Ask any 30-something what the best part of growing up was, and you will probably be regaled with stories of waking up on Saturday mornings, going to the kitchen and making a big bowl of cereal, grabbing your blanket and plopping yourself down in front of the TV to catch the latest offering of He-Man or Transformers. If you stick around long enough you may hear tales of a delicious green Orange-Tangerine flavored nectar, a drink whispered of in legend and now long forgotten to time. I speak of course of the amazing Ecto Cooler. But now, that legend is back…well sorta.

This famous drink is now in alcoholic form at The Quarters Bar Yes, the childhood staple has now been boozed up. Yes, please! 

This adult version is made with house infused orange vodka, melon liquor, and Sunny Delight. Don’t believe in Ghosts? Drink a few of these, and you’ll start seeing some.

While not tasting exactly as 90s kids will remember, it is a very close facsimile. Slime colored green, citrusy, and deliciously sugary.

And hey… the Quarters is a video game bar is pretty rad in and of itself. Offering over 20 vintage arcade video games, unique food, and other creative pop culture inspired drinks.

Come for the Ecto-Cooler… and stay for the video games, music, and food. Truly, a great place where you can ‘Eat, Drink, and Be Nerdy”.

The Quarters is located on 8 Railroad Street, Hadley MA behind The Donut Man and right off of Route 9 near the Route 47 intersection. For more information on The Quarters, visit

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