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Was Finding Dory necessary? Was it not an obvious cash grab from Disney hungry with sequel fever? The answers to those questions are “no” and “of course”. Regardless, that didn’t stop this Finding Nemo sequel from swimming its way into people’s hearts and wallets, netting over 900 mil with the world wide box office. Another monster hit from Disney and Pixar. But was this movie as good as people remember? Does playing it back still leave you all warm a fuzzy? Well, of course, it’s a Disney movie… their designed to make audience laugh and cry. But, that doesn’t make them immune from criticism. And who better to tear apart a beloved children’s movies the funny bastards at Screen Junkies with their brutally critical Honest Trailers. Truthfully, they don’t slam it too hard but defiantly call foul on Hollywoods Sequel-itis. (more…)


The Green Hornet. Legendary comic book character to some, and to others, a terrible Seth Rogen movie.  This is a character that once, back in the 60’s, went toe-to-toe in popularity with Batman. Sadly, this emerald colored crimefighter got reduced to stoner material with Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen‘s 2011 superhero comedy. While some enjoyed the laughs and action (“Kato-vision” was also a really neat take on “bullet time.”), it completely failed to bring this once famous character back into the spotlight, and instead, got remembered as the movie where Seth Rogen wasn’t fat anymore.

Well, hey, don’t count a good superhero down. In a world where Spider-Man can get multiple reboots, so can’t every other superhero. The Green Hornet is coming back! This time from a director in much more capable hands.  (more…)


It is, unfortunately, awfully difficult to revisit Tim Burton’s Batman with an impartial eye in the wake of Christopher Nolan’s genre-defining Dark Knight trilogy and now, of course, Affleck’s Batman. However, you don’t get Nolan’s Batman –  heck, the very idea of Batman, his modern age personification, might never have been realized had it not been for 1989 Batman. Despite Frank Miller’s The Dark Night Returns and other defining Batman comics of the time, for most children of the 80’s, and for fans of yesteryear, their idea of Batman was predominately localized to Batman 66 reruns and Hannna Barbera’s Superfriends. Burton’s Batman came along and forever changed the identity of the caped crusader. Burton effectively echoed the visual style of the original Bob Kane comics while conjuring up a Gothic world of his own. His vision for Gotham and its ranged cast of characters is impeccable. It set the standards for Batman and modern comic book films.

Batman 1989 holds a very special place for many a Bat-stalgic heart, and to it, are open wallets.  While there is a treasure trove of goods, old and new, commemorating the landmark superhero film, consider what the fine folks at NECA Toys are offering. For one of the biggest superheroes of all time, NECA decided to go, well, big.  (more…)


It’s coming. The CW’s big DC crossover that includes Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, is almost on upon us. What series of events will bring this all-star list of superheroes together? It’ll be based on the 1988 comic book event miniseries Invasion! from Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane, Bart Sears, and more. It will closely track the plot of that storyline: aliens will be assembled by The Dominators and descend on Earth to bring an end to the “threat” of Earth’s burgeoning metahuman community.

To get fans excited, EW has just released a teaser trailer for the mega crossover event, along with some photos from the episodes.  (more…)


Geeks/Nerds have quite the affinity for pop culture, obviously. Their passions range from movies, video games, comics and everything in between. This often includes a growing collection of toys, collectibles, and other pop culture memorabilia. Almost every nerdy home is decorated with these nerdy goods placed proudly on display. For a more select few, however,  some go from mere fans to complete fanatics. The truly passionate collectors out there are known to spend hundred and sometimes thousands of dollars for rare and one-of-a-kind pieces, and or, building onto their already massively large collections. It can be quite insane.

Examining the lives of these super-collectors and seeing their impressive wares, comes a new docu-series called Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest. It’s host is, well, Mark Hamill, as the title implies. Yes, Luke Skywalker is here and he wants to see your toys!



Just the other day, a rumor spread like wild fire. That rumor being, that the script for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie was terrible and the studio execs at Warners Bros couldn’t give a hoot, with “too big to fail” type rhetoric. This story came from American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis who’s comments were pulled from a lengthy online interview. The story was initially blown out of proportion with online media citing that Ellis was at a dinner with some Warner Bros execs who were ignoring concerns and practically laughing their way to the box office. Bret Easton later clarified  that he didn’t talk with any executives directly involved in Batman, it was just some loose round the table gossip. This, however, didn’t ease minds. His follow-up remarks didn’t clear the rumors that the script is a mess – and given the poor critical response for Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, it’s very easy to believe Warner Bros aren’t too keen on enforcing a quality product.

So, now, a surprise figure comes to reassure fans that all, in fact, is well with Batman.  (more…)


In a turbulent sea of tepid remakes, yawn-worthy reboots and lacklustre reimaginings, there are a few classics that even the most cynical fangirl or boy assumes will always stand above the mediocre tide. Despite beloved film after beloved film falling to the reboot disease, there are those pop culture artefacts that, we assume, are somehow immune to the infection. Surely, we whisper to ourselves, surely, they wouldn’t dare touch that? Then Robocop happened. Now, nothing is sacred. While the occasional pleasant surprise pops up amongst the dross, few greet the arrival of the remake with anything other than trepidation, if not outright irritation. That’s why we’re getting worried for the fate of our favourite Wolfman.  (more…)


Prepare your diddly-holes for this odd musical selection. There is a band named The Okilly Dokillys, based on The Simpsons Church lovin’ do gooder Ned Flanders.

Yes, yes…”stupid sexy Flanders”. Hit the jump for more details on this unusual mix of music and pop culture, including a watch/listen to their FIRST music video.  (more…)


It seems, with increasing certainty, that Warner Bros has a devil may care attitude when it comes to making superhero movies, emboldened by the fact these properties are too big to fail, that fans are going to see them no matter how good or bad they are. If a succession of critically flawed movies wasn’t proof enough, there may some actual evidence of this thanks to an off the record Hollywood dinner where execs were heard talking Ben Afflecks’s solo Batman movie, what a mess it is, and how they blatantly don’t care.   (more…)


So, hey, The Simpsons. Those yellow-skinned zany residents of Springfield  have had a home on FOX for a very long time. 29 seasons to be exact. And, while it seems challenging to find anyone who actually still tunes into every week (or maybe it’s just this Nerd Bastards writer who’s circle of friends are out of touch?) , the show has endured. It’s like the Energizer Bunny (speaking of dated references), it just keeps going… and going… and going.  And guess what? It’s going to keep on going. FOX just ordered a 30th season of the pop culture phenomenon. (more…)