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So… cosplayers, right? There are thousands of them out there out there all dressed up in their fanciest, and often elaborate, costumes showing off their love and support of pop cultures biggest (and oftentimes most obscure) icons. Sadly, playing dress up is beyond the capability of most fan boys and girls who’s sewing and craft skills are limited to folded paper pirate hats and projects that only require some well placed duct tape. For the lazy, the cheap, and the not so clothing craft inclined, there is a company that is offering stylistic jackets to help you feel/look like a hero without all the hassle. (more…)


On select nights from September 18th through November 1st, 2015 something spooky happens at Universal Studios theme parks. No, we’re not talking about long lines at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal turns into a scream park, known for the last 20 years as Halloween Horror Nights – with haunted houses, horrifying mutants, monsters and maniacs abound.

Now a new and familiar terror has been added to the horror nights lineup, in The Exorcist. (more…)

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Let’s make something clear: Of all the complaints and grievances that have been fired at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren should not be one of them. The films titular villain has been criticized for being weak and whiny (and that’s using less colorful language/speech than what one would see in Internet comment sections). He is anything but those things.  A very powerful force user able to stop and freeze blaster shots mid-air, Kylo can also use the force to pilfer thoughts and information from weaker minds. In his personal chambers, he has a resting spot for his helmet… a mound of ashes from those that he’s killed. He took a direct blast in the gut from Chewie’s bolo (a shot that had been shown to easily kill Stormtroopers) and still managed to fight off two attackers. And do we really need to say what he did to his own father?

For those that have recognized and accepted Kylo Ren as the new villainous force (no pun intended) in the Star Wars Universe, there are many toys and merchandise available for which to purchase, collect, and cherish (head to Toys R Us, you’ll see em’). None perhaps as spectacular as the 1/6th scale Kylo Ren figure from Hot Toys Star Wars line. Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles, NB was given a sample to review. Unlike Mark Hamill at the end of Force Awakens, we’re gonna do more than stare at it intensely. A slew of pictures, honest thoughts, and at least one joke about actor Adam Driver’s ears will, in fact, follow. (more…)

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Former pro wrestler Joanie “Chyna” Laurer has died. She was 45.

The news was posted on the former WWE star’s official Facebook and Twitter pages earlier today.

“It is with deep sadness to inform you today that we lost a true icon, a real life superhero,” the post reads. “Joanie Laurer aka Chyna, the 9th wonder of the world, has passed away. She will live forever in the memories of her millions of fans and all of us that loved her.” (more…)


Hey, remember that Doom (2005) movie that starred The Rock. The one that was inspired (and I use that term loosely) from the mega hit video game franchise of the same name. You know, the one that had very little to do with the game, a bunch a hootenanny about genetics and a plot that Lloyd Kaufman would have tossed in the trash? Yeah well, this is your cousin Marvin talking, you know that new video game/movie you’ve been looking for? Well watch this!

Before you get too excited, NO, there is not new Doom movie… but they’re should be, and it should look a like this! In celebration/promotion of the newly updated DOOM video game coming out in May, director Jospeh Kosinski has delivered an outstanding cinematic live-action trailer for the latest franchise installment. It manages to do in one minute, what the entire 2005 Doom couldn’t do an entire 2 hour movie (except for the FPS scene, that was dope). (more…)

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You sick of hearing about Batman V Superman yet? Movie has been out for less than a week and the amount of posts from the nerd blogopshere have been relentless. To be fair, with a movie as anticipated as this, it shouldn’t be shocking to assume it wouldn’t be covered ad nauseum. Reactions, editorials, opinions, and other two bit pieces are winding down with outlets moving and focusing on other things. So it will be over soon kids… until next month… when Captain America Civil War hits theaters *wink*.

There’s still a lot of dialogue and discussions coming out in response to Batman V Superman. And just when you thought you’ve heard everything, comes the Fatman On Batman himself, Kevin Smith. (more…)

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If  you’ve come out of Batman V Superman feeling it was a great movie then you are among a divided section of fans. The other grouping are, shall we say, not happy campers spouting a barrage of hatred and vitriol the likes Internet has never seen (not since the Fantastic Four reboot anyway). Then there’s the ambivalent fans, the ones who are tossed between the things they liked vs the things they didn’t; feeling there were flashes of brilliance equal to some pretty big disappointments. Wherever you fall, it can be generally agreed upon the movie is not with out its complaints. No movie is. How far a viewer/critic wants to take these issues, though, seems to be what everyone is prattling on about.

For those fans that are calling shenanigans on the story and what director and writer Zack Snyder and David S Goyer tried to do with it, there comes a perspective/analysis that apparently has been lost among all the noise. This viewpoint is in regards to the heart of the movie (one that Kevin Smith recently said had none). An observation/argument made by fan Brett Culp, of The Rising Heroes Project. (more…)


Batman V Superman has been lambasted by critics. Common complaints are that DC/Warner Bros did too much, cramming about 5 movies worth of story/development into one movie, leaving the films thematic and characters being un-substantiated and without effect. It has also been argued that the films two titular heroes were mishandled by having them kill or show little regard to death and destruction they let happen around them – which goes against the very values and virtues that set these characters on a higher pedestal than everyone else. There is a line they don’t cross, and in Batman v Superman… they crossed it.

But that’s that critics are saying. Real question is – what did Kevin Smith think about it? (more…)

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The world and characters that Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon created in his Preacher comic run is so out-there crazy fun, it sounds like an almost impossible task for AMC bring some of these personalities to life in their upcoming adaption airing in May. Take for example, Arseface. A trouble teen who’s face looks like a butt hole. Thanks to an image unveiled at Wonder Con, we’re able to have our first official look at Ian Colletti as Arseface. (more…)


Batman v Superman hit theaters today. Press reviews were in earlier this week and now general audiences are giving their reactions. Opinions are mixed, with most leaning towards the negative. The common word bubbles appearing most in critic and fan reactions are that Batman and Wonder Women were the best parts of the movie, and everything else was a mess. Digging a little deeper and complaints lay with inconsistencies, plot wholes, character cramming..etc.

We know that the home release of Batman v Superman will feature an additional 30 minutes of footage and that it will be “R” rated. Question is: what made the cutting room floor, and will this additional footage help fill in the gaps and better balance the movie? By what director Zack Snyder has to say, probably not. (more…)