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George Lucas Never Making Another Star Wars Film


Love him or hate him George Lucas has created a sci-fi epic that movie-goers of all ages adore. Lucas decided to get candid with Vanity Fair during a quick-fire question video interview.

Lucas is best known as the creator of both Star Wars & Indiana Jones and was the chief executive of LucasFilms before selling it to Walt Disney Co. in 2012.  While Lucas is one of American’s most financially successful filmmakers, he’s gotten a lot of heat for his creative works in 1999-2009 (Prequel Star Wars films and the 2008 Indiana Jones film) for the creative direction he took.

George Lucas took some time to sit with Vanity Fair and discussed distancing himself from the Star Wars franchise, check out the video below.


First Look: Chris Pine on the Set of ‘Wonder Woman’


While many may have already gotten a glimpse of Gal Gadot in her full Wonder Woman glory, due to ‘Batman v. Superman’, there has been no images of her on-set in the heroine’s stand-alone film; which is currently in production. There is, however, photos of her co-star Chris Pine. Playing the long time man in her life, Steve Trevor, this is the very first look of him on set. The photos also raise questions about the films timeline.


Pixar, the company that opens the Pandora’s box of everyone’s emotions, is kicking it into high gear with some amazing releases from now until 2019. But while many may have their eyes set on their release for this year, The Good Dinosaur, Pixar has dropped a big ol’ juicy teaser from ‘Finding Dory’ the anticipated sequel for Pixar’s 2003 hit ‘Finding Nemo’.


TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ – S6E5 – “Now”

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.32.47 AM

Two episodes ago, seems so long ago now,  we were left with the lingering thought: Is Glenn dead or alive? Last week’s  The Walking Dead didn’t answer that question, but instead left viewers deflated as they went in a different direction with the story. The episode focused solely on Morgan and his character’s growth that took place between Season 3 (Georgia) to his current Season (6) appearance. While many may have complained, it is clear that how his character changed between season’s was something that fans were curious about, but I’m sure would’ve preferred to discover at another time.

This week though, we return to the present situation at hand, which brings us back to “What the HELL happened to Glenn?”…sort of. Honestly, we are going back to Alexandria to see how everyone is dealing with the current threat at hand, which is a bunch of zombies and “The Wolves”.  So let’s get into that, remember this is SPOILER HEAVY so don’t enter if you can’t handle all this Zombie stuff enter at your own risk.



The Star Wars franchise has made the dreams of many come true both on and off screen. With a fan-base spanning all across the globe, and a message that hits all ages it is no surprise that the franchise is so popular. In the past few weeks, the internet has been buzzing around the plight of one fan in particular, Daniel Fleetwood, whose health situation is rather dire.  Using the hashtag #ForceForDaniel they reached out to Star Wars fans across the web to help them get Disney, Lucasfilm and Bad Robot to help him see Star Wars: The Force Awakens before his condition spirits him away. The campaign gained massive attention across the Internet, and they’ve finally responded.



For all lovers of J.K. Rowling’s fantasy epic, Harry Potter, 2016 is going to be a big year for you! Not only  will Harry Potter be returning to continue the story from where it left off; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — a play described as the eighth Harry Potter story is set to open in London next summer — but the big-screen spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be making its debut in theaters next fall. Shooting for Fantastic Beasts is already underway, in fact, but it’ll be a while before the first trailer is released.

So in the meantime, Warner Bros. has released the new official Fantastic Beasts title logo. 



In post-apocalyptic role-playing games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Nuka-Cola & Nuka-Cola Quantum were drinkable items for your character which would increase your Action Points and your radiation  for a short period of time, and if mixed correctly could become a great weapon. This drink, which is found all over the Wasteland is recognized by its icy blue color. But this fictional drink, is making its way onto store shelves this fall in preparation for the release of Fallout4, and unlike its fictional counterpart, it hopefully won’t make your pee glow.



Back to The Future II is a film beloved by all and on the eve of its celebratory BacktoTheFutureDay 10/21/2015 (the day Marty and Doc traveled to the future) lovers of the film all over the world have waited with bated breathe for the launch of amazing and fantastical products straight out of the fictional world. Cities are changing their names, hoverboards are being developed for release, and the biggest excitement of them all comes in a particular bottled soft-drink. Not just any soft-drink of course, but none other than Pepsi Perfect, the fictional beverage served to Marty in a futuristic diner. The bottles, which contains Pepsi Made with Real Sugar were set to release today with a limited run of  6,500 units.

Of course all good things never end well. Do they?


TV RECAP: ‘The Muppets’ – S1E4 – “Pig Out ”


The Muppets is back again this week on another work-related adventure. Over the last four weeks the storyline has bounced around between the central Kermit-Piggy relationship, Fozzie Bear and some of the auxiliary characters; all the while splattering  a fistful of celebrity cameos just to take up space. In “Pig Out” we see the storyline focus in on The Muppets at work and at play.



Jeff Sneider revealed during his Meet the Movie Press podcast, one potential Boba Fett director who has made a few visits down to “San Fransisco” **coughcoughLucasFilmscoughcough**, a contender to play Boba Fett, and their thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars film hype. Listen to Sneider’s comments in the video below.