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  • Profile: Adam A. Donaldson is a writer, journalist, filmmaker and promoter based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He cut his journalism chops at the University of Guelph, as a writer at the student newspaper The Ontarion where we served as Arts & Culture Editor and later Editor-in-Chief. Additionally, Adam has served as Managing Editor of Lucid Media and is currently Editor-at-Large for Press+1. He has also been a contributor to the Guelph Mercury, Guelph Tribune, Waterloo Region Record,, Echo Weekly, Women’s Post,, New Theatre Review and End Type. Adam has also made several short films including “Spooky Kids”, “Environmental Science”, “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Ready/S.E.T./Dunk”, and works with Synn Studios, a multimedia production company in Guelph, as a writer and publicist.

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A lot of people were announced as coming back for Thor: Ragnarok including star Chris Hemsworth, who obviously has to appear because he’s playing the title character. Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, and Anthony Hopkins will all be making appearances along with Hemsworth’s Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo. But someone was missing. Someone who was pretty important to the first two Thor films, and is often mentioned in the Avengers movies too because she just so happens to be the God of Thunder’s mortal love interest. So why hasn’t Natalie Portman been mentioned in relation to Thor: Ragnarok? Simple answer: she’s not in it. (more…)


Our story yesterday about Twentieth Century Fox and the filmmaking team behind Deadpool 2 coming to loggerheads about the casting of Cable might be causing some cause for concern. Deadpool was the perfect storm when it was released this past February: Fox was looking to diversify the X-Men universe, fans were pushing for it following the leak of the test footage, and the original creative was ready and willing to make it happen immediately. The case of Deadpool 2 might be a bit more complicated though. Fox knows now there’s lots of money in Deadpool, and they will do anything, even unintentionally screw it all up, to make more. But Deadpool’s creator says trust the process. (more…)


Long a shady chapter of comic book movie lore, and only available on videotapes in the back allies of comic cons, the legend of the original Fantastic Four movie has grown over the last quarter century. Perhaps overshadowed by three middling to terrible adaptations of Marvel’s First Family, it’s easy to forget way back when, at the dawn of the 90s, there was a Fantastic Four movie so terrible, that it was never released for mass consumption. So in the spirit of comic book movies that never happened, another film crew has taken it upon themselves to preserve for posterity that, which was never meant to be seen. Coming this fall, Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four. (more…)

‘Powerless’ Showrunner Now Powerless Over Own Show


It is the next level. TV is full of straight-faced comic book adaptations with all the costumes, villains, weird science and other trappings of the art-form, and it was only a matter of time before someone decided to send it all up. The first move went to Warner Bros. and NBC who announced earlier this year the development of Powerless, a half-hour comedy series about an insurance company trying to cope with the logistics of living in a superhero world. It’s an intriguing idea, and a screening of the pilot got some promising returns from the fans at San Diego Comic Con, but are there now some sinister machinations afoot? (more…)


It would come as no surprise if it’s announced that the upcoming Marvel Studios movie Doctor Strange were rated PG-13. All the Marvel movies, with few and notable exceptions, have been solidly in the PG-13 strike zone. In fact, it would be more shocking if it was to revealed if a Marvel movie, especially a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, would to be rated R; these are box office behemoths and Marvel’s parent company Disney wants a solid return on investment. So when Scott Derrickson shared over the weekend that Doctor Strange will be rated PG-13, it wasn’t that surprising, what was surprising though were the supposed reasons. (more…)


Once upon a time, America was secured by one man who, although he wasn’t a field agent, still did the U.S. of A. proud by protecting its interests at home and abroad. In the 21st century though, Jack Ryan just isn’t the big stuff he used to be. The last Jack Ryan movie, designed to reboot the movie series into a Bourne-again action franchise, was a disaster, barely scraping together $50 million at the domestic box office. Perhaps Jack Ryan just needs a change of venue to recharge, and that seems to be what Paramount Pictures is thinking by giving up the dream of an action movie franchise, and embrace the possibilities of streaming TV. (more…)


It was just a few weeks ago – July 22 to be precise – that principal photography on Star Wars Episode VIII wrapped. The Rian Johnson film is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one that will hopefully cast light on Rey’s origins, how Kylo Ren turned to the Dark Side, and what else Luke Skywalker’s been doing on that island other than looking out over the sea for all this time. But along with all those beloved characters, another favorite Star Wars figure will be making his return in Episode VIII, except his work is just getting started. (more…)

Fan Art Gives Jason Momoa a ‘Crow’ Makeover


Last week, it was announced that The Crow remake had perhaps found another actor it could, ahem, crow about, Jason Momoa. The star of Justice League, Game of Thrones, and Stargate Atlantis is the latest in a long line of actors who have heard the caw and have signed up to fill the magnificent leather boots of Brandon Lee, not that anything’s been confirmed yet of course. Still, Momoa, and his stature, would mark something of a physical departure from previous Crow candidates like Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans and Nicholas Hoult. It’s enough to make you wonder, what would Jason Momoa look like Crowed out? (more…)


It was kind of bombshell yesterday when the CW announced at the Television Critics Association Press Tour that they were considering a two-part musical crossover between Supergirl and The Flash. Why not? The stars of both series have musical experience, so why not exploit that? The Flash already has if you’ll recall season one’s one-off trip to the karaoke bar. So we’ve got superheroes, we’ve got singing, the whole thing needs now a director, someone with previous experience himself combining the two art forms… Can you think of a better person to pull this off than Joss Whedon? Apparently, neither can the powers that be at the CW.  (more…)

DCTV Adds 80s Gold with Lundgren and Henriksen


Yesterday was the CW‘s day at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, which meant lots and lots of news about all the various shows based on DC Comics characters, what’s sometimes known as the “Arrowverse.” Some of that news, we’ve covered already, but there’s some important casting news that we haven’t reported yet pertaining to two of the CW’s four DCTV shows: Arrow and Legends of TomorrowIt’s major because in the case of the latter it’s about a member of the Justice Society of America; as for the former it pertains to a Russian villain, and there’s only one name you should get for a Russian villain. (more…)