May The 4th fast approaches, and as any Star Wars fan knows, so do the Star Wars sales. Few franchises can match Star Wars for their merchandising. Plushes. Mugs. Toys. Costumes. If it exists as a thing in the world, it has a Star Wars version of it. If you’re looking for the next Star Wars collectible to grace your collection, look no further than Toynk Toys with their new Star Wars May The 4th Be With You sale. Great prices for quality collectibles for any fan of Star Wars. Whether your Original Trilogy die-hards, New Trilogy lovers, Star Wars animated series buffs, couples, families, chefs, pets, Toynk Toys has everything you didn’t know you absolutely needed. Offering up to 60% off on over 800 of Star Wars products (figures, accessories, home goods, etc). It starts 5/3 and ends 5/6.

For the fans chomping at the bit for Disney+’s new The Mandalorian series, Toynk offers a beautiful Mandalorian pendant.

“Showcase your love of one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made! Body Vibe delivers a powerful fashion statement with this officially licensed Star Wars necklace. Finely crafted in stainless steel, this necklace features the Mandalorian symbol made famous by the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett. This stylish pendant hangs from a 24″ leather cord. Licensed Jewelry Box Included.”

Ever feel like cuddling on the couch with your own planet-destroying space station? Now you can with Toynk’s own Death Star Plush!

“That’s no moon, it’s a Death Star Plush toy! Featuring three original sound effects and phrases from the original Star Wars trilogy and a green LED light that turns on when each sound is played. Portable, practical, huggable and probably not full of evil Sith lords.”



Need everyone you come in contact with to know exactly how awesome you are? Casually flash your Battle of Yavin Medal lanyard from the Star Wars 40th Anniversary celebration!

“From Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope comes this awesome replica of the Yavin Medal awarded to our heroes at the end of the movie.”



Sometimes you’re walking through the house and you stop and think to yourself “Golly, I wish my legs were Jedi!” Well, now you can fulfill that oddly specific dream with Toynk’s adult costume legwear! (…No, yeah, we think these are weird too. That’s why we had to put them in here.)

“The Force is fun with this stylish Star Wars Adult Costume Legwear! Made of 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, this stretchy legwear features a Jedi’s robe, complete with flowing cape accent! One size, designed to fit teens and adults. Officially licensed Star Wars costume accessory.”



Did you have children thinking they’d be cute and sometimes amusing sidekicks for some comic relief? Disappointed by the real-life results? Dress them up as porgs and make your dreams a little closer to reality! 100% Polyester Porg hooded costume romper and orange tights.
Sized for toddlers (2-4).



Whether you’re the nerdy-challenged shopping for the nerd in your life, or love mystery boxes, or you’re just lazy and don’t want to go through the trouble of picking out some specific, Toynk has an incredible Star Wars Mystery Box!


“Are you the type of person who likes to live on the edge? Take chances? Or simply don’t know what the heck to buy the Star Wars Fan in your life? Our Star Wars Themed Mystery Box is the perfect item for you! Each box has $100 minimum value worth of Star Wars themed stuff. Action figures, apparel, plush, statues, Funkos, replicas, and maybe even Darth Vader himself might be in your box. Each mystery box comes in a nice collectible galaxy printed box. Use this great box to make storing your stuff even cooler, or take it to your next comic con. ”

Visit the Toynk Toys website for more incredible deals on amazing Star Wars Collectibles! 

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