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We’ve been telling you about this service for a few months now (See April and May boxes), and here we are again. Power-Up Box was kind another to send us their June box. Head on after the jump to get a reveal at what mystery items lay hidden enclosed, and decide on whether this monthly subscription service is for you.  (more…)

Marvel Announces 45 All-New All-Different Series


While Marvel’s Secret Wars shenanigans are still in-full swing, comic shop retailers across the globe received the All-New, All-Different Marvel Previews – a magazine revealing most of their post-Secret Wars publishing line that will debut in Oct., and it is full of revelations as to the direction of the Marvel Universe.

Below are the titles revealed in the new magazine, with brief cover descriptions.  (more…)


A few days ago, in the face of uncertainty, the LGBTQ community got the biggest win of all – in The Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across every state. Love endured and love one.

While we relish in this news and progress as a country, minds are already thinking about the future. And as far as the geek/nerd community is concerned, the question of homesexual representation in the MCU was posed to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige during his press tour for Ant-Man.

Here’s what Feige told SlashFilm when asked when fans would finally see an LGBTQ character in future Marvel films:  (more…)


Obviously when you release the schedule for the first half of a con, you’re going to release the schedule for the second half sooner rather than later. To wit, San Diego Comic Con has now fully disclosed the goings on of their 2015 edition, and the weekend line-up promises the bulk of the con’s big movie panels ( Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros.)  and some of the TV shows (Heroes Reborn, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural)  it didn’t have time to get to one Friday. So what’s in store?  Hit the jump and get the full schedule for both Saturday and Sunday.

Also, stay tuned to Nerd Bastards Comic-Con coverage for all the latest updates! (more…)


The overall quality and watch-ability of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is debatable. The acting isn’t the strongest, the dialogue is pretty bad and cheesy at times, and the plot is a bit slow and all over the place. However,  the story lines are getting tighter as the show goes on. Also, as each character develops, there are questions raised that keep viewers coming back each week for answers.

Things are going to get a lot more interesting in season 3.  Variety reports that the series will be introducing characters inspired by the Secret Warriors comic book series when the show returns this fall.  (more…)


Ant-Man, the character, may not be the best of anything to do with Marvel. You got a character who’s super powers is shrinking down to the size of a popcorn kernel and talking to Ants. That’s lame, and will always be something to balk at. Regardless, the character has been around for ages and is quite synonymous with the rest of The Avengers.  He’s popular enough that Marvel went and gave him his own movie. Which, so happens to be, is opening in 3 weeks.

Some have speculated that due to Ant-Man’s appeal, or rather lack there of, that the movie (starring Paul Rudd) will be their first real flop. That remains to be seen until, well, the premier – not gonna know the reception until its released to mass audiences. Member of the press, however, have seen it and have hit up Twitter with their early reactions. Seems that all the trash talkers and doubters (namely people who are just sour grapes ever since Edgar Wright got dropped as director and replaced with Peyton Reed) may have to stuff it. The majority of Twitter posts below indicate that Ant-Man is another hit for Marvel Studios, but there are a couple who beg to differ. Furthermore, it’s revealed that we’ll get not one, but two big post-credits scenes.  (more…)


Remember that time Toys ‘R’ Us removed Breaking Bad figures from their stores because one women in Florida (why is it always Florida?) complained? That was stupid and left a bad taste in the eyes of the geek populace. I, for one, haven’t paid much attention to them since (well that, and I buy most of my nerdy stuff online) but maybe I should. The worlds largest Toy store has totally redeemed themselves! Well, no, they’re not bringing Breaking Bad figures back. They are, however, coming to San Diego Comic Con with a large assortment of exclusive figures and collectibles. Hit the jump to check out what cool Batman, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Transformers toys are coming to Nerd mecca.

Oh, and if you’re unable to attend the convention, the store will offer the same products online at beginning on Thursday, July 9.



If you’re into hot weather, pool time fun, and family vacations then Summer is pretty great. For the rest of us, though, it means a hiatus from our favorite shows. In the case of CW’s The Flash, Arrow, Supernatural, and iZombie being in-between seasons right now, weeknights have been void of nerd-er-tainment. Nothing to do except *gasp* eat dinner with the fam and socialize in the real world. My god, when are these shows coming back!?

The CW fall schedule has just been announced! The network will launch its 2015-16 season in October. Click on through to get the premier dates.   (more…)


A third Hellboy movie is not likely to happen. If it were, we would have gotten one by now.

Probability be dammed! Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, has been making noise and knocking down doors make Hellboy 3 a reality. Just a few weeks ago, the actor hit up social media in the hopes of getting the idea trending; stating in a tweet “Anybody out there wanna see #HellboyIII as much as I do? Let’s get this muthafucka trending, y’all! Let’s end the trilogy; we earned it”. Later several of his co-stars followed suit with retweets and along with their own call-to-action.

Now the rally continues. In a recent interview with Variety, Perlman talks more about the project and says that the story for the third chapter is mind-blowing.   (more…)


Do you live in the Boston or New England area? Are you looking for something to do this upcoming weekend (June 27th thru 28th)? How about a convention, conventions are good.

Anytime nerds can congregate together to share their interests, attend fun and interesting panels, get close to their favorite celebrities & cosplayers, peruse a convention floor and perhaps acquire some nerdful goods…. it’s always a wonderful thing. So with that, comes an all new convention to the New England (Worcester, MA to be specific) area with MASSive Comic Con.   (more…)