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Before Marvel’s Daredevil got made into a stupendous series on Netflix, the character had always been ripe for Television. Particularly, as a 90’s courtroom drama. You have character fighting against injustice by day as a lawyer, and by night as the superhero Daredevil, “The Man Without Fear”. How does that not sound like the best Law and Order spin-off ever?

Seems I’m not the only one to think so. Some guy went and made a mashup combining Daredevil with the opening credits of two other popular crime dramas; Nightcourt and Law & Order: Criminal Intent(more…)


A while back, there was a kerfuffle on the Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour. Stars of the film, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner were asked about Scarlett Johansson‘s relationship with Bruce Banner (a.k.a The Hulk). “She’s a slut” said Renner, when referring to the character. He and Evans proceeded to laugh at the sophomoric remark.

Couple of guys said something stupid while trying to be funny, and how quickly the fan-boys turned on them – judging them as bad people forever. The stars had to go on the record several times to apologize for the remark – citing they did not intend to offend anyone, and blamed the exhausting nature of the press tour for the unnecessary comment.

Actor Chris Pratt became aware of the Avengers media fiasco, and knowing that the Internet will cannibalize on just about everything, has made a preemptive apology. For what? Well, nothing yet. Likely he will, at some point, suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Figuring it’s better to be safe than sorry, Pratt posted an apology Facebook page, for just about anything and everything.  (more…)


Ever since Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four movie, the majority of the Internet has not been very accepting to the idea. And, that’s putting it kindly. In truth, the reception has been flooded with real nasty, hateful, ignorant, and racist reactions – the very worst that the Internet can be.

Normally, when the Internet lets loose a wave of hate, talent and creatives just let it pass on by them and ignore it. In today’s case, however, Michael B. Jordan has taken a stance against spoken out about it.

The young and talented actor recently wrote a guest article for Entertainment Weekly in which he addresses the haters and internet trolls that came out to attack. Some of the things he said he saw on the internet were, “A black guy? I don’t like it. They must be doing it because Obama’s president” and “It’s not true to the comic.” Or even, “They’ve destroyed it!” (more…)


My name is Luke Gallagher, you may know me as the owner and EIC of the news and entertainment blog known as I’m an active voice on the site and behind-the-scenes puppet master. What I am not, is a personality. I’m not one of those bloggers who like to insert themselves in their work and be some sort of online celebrity. I prefer take a note from Justice Leagues Martian Manhunter and sit up in my watchtower overlooking everything whilst eating copious amounts of Oreos. But, for a change, I’d like to open up and tell you something that I don’t talk about often –  a very different direction that my life almost took. One involving bumps, jumps, and curiously tight fitting spandex.

Before I was the head honcho of Nerd Bastards and writing about nerdful things, I wanted to be a professional wrestler. Trouble was, the reality didn’t quite match up to the fantasy.  (more…)

pixelsnewheader (1)

Sony Pictures have let loose a new trailer for ’80s arcade comedy-action film Pixels.

This trailer gives us a proper introduction to the core cast and shares a little about each of their respective skill sets. Sam Brenner is a former Pac-Man world champ, though we do learn that he’s terrible at Donkey Kong. Good thing for him that they enlist the help of Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage), who happens to be the world’s best Donkey Kong player. Rounding out the trio is Ludlow Lamonsoff, who is apparently really good at Centipede. You also get glimpses of games like Galaga, Space Invaders, Q-Bert. Oh, and Kevin James kills a Smurf, so there’s that.  (more…)


The Flash has become one of the more delightful and decidedly awesome superhero shows on TV. Although the recipe of the story is a bit redundant from one episode to another (guy with superpower going nuts and Flash has to stop him over and over) and tends to be tremendously cheesy at times, the series is filled with excitement. It does not only make comic book fans jump off of their chairs in joy, but also introduces non-comic book fans into the DC-universe.

Nobody is as delighted with the series, as its star. Not taking success for granted, Grant Gustin wrote a wonderful letter to the fans of The Flash thanking them for their support and the success of the first season.  (more…)


The Michael Bay’s Transformer series has offered nothing but an unnecessary amount violence, racism, sex, and copious amount of explosions. Hoot and holler all we want, the fact remains, the Bayformers movies make money. Lots of it. So they’re gonna keep making them, sadly.

Doesn’t mean we can’t continue to have a little fun at the director and the franchises expense.

If you thought Bay’s Transformers have done enough to ruin film-making, they’re just getting started. The Autobots and the Deceptions have taken their mass destruction into other movies where they don’t below. Watch as giant robots ruin scenes from Inception to Forrest Gump to Jerry Maguire and more.  (more…)


He was a creator, co-founder, chairman and face of one of the largest companies in the world… so of course he’s going to get his own movie biopic. AGAIN.

Michael Fassbender plays the titular Apple co-founder in Danny Boyle‘s forthcoming biopic Steve Jobs.  Today, a brief teaser trailer has just emerged showing off the X-Men: Days of Future Past star as the late technology innovator, complete with glasses and black turtleneck.  (more…)


Chad & Angie from ScreenTeamShow – a YouTube channel dedicated to geeky vlogs and songs –  have parodied many of pop culture’s musical hits. Today, however, they have outdone themselves.

The hottest song and most persistent ear worm on the radio waves is, without question, Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk“. I mean be honestly, how much of your brains energy has been devoted to putting “Uptown Funk” on a constant loop over the last few months? Just when you thought you couldn’t be tortured by it anymore, the duo from ScreenTeamShow do what they do best and have applied the toe-tapping  jam to Marvel’s latest Blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Ultron’s got the Uptown Funk and his evil plan is to give it to you.  (more…)

Kevin Feige Declares That The MCU Will Never Go Dark


Given that the theme of DC’s upcoming films seems to be darkly darkened darkness, it’s great to hear Kevin Feige declare that the same won’t be happening within the MCU. There will of course be plenty of tense, high-stakes moments and scenarios (as seen in Age of Ultron and no doubt Civil War), but it won’t be turning into the gloomy broodfest that DC is getting their rocks off to nowadays. That’s not to say that they’re wrong to go down more of a dark route, especially with properties like Batman, but I can’t help but wish they’d take some time to have a little fun with their characters too. Marvel, bless their dorky souls, excel in this area with their big, fun, exciting films.  (more…)