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Last week was a rather mediocre episode of Gotham, mainly focusing on character development and doing it in a mostly unexciting way. We saw The Penguin and Nygma making friends and having revelations. We saw Jim Gordon struggling with his dark side and winning…er, losing… or perhaps just coming to no set resolution. We also saw Selina trying to save Bruce from the mechanizations of Galavan’s nasty little niece, Silver St. Cloud. And, of course, Galavan’s monks showed up in town, ready to start causing havoc and murdering boy billionaires. This week steers the story toward Bruce even as Gordon and Galavan face off in the prelude to the ultimate showdown. Scroll on for a recap of ‘The Son of Gotham’. (more…)

coulson and rosalind

Last week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the truth about Lash came to light. It was Andrew all along and, once the team figured it out, it took everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D. and the ATCU to finally put his ass into cold storage. Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons were on the trail of a potential new way to get back to the alien world and save Will. It was also revealed that Rosalind Price may be working for HYDRA and that she’s helping them bring Coulson to an untimely end. This week, the two teams go at it as Coulson attempts to decipher the truth regarding exactly which side the ATCU is working for. Scroll on for more info on ‘Many Heads, One Tail’. (more…)

cannibal guy

Last week on Gotham, it was (finally) a big win for the good guys. Gordon faced off against Barbara and managed to bring her in (albeit a bit battered and broken) and in the process learned all about Galavan’s scheme to take over the city. So Galavan was sent off to jail, and just in time to keep him from stealing away little Bruce Wayne’s company. It was also a fateful meeting for the bad guys, as a preoccupied Edward Nygma came across a wounded Penguin in the woods. This week takes a look at the motivations of the heroes and villains of Gotham, although fails to hit the mark when it comes to excellence. Scroll on for a brief visit to ‘A Bitter Pill to Swallow’. (more…)

suicide squad header

Considering the content of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Suicide Squad movie and the fact that nearly the entire cast is composed of bad guys with serious mental issues and a penchant for murder, one might think that an R rating would be a given. But that appears to not be the case. The powers-that-be are cutting back enough so that Suicide Squad will make PG-13 and be more accessible to a wider audience. In fact, according to producer Charles Roven, the execs at WB plan on keeping their entire DC Universe within the boundaries of the PG-13. Scroll on to hear what he has to say about ratings as well as how director David Ayer’s passion was instrumental in getting the ball rolling on this project in the first place. (more…)


Last week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the team was all over the place trying to solve the many problems that S.H.I.E.L.D. agents have to deal with. Daisy and her team were trying to find a lead on Lash by checking out the ATCU. In the process, they discovered that Rosalind Price was putting Inhumans on ice. Fitz continued his search for a way back to the alien planet. And May, with the help of Bobbi, went hunting for little Von Strucker in hopes of finding Ward. What they found instead was some information regarding the potential identity of Lash in his human form. This week, May has to confront her ex and the team will be coming along for the ride. Scroll on for more. (more…)

the wedding

Last week on Gotham, the truth about Galavan’s evil plans were coming to light to a number of the city’s residents. The Penguin made his move to take his enemy out and failed, but Gordon learned plenty in the process. In the meanwhile, Bruce was getting lured into Galavan’s web via the seductions of Silver. And poor Edward Nygma was officially turned evil. This week, ‘Tonight’s the Night’, is a very Barbara-centric episode that also pushes the Galavan plotline right along toward its final outcome. Read on for all the details. (more…)

lash andrew

Last week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the story was entirely about Simmons and her journey on the alien planet. Still, we had many things to deal with in the regular world. Lash was running around killing Inhumans and seemed to be doing it for a righteous cause. Coulson had to deal with Rosalind Price and her team in order to make progress in hunting down potentially dangerous Inhumans. And Daisy was caught in the middle of it all, uncovering the mystery of Lash while seeking to protect her fellow super-powered citizens. So what will this week’s episode, ‘Among Us Hide…’, bring? Scroll on to find out. (more…)

mayor galavan

Last week on Gotham, we saw Firefly running around and causing all sorts of havoc while Gordon and his team attempted to stop her. Edward Nygma made yet another mistake that involved leaving a dead body behind. Galavan was sucking up to people, particularly Gordon and little Bruce Wayne. And The Penguin was playing a dangerous game, trying to get back at Galavan while rescuing his mother at the same time. This week’s episode, ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’, brings the pain as Galavan’s secrecy begins to unravel even as The Penguin and Nygma sink deeper into their respective psychotic meltdowns. (more…)


Last week on Gotham, Galavan was causing all sorts of problems for The Penguin and he, in turn, was causing all sorts of problems for the city. At the same time, our favorite Cobblepot was trying to figure out a way to rescue his mother and take his enemy down once and for all. Gordon was running about with his new team trying to clean up the mess, including the arrival of a new villain named Bridget, AKA Firefly. And in the background, Galavan was busy running for mayor, securing a sacred knife, inviting some of his estranged family members to Gotham and planning the murder of Bruce Wayne. This week, ‘By Fire’ promises a lot more Firefly, along with some serious darkness. Scroll on for all the spoiler-y goodness. (more…)

mack daisy

Last week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the team found themselves in many unpleasant situations. Coulson was forced to toe the line between protecting those with powers and making deals with Rosalind Price to secure S.H.I.E.L.D.’s future. Daisy was trying to help Lincoln but, thanks to the ATCU, was failing miserably. Hunter and May were worming their way into HYDRA. And, last but not least, Simmons revealed a newfound obsession with trying to get back to the alien planet from which she was rescued. This week things get violent as Lash returns to hunt down more Inhumans and Ward continues his resurrection of the mostly defunct HYDRA. Scroll on to read more about ‘Devils You Know’. (more…)