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Profile: Adam A. Donaldson is a writer, journalist, filmmaker and promoter based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He cut his journalism chops at the University of Guelph, as a writer at the student newspaper The Ontarion where we served as Arts & Culture Editor and later Editor-in-Chief. Additionally, Adam has served as Managing Editor of Lucid Media and is currently Editor-at-Large for Press+1. He has also been a contributor to the Guelph Mercury, Guelph Tribune, Waterloo Region Record,, Echo Weekly, Women’s Post,, New Theatre Review and End Type. Adam has also made several short films including “Spooky Kids”, “Environmental Science”, “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Ready/S.E.T./Dunk”, and works with Synn Studios, a multimedia production company in Guelph, as a writer and publicist.

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Twisted Twins Promise a Hard-R ‘Painkiller Jane’ Movie

- 10-14-14Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


It wasn’t the biggest comic book movie news from San Diego Comic Con, but the news that Painkiller Jane was going to be made into a movie by Jen and Sylvia Soska (AKA: The Twisted Twins) was an intriguing development for fans of the Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada created comic. You see, there have been two half-hearted attempts to bring the comic book to life, and neither of them were very well-received by either fans or the general audience. The Soskas hope to change that though, and they aim to do it by embracing the things that made the comic enjoyable in the first place. That begins, in a sense, with the letter R. (more…)

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NYCC: Bendis on No New Mutants and Other X-Men Questions

- 10-14-14Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


At New York Comic Con over the weekend, the big Marvel Comics news was that the publisher is cancelling Fantastic Four in the new year, just months before the new FF movie is released in theaters everywhere. Many pundits and fans are taking the move as an “Eff You!” on the part of Marvel Comics to a rival company that owns the license to make movies based on their characters and won’t give it back. The X-Men are in the same boat, so the question was asked at NYCC, or at least one related to the issue of whether or not Marvel likes other people getting to play with their toys. The rumor’s been persistent, so one dedicated fan asked, “Why doesn’t Marvel make any new mutant characters?” (more…)

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Candid Keaton on Why He Bailed from Third ‘Batman,’ And Who He’d Come Back For

- 10-13-14Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Michael Keaton surprised and amazed when Batman came out in 1989. Although he had made his bones as a comedic actor, he was able to fill the role of the Dark Knight with the right amount of darkness and intensity while also bring something more, like the feeling that Batman was just a little bit disturbed and had a hint of malevolence. After two Batman movies, Keaton called it a day and avoided the latter, zanier entries in the series. But as his Batman days are recalled in the semi-true life inspired Birdman, Keaton recalls the reasons why he didn’t continue on in the cape and cowl, and who could convince him to come back. (more…)

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Yup, Marvel is Confirms ‘Fantastic Four’ is “Going Away for a While” in 2015

- 10-13-14Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


It’s been grinding in the rumor mill since last summer, but over the weekend at New York Comic Con Marvel confirmed that yes, next year the Fantastic Four will be cancelled with issue #642, and just in time for the big screen release of the new Fantastic Four movie, which is not being released by Disney/Marvel Studios. Of course Marvel Comics isn’t spinning it that way, they’re calling this a “closing act” for the super-team, which implies that the long-running comic is coming to some kind of natural conclusion. Still, the stink of competitive corporate sabotage is on this move, even as Marvel assures that this will be ending that fans will enjoy. (more…)

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NYCC Hammers Down on Fans with Busy Hands

- 10-10-14Cosplay, Nerd Culture Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


After some conscientious female nerds made it an issue at San Diego Comic Con, the organizers of New York Comic Con seem to have taken the hint and ran with it in preparing for this weekend’s con in the Javits Center in New York City. The mantra, “Cosplay is Not Consent,” is omnipresent at the show, and NYCC has taken other steps to make sure that everyone has a safe and happy con free of harassment and inappropriate action on the part of people who don’t realize, you know, that “Cosplay is Not Consent.” In other NYCC news their “don’t be an idiot” and “no weapons” policies seems to be causing great confusion with fans whose hours of hard work on that important prop detail seems to be taken out with the trash. (more…)

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‘Dracula Untold’ Scribes Wanna Get ‘Lost in Space’

- 10-10-14TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Since everything old is new again in modern Hollywood, it’s almost shocking that no one’s had this idea. I mean lately. After butchering the Granddaddy of vampires in Dracula Untold, at least that’s the consensus of Rotten Tomatoes, writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless are taking on a reboot of Lost in Space for Legendary TV. The space age take on Johann David Wyss’ Swiss Family Robinson was a hit for three seasons in the 60s and has remained active in the pop culture memory in the nearly 50 years since. Despite numerous attempts to revisit the story, the magic of the original has never been re-captured, but like the old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed…” (more…)

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Rated R ‘Terminator’? PSYCH! ‘Genisys’ Will Be PG-13

- 10-09-14Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Hey, remember when Terminator movies were Rated-R? Shut up nerd! This is the real world, and in the real world, when you splurge hundreds of millions on a franchise, you buttress your investment by going for the widest possible return, and that means collecting movie tickets from teens wanting to see the movie rather than making them sneak in without an adult. Or to put it another way: Ca-ching! One might have hoped that the team behind Terminator: Genisys might have seen the light, and the failure, after Terminator: Salvation, but nope, they’re doubling down on watering down. Get ready gang, because Genisys is going to be Rated-Arr. You know, since we’re screwing with the Inglash Langwedge. (more…)

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TV REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ S3E1 – “The Calm”

- 10-08-14Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Like an RPG blowing up your favorite romantic dinner spot, the third season of Arrow began with more plot, exposition and character development than a skid full of C4. Following quickly on the heels of last night’s very well-received premiere of The Flash, it was Arrow’s turn to assert itself. The gold standard of comic book-based series, there were a lot of expectations for this first new episode of the season, but did it deliver? Mostly yes, but a little bit no. This premiere episode has packed from beginning to end with some slick action, interesting new characters, interesting twists for old favorites, and a gut punch in the end that will have reverberations all season long. (more…)

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Too Much Free Time Alert: How Much Damage did ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ Calvin Cause?

- 10-08-14Comics, WTF? Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


I know that as nerds we obsess over the fine details of everything. We like quantify and categorize and structuring our little realms and apply real world dynamics and logistics to them. How much would is cost to be Batman? How much would it cost to be Iron Man? How much would all the property damage committed by the Chitauri in The Avengers cost? But really, what are the odds that any of that stuff could happen? Having a little boy though that is as destructive as an F1 tornado? Now that’s something believable we can get our calculators out for! A recent journal article aimed to quantify one of the key nerd queries of our time: Just how much damage did Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes cause during his 10 years of carnage on the comics page? (more…)

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Because… Someone! Demanded it: ‘Uncle Buck’ Sitcom Coming to ABC

- 10-08-14Film, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


In a coup for 10-year-old me, it looks like ABC is looking to adapt the 1989 comedy hit Uncle Buck as a new multi-camera sitcom for debut sometime next season. This is part of an interesting trend lately of movie hits of the past becoming TV shows in the present, and it runs through various genres and time periods. Perhaps bolstered by the success of FX’s Fargo, and to a lesser extent Hannibal and About a Boy, there have been series or pilots ordered for shows based on 12 Monkeys, Big, and mostly recently, Rush Hour. (There was also talk of a Say Anything series, but Cameron Crowe put the kibosh on that). Perhaps TV shows based on movies will be the 2015/16 Tv season variation on comic book series. Good thing that ABC snapped up the rights to Uncle Buck early then… (more…)

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