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Sources have confirmed the main villain in the upcoming Wonder Woman film will be Ares, the God of Conflict.  Although trailers have revealed most of the action appearing to take place on the battlefields of World War I, speculation has abounded that the Amazon superheroine would have a more formidable, super-powered rival in her solo big screen debut. Although actor Danny Huston has been cast as an antagonist of some kind, it’s unclear whether or not he and Ares, one of her primary antagonists from the comic books, will be one and the same or perhaps one working in service of the other.  (more…)

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.05.43 PM

DC has been no stranger to great television and that is due to the amazing characters they have developed off the pages of comics and onto the small screen. The likes of Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and more have been lighting up the airwaves, but have you ever stopped to consider the dangers they pose to regular folks? That’s the premise for Powerless debuting on NBC this year. Powerless follows run-of-the-mill human, Emily Locke, as she begins working for a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises (yes, THAT Wayne) that develops specialized products used to make normal people feel a little safer around all the metas flying/running around.

Sounds interesting enough, right? However, the trailer for Powerless just dropped and, well, let’s just say it doesn’t lead with a strong first impression.  (more…)


The “Ragnarok” in Thor: Ragnarok refers to the end of the world as imagined in Norse mythology. The events of Ragnarok were preluded to in The Avengers: Age of Ultron when Thor was fucking off on a vision quest, took a dip in a cavern-based pool (presumably took a dump beforehand) and had a himself a trippy vision quest – in which he sees a nightmarish version of Asgard, where he’s blamed for killing all of his friends and family. But what the hell did he do to lead up to this catastrophe and how the heck is The Hulk involved?

Question no more. The studio has finally revealed an official Thor: Ragnarok synopsis that confirms some of the story details that have been whispered across the net; including some strong ties to Planet Hulk.   (more…)


The new Power Rangers reboot has aimed to take the Rangers and their Zords into a new direction. Something that is far different than those who grew up with it would be familiar. While most fans get huffy and puffy when it comes to creativity liberties being taken with the properties they love, in this case, not many argued. The promise of a darker and more serious take on the Power Rangers was received with both curiosity and attention. Of course, that was before the trailer hit and the toys were released. That trailer looking like someone ripped-off of Chronicle, and those toys revealing the Rangers and their Zords with some weird and terrible designs choices (see Alpha 5 and Goldar).

And now those aesthetics go a little deeper. Thanks to some fan with a cell phone, a first look at Ranger mentor and giant floating head, Zordon, has been unleashed.  (more…)


It seems that Futurama could live forever based on the love of it’s fans alone. Fandom fervor has resulted in the show coming back from the dead before and now it seems it has done so once again… well, if not unofficially. Cinema Relics Productions has released the long awaited full episode of their Futurama fan-film Fan-O-Rama. For fans who have always wanted to know what their favorite Futurama characters would look like in real life this trailer should be a special  treat.  (more…)


The last few days there has been a world wind of rumors surrounding the notion that Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool might show up in the supposed last Hugh Jackman X-Men film, Logan. After the news was dropped that there was a rumored Deadpool cameo in next year’s film, it was immediately denied by director James Mangold, Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds, as well as Jackman. What a bummer as it would have been great to see the two of them team up as they have done in the comics. Now it turns out, that rumor may be “partially” true.



The first of several proposed sequels to James Cameron’s Avatar will finally come to theaters at some point in 2018. By the time Avatar 2 comes out, it will have been 10 years since the release of the first film from 2008. Time certainly has not been on the franchise side. It’s been so long, that nobody seems to care anymore, right? Well, the people at Disney World certainly do. They dumped a ton a money, to the sum of $500+ mil,  into a massive park expansion.  First announced on September 20 2011, the long awaited AVATAR-themed land at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom will finally be opening in summer 2017. Those disinterested in Avatar are now, thanks to videos like the one below, being drawn right back into it. Even for those that make fun of Avatar have to appreciate what Disney and James Cameron have been cooking up.

Here, get a behind the scenes look at Pandora: The World of AVATAR coming this summer to Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, and have a look for yourself.



20th Century Fox’s Alien: Covenant wrapped back in July. Today, of all days, FOX released it’s first official trailer. Yes, on Christmas Day, the day where kids are feverishly unwrapping presents and parents just can’t seem to suck down enough coffee, a trailer full of scary ass alines out to slaughter some humans, rules the day. Father Christmas is gonna be so pleased.

Alien: Covenant, the sixth film in the Alien series but the second chronologically, taking place about a decade after the events of Prometheus. It looks as stunningly designed and ambitious as the former but feels much more like a classic alien film. What creeps in the shadows, followed by lots of running and screaming. Yep, this is defiantly an Alien movie. (more…)


Developing story today involving a major health scare for actress Carrie Fisher. TMZ learned that the actress, famed for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, suffered a major heart attack while on an airplane this morning.

Sources say Carrie was on a flight from London to LAX when she went into cardiac arrest. People on board were administering CPR.  (more…)