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Third ‘Star Trek’ Film Officially Gets a Title

star trek enterprise

Even though the Star Trek franchise has already gone so far as to announce that they have the fourth film in the series officially approved, fans have still been waiting around to find out what the third film will be called. The rumors hit about a week ago that there was an official title to be had and now we here at Nerd Bastards can confirm that the rumor was indeed true. The third Star Trek movie has now been named. (more…)


Last week on Hannibal, Will Graham continued his journey into the mind of his nemesis by traveling to Hannibal’s place of origin – his old family estate. While there, he discovered a few interesting things, including the fact that Hannibal may have started his dining eccentricities with his sister as the main course. But another was blamed and a “friend” of Hannibal’s – Chiyoh – was assigned to guard said person as they were locked away in the estate’s dungeon. Eventually, Will managed to turn the tables and recruit Chiyoh as an ally. Aside from that, Jack Crawford showed up once more and he’s out looking for Will and Hannibal has, with the help of Bedelia, decided that the only way to get over Will is to eat him. This week, the gang’s all back as Hannibal’s former victims gather together, some seeking revenge and others seeking less violent resolutions. Will they be successful? Read on to find out. (more…)


After two weeks of slowly drawing us in, Hannibal shall be taking things to an entirely new level tonight. We’ve seen how Hannibal has been passing the time these last eight months. We’ve seen Will return from being almost dead and resume his search for his former “friend”. And now we’ll be taking a ride into Hannibal’s past, as Will attempts to trace the roots of our favorite cannibal. What will he find there? Is Hannibal more than just a devil in a human suit? Read on to see what ‘Secondo’ has to say about it all. (more…)

ghostbusters reboot cast

For those who prefer to get their Ghostbusters reboot news all in one, compact package, I present to you with the latest in what’s happening in Hollywood. Today we have a triple play of Ghostbusters info, including a word from Dan Aykroyd, the reveal on why Emma Stone passed when she was offered a role in the movie and even some details regarding what we can expect. So scroll down and enlighten your brain a bit. (more…)

bottlecaps header

Every once in a while you hear about someone doing something that is just amazingly ridiculous. Today’s case-in-point – a Fallout fan was determined to pre-order the fourth installment of the series, though he decided to do so in a most unconventional manner. In fact, he shipped a box containing more than 2000 bottle caps right to Bethesda. A pic of the caps and the letter that accompanied the box are below. (more…)


Last week saw the amazing season 3 premiere of Hannibal. After being discovered and going on the run, Hannibal Lecter and his lady-friend/doctor, Bedelia Du Maurier eventually settled in Europe. Hannibal got himself a nice little job working as a curator for a museum (thanks to a rather timely dinner party), Bedelia was going a bit crazy as she tried to figure out whether her actions were her own or if Hannibal was ultimately in control and then a man had to come along and ruin it all, sending our favorite cannibal back to his old habits. After leaving a very poignant calling-card, the lovers set off for new horizons. Now, it looks like Will Graham is back for Primavera and hot on the trail of the fleeing Lecter. Can this episode live up to the mind-fuck madness of last week? We shall see… (more…)


If you’re one of those folks who managed to get down to the theater and see Kingsman this past spring, then you know what an amazing flick it was. Director Matthew Vaughn took spy movies to an entirely new level with a portrayal of subterfuge that was both humorous and darkly vicious. Not to mention, Kingsman had some of the most brilliant action scenes that have ever graced the big screen. For fans of the flick, there’s some good news coming – for it seems as if a sequel to Kingsman is on the way. (more…)

Hemsworth Ghostbusters

Well, here’s an odd bit of news about the Ghostbusters reboot. We already know that the movie won’t be the one that most people were hoping for, with the original cast and director (through no fault of theirs, to be sure). We’ve also seen a gender-swap that will take the franchise in a different direction. There will also be no connection to the original Ghostbusters franchise, meaning this is flick is on its own. So with so many changes, one more oddity won’t hurt, right? So what’s the news? Chris Hemsworth, none-other-than Thor himself, will be taking on the role of the Ghostbusters’ receptionist. (more…)


It’s been a long while since Hannibal was gracing the small(er) screens of our television sets and computer monitors, but at long last it is back. The first two seasons were masterpieces of writing, filled with a cast of top-notch actors. The actors have returned, as have the writers and series executive producer, Bryan Fuller. And when last we left off, things were all sorts of bat-shit crazy. Hannibal had escaped from the clutches of the law (who had finally figured out what he really was) and pretty much all the good guys were about to bleed to death, leaving him home free. Obviously that can’t be the case, as there would have been no third season. So what does Hannibal have in store for us this time around? Read on to find out. (more…)

‘Aquaman’ Signs On a Furious Director

Wan Aquaman

Regardless of how you feel about the Marvel vs. DC movie scuffle, one thing’s for certain – Warner Bros./DC has a reputation for making some rather unconventional choices. The Aquaman project isn’t set to release for another three years, but they’re getting right on top of it and now they’ve finally pinned down a director. The choice for this flick, however, is anything but unconventional. In fact, WB is looking at one of Hollywood’s top action directors for the job – James Wan. (more…)