Happy new trailers galore, folks! This week, after reasonable time to cool down from Avengers: Endgame, a new, spoiler-filled Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has popped up and it’s glorious.

Let’s start with the low-down. After the awful events of Endgame, Peter Parker is taking a relaxing vacation with his friends, including Ned and MJ. Assumingly, his good buddies were also dusted for the past five years, otherwise they’d be a lot older. Along for the ride is Happy, Iron Man’s old right hand man and kind of his Aunt’s boyfriend. Together, they lament losing Tony and are just trying to live their lives day to day, protecting people.

That is, of course, until Nick Fury starts calling.

Eventually, Nick Fury tracks Peter down on his vacation to help him solve a problem of realities ripping. Apparently Quentin Beck, known as Mysterio, fell through a tear along with some elemental beasties and they have to defeat them. Though they all are from a different reality, they have to deal with them now. (More on the reality of this situation later).

Teaming up with Mysterio, Peter Parker is forced to face larger villains than ever before without Tony to guide him. And as Happy and Nick Fury have made the point, in the wake of Iron man, will he take up the mantle?

There’s a lot to unpack.

The most obvious is the chance that Mysterio is talking out his ass. In the comics, he’s not quite known for being a trustworthy, neighborly folk. He’s a manipulating, lying super-villain. Also, it’s pretty convenient that the monsters are centered around Beck and Europe, right?

Enough people have covered the fact that Mysterio is 100% at least partially lying about the situation, so I won’t cover that. Instead, let’s analyze the context of him in the comics and how that ties in with the narrative.

Considering his comic book origins as a special effects man who failed at being a famous actor, his strive for fame has taken Mysterio to interesting places. If in the comics he has a history of hopping worlds and trying to take out Spiderman to take his place as a famous hero, that wouldn’t be surprising if that’s the case here, too. In the trailer he even says that to save people, sometimes sacrifices need to be made. A third act betrayal where he tries to sacrifice Peter to the elemental monsters sounds pretty apt for that. It would fit into an evil scheme where he sacrifices Peter, comes out the surviving hero of the day, and is now a righteous and famous dude.

But back to Peter. A lot of his emotional narrative ties in with the weight of Tony’s passing. After all, he was the closest thing to a father figure he had and was integral in protecting Earth. Now, he’s gone.

Throughout the trailer people talk about him stepping up or replacing Iron Man, and Peter brushes it off, but (if certain youthful hero theories are right) he’s 100% going to do that.

An important piece of evidence that ties into this theory is how Nick Fury reacts when Peter asks why he didn’t contact other people. He says Thor is off-world, Captain Marvel is unavailable, three of their leading heroes are gone. With the introduction of space struggles, the playing field got all the bigger. It used to be that the big heroes took care of the world, Spider-man took care of New York. Yet, as the heroes expand into outer space, Spider-man has to expand his playing field, too.

And since he can’t take care of the entire world by himself, he’s going to need a team *rolls Young Avengers future theme song*.

For anyone whose read my writing before, they already know I’m dead convinced the Young Avengers are incoming into the Marvel universe. But whether it’s Young Avengers or something else entirely, the MCU is definitely setting up Spider-man to become a leader in all of it. He may be young, but he’s dedicated, intelligent, and (by now) more experienced than some of the adult heroes. Nick Fury said it best: “Bitch, please. You’ve been to space.”

However, while talking about Peter and Mysterio is great, we can’t ignore the multi-verse in the room. With Avengers: Endgame, they’ve opened up not only the Pandora’s Box of time travel, but also multi-verses. Both are slippery slops to walk on. Though they worked well enough in the aforementioned film, they will have lasting repercussions throughout the MCU. And they may not all be good.

On one hand, the multi-verse situation could be used to help explain away the old Sony and Fox Marvel properties while letting Marvel smoothly work with into their own versions. It gives fans the ability to accept all of them as real realities within the cinematic universe. So far, though, that only really benefits fans. Otherwise, it just makes the MCU all the more complicated.

And on the the other side of time travel and multi-verses, it can make a real mess out of everything. I won’t say that it’ll ruin the MCU; Disney’s too smart for that. However, it could create a lot more convoluted, confusing films and plots. With a cinematic universe already prone to fan-service scenes, more kitschy meet-ups, team-ups, or battles are much more likely to happen. Even if it doesn’t happen, with these new avenues open, people are already talking about a Black Widow resurrection. Though fans should hope they don’t always take the easy way out of tough situations, these two new elements can become that.

If Mysterio isn’t lying about the multi-verse, he’s only the first of many things to start making the MCU much messier. In some ways, that can be good. Mysterio does have a lot of charm and intrigue come with him, from just what we’ve seen. That doesn’t mean every other film will fare so well.

One of the strongest staples of science fiction is making cool scientific, imaginary ideas into reality. But that stops working so well when logic and reason start falling apart because of it. If they tear apart the strongest principle of life, death, then it’s hard for any of the story to feel weighty at all anymore. Though we know Cap and Iron Man aren’t coming back because of their actors, the multi-verse changes those rules. If it weren’t for the actors, they could come back at any time for any reason. Kinda makes their sacrifices feel less emotional, doesn’t it?

Either way, between Mysterio’s incoming shenanigans and Peter Parker’s future, this trailer is (overall) an exciting step forward in the MCU. For now, let’s just give the multi-verses and time-wimey stuff the benefit of the doubt. If Spiderman: Far From Home sets up as much as I think it might, this film is basically Avengers: Endgame’s after-credit scene. This is the cliffhanger that will move the franchise into a new direction. 

Or I’m completely wrong. But either way, can’t wait to see it.

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