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Russo Brothers

Ever since the rights to Spider-Man have been offered up for the Disney/Marvel super-hero powerhouse to use as they see fit, the rumors have been flying about what they’ll do first. Most recently, there have been whispers that Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) might be involved in the newest Spider-Man reboot in both a directing and writing capacity. Now it looks like Marvel veterans Anthony and Joe Russo might also be getting a piece of the Spider-Man pie. Read on for all the details. (more…)

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Last week on Gotham, we saw more of the same, plus a few interesting twists and turns. Gordon and Harvey Bullock were out busting heads as usual. The Penguin was busy trying to live out his life as a low-rent gangster. Fish Mooney was climbing the ladder of her current underworld structure, even to the point of carving her own eye out in hopes of getting that promotion she wants. And poor Alfred was busy getting stabbed by his so-called buddy because $Money$. So where does that leave us with ‘Everyone Has A Cobblepot’? As it turns out, this one happened to be one of the better episodes of Gotham. (more…)

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Last week on Gotham, ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’ saw Jim Gordon still fighting the good fight, Fish Mooney trying to take over the bad side of an organ farm, lil Bruce Wayne giving the board of Wayne Enterprises an ultimatum about getting their act cleaned up, the Penguin receiving a unique gift in the form of a brainwashed Butch and the supposed introduction of The Joker. This week brings yet another classic Batman baddie to the small screen in the form of The Red Hood. The Red Hood has taken many forms in Batman canon, including being part of the origin story for the actual Joker. In ‘The Red Hood’, however, the role is used to demonstrate the essence of crime in Gotham and it’s used to good effect. (more…)

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Last week on Gotham, we saw the final downfall of Dr. Crane (Senior, that is). We also got a glimpse into the evolving relationship between The Penguin and his former boss, Marconi (hint – it wasn’t good). Fish Mooney was in the mysterious prisonland underground, Gordon was working side-by-side with his new girlfriend and lil’ Bruce Wayne was poking his nose into the affairs of Wayne Enterprises. This time around, ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’ has promised a first glimpse at The Joker. Did they give us something that we could write home about? Not quite, but it was pretty good regardless. (more…)

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Last week on Gotham, ‘The Fearsome Dr. Crane’ introduced us to the father of one of the future Batman’s most prolific villains. This week, ‘The Scarecrow’ takes that introduction even further by showing us the young Jonathan Crane as he makes his initial transition from the son of a psychopath to a proper psychopath in his own right. We also witnessed an escalation of conflict between Penguin and Marconi (with Penguin barely surviving), some mysterious trouble for Fish Mooney and the continued hunt of Dr. Crane by Gordon and Harvey. So where will all these showdowns end? While this week’s episode does wrap up a bit of what was started last week, it’s pretty low on the punch factor. (more…)

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Adds a New Inhuman

luke mitchell inhuman

Those who have been keeping up with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. already know that the show has taken a turn for the super. If you’re one of those people who still hasn’t seen the mid-season finale then – Beware! Here thar be spoilers! The big ending for the first half of season 2 was the introduction of the Inhumans. Not the super-team who had their own comic line, but the concept itself. Skye turned out to have some crazy power and so did Raina and both were activated when they plugged that artifact thingy into the city’s… battery? Anyway, it looks like the writers at Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are taking full advantage of being able to use more super-powered characters. In fact, they’ve just cast actor Luke Mitchell as one for the second half of season 2. (more…)

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Last week on Gotham, the Penguin ended up coming out on top in his struggle versus Fish Mooney. She was forced to get outta town (with the help of Harvey B) and he got to take over her club. We also had the chance to see Gordon learning the woes of compromise when he made a deal with Penguin in order to catch a crooked, murdering cop. Still, he was trying to fight the good fight. This week, ‘The Fearsome Dr. Crane’ gives a nod to the classic Batman villain, The Scarecrow. Though it may not be the same guy that Batman fans have grown to know and love. (more…)

aykroyd ghostbusters 3

It’s officially official and there’s nothing that anyone can do about it anymore – the new Ghostbusters reboot will feature an all-female team and – presumably – none of the original ghostbusting crew. They’ll be ignoring the past in favor of a fresh start and, whether you like it or not, this new incarnation will be coming to a theater near you during summer of next year. But what of poor Dan Aykroyd? It was his dream of decades to be able to put together a new Ghostbusters movie and that dream crashed horribly. Well, The Hollywood Reporter recently pinned him down and asked his opinion on the matter. (more…)

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The events of last week’s Gotham set a new stage for how the show might pan out over future episodes. The tables have turned for Fish and The Penguin, with the former boss on the outs with the big guy, Falcone, and her ex-whipping boy taking over her club. Gordon caught a super villain and was reinstated into the GCPD, so he’s back and ready to bust even more bad guys. All-in-all, it was one of the best installments of the show thus far, in both content and execution. So will ‘Welcome Back, Jim Gordon’ continue the trend or will all the energy that Ben Edlund mustered peter out? I’d have to say that things rolled along quite nicely, particularly with regards to character development. (more…)

resident evil

Anyone that’s seen enough video game movies knows that this particular genre is fraught with difficulties. Mostly they consist of bad scripts, lousy actors and directors with their heads up their asses. One of the better franchises is the Resident Evil series. They were nothing to write home about, of course, but at least they didn’t suck so bad that you wanted your money back. Unfortunately, even the little bit of goodness that showed up in the first of these films faded quickly as they got progressively worse. Now it looks like the powers-that-be are finally ready to pull the plug on the franchise and they’re going out with one final installment of Resident Evil. Read on for what details we’ve managed to find. (more…)