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Amy Schumer Responds To Her Barbie Movie Backlash


In a completely unexpected but bold movie development move, it was announced that Amy Schumer will be starring in and co-writing a new live-action Barbie film, with the comedian said to play the titular character; based on the classic American doll from Mattel. While the films premise – a contemporary spin having Barbie realize she no longer fits within the idealistic Barbieland – makes for an interesting take, it’s the casting of Schumer that has gotten a lot of backlash. This blowback, all having to do with Schumer’s looks, or rather lack thereof, in comparison to the tall/skinny and impossibly beautiful standards that Barbie is known for.  The Internet can be quite cruel.

Schumer has responded to this vitriol, with a self-affirming statement that would make SNL’s former Stuart Smalley (the Daily Affirmation sketch) jealous.  (more…)


Barbie has been setting unrealistic body standards and gender roles for women since 1959. Sure, makers of the beloved American doll, Mattel, have tried to break its own mold and shake the stigma with more modern Barbie dolls – what with Computer Engineer Barbie, Spaghetti Chef Barbie (just threw that one in there ’cause, yeah, wow that’s a thing?), and President + Vice President Barbie…etc. Still, Barbie and her ethnic variations are always made beautiful and are always fashion forward. Not to say that there is anything so egregiously wrong with that…but it does send a bad message to young girls, instilling the idea that in order to be successful, you have to be beautiful and own the nicest clothes and materialistic things.

So, upon hearing that Barbie is now getting a live-action movie, one would think it’s going to take the beauty-parading position as made synonymous with the character, right? Perhaps a quasi-inspired version Legally Blonde ? Well, surprisingly, this contemporary spin on the property challenges the perfect people and perfect world set by Barbie and friends. *picks jaw up from floor* (more…)


At Disney’s Epcot theme park in Orlando, Fl sits the park’s signature landmark – Spaceship Earth. This giant 180′ ft tall round globe has been a staple attraction ever since the park opened in 1982. It stands front and center, greeting guests to a world of imagination. While foreboding looking, its presence gets knocked down a peg thanks to its not so exciting innards. The ride inside is a boring and highly inaccurate tram ride through human’s technological history *fart noise*. Still, it’s a giant sphere. Giant spheres are cool! And it’s going to look even cooler.  On Dec 5th, just in time for Star Wars: Rogue One, the worlds largest looking golfball will be transformed in a freakin’ Death Star!  (more…)


The first of several proposed sequels to James Cameron’s Avatar will finally come to theaters at some point in 2018. By the time Avatar 2 comes out it will have been 10 years since the release of the first film from 2008. Do audiences still give a sh*t? Time certainly has not been on the franchise side. Avatar is remembered as a ground breaking 3D movie (arguably starting the 3D trend that most everyone now hates) just as much as it recalled for a having an uninspired story. Like Fern Gully, Pocahontas, and Dances With Wolves before it, Avatar is just another salty reminder that where there are indigenous people, there are greedy white men to ruin their day and their lives… along with at least one white guy that feels really bad about it.

Avatar is, at the end of the day, the highest grossing movie of all time. Swinging people back to it, yeah, James Cameron isn’t too worried about it. Still, there are many defectors that will need strong convincing to be invested again. Maybe a word from Sigourney Weaver, talking about how great the new scripts are, will spark some interest, eh? (more…)


In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream.” That was the tagline for the movie Alien, Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi/horror masterpiece. And what good tag line it was. Of course, there was plenty of screaming in Ridley Scotts Alien and plenty of people heard it, but still, what a brilliantly conceived tagline – one that none of the subsequent alien sequels ever managed to re-encapsulate. Aliens  “This Time It’s War” and Aliens 3   “It’s Back” didn’t quite hold the same ovation.

So, now, some 35+ years since Ridley Scott’s first Alien movie, have the tagline writers at FOX gotten any better? Just what words of horror will be emblazoned on Scott’s new brand new Xenomorph alien film? Let’s just say, none cardio enthusiasts will quiver in fear.  (more…)


In January 2016, Netflix had announced  a 13-episode straight-to-series order for Lost In Space, a remake of sci-fi master Irwin Allen’s 1965 cult TV classic. In the time since the announcement, only one cast member had been revealed with Falling Skies actress Taylor Russell locked-in for the part of Judy Robinson, the eldest daughter of the Robinson family. With that one casting announcement, Netflix revealed this version of the Robinson family will either be an all-black or a bi-racial family.

With a progressive prerogative clearly in mind, Netflix has just revealed another unexpected but welcome change to the Lost in Space cast.


Love it or hate it, James Cameron has inundated the world with his Avatar universe. Despite there being some years between the release of the first movie (2009),  there are two sequels already in the works scheduled to release in 2017 and 2018, with a fourth film planned for some unknown point in the future. There’s also Avatar Land, an atmospheric reproduction of the Avatar-verse coming to Disney World’s: Animal Kingdom. The latter park expansion has been right on schedule and that’s more than can be said for Avatar as a film property. As it stands now Avatar 2 is still in pre-production with no official release date. Avatar Land, however, as recently announced by Disney, will open summer 2017.

Atop of the Avatar Land’s expected summer opening, a new video has also surfaced showing off an animatronic character. The video has been making away around the net, both for how hyper-realistic and incredibly unsettling it is.   (more…)


The Inhumans have long since been on the drawing board for injection into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Originally, these off world enhanced humans were planned to have their own movie, at one point being on the books for a 2018 release. However, not long after the announcement of a film, Marvel revised their schedule and removed The Inhumans from its slate altogether. For a while, word on The Inhumans in the MCU was null, seemingly reading that Marvel didn’t quite know what to do with the characters/property. Much to the surprise of fans, it was announced this week that an Inhumans television series will be coming to ABC with the first two episodes premiering exclusively in IMAX commercial theaters in 2017.

So who are the Inhumans? Out of the endless crowds of guys and gals in funny outfits, what makes them ripe for television?  (more…)