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  • Profile: Adam A. Donaldson is a writer, journalist, filmmaker and promoter based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He cut his journalism chops at the University of Guelph, as a writer at the student newspaper The Ontarion where we served as Arts & Culture Editor and later Editor-in-Chief. Additionally, Adam has served as Managing Editor of Lucid Media and is currently Editor-at-Large for Press+1. He has also been a contributor to the Guelph Mercury, Guelph Tribune, Waterloo Region Record,, Echo Weekly, Women’s Post,, New Theatre Review and End Type. Adam has also made several short films including “Spooky Kids”, “Environmental Science”, “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Ready/S.E.T./Dunk”, and works with Synn Studios, a multimedia production company in Guelph, as a writer and publicist.

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As you’re undoubtedly already aware, there are only 13 hours of Game of Thrones left, and they will be spread out over two seasons to prolong the agony of fans. With an endgame in mind for the series, it should come as no surprise that HBO would be looking for a way to keep this lucrative franchise going in some way after the series finale, and one of the ways to do that would be with some kind of prequel series. The show, and the books it’s based, refer back to a rich history in the imaginary land of Westeros, just don’t expect the guys behind the current show to want to come back and explore it further. (more…)


Of the unexpected treats of Marvel Studios‘ panel at San Diego Comic Con was a short mockumentary made by Thor Ragnarok director Taika Waititi that chronicled what the God of Thunder was doing while his superhero buddies were beating on each other in Captain America: Civil War. A lot comedy was mined out of that bit with comedian Daley Pearson as Darryl, Thor’s roommate in what may be the most hilarious odd couple situation since Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, and the people on the internet, who have seen the short since it was made public, agree. But is that the last we’ve seen of Darryl? (more…)


Yes, it is #BatmanDay. If you didn’t buy Batman a present, you’ve still got a couple of hours, but it looks like today it’s Zack Snyder that’s handing out the gifts. As you may have heard, there’s presently a Justice League movie in production, and while it features the Dark Knight as a key figure within it, it also features one of his main allies, Commissioner Gordon. Gotham City’s top cop has a small but pivotal role in the Justice League film, and it will be up to Academy Award-winner J.K. Simmons to bring him to life again, and now we know what Simmons will look like in the film. (more…)


I remember riding home from the movie theatre on my bike one warm July evening in 1999. I had seen The Blair Witch Project, and I was more than a little aware of my surroundings in an above average capacity. There were no woods along my route home, but let’s be honest, danger can come from anywhere, to anyone, even three kids shooting a movie in rural Maryland. I’ve always considered one’s ability to buy what The Blair Witch Project was selling as directly tied to how well their imagination could stretch, but no matter how elastic something is, it must inevitably snap back. To wit: Blair Witch. (more…)


You’ll recall that back in the spring, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story undertook some reshoots. The rumor mill churned that this was an attempt by Lucasfilm and Disney to adjust the tone of the film after some negative commentary from within the studio, who, to counter the nerd freak out, said that the reshoots were always part of the plan. Keeping all that in mind, this news will likely tip to the freak out factor as the composer of Rogue One’s score has now been replaced just a couple of months before the film’s release.  (more…)


The cast of Pacific Rim: Maelstrom continues to assemble yet mysteriously without any members of the original film’s cast. Sure, you can say that the real stars were the giant kaiju and the equally giant robotic jaegers built to defend humanity, but in all the Pac Rim 2 news so far we’ve heard nothing about Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Max Martini or any of the other cast members that made the original the hit it was. So add this mystery into the mix: Cailee Spaeny has been cast in the sequel as the female lead. And then you say, “Who?” (more…)


Over 17 years after The Blair Witch Project opened and became not just an indie film sensation, but a pop culture touchstone, another group of hapless young people are taking another fateful trip into the woods of rural Maryland. Adam Wingard‘s Blair Witch premieres tonight, and the studio, Lionsgate, is likely hoping that the franchise that never happened back in ’99 will be a reality 20 years later. If Blair Witch is a hit, Wingard will get the credit, but the  it was two then-struggling filmmakers named Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez that coined the term “Blair Witch” back in 1997 when they were looking for a small project they could do for cheap in order to get their names out there. And then they hit the jackpot. 

Nerd Bastards got the chance to talk to Daniel Myrick last month in advance of Fan Expo Canada. Myrich and other members of the cast and crew of the first Blair Witch, were supposed to appear there, but the reunion was cancelled in advance of the show. Still, with Blair Witch about to be a hit again in theatres everywhere, so the time is ripe to revisit the 1999 original with Myrick, why he thinks his film still endures, and how a one hit wonder is still a hit.  (more…)


Last spring, Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith helmed an episode of TV’s The Flash for an adventure called “The Runaway Dinosaur.” For Smith, a comic book fan of such renown that he’s both written comics and owns a comic book store, it had to be a dream come true, especially since Smith had previously stated that he felt the idea of making a comic book movie rather daunting (budget-wise speaking). So with one successful Flash under his belt (Ha!) Smith is back for more, and is directing the fourth episode of Flash’s third season, but in promoting the production on Twitter, Smith may have let a spoiler slip. (more…)


Back in 1999, a movie called The Blair Witch Project was released to deafening hype normally reserved for the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Thanks to its success on the film festival circuit, and what’s likely the first viral internet campaign, people lined up that July to see the simple tale of three student filmmakers that went into the woods and never came out, made by two inexperienced filmmakers with two cameras and a couple of thousand bucks. One of the actors in the film was Michael C. Williams, who, when he signed up to play the sound engineer Mike, had no idea that he was walking into a global phenomenon. One that persists with the release of Adam Wingard‘s Blair Witch this Friday.

Nerd Bastards got the chance to talk to Williams last month in advance of Fan Expo Canada. Williams, and other members of the cast and crew of the first Blair Witch, were supposed to appear there, but the reunion was cancelled in advance of the show. Still, there is a Blair Witch movie hitting theaters at the end of the week, so in the spirit of nostalgia we reminisce like it’s 1999 by talking to Williams about that time he went into the woods and disappeared forever (in the movies). (more…)


Joe Dante was part of a class of filmmaker that came up in the 80s under the wing of producer Steven Spielberg, and while he doesn’t get the projects and budgets of Robert Zemeckis or Chris Columbus, he’s still be turning out great work recently with films like The Hole and Burying the Ex. But what if, after Gremlins, Dante’s career had gone in another direction, a more action-oriented direction, one that involves the Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince of Crime. Yes, apparently Dante was up for the job of directing a Batman movie before Tim Burton in the mid-80s, but he’s now revealing why he passed, and who he would have liked to play the Joker. (more…)