying there permanently to engage in a lot of slow dancing with Peggy Carter, it opens up a paradox –  for this timeline at least.

Him staying in the past, means that he cannot possibly be an old man in this MCU timeline. By altering the past, if it has then created an alternate future timeline, does this mean that there are two Captain America’s? One frozen in ice until he was awoken to work his way through the main MCU timeline, and one living life with Peggy on the down low? Which is hard to comprehend, considering Cap now knows about Hydra’s plans with S.H.I.E.L.D

Is Black Widow Gone For Good?

With her ultimate sacrifice officially wiping away the red in her ledger, the loss of Natasha Romanoff from the MCU, next to fan favorite’s Iron Man and Captain America, is a big one. Cool, calm and collected under pressure, she was the level-headed Avenger that even in the years after The Decimation, remained a focal point of contact for the heroes that remained.

Whilst her death as a loner, whose sacrifice for a family worth saving is a poetic closure to her arc, the question fans everywhere have been asking is, will we see her again? The other questions surrounding the death of Black Widow is regarding the soul stone’s requirements – Sacrificing someone you love. With Hawkeye and Black Widow both fighting for the right to sacrifice themselves instead of the other, Clint didn’t actually sacrifice Natasha. He merely fails at stopping her sacrificing herself. Could there be loophole here somewhere?


With rumors flying around about a new Black Widow movie, the obvious choice if the Soul Stone theory is void, would be to make it a prequel. Hey maybe we will finally find out what happened between her and Hawkeye in Budapest?

What will happen to Professor Hulk?

Our beloved green giant has now merged both sides of himself, bringing about Professor Hulk: the dabbing, fan photographed, highly intelligent, strongest Avenger (questionable by Thor) , has now seemingly found the middle ground between the creature he wanted rid of, and the scientist he always was – embracing his fate and in doing so, getting the best of both worlds.

But what happens to him now?


With no confirmed plans for a Hulk movie in the MCU near future, and essentially another close to an arc that fans loved, post snap Hulk did the job he was meant to. Using brains and brawn, he helped bring everyone back. The question here is, is the Hulk/Banner as we know him done for the MCU? or unlike some of his other teammates, is there a lot more to his story that is yet to be seen?

Whilst there are still an enormous amount of questions beyond all these remaining unanswered, it leaves the fans for a time, excitedly frustrated, yet also at peace and happy with the Avengers climax that was so long awaited.

Yet the frustration that fans feel, only adds to the plethora of left-field ideas that the MCU can/will bring back to its audiences.

With Disney+ spearheading, spin offs like Loki, Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as a new Hawkeye series, it is hard to postulate where we will end up next.

But the best thing about the MCU?

Possibilities. Endless possibilities, with reprisals, prequels, alternate timelines for characters etc., there really is no telling where we will end up next.

And as for the journey getting there? Fan’s are guaranteed to have an amazing ride no matter what.


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