So after our heartbeats have finally regained normal rhythm following a very Long Night with Episode 3, we see our group of fan favorites take stock, mourn their dead, and rejoice following the final battle with the un-dead. Drinking heavily, and enjoying some well earned comforts, audiences see their characters interact, rest and enjoy, and also engage in some sexy time it seems. However this weeks Episode 4, The Last of the Starks, has left audiences with a lot of questions, and also surprisingly, a really bad taste in a lot of fans mouths. Spoilers ahead as I am sure you are aware…

With masses questioning a LOT of the writing this episode, not least the PET THE DAMN DOG scene, it calls fans to question a lot of the motives behind what happened in this episode of Game of Thrones.

The first being Arya.

Destroyer of the Night King, and major shape shifting assassin, no one seems to fully address what an asset Arya is to the army heading to Kings Landing.

Whilst Dany does toast to her, no one fully addresses what Arya can really do. A boat load of innocents at the Red Keep? Good. More faces she can steal to get to Cersei.

As a Reddit user who makes some exceptionally valid points, r/vaporware1 states, “Nobody asks her to do anything, nobody even TALKS ABOUT the fact that they have a super powerful assassin at their disposal. And Arya fucks off down Kings Landing with the Hound, leaving the rest of them to flounder”

She turned down being No-One to become a Stark. This undoubtedly makes her a Lady of Winterfell by choice, and whilst Lord Gendry asking for her hand so soon after sexy time seems odd, so is her decision to not remain faceless. She gets the best of both worlds, without committing to either, thus destroying the arc of being No-One that the series has built for her over time. This being said, why are Dany and Jon not using this powerful shape-shifter to infiltrate the Red Keep to kill Cersei ? Why is this important aspect and major asset ignored? Maybe it will be addressed in the remaining episodes to come…

That PET THE DAMN DOG scene…

Fan’s are in uproar at the revelation that Jon Snow has tasked Tormund to take Ghost up North without so much as a farewell to his good boi.

With the lore stating that there is an unbreakable bond between owner and Dire Wolf, why was there not a bigger scene involving Ghost and Jon?

A doggo that charged into the walking dead in battle, and whom in the books, when Jon was being assassinated by the Night’s Watch, Jon had called out for – not so much as a head rub or a chin scritch? Fans are very unhappy with Jon’s seemingly last interaction with Ghost, and with a slight whimper from Ghost, Jon bows his head and storms off, leaving Ghost to sadly watch him leave.

WTF was that about?

Sansa and The Hound

Whilst Sansa’s conversation with the Hound has a philosophical “Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” feel to it,  given the choice it is obvious no-one would have wanted go through what she went through.

Whilst the scene was touching, yet stark (no pun intended) it did leave some to question – did this scene allude to the fact that Sansa is a better person from having being tortured by Ramsay?

The hounds have a wonderful type of poetic justice for this scene, no?

Euron and the Dragons

Another issue that fans had, is with the unfortunate demise of Rhaegal. What came as shock to most viewers when Rhaegal was hit left field by Euron, not once, but twice and then again with arrows ripping through his throat, makes it sadly clear that there was no way this dragon was going to ultimately survive.

Euron’s boats are essentially hiding behind a big ol’ rock as an ambush, so why didn’t Dany who was flying above with a birds eye view of the playing field see Euron’s ambush? Why did she not fly behind the fleet and lay them to waste? Why was it only Rhaegal that was hit with precision using Euron’s Scorpion? Why didn’t they aim at Drogon continuously too, considering he was carrying the Targeryen Queen who was flying directly for them? How on earth did they hit Rhaegal with such precision, but when they fired at Drogon missed every shot? With Dany flying directly into danger at the ships on Drogon,  it is easy to understand that after the death of her 2nd dragon child, logic went straight out of the window…

The Greyjoy fleet took out most of Dany’s ships, as their bolts acted as rail guns, tearing through the ships with ease and destroying everything in their path.

The Rhaegal scene has completely undermined the dragons threat level to battle. Whilst there is still one dragon left, against the bolt drawn arrows, how is it possible that Drogon will succeed? Even if there were 20 dragons, the dragons can be killed with ease using the ballistic arrows, so how is Dany a threat now? Unless Drogon brings new capabilities of dodging the be-jesus out of heavy artillery, where is the threat now? Maybe will we see an armored-up Drogon ready for battle in the episodes to come.

The Problem of Cersei

The final scene where we see Dany, Tyrion and Greyworm stand before the remainder of The Unsullied (thought all those guys were dead) the audience sees the fortress of Kings Landing protected heavily against possible dragon attacks, thus reinforcing Drogon’s vulnerability (which we have already seen).

Tyrion goes forward after a non-negotiable discussion with Qyburn, then attempts to plead with Cersei to think of her child. (Cue Euron to think “How in the hell did he know about our child”? Hopefully this will have a part to play?)

The real issue here in this scene, is that the Cersei we know, the Cersei who blew up the entirety of the Sept of Baelor killing a massive amount of innocent people just for her gain in power, is looking down upon the biggest group of power players within her enemies. All now including a now un-imposing dragon due to her ballistic defenses, and what does she do? she does… NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

Cersei would and should have no problem in dispatching her enemies there and then, considering there are so few, and now they are standing there in front of her on a platter? and she does nothing????

The execution of Missandei (where and when did she get captured?) seemingly only a plot point to move Dany, to fulfill her role as THE MAD QUEEN serves as a testament to Cersei’s tyrannous nature, but this also does not show who we know her to be – a person who takes every opportunity for the win when she can get it.

Maybe it is a plot point for future episodes for her to get her more ‘poetic’ finish to the demise of her enemies, that just doesn’t seem like the Cersei we all love to hate.

Whilst there was a lot of love (literally) in this episode, it did leave fans with more questions than answers.

We will just have to wait for the remaining two episodes to find out what will happen next.


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