NerdBastards had the privilege, nay, the pleasure, of getting to toss some questions at Daniel Brodie, creator and writer of Morgan’s Organs. Brodie’s comic book, now in it’s third issue being funded through Kickstarter, is the unique perspective of the organs living in a college student, Morgan. Think Pixar’s Inside Out for grown-ups. Low brow humor of the highest quality, Morgan’s Organs gives voice to larger than life characters that many young men will identify with. Morgan’s brain, Bran, and his penis, Pepe, vie for control of Morgan’s love life while his other organs feel the fallout of their choices. Morgan and his organs sometimes seem at odds with each other, having differing goals and opinions. But no matter the situation, their choices affect each other in hilarious ways. Extremely NSFW (that IS a censored penis head in the logo, after all!) Morgan’s Organs provides laugh-out-loud comedy that will keep you engaged, page after page.

While Morgan’s Organs provides some hilarious low brow humor, it’s smart about it. The humor never devolves into mindless dick jokes. Every bit of off-color humor is applied tactfully. Brodie’s storytelling is masterful as he juggles characters in insane situations.

You can preview Book 1 and Book 2 from the Morgan’s Organs website.



NB: What lead up to the creation of Morgan’s Organs, and how many drugs were involved?

Daniel Brodie: Morgan’s Organs came to my brain in the summer of 2013 while I was strolling around in Amsterdam, which also answers the second half of your question. At the time, it was just a half-baked rough idea plus the name Morgan’s Organs. Soon, I became obsessed with actually crafting the concept, building the characters and writing stories.

Is Morgan based on someone?

I wouldn’t say Morgan is really based on a specific person. As a male who also went through the trials and tribulations of growing up and college life, there’s definitely some things I can relate to as I write Morgan. That includes how unsure of himself he is at times, his clumsiness, but also how he is willing to take risks and learn from his mistakes.
Overall, I just tried to make Morgan your very average 20-something male because he really isn’t the star of the series. The stars are the crazy critters running around Morgan’s body, controlling and influencing his thoughts and behaviours.

The first book primarily centers around Morgan’s self-induced celibacy and how that affects his insides. Was there any research that went into that?

From a science or anatomy perspective, I wouldn’t say there was much for research. Sex is a pretty universal topic that everyone can relate to in some way. It just seemed like a natural topic to build the pilot story around – both because of its universality and also because it tied so well into the mature humour and themes I was trying to root in Morgan’s Organs.
From a personal perspective, I decline to comment.

The second book centers around Morgan’s ill-fated & panicked idea to swallow a six-sided die to cheat at a game. Where did that idea come from?

Such a ridiculous idea, eh! It’s quite random – I was just playing Settlers of Catan with my roommates at the time, and as usually happens, we were having some really weird conversations. I don’t know exactly how it came up, but the joke about swallowing a gambling die and pooping out your roll came up.
My friends probably forgot about it quickly after, but the idea stuck with me, and I thought it was the fantastically wacky and perfect story for Morgan’s Organs.
This book did involve some research, especially with the digestive system. While I do not try to boast that my ideas and narrative is 100% accurate, I do try to be somewhat in-line with how the body really works. I mean, at least I know which way food goes in and which way it comes out!

What’s the plan for book three? Are there any plans to introduce new characters down the line and how would one go about doing that when the cast is kinda fixed? Book Four: Morgan Gets A Kidney Transplant?

Just like the other books so far, Book 3 is completely weird, wacky and different. It’s already fully written and we’re almost done with the art. It’s going to be a really fun story, told in a very unconventional format for the comic book genre. The story will play out similar to Christopher Nolan’s hit movie Memento, where there are two storylines that switch back-and-forth, and they only connect at the very end of the book.
In this case, we follow the Night Before and Morning After for Morgan and his body parts, as Bran the Brain takes the lead on an investigation into whatever the heck happened the night before. You see, Morgan wakes up with a black eye and no memories, while the organs wake up with dicks drawn all over the walls and no memories. It’s only at the very end of the story when the Night Before becomes the Morning After when all the mysteries finally connect. I’m really excited for this story given its unconventional narrative, and I hope fans will love it.
My goal is to continue to introduce new characters within the body, but also to introduce new ideas for where the story can go. For example, in Book 1, I introduced the female side of things at the end of the story, setting the possibility for future stories that focus on the female perspective. However, the character introductions will always be related to the story, and so there aren’t any new characters coming through in Book 3. Hopefully, there will be a “pair” of new characters in Book 4 though!

Why so long between issues of Morgan’s Organs? Is it just Real Life vs Hobby priorities?

The hard truth is that we are still just an indie passion, and so each of us needs a day job to keep our own organs afloat. My goal is to release at least 1 book per year, but even that is a challenge. However, the team is fully motivated to continue telling more stories, especially with the immense positive reception we continue to receive from our fans.
Hopefully one day we’ll reach our goal of getting picked up by a publisher so that we are able to release books on a quicker basis. In a perfect world, I’d like to be releasing quarterly books.

Will Andy the Appendix ever get any respect?
Not in this body. Maybe in another.

Morgan’s Organs would lend itself really well to an animated format. Are there any ideas to shop it around or bring Morgan’s Organs to some sort of animated life?
The funny thing is that Morgan’s Organs actually began in my mind as an animated television series. When I first began writing it back in 2013, I did so from the perspective and format of a television show. That’s probably why the books are longer than typical comics at 40 pages each – because I tried to mirror the length of time of a 30 minute TV show.
The end goal for me remains for Morgan’s Organs to become a television show. But until that happens, we’ll keep proving the concept, making new books and hopefully growing the audience.

Are there any questions no one’s asked about Morgan’s Organs that you wished they did?
“Hey, my name is Seth McFarlane (or Green) (or Rogen) (or Myers) and I want to make Morgan’s Organs into a television show! Do you want me to make that happen?” That would be a nice question.

Isn’t he the most adorable penis you’ve ever seen???

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