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While people may be talking about The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman has another contender coming out of the gate. Outcast, a title out of Skybound/Image comics, is Kirkman and artist Paul Azteca’s excorcism-themed project; centered around protagonist Kyle Barnes, a young man who has been plagued by demonic possession all his life. Now, with the help of the Reverend Anderson, a preacher with personal demons of his own, Kyle embarks on a journey to find answers and regain the normal life he lost. (more…)

SDCC15: Filming to Begin for ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’


The Star Wars Panel has left the pop culture community with bated breathe as announcements and videos fill the inter-web with celebratory fervor due to the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this winter. All the while, Lucasfilms is pressing onward with their next Star Wars film slated for release.


SDCC15: Check Out The Full ‘Doctor Who’ Panel


BBC powerhouse program Doctor Who is at SDCC, and while you fight the urge to strangle every human on social media sharing that darn Little Mermaid meme. We bring you the  full entire Doctor Who Panel for your viewing pleasure.  Keep your munchies at the ready and thank Tardis for our technological advances.

SDCC15: Hunger Games Mockingjay- Part 2 Ends with a Bang


Juggernaut film, The Hunger Games, is set to end its astounding three year run on the big screen, this November, with the much-anticipated release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. Of course they did not disappoint, as fans and press were treated to a one of a kind send off as a crew of drummers came out to bang a beat on a set of timpani drums. (more…)

Payback is a dish best served by someone Psychologically Unstable, and in DLC: Harley Quinn’s Revenge released as part of the Arkham City Game of the Year Edition we get to see Harley Quinn take the rein as a formidable villain. While this DLC was promoted as a definitive ending to the  Arkham City series, this gamer-girl you see before you  decided it was a must-play. The following review goes over the 2 hours worth of game-play offered by the DLC: the difference between playing as Robin and Batman through the campaign, and what the DLC has to offer to the overall story. If you haven’t played Batman: Arkham City, please avert thine eyes because the following review contains Spoilers & Easter Eggs found within the previous game.


While The Avengers film team pats themselves on the back, Warner Bros. is putting on their fightin’ gloves and preppin’ the masses for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. With two new TV spots and six character posters released, Warner Bros. is pulling out all the stops. Today they’ve released Empire has revealed two new The Dark Knight Rises covers as well as three more photos hi-res photos from the  Christopher Nolan film, and previews of the banners that will be seen in different theaters all over the the world. Check out all the photos. Are you excited for the film?


The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters and IMAX on July 20th, the movie stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman

Hold on to your Xbox 360 nerdy dudes and dudettes ’cause the U.S Government may be making a new court ruling that will have the popular video game console removed  from store shelves Nationwide this fall. How did this happen and why haven’t you heard of this sooner? Well it’s quite simple, recently the case surrounding this suggested ruling has been kept under wraps due to the parties involved.

Here is the main issue at hand:

“Motorola and Microsoft have been tied up in a copyright battle for a while now, over some Motorola WiFi and video codec patents used in the console, and U.S. Judge David Shaw has actually recommended against the continued sale of the Xbox 360 in the United States until the matter is resolved.” –Blastr News

Judge Shaw, in an interview with IGN, divulged the reasoning behind his suggestion to discontinue the sale of the Xbox 360:

“Enforcing intellectual property rights outweighs any potential economic impact on video game console buyers,”

While Shaw believes that Sony and Nintendo could fill the void left by Xbox 360 for the U.S. videogame market, Microsoft argues that shutting them out of the market completely would leave them at disadvantage and be unfair to consumer.Now that Judge Shaw has heard the case and made his recommendation, it is now up to ITC  to make the final decision on the matter this August. If the International Trade Commission (ITC) agrees with Judge Shaw’s recommended ruling we could be seeing some major problems with console sales, along with a standstill in production for their star game of the year ‘Halo 4′.

This news really could not have come at a worse time for Microsoft. With E3 only a week and a half away , what will come of the projects the company plans to unveil this year? Will it be empty promises or plausible productions? Last year their sales promotion was the bundled pack of KINECT & Xbox 360 with a  revamped user interface, and it was a huge success in sales for the Christmas Season. But if Microsoft is removed as part of the ‘Big Three’, other console company’s will take the chance to crush Microsoft while its down.

At this point it seems out of Microsoft and Motorola‘s hands, and if the International Trade Commission (ITC) agrees with the recommendation to remove Microsoft from the market the only person who can overturn that is the  U.S. President.

The Library is Open: What are your thoughts on the matter at hand?

–Update 05/23: 11:00 p.m.—-

Microsoft Response & Press Release:

On the current news of ITC’s ruling in the Fall,   “the full Commission will rule on this in August, and until that time, nothing will change.”

“The recommendation by the Administrative Law Judge is the first step in the process leading to the Commission’s final ruling. We remain confident the Commission will ultimately rule in Microsoft’s favor in this case and that Motorola will be held to its promise to make its standard essential patents available on fair and reasonable terms.” –Microsoft.


In the Season 2 Finale of The Walking Dead, we got a glimpse of a cloaked figure brandishing a katana sword, and ‘chaperoned’ by two chained up armless zombies. Fans were left at the edge of their seats hoping to catch a glimpse of the beauty under the hood. ‘Talking Dead’, Robert Kirkman, and AMC have done their best to contain themselves by only revealing the name of the character, Michonne, who is one of the lead characters in the comic book series, takes no prisoners, and is a lethal bombshell.  After this week’s sneak peek of Season 3, fans were wondering ,” Where is Michonne?”

Well just in the nick of time, we receive from AMC and Entertainment Weekly, and exclusive first look at the infamous and most talked about character for The Walking Dead Season 3 straight from the set.


While fans are wondering why Kirkman picked an unknown actress to play the part of Michonne he replied:

“We looked at a lot of talented people that were really fantastic, but we were waiting for that one spark, that moment where everyone was completely in agreement and completely excited, and we felt like we had found the essence of this fictional character that just randomly appeared in another person, and that person was Danai Gurira. She kind of came in and really just blew us all away. She’s got incredible presence, and she’s got a theater background, and is very physical, and was just perfect for the role.”

Kirkman also wanted fans to know that Michonne will change between adaptations:

The essence of the character — her personality, her motives, everything that makes Michonne Michonne — remains intact from the comics,” says Robert Kirkman (the creator of the comic and executive producer of the TV adaptation). “But like a lot of things on the show, there will be little tweaks and differences here and there. We saw that her introduction is slightly different from how it was in the comic, and her interaction with Andrea is really going to be a really cool addition to the character that I think will get television viewers up to speed, and they’ll get to know her a lot faster than comic book readers did.

So her entrance into the TV adaptation seems to fit with the dark and creepy mood mentioned by the cast in the sneak peek, how do you think Michonne’s entrance will shift the dynamic, and storyline for the book? With shooting currently taking place in the prison, word is that making it a zombie-proof playground will not be easy, so place your bets and chart out who will survive this season. Let the Zombie-Games BEGIN!


Prometheus is headed to theaters near you very soon, but Ridley Scott couldn’t have seen what is coming out of Salt Lake City.  Alien meets Puppets! Yes, Meat & Potato Theater performance group has created and will perform an Alien inspired show that would definitely make Ridley Scott bust a gut.

Meat & Potato said that Aliens( The Puppet Musical):

“Oozes with characters from Snake Plissken to Optimus Prime, from Bert to Ernie, and from Alf to Lady Gaga! Festering with hundreds of references to other science fiction movies!”

The only non-puppet actor in the  show is actress Rebecca Marcotte who plays Ellen Ripley, Sigourney Weaver’s star role in the Alien franchise. The Salt Lake City Tribune interviewed Marcotte on the role, and she said:

‘There’s not an actress out there who doesn’t wish she could play Ripley,” Marcotte, who saw Aliens 15 times as a teen, said. “They hadn’t even written it yet, and I was in.’

‘She also saw the original 1979 film, Alien directed by Ridley Scott, enough times to seal Sigourney Weaver forever in her soul as the iconic representation of Ripley’s fierce spirit.. ‘I’m a recovering nerd that way,’ she said.”

This sci-fi bonanza mixes the fuzzy and outrageous of the movie genre, onto the theatrical stage. Even though this production is a big feat of creative and financial proportions, The Meat & Potato Theater keeps tickets at an affordable  price to entice younger audiences, but so far have relied on donations to afford their different productions.

While the show’s plot follows that of the Ridley Scott’s Alien from 1979 it does have its fair share of  twists due to its influence on modern times. The show synopsis released by Meat & Potato Theater reads:

Ellen Ripley’s hero’s journey to slay slimy space creatures and fulfill maternal instincts protecting an orphaned girl — is powerful enough to overpower audience objections to mixing it all up with a full cast of puppets, a few water guns and a romping soundtrack of eight original songs.

For more information on the show, and Meat & Potato Theater you can check out their Website or Facebook Page. If you are in the Salt Lake City area will you be watching the show, and if you do submit photos (if possible), or video to share with the Nerdbastards crew!