Author Archive is an IP address used by routers of certain models to identify themselves on the network. It is one of the addresses in the so called “private network 16-bit block address space” which is reserved for use within private networks. This address space consists of 65,536 addresses which proved to be too much for small home networks.

Typical home or small business network uses just a subset of it and most routers reserve range for their network. is reserved for broadcast data transfers (sending data to all computers in the network). Thus login is the last usable address in the range. is reserved to identify the network and also could not be used. So if your router uses as an IP address you still have 253 addresses available for use (

Below you will find a list with default router usernames and passwords for:

Following brands utilize

Certain models of Linksys Routers/Modems

Alcatel Modems

Westell DSL Modems

3Com Routers/3Com Modems

Billion Routers/Billion Modems

Netopia Cayman Gateways

If you’re attempting to configure your modem or router, you need to make sure that you know its IP address. Administrative interface for the modem/router is only available through this IP address.

Default User Name and Password:

Most routers with default IP address use admin for username and admin as a password. Alcatel and Thomson modems use Administrator as a username and blank as a password. OvisLink modems use admin as a username and airlive as a password.

Retrieving router IP address:

Depending on which operating system you use, there are different steps involved in getting IP address of the modem/router. Please see below guides for various operating systems that we prepared. For administration details of specific modem/router you need to refer to administration manual for that specific model.

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To set up your Chromecast, you’ll need the Google Home app (formerly the Google Cast app), available on iOS and Android. If your Chromecast is a hand-me-down or an eBay find, you might want to take a moment to factory reset it before continuing so you’re starting with a clean slate.

Although there are multiple generations of Chromecast and a brand new app, the general setup process hasn’t changed much. First, unpack your Chromecast, plug it in, and wait for it to power up. You can plug the USB cable into the wall using the included adapter, or the USB port on the back of your TV (as long as it provides enough power—some older TVs may not).

You’ll know it’s ready for chromecast/setup when see the on-screen prompt, shown below. Note the randomly generated identifier in the lower left corner. Ours is “Chromecast0082,” but yours is likely different.

With the setup prompt on your TV screen, now’s the time to grab your phone or tablet and connect to the Chromecast to complete the setup process. Depending on which generation of Chromecast you have, the connecting-to bit is a slight different, so pay close attention to the next section.

Step Two: Connect to Your Chromecast

Although the setup process is largely identical for all versions of the Chromecast, there is one big difference between setting up a first generation Chromecast (which is a longer dongle with a thumb-like shape) and the subsequent generations (shaped like discs), so listen closely to save yourself a lot of frustration.

The second generation Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra both support Bluetooth. When you plug in a new or factory reset second generation or Ultra model and start the setup process with the Google Home app, you will be connected over Bluetooth immediately. If it doesn’t, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

If you have a first generation Chromecast, however, you’ll need to connect to the temporary ad-hoc Wi-Fi network it creates. Open your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi settings and search for a network with the unique name we noted above. In the case of our demo model here, that’s the “Chromecast0082.b” network seen below.

It’s worth noting that the ad-hoc Wi-Fi network is also the fallback method for the newer generations too. If for any reason you get an error during a Bluetooth-based setup process on a newer model, you can always open up the Wi-Fi menu on your phone and use the old Wi-Fi method.

Once you’re connected, continue to the next step.

Step Three: Configure Your Chromecast

With your Chromecast connected to your phone, it’s time to fire up the Google Home app and finish the configuration process. Most of the time you’ll be automatically prompted to begin the setup process right when you open the app, but if you aren’t, don’t worry. Simply tap the device icon in the upper right corner, seen below.

Devices in need of setup are grouped at the top of the screen. Confirm the Chromecast identifier on your phone matches the identifier displayed on your TV and tap “Set Up”.

In the first step of the setup process, the app will confirm the temporary identifier assigned to the Chromecast. Click “Continue”.

Next, the setup app will beam a confirmation code to your TV—the folks at Google are clearly very serious about making sure you’re setting up the right Chromecast. Confirm that you see the code by tapping “I See It.”

Next, you’ll be prompted to select your region (e.g. United States). Click “Continue.” You’ll be prompted to name your Chromecast. By default it has the randomly generated name (e.g. “Chromecast0089”), but the best thing to do is name it by the room it’s in (e.g. “Living Room” or “Bedroom”) for ease of use.

How to Give Guests Access to Your Google Chromecast

In addition to naming it, you can also choose whether or not your Chromecast will send crash reports to Google and whether or not Guest Mode is enabled. The crash reporting bit is self-explanatory, but if you’d like to read more about Guest Mode (which allows guests to use your Chromecast without logging into your Wi-Fi) you can read our full guide to Guest Mode here. Don’t worry about random people connecting to your Chromecast from the apartment down the hall; Guest Mode requires them to see the actual screen and use the PIN on the screen in order to connect.

Once you’ve made your selection, click “Continue” and then plug in the credentials for the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect the Chromecast to. If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks in your home, be sure to put the Chromecast on the Wi-Fi network you normally use on your phone or tablet, because that’s what you’ll be casting from.

Now Download Official Cinema box app for Android, which were created by Playbox. Cinema Box App is a high-quality app for watching the latest movies and videos online on Android, tables and mac. It is the app for the new generation. The best characteristic of the cinema box HD is that, it is compatible for both the Android and the iOS. So whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, you can avail the benefits of this app.

It is unbelievable and diverse mobile app. This is developed and launched by the makers of the Play Box HD. PlayBox Hd was a very prominent app and a huge hit amongst the people who love to stream movies and online shows on their mobiles. The web developers of Play Box had intention to launch another better version of the app. So, the Play Box was unavailable for some time. The developers then launched an advanced version which is the CinemaBox.

The Cinema Box Official has everything for online movie streaming that film lovers can ever wish for. All the videos and movies are in HD quality with a resolution of 720p. So you can enjoy clear cinema on your mobile. It is better than its competitors at every point and angle and which is the reason, it is the most famous app to watch films and TV shows. Download Cinemabox App from here.

Features of Cinema Box App:

Cinema box Apk is more than just online movie streaming. It is your whole entertainment package in one app whether you want to see movies, TV shows, cartoons, dramas, music videos and albums, anime shows or anything else, this is your app to go.


This is a very user-friendly app which you can easily download and install on your mobiles. There is no need to create an account, username or password, just install and start using it. The navigation and the interface are also very easy to use, you can search for different movies and shows and start watching.

Supported for All Mobile

The application can be installed on android phones and Iphones. The best part about this mobile app is that it is totally free. There are no hidden charges or subscription charges and you can download and watch all your favorite movies and shows for free.

There are many apps which offer free online movie and video streaming along with many malware, bugs, and viruses. Cinema Box Hd is free from all sorts of malware and bugs and is completely safe for your mobiles.

Offline Use: Another important element of this mobile app is that you can even download the movies or any TV show for later use and then watch them in offline mode. So if you are busy then you can easily download and watch at your own space when you are free.

Kids compatible: There are many things on the internet and online websites which are not safe for kids’ viewership but you can trust your kids with Cinema Box. You can turn on the kids’ mode and then you kids can watch their favorite cartoon shows and movies.

Multiple video sources: The Cinema Box HD is very broad and has videos from multiple sources so if there is one broken video link, you can watch it from another source.

Subtitles: Another differentiating feature of this diverse mobile app is that it has the option of subtitles as well. You can turn the subtitles on and off and all can add subtitles. The best part is that the subtitles are available in many different languages.

Supportive : Another distinguishing feature of this app which makes it better than its competitors is that this Cinema Box Hd app supports Chromecast, Apple TV and also Wi-Fi sharing. So you can directly stream movies on your big TV screen.

Fast streaming: If you have a good internet connection and quality then you can stream online movies fast and without any hindrance because the app itself is very fast.

This advanced feature helps you to enable or stream any movie on the big screen. You can easily kill your boredom by watching your favorite movie anytime with your friends or alone.

MovieBox is the most popular video streaming application among mobile phone users. We have seen more than 10 percent of MovieBox users are interesting to download this application for Windows/MAC/Linux running personal computers. Can I install MovieBox on my PC ? Yes, this is how to install and use Movie Box App on any PC.

As you may also know, MovieBox is developed as a mobile application that can be installed on iOS and Android platform. So, this app is natively not support for Windows, Mac or Linux platform and you can not install directly on a computer. But, do not worry about it. Fortunately there is a alternative way to install MovieBox for PC without any problem.

How to install MovieBox on PC ?

Using a special 3rd-party software, you can easily install MovieBox to your PC running Windows or Mac. These software are called Android Emulators (Aka App Players) and available to FREE download. “NOX” and “Bluestack” are the most popular App Player software among users. These emulators can create an environment to run Android apps on a computer. So, you can install MovieBox APK on PC with a emulator and enjoy all features of the MovieBox app on big screen.

MediaBox HD is the new and trending movie managing application among smartphone users nowadays. It is the best alternative to the legendary MovieBox app and includes number of new features as well. MediaBox is not just a movies application, but it also provide an excellent service for both iOS and Android users.

There are many MovieBox alternative applications are available for the stream videos to Smartphones claiming tons of features, however the functionality of those applications are not good enough. But, new MediaBox app comes with rich in features as well as the smooth functionality providing wonderful user experience. Therefore we highly recommend MediaBox HD as a Movie Box App alternative for Apple iOS and Android users.

The Best MovieBox Alternative App For iOS And Android

Best features of MediaBox HD:

Completely free for download and install. No any hidden charges.

Free download / watch HD movies, tv-shows unlimited

Best video stream. Use only direct streaming, no torrent streaming

Ultra-fast download speed – Provides number of best stream sources from the most important sites.

Compatible with iOS & Android platform

No jailbreak, No root access needed

No subscription, Password, Apple ID or sign-up required

Support subtitles over 50 languages

You can request Movies/Shows, Subtitles.

VLC-Player supported / Files app supported

Support Wifi-Sharing, Chromecast, Roku, FireTV, Smart-TV & more.

Changeable themes. If you don’t like any of the existing themes in MediaBox HD app, then you can download & install new themes from the internet

Follow bellow tutorial guides to download MovieBox for your PC without any problem.

Vidmate app is one of the best online streaming apps available for the users. Vidmate is an awesome app that allows you to watch your favorite videos on your devices at any time with free of cost. You can watch latest movies, listen to songs and get access to your desired TV channels by using this Vidmate app. And this is very easy to install and use. Vidmate app is the collection of many websites.

This collection of websites provides you in accessing many facilities like Songs, Videos, HD videos and full movies. Some apps are specially made for android phones, and some are made for iOS phones only. The vidmate app is mainly for iOS, but the Vidmate for iPhone users can also use this app by installing an addition emulator into their device.

Features for Vidmate app in iPhone:

High-Quality Music Download: It supports more than 300000 high-quality songs.

It supports multiple languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, Marathi Bengali, Punjab, Kannada, etc.,
HD Video Download: You can watch your favorite videos in online, and you can also download HD videos very easily.
Unlimited Full Movie Download: You can find latest and popular movies with free download option.
Recommended TV shows: Vidmate App is offering Popular TV channels like V Colors, V-SAB TV, Sahara One, Sony TV, Star Plus, Star World, and Zee TV.

Advanced Download Technology: Multiple downloads , Background download , Download resume , Download Stability.
Working Live TV Channels: It provides 200 live TVs, and you can watch Movie Music, Entertainment, Fashion, News, and Sport, find other popular channels , This app is optimized for 2G/3G/4G and Wifi internet.
Requirements for Vidmate app on iPhone

You need have the following features so that you can easily download the Vidmate app in the device

Download Android Emulator Andy:

Andy is a best and free software for Android users. The Andy acts as an interface on a none- Android phone devices. Hence you can easily allow your device to run all your favorite Android apps. Andy is available for free download on the Android net.

Download the free Vidmate apk file:

The app is found in online with free of cost. The app should be below 4 MB, so don’t worry about the download taking the time it will be very fast based on your internet speed. The download link will be found on the internet very easily.

VidMate apk software android software downloader provides you a possibility to discover movement images or music features from an intensive range of acquiring and save them to see afterward.

Open the file with Andy

Once the file is readily installed, then you can use the Andy service.

Your device will tell you when the installation is done once the installation has begun. Once that is accomplished, all you need to do is open Andy. The app will be there in the app tray. You may open it and enjoy hours of videos and MP3 at your ease.

Download Vidmate For iPhone , iOS or iPad:

Vidmate is currently not supported on iPhone or iOS, but there is an alternative for this services provided by many of the app developers. Vidmate is the best app for all the users, and any one can use this app very easily by just installing it on your device. The vidmate app is easily available for Android devices, or you can also download Vidmate for your iPhone very easily. It can be downloaded in the mobile phone as well as for the personal computer. There is no direct way to download Vidmate onto your iOS devices. Since Vidmate is an Android app, so you need to download the app by using Bluestacks emulator.

In a digital era, meeting a potential lover is highly possible. Application for dating is scattered on the internet, they are ready to improve people-dating ability and providing a chance to find a mate. One of the biggest dating sites is Tinder. It has been known to be one of dating site most people use. For Android user, the site is now accessible through Tinder latest APK 10.3.0 (10030093).

The tinder app download application has specially built to run on Android operating system, making it easier to browse through million singles and find one that matches interest. Developed by Tinder Inc as part of the dating site itself, this application is very convenient.

Tinder review:

This application is built on Android template that can run in the background, so it will not close even though the phone is opening other applications. There are some useful features embedded in this application:


Swipe is the primary feature Tinder for Android where a user can swipe through the potential mate and find one that matches criteria. The user can swipe right to like the profile of the possible matches or swipe left to continue searching.

Facebook and Instagram Integration

Creating a profile is easy by using the Facebook login provided. When opening the application, there is an option to log in and create the profile using Facebook profile. This way, a user does not need to create the new profile. The application can also be integrated into the Instagram profile that lets people see the user’s Instagram feed.

Common Connections

Common connection works as a gateway to find a potential which is also a mutual as they befriend your friend as well. By connecting the app to user’s social media, it will show which one is also befriended the user’s friend. People find it easier to go on a date with a person whom his or her friends also know about. It is also to prevent risky and dangerous people. The feature is available on the Android by clicking the icon with multiple people icon.

Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus is the premium version, for younger people it costs about 9,99$ and for seniors it costs 19,99$. By using Tinder Plus, a user can use Rewind feature, a feature that lets user gives second chance to potential mate, Boost to promote user’s profile, and Passport feature to let user browses through potential from various countries. The subscription will be billed to your carrier billing or credit card bill by using the app in purchase features.


User-friendly interface

Easy to Use by Facebook profile integration


No safety guarantee

Tinder Plus is too expensive

How to Use

Install the application and open it once it is done. The user will be prompted to the login page that shows Facebook logo. Connect it to Facebook and customize your profile. There are three main bars of the application: Your Profile, Swap, and Chat features. Click on the logo to go to the chosen menu.

Apple today updated its garageband apk for android devices to version 2.3.7, adding support for keyboard commands when using a Smart Keyboard such as the new Smart Keyboard Folio for the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models or a Bluetooth keyboard.

The update adds the Wah stompbox pedal and Face Control to the Smart Guitar tool, and Apple says it includes stability improvements and bug fixes.

Apple also updated its suite of iWork apps for iOS and Mac devices, which includes Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. According to the release notes, the update includes performance and stability improvements, which could also include display optimizations for the new iPad Pro models.

The new version of Pages on both Mac and iOS adds support for publishing books directly to Apple Books for download or purchase.

iMovie for iOS gains support for external displays when connected to the new 2018 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, and it offers several bug fixes.

– Connect an external display to your iPad or iPhone and choose to mirror the iPad display or preview your video fullscreen while you edit — with support for uncompressed 4K video output on iPad Pro 11-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)

– Resolves issues which could cause video distortion when editing a vertical video clip with the iMovie edit extension in the Photos app

– Addresses an issue which could prevent sharing videos through a cellular connection on iPhone or iPad

– Improves stability including an issue which could occur after adding speed change effects to clips in your movie
iMovie for Mac is the final Apple app updated today, with Apple removing the option to share files directly to Facebook. The update also adds a new “Prepare for Facebook” option as a replacement that is designed to export a Facebook – compatible video file to your Mac that can then be manually added to the Facebook website.

GarageBand, iMovie, and the iWork apps can be downloaded from the App Store and Mac App Store at no cost.