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One only has to look as far as Transformers and G.I. Joe to see how movies based on popular toys are all the rage these days. Even board games like Battleship and Clue have made it to the big screen. So even though we haven’t heard any recent updates, it makes complete sense that the live action movie Max Steel dropped a trailer today. The last we had heard, Taylor Lautner had been tapped to play the titular hero, however, this trailer clearly shows that some things have been changed.


6 Nerdy Games That Should Be Olympic Sports


With the Olympics winding down, the countries of the world revel in the glorious harmony they have wrought by putting forth their best athletes to compete in games of sport and tests of skill. Calling upon grand traditions dating back to ancient times, these sports challenge the strength, speed, and skills of all who participate. While not necessarily the most athletic of the species, it’s high time for nerds to grab some of that glory for ourselves. It won’t be done through training and exercise. It will be done in a game changing, Kobayashi Maru-style coup. Olympic events are added and removed all the time. Now is the time to add the following nerdy games to the Olympics.  (more…)

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You know Zendaya right, the hip American actress, singer, dancer, and model – the girl from KC Undercover and late night acne medication sales rep? Yeah, her. Did you know she’s going to be starring in Marvel’s solo Spider-Man film in Spider-Man: Homecoming. OK, yes, most people following the production are well aware of her addition to the cast. However, what nobody knew, is what role she would be playing… until now. Speculation had led to her being a random high school girl, while others had her pegged as Michelle Gonzalez. The latter being a one night fling and former roommate of Peter Parker from the comics. Good guesses but, no.

Now, a month into the production, the veil of mystery has been lifted, and it’s a major character that some fans may find to be unexpected.



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For those that haven’t seen actor Henry Cavill outside his movie roles, in Interviews, he is a charming, well-spoken, good-hearted, and very humorous. Natural behavior that has been purposely turned off, either by choice or direction, in his portrayal of Superman in Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Fans have criticized at how moody and depressing this new version of the character is, void of the high sense of morality and model of goodness that the character is known for. It would seem had Snyder just let Cavill act more like himself, then fans would have a better represented Superman.  However, the thing about the current Superman many seem to be missing is that we are being told a story that is showing us a journey of Superman – to the Superman fans know and love. That sincere morality and good-heartedness, we’re working towards it.

With Superman set to return in Justice League, after a brief bought with death in the aftermath of BvS, will Supes come back the more wholesome, salt of the earth, man of morality that fans have been invested in seeing?

Hard to say…. but thanks, to new production photos from the set of Justice League, Superman will at least look more the part. (more…)


Believe it or not, some people actually get excited when they hear that a movie or television show that they loved as a child is getting a multimillion dollar reboot.  While it is often an impossible task to recapture the same spirit and charm of the source material that the reboot is based on, there are plenty of examples of how a huge budget and modern technology can actually enhance the original story. Examples being Planet of The Apes (not the Tim Burton one. Gawd no), True Grit, The Ring, Dredd. You can even add The Dark Knight and Star Trek to that list as they were, indeed, reboots. Acceptable/good reboots work only when: The original property is a dated movie that time forgot, the original wasn’t all that good to begin with, or if subsequent sequels ruined the franchise (ala the Joel Schumacher Batman series for example). Of course, the most important reason when/why reboots work is when good talent is involved and there is an active desire to respect the source material, honor the fans, and to work honestly and earnestly – that it isn’t made for the sole purpose of the cash grab, or that it shameless panders to fans with forced references and gags. It also helps when a reboot shares the same universe as the original, that they don’t just remake the movie entirely.  Which is why films like Jurassic Park, Apollo Creed, and Star Wars do so damn well… because they carry on the legacy without completely ignoring/scraping what came before it.

So… all that said, how would you feel about a reboot/sequel to the 1980’s film The Monster Squad? No? Well, how about if Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black was involved? Yes, everyone hates him for what he did with Iron Man 3, but here’s a fun little fact, Black co-wrote the original Monster Squad. So, yeah, how about now? (more…)

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Remember that time Superman died by the hands of Doomsday in the 90s event comic called “The Death of Superman“? Remember  how the only two things to come out of that comic, were the lame Superman death armbands (so that every geek could show solidarity) and how later, Superman would come back to life (like Superman was ever going to stay dead) in the “Reign of Superman” follow-up, thusly and quickly rendering the former comic utterly worthless? Can’t say much about the death armband (though it does make for a “super” bookmark) or the Death of Superman comic, which again is now about as valuable and useful as a roll of toilet paper. However, the return of Superman did bring Superman back in a big bad way. He came back dressed in all in black and a sported a serious mullet. Yes, for a good portion of the 90s, Superman looked like Johnny Cash and WWF’s Razor Ramon, and it was good.

What’s with the trip down Death of Superman memory lane? Well, as you may recall, Zach Snyder shoved the whole Doomsday killeth Superman at the end of Batman V Superman. Much like the “Come on DC, like you have us fooled” doubt that swept the 90’s, do you really think Superman is gonna stay 6 feet under – like he’s not going to make a triumphant return in Justice League? Question is, will he come back the same blue suited boy scout, or will he back “cue the ACDC music* “Back in Black”, like in the comic?

According to Superman himself, Henry Cavill, he just might! (more…)


Last summer it was unofficially announced that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was locked into play super villain Black Adam in an adaptation of Shazam! based on the classic DC superhero. Unofficially, meaning Shazam! was not, at the time, listed as part of DC/Warner Bros. slated of upcoming movies. Everything regarding a Shazam! movie was coming straight outta The Rocks mouth, with the larger than life action star voicing his excitement for the role, that he’s had multiple talks with the studio, and that they almost rolled him out to announce a Shazam! movie at San Diego Comic Con 2015 but backed out last minute. It’s been discussed that Shazam! and other DC superheroes that have been sitting in the Warner Bros. bullpen had been waiting on reception/performance of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.  With the success, or, not so successful (according to critics) recent DC films, people are unsure of where to stand in their views of the DCEU future. It has been confirmed, however, that a Shazam! movie is moving forward and will, in fact, take continuity within the other DCEU films!  (more…)

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A reboot of the perennial 1980’s cartoon favorite Masters Of The Universe has been in development for years, working it’s way through multiple scripts and writers until this year when it was announced Sony Pictures appointed director McG to helm the new live-action film about the most powerful man in the universe. Yes, the same movie studio that brought you the failed Ghostbusters reboot and all those terrible Spider-man (though Andrew Garfield was a bomb as Spider-Man) and Ghostrider movies, tapped the guy that’s responsible for Terminator Salavation. While the groans of fandom here and wide can still be heard at the involvement of McG, there is a recent word from the director himself that may give some fans a moment of pause. (more…)

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Spider-Man’s first solo movie under the Marvel/Disney banner is just less than a year away from swinging into theaters, set to be released July 7th, 2017  Actor Tom Holland and the rest of Spider-Man cast & crew have been hard at work filming. Already a month into the production of this  “Johns Hughes inspired” labeled superhero movie, new details continue to emerge; including the announcement of a newly cast villain.  (more…)