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SDCC:16 ‘Suicide Squad’ Gets Its Final Trailer


Coming off the already exciting trailers for Wonder Women and Justice League (which looks so so good) Warner Bros rounded out their super hero flicks from Hall H with the final trailer for Suicide Squad. This movie has had the best editors and graphic artists. Every trailer, including this one, has been fun and clean.  Though with 2 weeks out until the premier, all the footage they’ve been releasing lately has been awfully telling, fearing that the best moments have already been shown in the trailers and TV spots. Much like the problem with Batman v Superman’s feverish marketing, no one should have to go into this movie and have a check list of moments and feel like they’ve seen the whole movie. So while this final trailer is fun as hell, maybe reserve from watching it if you want to go into the movie with some fresh blissful ignorance.  (more…)

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Game of Thrones is a super serious show. For a live action fantasy series, it’s rife with violence, torment, politics, death, and copious amounts of nudity. There’s warring factions, family disputes, power plays, and survival…. but all that is an illusion shattered when you watch this behind the scenes Blooper reel from Game of Thrones season 6.

Be warned that minor spoilers lie ahead if you’re not caught up. (more…)

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The nerd media mayhem that is San Diego Comic Con 2016 is in full swing. While eyes are glued to screens feasting on the latest movie studio and television news, SDCC is just as well known for its mass of cosplayers: nerdy boys and girls who’ve donned (self made) costumes of their favorite heroes and pop culture characters.

Collected here is a compilation of the most curious and ambiguous cosplays from the convention floor. From crafty, to clever, to the downright weird. This selection of masquerading marauders demands your attention and respect.

EDITORS NOTE: Image Gallery is being updated daily. So be sure to check back for more amazing Cosplays.


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Originally airing on September 10, 1984, Voltron: Defender of the Universe was the first Voltron series, heavily edited from the more gruesome Beast King GoLion from Japan. The basic premise — five robots combine into one to fight evil. 30 sum years later, the property is still going strong – even after failed revivals like 1998’s Voltron: The Third Dimension (which most fans despise) and 2011’s Voltron Force (which fans just didn’t watch at all). But Voltron is back in full force, thanks to Dreamworks Animation and Netflix Voltron reboot: Voltron Legendary Defender. The 11 episode rebootening which hit earlier this summer, tells of Voltron second coming – with 5 unlikely Teenagers transported from Earth to become pilots for ancient robotic lions during an intergalactic war

Legendary Defender sparks the child within all. It does what it was meant to do, bridging the 80’s 90’s till this generation. It also bring’s the giant super robot genre back to a lighter perspective. The Voltron Force is a bright rag tag crew learning to work together as they face dark elements. It’s a rework of the original story and characters but it, well, works! Fans are digging it big time. And right now, the conversation is “where the hell is season 2?” (more…)

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Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are the premier purveyors of collectible display pieces and other high end desirables; praised for their extreme attention to detail throughout the entire production process, as well as their outstanding products.

When it comes to San Diego Comic Con, Sideshow / Hot Toys are the booth that prompts the most “ooh’s and aah’s” from convention goers. Their 1/6th scale figures, statues, and displays are always a sight to behold. This year is no different.

It’s only Night One, but Sideshow has rolled out some really pieces to make every nerds wallet cry. Their line up so far includes a whole new DeLorean time machine for Back to the Future Part II with a 1/6th scale Doc Brown figure, a new collection for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that look cool and creepy AF, a massive Iron Giant statue, a Jack Burton figure from Big Trouble in Little China and more! (more…)


‘Ello dudes and dudettes! This is your resident Nerd Bastard Luke Gallagher speaking. Talking to you today about GeekFuel, the monthly subscription box that you need to be gettin’ your geek on with. You’ve undoubtedly heard of mystery box subscription boxes before, and have maybe even gotten a box or two from Geek Fuel’s distinguished competition such as LootCrate or Marvel’s Collector Corps. Whether you’re new to the whole subscription box thing or have been a recipient of other services, you should know GeekFuel is the best of the best. Is that a bold claim? Did I already over sell it? Maybe, but let’s find out. We just received their July Box, and the nerdy goodies contained are so so good. Have a looksee below and judge for yourself.



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Ahoy, squirts. Luke Gallagher here, the head honcho of Nerd Wanting to let you know the time is upon us…San Diego Comic Con International is here. Good god almighty is it here at last!

The mecca in nerd media has begun. Being the purveyors of news and entertainment that we are, we wanted to make you aware that Nerd Bastards will be on-point bringing you the latest news and updates – in Movies, Television, Comics, Videos Games, Toys and More – as they come.

It’s going to be a media mayhem, a storm of stories, a colossal collection of content.  Nerd Bastards will be there for you through it all!

Want to stay abreast of best Comic Con coverage around? Check back HERE (this very post!) for frequently updated links to our coverage. Or you can check all our SDCC News via our EVENT COVERAGE Page, or see our postings on Nerd as they come.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook. We’ll be live Tweeting many of the panels and posting other pundit musings that you surely won’t want to miss.

Onwards and upwards to another great Comic Con year! Tally Ho!  (more…)

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You’ve heard of a TED Talk, right? But what is that exactly? A TED Talk is a video created from a presentation at the main TED conference. TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues. Basically, smart people talking smartly about smarty things. With over 2,000 TED Talks from remarkable people, from tech, science, and technology would you have ever expected Mythbuster’s Adam Savage as a Key Speaker talking about his love for Cosplay? Well, he did, and it’s pretty remarkable.  (more…)


Nerd Bastards recently put up its review of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, offered up via writer Adam Donaldson. It was headed with a title Sorry Haters – Ghostbusters Might Actually Be Good and followed by a review that was not without criticism, but ultimately laid out how Ghostbusters was a better movie than anyone might have given it credit for going in. It was a fair and honest take.  At least that’s what we thought and intended. However, something rather unexpected happened, something that’s been tagged on our pages and social media comment sections with this review and any positive postings leading up to it. A singular common comment in various form from a variety of users which goes a little something like this, “Nerd Bastards, did you get paid by Sony?” It’s just not us getting harpooned with such wild presumptions, every single one of our distinguished competitors who posted a favorable review has also had a small to medium amount of commenters making the same accusation and assertions.  Uh, what in the holy hell people? That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works. (more…)

FOX And Marvel TV Teaming Up For X-Men Themed TV Show


The last time Marvel had a live-action super hero show on FOX, it was Generation X, and it was awful, even by 90s standards. Both Marvel (aka Disney) and FOX have come a long way since then, both holding claims to super hero properties for movie and other media, making gobs of money every time a new blockbuster is released into the theaters. Superheroes at the movies will never not stop, least not while it remains a winning genre. But thanks to takeaway successes like CW’s Arrow, The Flash and ABC’s Supergirl (which is now under the CW banner), TV is equally as lucrative venue for the super hero genre. FOX wants in. They’ve already got a show based on Marvel’s Legion in the works at their sister company FX. Now FOX and Marvel TV are teaming up again for a new show direct to the FOX Network, and it’s all about the X-Men… well sorta. (more…)