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No one likes The Star Wars Holiday Special….and no one SHOULD. Even George Lucas has expressed regret over allowing it to happen. But here we are again. All those Wookiee Life day memories come flooding back, thanks to this newest holiday video featuring Chewbacca.

Chewie sings the Wookiee version of “Silent Night”. The clip comprises several clips from across all the Star Wars movies, and sounds just as one might expect – like a symphony of coke cans being streaked across a desk. It’s magical.  (more…)


Before Ant-Man made his big-screen debut, if fans were asked whether they would ever imagine dropping a couple hundred dollars for an Ant-Man figurine, the question would have been met with a hearty balk look followed by a “How dare you, sir!” slap across the face, but here we are. Ant-Man got his solo movie and a favorable return appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Oh, how easily those early doubters were converted into fans. What was once a laughably lame hero (“You mean his power is he can make himself really small?”) turned out to be far more impressive than anyone would or could have expected – the character was received as a charming and winning edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Suddenly, spending a little scratch on a high-end collectible Ant-Man figure doesn’t sound so absurd.  (more…)


Back in 1995, when the first of the Mortal Kombat game series was still dancing (or splattering blood) in people heads, the impossible happened: news of a Mortal Kombat movie! Images of bloody spinal cords, gory decapitations, and perhaps a few sweet ‘Flawless Victories’ danced in the skulls of fans.  Of course, an R rated, extreme, Kung Fu, violence-fest is NOT the film that was delivered. Still, at the time, it was the greatest damn movie to anyone in the second grade. Even now, 20+ years later, it still holds up as the best film adaptation of a video game. Given the MK movie featured a giant four-armed man puppet getting punched in the dick, that’s saying something!

Of course, 2 years later, the dumber-than-a-bag-of-hammers Mortal Kombat Annihilation happened and shat in everyones cereal.

Looking back at these two earmarks in video game movie history, are the guys from Screen Junkies. They’ve given the MK movie franchise the ole’ Honest Trailer treatment. As one might expect, they were not kind. (more…)

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We are primarily seeking to add to our writing staff, but we also have opportunities for other talented media creators as well.

If you’re an intelligent and dedicated pop-culture fan and want to share your voice with the world, then Nerd Bastards could be just the outlet for you.  (more…)


Reception to Disney’s live-action adaptations have varied. Some films like Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book was received with more than warm regards, while other films Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent were outright forgettable. Regardless, Disney taking some of their classic stories and/or characters and given them the live-action treatment has been quite financially successful for the house of mouse. While Beauty and The Beast starring Emma Watson is the next on deck, there is a whole series of other adaptations in the works; including Cruella, a live-action origin story for the 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella De Vil.

It’s already be reported that Emma Stone  will be cast as that “inhuman beast.” And now, the project has taken another leap forward, in that it has just landed a director


Whatever anyone feels towards David Ayers Suicide Squad, it can be generally agreed that Margot Robbie‘s performance of Harley Quinn was the least worst thing. That might not be saying a whole lot, particularly under the scope of a critics eye, but regardless, an insanely popular DC character got her first big cinematic  debut… and she killed! All those Daddy’s Little Monster fans want to see her back, immediately.

Ask, and they will be done. Margot Robbie will be back alright. Not as a sequel to SS, nor as a solo flick. She’ll be getting new flick teaming up with some of the baddest girls of Gotham.   (more…)


Long before Space Ghost was a Letterman-esque talk show spoof, he was a real space trotting super hero. From 1966-1968 Space Ghost had many (poorly) animated adventures; mostly his sidekicks would get captured or trapped by the villains, and Space Ghost would have to defeat the villains and save the day.

And now, after spending a few years in obscurity, Space Ghost is back! And he’s, for some reason, teaming up with Green Lantern. Whaaaaa?  (more…)


Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for over 16 years now, with Logan being his eighth, and supposed final, time he puts on the claws. Jackman has said on multiple occasions that it’s been getting increasingly difficult to get into Wolverine shape, stating that Logan felt the perfect way to end his reign. So that’s that end of an era, right? Not if Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds gets his way. (more…)

Amy Schumer Responds To Her Barbie Movie Backlash


In a completely unexpected but bold movie development move, it was announced that Amy Schumer will be starring in and co-writing a new live-action Barbie film, with the comedian said to play the titular character; based on the classic American doll from Mattel. While the films premise – a contemporary spin having Barbie realize she no longer fits within the idealistic Barbieland – makes for an interesting take, it’s the casting of Schumer that has gotten a lot of backlash. This blowback, all having to do with Schumer’s looks, or rather lack thereof, in comparison to the tall/skinny and impossibly beautiful standards that Barbie is known for.  The Internet can be quite cruel.

Schumer has responded to this vitriol, with a self-affirming statement that would make SNL’s former Stuart Smalley (the Daily Affirmation sketch) jealous.  (more…)