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Bruce Campbell to Star In ‘Evil Dead’ TV Series?

- 07-28-14Film, TV Posted by Jason McAnelly

campbell evil dead

EDITORS NOTE: Story updated from 1/25/14. Original article carries on below.

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise we’re surprised when Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert and his brother Ivan Raimi announced at San Diego Comic Con that a Evil Dead TV series was in the works (see below).  As if that wasn’t exciting enough, a recent tweet by Bruce “The Chin” Campbell has implied he will not just be involved in the series, but actually be starring in it, reprising his role as Ash Williams.


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SDCC14: Check Out the Hot New ‘Flash’ Promo Spot

- 07-27-14Comics, TV Posted by Jason McAnelly

the flash

If it’s one thing that SDCC has been rife with, it’s footage from upcoming movies and television shows. One show that didn’t get left out is CW’s upcoming Flash series. They let loose with a promo spot that, while it has little to do with the actual plot of the series, is still a bit of fun none-the-less. Scroll on to check it out. (more…)

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SDCC14: Coolest Thing EVER – Adult Swim Drops Trailer for Mike Tyson Cartoon

- 07-27-14TV Posted by Jason McAnelly

mike tyson mysteries

Love him or hate him, Mike Tyson is an American icon that has wormed his way into our culture and will likely stay there for centuries to come. This time around, he’ll be playing himself. Or rather he’ll be voicing himself on a new Adult Swim cartoon entitled Mike Tyson Mysteries. It’s basically like a bastard combination of Scooby Doo, The Venture Brothers and… well, just watch the trailer that they unveiled at SDCC for yourself and you’ll see. (more…)

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‘Godzilla 2’ Bringing More Classic Rubber Monsters Back to the Big Screen

- 07-26-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly


When the latest incarnation of Godzilla was announced, there was an understandable amount of trepidation concerning the project. After the last Godzilla movie, everyone expected yet another disaster of epic (and expensive) proportions. But the new Godzilla was met with mostly positive reactions and brought in a fair bit of cash. So naturally, Legendary Pictures is looking to capitalize on that and continue the franchise. Today at SDCC, Gareth Edwards announced that Godzilla 2 is indeed coming. What’s more, the movie will feature a plethora of the big lizard’s classic enemies. Read on for some serious name dropping. (more…)

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SDCC14: – Prepare Your Quivers for ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Trailer! [UPDATED w/ Panel Footage]

- 07-26-14Comics, TV Posted by Jason McAnelly

arrow season 3 banner

Fans of Arrow, prepare yourself for an epic reveal – the very first full-length trailer from the show’s third season. SDCC brings us many things, some good, some not-so-much, but this is one treat that Arrowheads everywhere have been long-awaiting. Witness such teases as Oliver’s time in Hong Kong, the introduction of The Atom, the return of The Dark Archer and much, much more. Scroll on for all the Arrow-y goodness.


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SDCC14: ‘Goosebumps’ Panel Drops Footage and Story Details

- 07-24-14Books, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

901718 - Goosebumps

Fans of R.L. Stine may be skeptical about what the upcoming Goosebumps movie will bring to the table, but the folks at Sony seem confident enough about their project to have made it the main course of their SDCC panel. Courtesy of some other folks that managed to make it into the panel, we bring you a brief rundown of Sony’s presentation, including story details and a rundown of the bit of footage they showed to their audience. Scroll on for all the creepy goodness. (more…)

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[UPDATED] Ben Affleck In Bat-Suit & Jedi Man Of Steel – SDCC14: More Pics of the New ‘Dawn of Justice’ Batsuit

- 07-24-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

batsuit reveal

The folks in charge of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have been pretty stingy when it comes to letting us see what’s going on behind the scenes. We’ve been teased with a picture of Ben Affleck, all dressed up in his Batman costume and standing next to the newest incarnation of the Batmobile, but other than that photos have been scarce. Well, nothing much has changed, but we do have a few pics coming out of San Diego Comic Con showing off the batsuit once more. Scroll down to check them out. (more…)

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SDCC14: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Drops Pretty Pictures and a Poster

- 07-23-14Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

fury road - header

It may still be almost a year away, but if you’re like me then every little look at the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road is a precious treasure. The folks in marketing have been feeding us at a steady rate thus far and with the arrival of San Diego Comic Con it was only natural that they would offer a little more. Scroll on to see the official Fury Road Comic Con poster as well as some pictures. (more…)

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‘Sinister Six’ Gets Official Release Date

- 07-23-14Comics, Film Posted by Jason McAnelly

sinister six

There has been some speculation regarding the state of affairs when it comes to the release dates of the many Sony Spider-Man flicks and spin-offs in the works. At first it was thought that Amazing Spider-Man 3 would be the next to hit the big screen, but now the truth is officially official – Sinister Six will be Sony’s next big release. Furthermore, they have finally nailed down an exact release date. (more…)

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‘Manimal’ Coming to the Big Screen Courtesy of Will Ferrell and His Amazing Friends

- 07-22-14Film, TV Posted by Jason McAnelly


Anyone remember a campy television show called Manimal that managed to worm its way into the year of 1983? If not, don’t worry about it. It only ran for 8 episodes, after all. Well, in the tradition of recycling that has become the mainstay in Hollywood, they’ll be bringing this old property to life once more. Yes, they’re working on a Manimal movie adaptation. Don’t expect a serious incarnation of the story, however, as it’s a Will Ferrell project. (more…)

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