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Profile: Jason is perhaps best known to everyone as “that one guy who did that thing,” but few people know of his struggles in life. After making a name for himself training zombies to make pasta, he wandered the earth in search of the sacred cheese. Though the cheese eluded him, he discovered a talent for writing and has been working on perfecting his skills ever since. He is currently working on a fantasy novel and tapping keys for the folks at NerdBastards. Eventually, he will be rich and famous and way cooler than you.

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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Picks Up a Warrior Princess

- 07-21-14Comics, TV Posted by Jason McAnelly

lawless xena

Those who spent the time and effort to tune in each week for the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may have been a bit disappointed overall, but there’s no question that the show ended on a very dramatic high point. Even those of us that foresaw doom in the show’s future have to wonder at where the writers will take it come next season. Well, it seems as if they’re preparing for something bigger, for the S.H.I.E.L.D. team has just picked up none-other-than Xena the Warrior Princess herself – Lucy Lawless. (more…)

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Michael B. Jordan Talks ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot – Shooting, Trank’s Vision and First Footage

- 07-18-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

jordan johnny storm

There’s been a little bit of controversy among the fanboys concerning the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in the newest incarnation of The Fantastic Four. But this article has nothing to do with that, so don’t worry. Actually, we’re just here to report that Jordan has been chatting with MTV about the upcoming film and he’s got quite a bit to say about the Josh Trank-directed reboot. Scroll on for the latest FF info. (more…)

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Seth Gordon Talks ‘Uncharted’ Adaptation – Directing, Timetables and Reinventing the Story

- 07-17-14Film, Videogames Posted by Jason McAnelly

uncharted banner

In yet another great attempt to produce a video game movie that doesn’t suck, the folks at Sony are the road to bringing Uncharted to life. It’s been a hard ride, however, and several names have flipped through the director’s chair before Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief) finally settled his butt there. Now, after all the delays and reshuffling, it looks like Gordon is ready to commit to a timetable regarding the shooting of the flick. Scroll on to see what he had to say about the film, from casting a lead actor to keeping in line with the story of the original games. (more…)

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What’s Next for ‘Planet of the Apes?’ Director Matt Reeves Talks

- 07-16-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly


Contrary to what many might have predicted, the latest film in the Apes franchise, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, has been met with enthusiastic responses from both audience and critics. It appears as if they’ve finally gotten the Apey formula down and, naturally, the next step will be to continue on to making a third installment, which will likely be followed by a fourth and a fifth. There’s a lot of expectations and a lot to be done to make this happen and, in a recent interview with io9, director Matt Reeves chatted a bit about how he plans on keeping the franchise successful. (more…)

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At Long Last – ‘Green Lantern’ Gets an Honest Trailer

- 07-15-14Comics, Film, Funny Videos Posted by Jason McAnelly

reynolds green lantern

Oh, Screen Junkies. You do make me laugh so very much. And I have to send out a word of thanks that the team that puts together the amazing Honest Trailers segment on YouTube finally got around to doing one of the most schizophrenic comic book movies ever made – Green Lantern. It’s the movie that made Ryan Reynolds’ name into a household curse word and it deserves the treatment more than most. Scroll on to enjoy all the buttery goodness of the Green Lantern Honest Trailer. (more…)

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‘X-Men: First Class’ Team to Take Over ‘Power Rangers’ Movie

- 07-15-14Film, TV Posted by Jason McAnelly

power rangers

If you like the new X-Men films and are a fan of the Power Rangers, then we’ve got some good news for you. The Power Rangers movie project has been a while in development, but it looks like they’re finally getting ready to settle down and hammer out a script. And they’ve brought onboard none-other-than a trio of folks that were responsible for X-Men: First Class. Read on to find out just who will be bringing this legendary franchise to life. (more…)

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Radcliffe Looking Good in Latest Poster and Trailer for ‘Horns’

- 07-14-14Books, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly


Fans of Daniel Radcliffe will be happy to know that we’ve got some more tidbits from his latest flick, Horns. Oh, it’s also for fans of Joe Hill’s original book, but Radcliffe’s name carries more weight, so we mention him first. All kidding aside, the latest trailer is making the movie look very, very watchable, particularly if you’re into tragic modern fantasy. Scroll on to take a look at the latest poster for Horns as well as the new trailer. (more…)

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Rides! Attractions! Excitement! Check Out the ‘Jurassic World’ Visitor Brochure

- 07-14-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

jurassic world header

If you’re looking for more info on what to expect from the upcoming return to the Jurassic Park franchise, check out this latest find. Someone managed to snatch one of the brochures being used in Jurassic World and now we have some pictures. Check out a sneak peak at some of the amazing attractions that those living in the fictional Jurassic universe will be able to enjoy. (more…)

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‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Being Put on the Backburner?

- 07-12-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly


The folks at Sony have been desperately trying to make their way into the big boys club with regards to the super hero movie craze. All sorts of news and rumors have trickled down from on-high, talking about the endless stream of movies that the production company wants to make, each and every one of them a Spider-Man or Spider-Man spin-off flick. It was believed that Amazing Spider-Man 3 was going to be the next in line and that Sony would proceed into unknown territory from there. Now, it seems as if that may not be the case. (more…)

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A Ten-Episode First Season of ‘Shannara’ is Coming… To MTV?

- 07-11-14TV Posted by Jason McAnelly


When I think of MTV, I think of a television station that at first played music videos, then later slipped into airing some of the most revolutionary animated shows of the 80s and early 90s, and then even later turned into a station almost exclusively filled with booty-shakin’ dance parties on the beach and really, really bad reality shows. Now, it seems as if MTV might be trying to become something more than the butt end of a joke, for they have just signed on to air a ten-episode first season adaptation of Terry Brooks’ Shannara series. (more…)

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