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With all the hate for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters running rampant on peoples feeds these days, it’s easy to forgot that this is still very much a beloved fan driven property. Whatever Feig’s Ghostbusters does or doesn’t do for the franchise, there will always be the original films and there will always be the fans who love them. It means something to so many people. And for the truly die-hards, Ghosbusters is a way of life.  These fans are called “Ghostheads” and they are everywhere, dressing up in their home-made and sometimes very elaborate costumes with screen accurate Proton Packs and other GB gear. There are organized groups of GB fans in every state and all across the world. Ghostbustin’ doesn’t just make em’ feel good, they try to bring the good to everyone else. These Ghostheads attend parades, charity events, conventions, meet with struggling families and more; all as a means of showing their fandom and bringing a little joy to those around them.

Chances are you’ve some these guys and gals out and about in world. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about them and what it means to be a Ghosthead, then there’s a documentary for that.  (more…)


We’ve already examined Spider-Man’s live-action costumes, ranking Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man from Captain America: Civil War as the best iteration yet. The eyes, small logo, non raised webbing, the entire head and mid-section of this suit is about as Silver Age as one can get. It’s perfection! No need to change it. Maybe Marvel, for the first time in their Cinematic Universe, feels that way too. Where every super hero  gets a new costume every time there is a new movie, Spider-Man may be immune to the obligatory costume upgrade this time around.   Thanks set photos popping up on Twitter  from Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is currently filming, we just got our first look at Holland in costume… and he’s looking all too familiar. (more…)


Calling all ‘90s kids! Or more specifically, all ‘90s kids who watched Nickelodeon shows on the regular. The network has announced today their plans for San Diego Comic Con 2016. They’re bringing 90s culture to the show floor in a big bad way. Every day of the convention there will be new opportunities for fans to engage in activities, panels, and purchase exclusive merch featuring Legends of the Hidden Temple, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Double Dare, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, CatDog, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Invader Zim, among many others.

You can read a full announcement of Nickelodeon’s panels and booth after the jump. (more…)

Toys, toys, toys! You want em’, we got em’! Well… we don’t actually have them but we know some folks that do. For your inner collector, for your affinity for plastic play things, and for your love pop culture treasures, Nerd is here with your weekly dose of brand spankin’ new toys/collectibles rounded up in this here feature we like to call “From The Toy Vault”. Head on through and get your fill of latest offerings from today’s hottest suppliers. It’s the stuff you want, the things you need, and all the things you really can’t afford to have.

ABOVE: Entertainment Earth unleashed what is sure to be one of their very best exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con. This “Joker in the Box” made specifically to look like Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight. Clowns poppin’ outta musical boxes, not so good if you have a fear of clowns. But it beats that dick in the box you got last Christmas.  Entertainment Earth (more…)

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.13.13 PM

Negative feedback for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot was at all time high today, when the films theme song by Missy Elliot and Fallout Boy  was released to the interwebz. The updated remix of the classic theme, has been referred to as “the biggest noisiest irritating waste of five minutes”. It’s commentary like that has followed this movie since day one. The vitriol is unlike anything ever seen for a movie franchise reboot of this kind. Does Sony care that Ghostbusters is the most unliked trailer on Youtube? Does the floodgate of hate on social media and internet comment sections given them a sense of worry in the slightest? Nope, not even a smidgen. In fact,  they think it’s the greatest thing that ever happened. (more…)

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Marvel’s Black Cat is one of the most recognized bad-girls (turned good) of comics and also one of the most under appreciated. Most eyes see her as a pair of boobs in a skin tight leather suit with a penchant for stealing things, as well as having a weird affinity for cats, perhaps taking the term “Cat Burglar” too literally.  Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, is those things, but she is also so much more, she’s a femme fatale. Like all tempting, but dangerous women, they’re not born that way, they’re made. The formula is simple: take a young female, the “daddies little girl” type, and put them through a stressor; either one or a series of traumatic life altering events. Pain and despair take root and define a life of sorrow and pitiful existence, or the damage forges something different. Something where innocence and naivety no longer exist and are instead replaced by toughness and self-reliance. Where there is no good and bad, there is just thyself.

Her origin is that of tragedy. Felicia grew up as as a product of criminal father, incarcerated for his crimes as a notorious thief. Later she became victim to a loss of innocence of the worst kind, being raped by her college boyfriend. She turned her grief and shame into rage, focusing her feelings for revenge towards intensifying her training regime in martial arts and acrobatics. However, she was robbed of a chance for vengeance, as her assaulter was killed in a drunk driving accident. What’s a angst ridden trained fighter with a genetic predisposition for crime to do? Become a thief, with a whole lot of sass and sexiness to spare.

Black Cat is and has been a reformed burglar, else she wouldn’t be a hero, but she continues to walk on the wild side as a detective and adventurer. She’s the former girlfriend of Spider-Man, Flash Thompson, and the mercenary known as the Foreigner.

To celebrate this superhero, known for being as sly as she is sexy with an itch for shiny treasures, comes Sideshow Collectibles and J. Scott Campbell  with a treasure all their own.   (more…)

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.59.29 PM

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters hits theaters in a couple months. The studio behind it, Sony Pictures, is doing everything they can to have the launch of this film usher in a new era for the franchise. One that meets or exceeds the significance and lasting output of the original 80s movies and all the merchandising and other media they spawned. They want it so much, that they are retreading previous extensions of the product.  A recent example would be the resurrection of Ecto-Cooler; a sugary tangerine flavored drink made by Hi-C, which made its way into kids lunch boxed from the mid 80s and lasted while until the mid- 90s. It had Slimer on the box art and tasted like diabetes. And now its back!

Aside from the obvious assortment of new toys and clothing lines and what not, what else from the well will Sony pull from? How about another Ghostbusters cartoon… (more…)


Toys, toys, toys! You want em’, we got em’! Well… we don’t actually have them but we know some folks that do. For your inner collector, for your affinity for plastic play things, and for your love pop culture treasures, Nerd is here with your weekly dose of brand spankin’ new toys/collectibles rounded up in this here feature we like to call “From The Toy Vault”. Head on through and get your fill of latest offerings from today’s hottest suppliers. It’s the stuff you want, the things you need, and all the things you really can’t afford to have.

ABOVE:  Negan has made is debut in AMC’s Walking Dead TV show, leaving series 6th on a cliffhanger. Rick and the group were circled together on their knees while Negan played a game of eeny meeny miny moe with his baseball bat. Someone got their head smashed in, but who? Dunno, season 6th went black right before the victim was shown. Fans of the comic will tell you who got got but that might not case here, as the show is much different than the comic.  Until all is revealed when The Walking Dead returns to television, there is always the comics. And what better way to relish in the arrival of Negan (from The Walking Dead Issue #100 where Negan extracts revenge on Rick’s group) than with this Walking Dead SDCC 16 Negan and Glenn set from McFarlane toys. Both characters bloodied; with bat, axe, and knife accessories. There’s also a squashed head with a popped out eye of a certain someone… the same someone who may find himself dead by the hands of Negan when Walking Dead comes back to the airwaves. [ToyArk] (more…)

Candace Payne, also known as Chewbacca Mom, streams a Facebook Live video with her custom Chewbacca Mom action figure during a meet and greet at Hasbro HQ in Pawtucket, R.I., Friday, June 17, 2016. Payne is known for her viral Facebook Live video post of herself wearing a Hasbro Chewbacca Electronic Mask. (Stew Milne/AP Images for Hasbro)

Sometimes good things happen to good people. And then there is Candace Payne aka “Chewbacca Mom“. Candace rose to popularity when she donned a talking Chewbacca mask she bought at Kohls and proceeded to laugh hysterically into the camera. Some 150 million views later, this stay at home Mom has become the Internets biggest sensation. Except now, most of the Internet doesn’t like her anymore. They’ve turned on her. People have become very upset at the windfall of money, gifts, and opportunities awarded to Candace and her family. What started out as a gift of $2,500 in gift cards and a bunch of Star Wars toys from Kohls, has turned into much much more. Since the airing of her video, Candace has appeared on multiple talk-shows, been given a tour of Facebook home office while hanging out with Chewbacca, sent on a free trip to Disney World for her and her family, and bumped elbows with JJ Abrams and Chewbacca himself Peter Mayhew. On top of all that, her kids have been given free scholarships to Southeastern University.  She’s now also appearing at several Comic Conventions and charging for autographs.

The embarrassment of riches don’t stop there. Chewbacca Mom has been further immortalized, courtesy of toy company Hasbro. (more…)

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Here we are, a couple months from the release of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. The summers last big comic book movie, which sees a rag tag group of super villains doing some bad (a whole lots of it) to do some good. In the mix of all that is the latest silver screen iteration of  The Joker with Jared Leto taking on the role of the mad clown. It is this, the appearance of The Joker, that has generated more buzz and interest than the rest of the cast, or the movie itself for that matter. And why not? Jared Leto is the latest actor to take on the crown prince of crime. A task not so easily met. Especially coming off the back of Heath Ledger’s memorable performance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, with a portrayal so distinguishable and defining, that getting the public to accept anyone new taking on the character is a damn near sacrilege. In order to get the public to suspend Ledger’s Joker from memory would require something new. Something so outrageously different that audiences couldn’t possibly compare the two. Enter Jared Leto with a purple pimp jacket and tattoos that would make the Russian mob jealous. (more…)