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  • Profile: Adam A. Donaldson is a writer, journalist, filmmaker and promoter based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He cut his journalism chops at the University of Guelph, as a writer at the student newspaper The Ontarion where we served as Arts & Culture Editor and later Editor-in-Chief. Additionally, Adam has served as Managing Editor of Lucid Media and is currently Editor-at-Large for Press+1. He has also been a contributor to the Guelph Mercury, Guelph Tribune, Waterloo Region Record,, Echo Weekly, Women’s Post,, New Theatre Review and End Type. Adam has also made several short films including “Spooky Kids”, “Environmental Science”, “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Ready/S.E.T./Dunk”, and works with Synn Studios, a multimedia production company in Guelph, as a writer and publicist.

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It’s no small secret that work has begun on Alien; Covenant, Ridley Scott‘s follow-up prequel sequel to Prometheus and the Alien universe. Many are looking at Covenant with a sense of reserved anticipation; Prometheus left a lot of people disappointed, but Scott’s last film, The Martian, showed that so far as his sci-fi chops go, he’s still got it. So keeping all that in mind there’s this piece, a new official photo from the set of Katherine Waterson in character as the female lead, Daniels. Obviously, not much has yet been revealed about her, or anything regarding Covenant, but if you take a look at the photo, Scott is definitely invoking Alien heroines of the past in this one.  (more…)


The time is almost upon us for Star Wars Celebration, that time of year where all things Star Wars gather in one place for a weekend-long love-in for all things from a galaxy far, far away. It was at Star Wars Celebration last year that fans were given that wicked teaser of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first of what Disney and Lucasfilm hopes to be a long line of Star Wars spin-off films. It’s going to get full-court press at this year’s Celebration, and if you need any more proof, you need only look at the poster below. The key art for this year’s event that promises to celebrate all things new in the Star Wars Universe. (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E23 – “Schism”


I’m not sure how to feel about “Schism” on the whole, and I’m not sure exactly how to feel about the fourth season of Arrow in its entirety. On the one hand, this season finale was probably the best it could have been given the various developments built into the story arc over the last year, but on the other hand, the ending left me kind of empty. The very ending that is, as the writers seemed to be contorting the characters to seem even more conflicted than they have to be rather than just accepting that they were able to achieve the impossible and defeated the most powerful bad guy they’ve faced yet. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…. (more…)


You might think that being the guy that helped guide Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to two-and-a-half billion dollars at the global box office might buy you a little slack, but that seems to not be the case for Charles Roven. Roven, who was the producer of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, is reportedly the latest casualty in the studio shake-up at Warner Bros. after the less than uproarious reaction to the official launch of the DC Comics Extended Universe. He will be taking a step back to take on a more overseer role for the DCEU films.  (more…)


By the time the credits rolled on Blade: Trinity, a lot of people thought of further Daywalker adventures by paraphrasing the immortal words of the farmer in Babe, “That will do, Blade. That will do.” Given Patton Oswalt’s now infamous oral history of the behind the scenes rancour of the film, the fact that Trinity was in anyway comprehensible is a tribute to David S. Goyer and his editor. It does make you wonder though: why would Wesley Snipes want to come back? Is he looking to make amends for past cinema sins, or given the present superhero movie hysteria does he know a good deal when he sees it? (more…)


If it wasn’t insulting enough that CBS is burning off the final season of Person of Interest, and doing it for the puerile economic reason that they don’t own the show, and if it wasn’t bad enough that they showing two episodes a week, they tripled the insult this week by having back-to-back episodes of Tuesday night. I realize that this is the age of binging, and watching a season of show in such quick succession is not unusual at all, but these two episodes could have benefited from some space because not only are they highly consequential, but they put us in a mood to just jump right to the next episode. And now we have to wait until Monday again. (more…)


You’ve probably heard the discussions, rumors and speculation about who all is going to be in the two-parter Avengers: Infinity War. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have teased that there will be upwards of 67 characters in the films, producer Kevin Feige has said that the third and forth Avengers films will be a “culmination” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, which are all effective teases, but part one of Infinity War will be the 19th movie of the MCU with 19 movies full of characters that could or could not be a part of the film. But now it’s been revealed that at least one group of characters will definitely be part of the fight. (more…)


If you didn’t think much of Rob Zombie’s two Halloween reboots, which focused on why Michael Myers’ white trash family turned him into a babysitter killing psycho and literally being born under a bad moon (apparently), then take heart because the man that started the whole things is coming back. Halloween wasn’t just a very popular horror movie in its own right, but it was seminal and inspirational, kicking off a whole series of slasher films that borrowed the tropes and tricks that it established. So for the 11th film to carry the Halloween name, the production looks to be bringing back John Carpenter, the man who co-wrote, directed and scored the original film back in 1978. (more…)


In Monday night’s Person of Interest, the series proved that even when it’s under the gun of an ambiguous future with a limited run of 13 episodes and while dealing with topical and serious techno-drama, it can still kick back and have a lot of fun too. In the spirit of episodes like “Bury the Lede”, “Booked Solid”, and “Most Likely To…”, Person of Interest once again skated the fine line of action, drama and farce as Team Machine gets dressed up for a wedding out of town. Despite the stakes of saving a number that may or may not be the bride and/or groom, this wedding was an uproarious, enjoyable affair which is the complete opposite of most weddings. (more…)


In terms of new character debuts in pre-established movies, they didn’t come much smoother than when Chadwick Boseman took to the screen in Captain America: Civil War. Between Boseman as Black Panther and Tom Holland as Spider-Man they quite nearly upstaged with the two main characters, including the titular hero of the piece. So now that we know that Black Panther is ready for his own solo debut, the question must be asked, which characters will support this new hero in his self-titled adventure? And just like that, the internet answers with what looks like a leaked casting sheet for the main parts needing recruitment in the upcoming Black Panther(more…)