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Marvel is on point this year. Not only have they been killing the box-office numbers, but they’ve brought that same formula to their SuperBowl commercials and brand collaborations. You can check out some of the other Marvel Trailers and Collabs here, and  Coca-Cola delivers an epic commercial featuring  Marvel’s biggest and smallest Super Heroes, which they have teased “Is Only the Beginning” take a look at the first of what is set to unfold on Coca-Cola’s social media from this day forward.



Disneyland is set to celebrate its 60th anniversary this year! To commemorate the momentous occasion Disney  has decided to put together a televised event titled The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60. One of the things that has got fans of the franchise so excited, when it comes to the special itself, is that it’s set to  give an exclusive preview to the park’s brand new addition Star Wars land,currently in development. So who will be our guide through this wonderful maze of Star Wars geekery, well Disney announced their pick.



From the folks who bring you honest reviews of movies and games in plethora for our amusement, we bring you Honest Game Trailers getting down and dirty, as they pick apart Star Wars Battlefront by EA. The highly hyped addition to the Battlefront series was said to bring vivid graphic updates paired with all new modes of gameplay, and while Honest Game Trailer does give them just due for EA “trying” it hones in on the true qualms that many had with this game that played on our nostalgia, all the while leading us down the rabbit-hole of frustration.


The Star Wars News is pouring down on us in buckets, and its all we can do to stay afloat like Mickey in that scene with those damndable brooms from Fantasia. If you haven’t hopped aboard the crazy hype boat, well slip on those adult undies cause you’re officially on-board the  S.S Star Wars! Join or hop off ’cause this boat is going right into the fray of the hottest news right off the press, that has “some” SPOILERS, but lots of awesome tidbits from the pressers done this week by cast and crew of the film.


Every time I get one of these stories on my desk, I can’t help but go into a corner and cry just a bit. Star Wars will never stop amazing me as to how the incorporate and service their fans,especially those who are in the last stages of life due to illness or unforeseen circumstances.  So settle in for the “dust in your eyes”-“Onion-cutting”- “Eye-sweat” inducing story, of how R2-KT entered the Star Wars Canon and soon your heart.


George Lucas Never Making Another Star Wars Film


Love him or hate him George Lucas has created a sci-fi epic that movie-goers of all ages adore. Lucas decided to get candid with Vanity Fair during a quick-fire question video interview.

Lucas is best known as the creator of both Star Wars & Indiana Jones and was the chief executive of LucasFilms before selling it to Walt Disney Co. in 2012.  While Lucas is one of American’s most financially successful filmmakers, he’s gotten a lot of heat for his creative works in 1999-2009 (Prequel Star Wars films and the 2008 Indiana Jones film) for the creative direction he took.

George Lucas took some time to sit with Vanity Fair and discussed distancing himself from the Star Wars franchise, check out the video below.


First Look: Chris Pine on the Set of ‘Wonder Woman’


While many may have already gotten a glimpse of Gal Gadot in her full Wonder Woman glory, due to ‘Batman v. Superman’, there has been no images of her on-set in the heroine’s stand-alone film; which is currently in production. There is, however, photos of her co-star Chris Pine. Playing the long time man in her life, Steve Trevor, this is the very first look of him on set. The photos also raise questions about the films timeline.


Pixar, the company that opens the Pandora’s box of everyone’s emotions, is kicking it into high gear with some amazing releases from now until 2019. But while many may have their eyes set on their release for this year, The Good Dinosaur, Pixar has dropped a big ol’ juicy teaser from ‘Finding Dory’ the anticipated sequel for Pixar’s 2003 hit ‘Finding Nemo’.


TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ – S6E5 – “Now”

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.32.47 AM

Two episodes ago, seems so long ago now,  we were left with the lingering thought: Is Glenn dead or alive? Last week’s  The Walking Dead didn’t answer that question, but instead left viewers deflated as they went in a different direction with the story. The episode focused solely on Morgan and his character’s growth that took place between Season 3 (Georgia) to his current Season (6) appearance. While many may have complained, it is clear that how his character changed between season’s was something that fans were curious about, but I’m sure would’ve preferred to discover at another time.

This week though, we return to the present situation at hand, which brings us back to “What the HELL happened to Glenn?”…sort of. Honestly, we are going back to Alexandria to see how everyone is dealing with the current threat at hand, which is a bunch of zombies and “The Wolves”.  So let’s get into that, remember this is SPOILER HEAVY so don’t enter if you can’t handle all this Zombie stuff enter at your own risk.



The Star Wars franchise has made the dreams of many come true both on and off screen. With a fan-base spanning all across the globe, and a message that hits all ages it is no surprise that the franchise is so popular. In the past few weeks, the internet has been buzzing around the plight of one fan in particular, Daniel Fleetwood, whose health situation is rather dire.  Using the hashtag #ForceForDaniel they reached out to Star Wars fans across the web to help them get Disney, Lucasfilm and Bad Robot to help him see Star Wars: The Force Awakens before his condition spirits him away. The campaign gained massive attention across the Internet, and they’ve finally responded.