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While an aging Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, stars of the Bill & Ted Franchise, have said time and time again that a 3rd movie is in development, time, relevance, and scripting out a worthy story, has kept the proposed threequel in stagnation. It’s been 25 years since Bill and Ted’s last cinematic outing (in 1991’s Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey), a new movie that satisfies fans of the originals and appeals to modern audience becomes more and more audacious as the years go by. These challenges in congruity, however, only seem to apply to the Bill & Ted movie-verse. The characters themselves, are still around, thriving in their loveable stupidity and surfer-eques/wannabe rocker demeanor, at an annual stage show in Universal Studios Florida(more…)


2015 was the biggest year for Back To The Future fans. Not only did it mark the 30th anniversary of the original movie, but it also marked the year in which Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled into the future in Back to the Future Part II. Atop the endless screenings, fan gatherings, and events, some of the takeaway observances and tributes were: Pepsi’s limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottles modeled after the famous soda Marty orders at the Cafe 80’s, as well as USA Today releasing a printed copy of the paper that depicted Marty’s kid being arrested. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd had even reprised their iconic characters for a bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Altogether, it was a worldwide celebration of one of the most beloved movies of all time. A once in a lifetime event that will, unless someone bangs their head after slipping on the toilet and creates a real working flux capacitor, will never happen again. That’s kinda sad when you think about it. But that doesn’t mean one’s love of BTTF needs to stay in the past. In fact, 2016 will usher in the first annual Back to the Future Fan Celebration, a free event that will take fans to a familiar location.  (more…)


Captain America: Civil War was/is arguably one of Marvel’s best films. Achieving a rare equity in plot, action, humor and drama. It was fun. It was smart. It was coherent. And, hey, it was the first time a villain not only didn’t die… he won! The bad guy did exactly what he intended, he broke The Avengers, leaving their friendship fractured and future uncertain. Now, however, the film is not without its criticisms. It’s scad of characters, excessive globe trotting, slow start, and overly long run-time are among common quibbles. Perhaps, though, the films biggest outcry among critics, is that the films plays it safe.  (more…)


In social justice news, Disney is under fire today for another public outcry revolving around its upcoming film Moana. While many are happy to see Disney’s first ever film featuring a Polynesian Princess, activists have taken umbrage with the film’s insensitive depiction of Maui peoples – choosing to illustrate the film’s lead characters in a rubenesque body type. As if citing Disney for racial stereotyping wasn’t enough, the house of mouse just got whacked with a collective “Oh no they didn’t”, thanks to selling a questionable Halloween costume of one of the movie’s characters. (more…)


The watchability of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has ridden the line between a typical NBC procedural show and the potential for what it COULD be…and it’s ridden that line hard. There have been occasional flashes of brilliance. For example – The events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier having a literal effect on the shows story thread. Agent Coulson’s rival & would be girlfriend getting shot in the head. Or that one incredible – one take/one shot – fight scene with Chloe Bennet’s Daisy Johnson that comes close to rivaling “The Hallway Scene” from the Daredevil series on Netflix. These occasional ups, however, don’t absolve the show from being very unbalanced, and one, that is too loosely connected to the rest of the MCU. It’s a show that exists in the same sandbox as the films but seems to go out of its way to not impeded the movies in any way, what with seldom references and its use of heroes & villains which might as well be from Marvel’s D-List.

The inclusion of Ghostrider in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 had doubters and defectors turn their heads with a collective “oh, snap”, thinking for the first time, AOS would include an A-list comic hero and one that, after those terrible Nicholas Cage movies, needed a cinematic redemption. But no. This is not the version of Ghostrider that most fans would recognize. It’s neither the motorcycling riding Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch… it’s Robbie Reyes, the CAR driving version of Ghostrider.  (more…)


Apple’s iPhone Event was held earlier today. Yes, the iPhone 7 was announced. The sleeker design and water resistance, faster processing, and a few other features were all met with thunderous applause from the die-hard Apple fans, and a mild “meh” from most everyone else.  Apple also unveiled a set of wireless “airpod” headphones, which have already taken to Internet mockery with memes like “Just looking at these and I’ve already lost one”. All-in-all, nothing too remarkably innovative, sans the wireless headphones (which literally cost more than their weight in gold), just another a  better-polished piece of tech that everyone (who isn’t an Android user) will need to have. Now, however, more exciting bit of news that came from Apple’s event, was the announcement of Nintendo’s first real mobile game, Super Mario Run, coming first to iOS. (more…)

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Superhero movies and television series, are Hollywoods biggest genre. At no less than 5 movies a year from now until 2020, and multiple shows on The CW and Netflix, superheroes are at their pop cultural peak. So popular, that even the average everyday person can probably name more members of the X-Men or The Justice League than they can former Presidents of the United States – which is either sad or impressive depending on your perspective. Superheroes have always had their place in comics and other mediums dating back to before the advent of the television. It’s only until the last 5 years that they’ve really boomed. Today’s world renowned reception of men and women running towards the danger on the big screen, can be thanked solely for what came before it. The history of comics and their tinsel town adaptations has had its highs and lows, with every entry into the genre playing its part in shaping the modern superhero trend we have today. There is not anyone piece of comic book antiquity to lay claim to inspiring it. However, 2 defining movies would arguably have to be Richard Donner’s Superman (1978) and Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). Both movies taking characters with a core and select fan base and bringing them to the masses. Each of these movies redefined the identity and mythos of these two characters, galvanizing them to irreversible proportions, and set forth future artists and writers to compose them with Shakespearean level richness.

All this has been said preface to a short 3:51 minute video below, which imagines what if Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Micheal Keaton’s Batman faced-off. Everything aforementioned was but a means of filling out what would have otherwise been a very short post (hey, least I’m honest), but to also take a moment to be nostalgic, and appreciate seeing versions of these characters once more.  (more…)

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Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect comic book movie! It truly is one of the most unique and delightful films Marvel has created to date. It has all the heart, humor, heroics, and a dash of unhinged weirdness every good superhero movie needs. Its success is quite a marvel (pun intended) given its bizarre array of characters. A movie about a quick-witted earth man/pirate teaming up with an assassin, a destroyer out for revenge, an enhanced raccoon and a humanoid tree shouldn’t have worked… but it did.

A ton of excitement and hype surrounds the upcoming sequel. It’s a lot of pressure for director James Gunn and the rest of the cast and crew to match or exceed what the first film achieved but they’re doing it. In July, at San Diego Comic-Con, James Gunn brought his cast to Hall H, where they unleashed the first trailer that included an unexpected surprise.  The footage revealed that Star-Lord’s dad was Ego the Living Planet, played by Kurt Russell.

This footage is not ready to be shown to the masses, as the visual effects were unfinished and not ready to be seen by the public. However, it sounds like Gunn is working on releasing something soon. Groot voice actor Vin Diesel, saw a new cut of footage shown at Comic Con. He took his reaction to Facebook Live, and well, you’ll see… (more…)


Spider-Man: Homecoming has no less than 100 people in it. OK, alright, maybe that’s an over exaggeration….but it’s a really large cast. You got  Tom Holland reprising his role from Captain America: Civil War as Peter Parker alongside an ensemble cast that includes Logan Marshall-Green, Donald Glover, Tony Revolori, Bokeem Woodbine, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr, Marissa Tomei, and Zendaya (who’s playing *gasp* an ethnic Mary Jane Watson) to name a few. Looking over the IMBD page, at least 40 people are credited to star in this film. Why not another?

A familiar face from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Here’s a hint: he’s a character who got his head in between Black Widows legs (and the actor/director probably loved every ever minute of it) and was taken down with a hurricanrana move like straight outta the WWE. If that was too much a sexual charged and possibly misogynistic reference, then try this… he’s the guy that brought the “briefcase suit”. (more…)

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With each new super-hero movie, there comes what?  A growing disdain for the genre, another reason for Kevin Smith to not stop talking, a new wave of the same action figures with slightly different paint schemes and accessories? Well, yes, but the answer we’re looking for… is NEW costumes! When a super-hero gets a movie sequel, it’s a give in they’re going to get new digs. Why? Well, it’s kind of the same reason why Kraft Mac & Cheese keeps coming out with those funky macaroni shapes based on cartoons like the Ninja Turtles (mmm turtle shaped macaroni *drool*) and other licenses… same product but it’s something “NEW” to market.

So, here we are, in the thick of production of Marvel’s Thor 3. All the familiar faces are back: Thor, Loki, Odin, and others. And, yep, those Asgardians clearly have a walk-in closet full of warrior regalia. After the jump, see what new threads our heroes and villain be sportin’.  (more…)