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The biggest, as well as the fascinating annual genre convention, is underway. If you are anticipating for studios as well as publishers, to make their big announcements on new releases. Then, SDCC is the event to have a close eye. Everyone is sure to come out with a different experience. Yes, it’s a special event that you wouldn’t want to miss. To top it all, here are some of the fascinating panels to watch out for.


Nanits is a new app for iOS and Android phones that takes one of Nerdoms favorite mediums, comic books, and turns it into an immersive multi-media experience. Giving comics a 3-D feel and adding sound effects can draw readers even deeper into a story. It’s not animated, this isn’t a cartoon, though it can feel that way. It keep the heart and soul of the comic book while giving it an injection of modern technology to make it one of the best ways to read a comic on your Apple or Android device.


Picard: What We Know So Far and The Future of Star Trek

Okay Trekkies, this is our goddamn time so let’s get hype about this shit. 

Whether you’re a fan of Star Trek: Discovery or not, the show has completely revitalized Star Trek as a multi-series franchise and it’s beautiful. Not since the late 90’s have there been more than one series in the works at a time. And it’s not just two, but multiple. 

This new Trekkie era grows with the upcoming Picard series, chronicling the life of the great Starfleet captain in his later years. The show is supposed to release to the public near the end of 2019 and is said to be comprised of 10 episodes. Like ST: Discovery, Picard will air on CBS and CBS All-Access. 



Nerds of a certain age will remember Unicron from the 1986 Transformers: The Movie. The animated film made history as one of the first feature length animations based on a TV cartoon franchise. The film has stuck with fans the world over for 3 decades, and its planet-sized villain is no exception. Unicron is one of two multiversal signulatiries within the Transformers mythos, whose “vehicle” form is a planet that consumes other worlds. 2003 finally saw the completion of a Unicron transformable action figure after years of near-completions and misses. Now, under Hasbro’s crowdfunding HasLab platform, a fully articulate, massive, detailed and impressive Unicron has been created. And you can own one! For $575.



Ask any 30-something what the best part of growing up was, and you will probably be regaled with stories of waking up on Saturday mornings, going to the kitchen and making a big bowl of cereal, grabbing your blanket and plopping yourself down in front of the TV to catch the latest offering of He-Man or Transformers. If you stick around long enough you may hear tales of a delicious green Orange-Tangerine flavored nectar, a drink whispered of in legend and now long forgotten to time. I speak of course of the amazing Ecto Cooler. But now, that legend is back…well sorta.

This famous drink is now in alcoholic form at The Quarters Bar Yes, the childhood staple has now been boozed up. Yes, please!  (more…)

Nothing says redundant, unnecessary, and unneeded like a beat-for-beat, (nearly) shot-for-shot remake of a beloved animated classic like the faux-live-action (re) iteration of Disney’s beloved, 1994 animated classic, The Lion King. Since its premiere twenty-five years ago, The Lion King has become a permanent pop-culture fixture, passed on from generation to generation as one of – if not, the – highlights of Disney’s animation renaissance. Like practically ever Disney film-turned –classic, it’s become a self-perpetuating brand of its own, expanding to straight-to-video sequels, animated TV series, and a Broadway musical that’s become the highest grossing musical of all time. In short, we didn’t need a faux-live-action remake of a classic, maybe just a re-release or even a big-screen, old school animated sequel. For the Disney Industrial Complex eager to exploit its back catalog of animated classics, a live-action (or faux-live-action) version of The Lion King was all but inevitable. Just because you can, though, doesn’t mean you should. The bland, dull, ultimately soporific result, however, suggests that for once, the Disney Industrial Complex erred badly. (more…)

The new Mulan trailer has dropped and I, for one, am hype. A culturally adept film with an all Asian cast about a Chinese badass warrior woman? Sign me the heck up.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. 

In the comments of the new trailer, on YouTube and Facebook, most people voiced lukewarm feelings or outright distaste for the film’s changes. After all, unlike most of the Disney remakes, the movie plans to change quite a bit. Mulan will be more culturally accurate, will not be a musical, and will not have the talking animal characters it once had. People seem to be really up in arms about no “Girl Worth Fighting For” or Mushu. 

Recently, there has also been a big internet hullabaloo about Disney executives picking a black actor to play Ariel. There is a fair amount of speculation if a lot of that uproar was manufactured for free press. Either way, there is a big controversy around the upcoming The Little Mermaid film now instead of excited buzz. 


We already know people enjoyed Stranger Things’ new season, nothing new there. Netflix‘s collection of writers, actors, set design, seriously everyone involved put their best foot forward and made for an entertaining new chapter to the story of Hawkins, Indiana. Some people are probably getting to the point that they hope this story turns into the Neverending kind. 

However, the efficacy Stranger Things has achieved in making well-rounded, interesting characters could be part of its own undoing. 

Almost all characters featured in their past three seasons have grown into complex, interesting personalities. However, series can’t always showcase all of its characters. Having such a large cast can cause a lot of trouble and distract from the story. 


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