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The mega video game expo known as E3 doesn’t official kick off until tomorrow (June 14th) but on this, the eve of the industry’s biggest media event, comes a slew of advance gaming trailers and footage. Already, we’ve seen some exciting trailers for Halo Wars 2 and Titanfall 2, as well as seeing some intriguing developments from X-Box’s Project Scorpio. Coming off the already exciting day in gaming, comes some footage Gun Media‘s upcoming Friday the 13th video game. They just revealed five new minutes of gameplay footage and it looks promising, and a little boring , but mostly promising. (more…)


There are very few truly great wonders of the world and gosh darn it if Jeff Goldblum isn’t one of them. Man hasn’t done anything relevant since his Jurassic Park days and that movie about the aliens where team USA saves the world..what was it called, oh yea, Independence Day. The man has a unique quirk and charm that has made him into an everlasting national treasure. Why take this here recent viral video for the upcoming Independence Day sequel (a movie many have said was made 20 years too late) as an example of the fine-tuned vocal delivery, mannerisms, and that distinct “Hahahrawrrahaha” laugh that make Goldblum pop culture gold.

In the video, Earth Space Defense head David Levinson (Goldblum’s character in Independence Day) takes it upon himself  to debunk one of the surreal rumors about the War of 1996. You know, the one that he and actor Jeff Goldblum are the same person. (more…)

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In early September 1992, Fox debuted Batman, now universally known as Batman: The Animated Series. The show took off where Tim Burton’s Batman left off: a dark, art-deco world of the Dark Knight filled with the usual rogue’s gallery (and then some). From its very debut, Batman changed the world of the caped crusader forever. It altered the way countless kids saw Batman and to this day is the definitive version of the character for many. But just how influential was this era of Batman?

KaptainKristian‘s new video essay makes the case that Batman: The Animated Series contains “the quintessential portrayal of The Dark Knight” and explains, in thoughtful detail, what master strokes in design, story telling, and psychology creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm used to craft this genre defining version of Batman; and what a lasting cultural impact its had. (more…)

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Toys, toys, toys! You want em’, we got em’! Well… we don’t actually have them but we know some folks that do. For your inner collector, for your affinity for plastic play things, and for your love pop culture treasures, Nerd is here with your weekly dose of brand spankin’ new toys/collectibles rounded up in this here feature we like to call “From The Toy Vault”. Head on through and get your fill of latest offerings from today’s hottest suppliers. It’s the stuff you want, the things you need, and all the things you really can’t afford to have.

ABOVE: Mezco Toys Judge Dredd Lawmaster bike. The only accessory that commands more attention that Dredd’s malformed and decidedly disappointed expressed chin. The Lawmaster is the Justice Department’s greatest advancement in law enforcement transportation. No judge leaves home without it. The Lawmaster’s functions include 5 distinct sounds, multiple light-up features, free-rolling rubber-slick tires, turning handle bars, built in handcuff storage pod and a light-up Synitron GK13 onboard computer display. Judge Dredd figure sold separately. (more…)


There was a time when Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom was considered the least favorite of the Indy Jones movies. That was, until 2005 and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull dethroned it and ushered a collective “ehhhh” from fans, What with a rope swinging Shia Lebough, CGI monkeys, an over the top cartoonish Russian Villain and an ending that gave the guy from Ancient Aliens an excuse to “Be in his Bunk” with a case of heavy breathing. Reflecting back, Temple of Doom holds up better than one might remember and perhaps might actually be better than its precursor Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark. As Sheldon’s girlfriend on Big Bang Theory once said: “Indiana Jones plays no role in the outcome of the story. If he weren’t in the film, it would turn out exactly the same”. At least in Temple of Doom, Indy’s actions actually lead to a positive outcome – saving a few hundred enslaved kids, returning some ancient glowing sacred rocks, and dropping the films lead bad guy into a pit of crocodiles. And as far adventure goes, it’s perhaps one of Indys most thrilling – a night club fight, a plane crash,  weird foreign cuisine (chilled Monkey brains anyone?), bug infested tombs of death, lava pits, voodoo dolls, and a thrilling mine car chase. All in a day’s work for our favorite Cambridge Archeologist.

All the excitement of Temple of Doom has led the high-end figurine company Sideshow Collectibles into making Indy into a relic worth collecting, in the form of this desirable 1/6th scale figure. Sideshow was courteous enough to send us one for review. Join us as we ascertain its quality and argue whether or not it needs to be in a museum (Short answer: It does!). (more…)


Batman v Superman came into theaters and was immediately met with a massive divisive response. Critics hated it (for not entirely wrong reasons) where general audiences seemed to like it, or at least, found enough in Ben Affleck’s Batman and other moments in the film to win their favor. Arguments on the films qualities are still raging on and likely will continue to carry on for years to come. There is, however, at least one thing that audiences can be unified on. A rumor/suspicion that has now been confirmed by studio itself, Warner Bros. (more…)


Toys, toys, toys! You want em’, we got em’! Well… we don’t actually have them but we know some folks that do. For your inner collector, for your affinity for plastic play things, and for your love pop culture treasures, Nerd is here with your weekly dose of brand spankin’ new toys/collectibles rounded up in this here feature we like to call “From The Toy Vault”. Head on through and get your fill of latest offerings from today’s hottest suppliers. It’s the stuff you want, the things you needs, and all the things you really can’t afford to have.

ABOVE: Here’s a throw back to two 80’s staples mixed together in perfect plastic harmony. M.U.S.C.L.E. meets Masters of the Universe. Given away at this years Power Con as a convention exclusive, the slime green M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. Trash Can variant features your favorite He-Man characters as pint sized green M.U.S.C.L.E men in a retro styled Masters of the Universe slime jar. They look like gummies. Mmm… gummies. This is why “choking hazard” is a thing.  [ToyVault] (more…)


Say what bad things you will about the TMNT reboot (and to be fair there were very some bad things) but to a 10 year old, it was pretty awesome (and hasn’t that always been TMNTs target audience?). It wasn’t your fathers Turtles, for sure. But… with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes 2: Out of the Shadows coming into theaters on June 3, the sequel looks to bridge the gap between old time fans and the newer younger generation. While the action and camera work still looks like something Micheal Bay crapped outta his butt, it features  characters that first generation fans never to see in those 90’s live action movies (TMNT 1-3). Specifically speaking – Beebop, Rocksteady, and Krang!!! Giant Turtles with human noses and everyone loses their minds. Take a few beloved character from the original comics and animated series, and now suddenly everyone is happy.

Speaking of Krang – which by the way we really hope dropping his name didn’t spoil you (it shouldn’t cause he’s in the trailers/tv spots) – it’s just been revealed what actor will be voicing this living brain/hemorrhage from Planet X. (more…)

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The watchability of Marvel’s Agents of Shield has ridden the line between a typical NBC procedural show and the potential for what it COULD be…and its ridden that line hard. There have been occasional flashes of brilliance. For example – The events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier having a literal effect on the shows story thread. Agent Coulson’s rival & would be girlfriend getting shot in the head (Damn. That was savage). Or that one incredible – one take/one shot – fight scene with Chloe Bennet‘s Daisy Johnson that comes close to rivaling “The Hallway Scene” from the Daredevil series on Netflix. These occasional ups, however, don’t absolve from an issue that has weighted this show down since its beginning. That issue being, that it is very loosely tied to the rest of the Marvel Universe. In fact, aside from a few references, name drops, occasional guest appearance (they’ve had Fury, Lady Sif and some Hulk characters), and the fact that the show is called Agents of Shield (even though the heroes are more Secret Society now than Agents of Shield) this does not, nor has it ever, felt like a Marvel show. Certainly not one, that plays in the same sandbox as The Avengers and those Netflix spin-offs.

This is a sentiment and lamentation shared by one of the shows lead stars, who was surprisingly vocal about it.  (more…)


Micheal Bay’s Transformers movie have been massively criticized, with each installment getting harsher and harsher reviews from both critics as well as fans. You would think that no one really believes in Bay’s Transformers, yet viewers continue to see these movies in droves. It’s either audiences are in a proverbial abusive relationship with Micheal bay, ignoring the bad and staying around in hopes of good days that will never come. Either that, or large robots bashing each other for 2 hours, explosions, cities being decimated, Megan Fox’s butt, and hearing Peter Cullen’s voice as Optimus Prime is enough to sell tickets. Whatever the case may be, the formula has continued to work. Enough so, that Paramount Pictures’ has plans to carry on with their Transformers universe with another 3 movies and planned spin-off films; including one based around Bumblebee. Before they get there, audiences have one more Michael Bay-directed Transformers film, which will be the fifth installment in the franchise.

Today Paramount Studios has officially revealed the new title for the film, as well as an postulating new teaser. (more…)