Few scenes are as iconic as the first lightsaber battle in Star Wars: A New Hope. Darth Vader and Obi-wan Kenobi, arch-enemies, facing each other one final time. When later we learn of their true relationship, it makes that scene even heavier. Of course, it was the first scene of its kind and the choreography was… Lacking, to say the least. Especially when faced with the stunning work we see in future films. But fans over at FXitinPost decided that it could be … well. Fixed. They took the heart and soul of the scene and reworked into something that does better justice to what the scene could’ve been.

As their YouTube channel states, ““Scene 38 ReImagined” is about the final confrontation between Ben Kenobi & Darth Vader in “A New Hope” nearly 20 years after the events of “Revenge Of The Sith.” This is a one-off story driven scene reflecting the characters in its chronological order from the point of Revenge of the Sith through Rebels, Rogue One, and all canon material leading to A New Hope.”


More information as well as a behind-the-scenes video is forthcoming and will likely be a blast to watch. The video takes snippets from A New Hope and adds a modern twist to the fight, showcasing what each force user is capable of. Keeping original dialogue and staying true to the over all plot of the movie, “Scene 38 ReImagined” comes out as one of the best fan-made additions to the Star Wars universe to date. No one can blame the cast and crew of 1977. The very idea of a lightsaber battle was so beyond what most people could even imagine for its time. The technology, the choreography, the stunts, they just weren’t where they needed to be to make this scene be what was undoubtedly in George Lucas’ mind.


Still yet, FXItInPost did a marvelous job at making sure each character was handled with the utmost care, showing off more force powers and more flashy saber moves while still keeping the heart and soul of the original intact.


Without any further ado… Here is the reimagined fight scene in all its glory…

And of course, the original, for comparison.


As well as behind the scenes sneak peeks from their Instagram feed, FXItInPost’s website also has merch! Scene 38 snapback hat and tee.

Christopher Clements, the Visual Effects Artist and all around visionary behind FXItInPost, has a rather impressive resume.

Clements has also worked as VFX supervisor on multiple indie films and television shows (Greener Grass, Party Girl, Boone: The Bounty Hunter), and has worked as a part of action design teams utilizing pre-vis VFX on shows such as Daredevil, Deadpool, Punisher, Tag, and Terminator: Dark Fate.

One thing is for sure, nerds of all kinds will be wanting to keep a close eye on Mr. Clements and FXItInPost as they continue to share their amazing visual effects, letting their passion and mastery of their craft shine through. The force is truly strong with them.


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