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  • Profile: At 45, Mark has newsstand bought comics older than most of the other writers at Nerdbastards in his collection. Growing up nerdy means that Mark remembers things like big floppy disks, bank accounts before ATMs, having VCR parties to record bootleg copies of Anime and BBC TV shows, and when U.S. television only had three channels and required bunny ears to get a clear picture. Years of sitting the nerd sidelines suddenly exploded when asked to write an introduction to an article on Nerdbastards. The rest they say in hushed whispers . . . is history.

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Recently George R.R. Martin and Stephen King spent an hour talking about life and writing in front of an audience in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Kiva Auditorium. It’s an hour-long conversation filled with interesting anecdotes from both writers and fans of either writer won’t be disappointed. While the pair do share many traits, one glaring writing trait they do not share was questioned by George R.R. Martin when he asked King “How the fuck to you write so many books so fast!?” (more…)


Director Paul Feig has pulled out all the stops when it comes to updating the iconic theme song of the Ghostbusters franchise. Fall Out Boy along with the talented Missy Elliot took on this update, which feels more like a tribute, using much of the original song and lyrics. Missy Elliot has proven she can make anything better (Remember the Superbowl Half Time show?), and she does it here. Give it a listen a couple of times before you run gather your pitchfork and torches. (more…)


Pixels is the classic Hollywood tale of something interesting and new shoved through the Hollywood meat-grinder, mangled and twisted into something horrifyingly repulsive. Seriously, the only thing the Adam Sandler Pixels movie is good for is helping you get a nap in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. An afternoon so lazy you can’t bring yourself to exert the energy to reach for the remote to change the channel as you drift off into sleep. I found myself nodding off just watching this Honest Trailers look at the disaster that is Pixels. (more…)


Jim Mickle‘s Stake Land quickly became an underground hit and a new and interesting look at vampires and what might happen if a vampire outbreak destroyed society as we know it. Blending the vampire and apocalypse genres into one film that delighted horror fans. It looks like Glass Eye Pix has been secretly shooting a sequel, The Stakelander, along with Dark Sky Films and Syfy that just completed production. Seriously, no one knew this was coming and until the announcement of completion, a sequel to Stake Land was a hope forgotten. (more…)


There’s a new trailer out in the UK for director Colm McCarthy‘s (Pinky Blinders season 2) adaptation of M.R. Carey‘s The Girl With All The Gifts that might help expand the zombie genre. The trailer does exactly what a trailer should do, tell us just enough to get us interested and leave the rest for the theater. If you’re tired of the same old zombie movies that we’ve all gotten a little frustrated with, The Girl With All The Gifts looks like the film that may bring back the zombie love. (more…)


Tim Burton has delighted audiences for years with his imaginative style of movie making. His Batman movies Kicked off a franchise that drastically went downhill after his departure. While his movies tend toward a darker side, there’s always a hint of mirth that lightens the seriousness of the situations Burton’s characters find themselves in. Now his latest film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children finds the answer to many fans questions about what Burton’s version of the X-Men might have looked like back in the 90’s. Check out this latest trailer and see for yourself. (more…)


There’s a new rumor floating around the Internet about Marvel and Netflix‘s upcoming Defenders movie. That’s the movie that will bring together the heroes of each Netflix series, Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) to fight some evil in New York. This is another of those take with a big grain of salt Internet rumors so buckle up and let’s consider it. Word is that the Defenders will take on Mephisto in the movie, or at least he’ll be the big baddie behind everything that is going wrong with the city. (more…)


The one day Fathom Events screening of Batman: The Killing Joke has started selling tickets at a theater hopefully close to you. The new animated film will premiere at San Diego Comic Con on July 22nd and be shown in theaters across the United States on July 25th as a one night showing. That means you should probably go ahead and get your tickets now, just in case. (more…)


Charlie Cox has been fantastic in Marvel and Netflix‘s Daredevil series, both as the beat-down dishing hero in red Daredevil and his day time blind lawyer Matt Murdock. If you watch carefully, you can see that while we all know that Daredevil knows exactly where everyone in the room is due to his heightened senses, Matt Murdock doesn’t make eye contact with those he is talking to because, hey… he’s blind and isn’t supposed to know exactly where their eyes are, just the general area. It’s all part of protecting his secret identity. Problem is, sometimes that ingrained habit can backfire when Charlie Cox the actor goes out for other roles. (more…)


Fans were dismayed and outraged when Paramount Pictures and CBS went after Azanar Productions, a group that raised over half a million dollars on Kickstarter to make their studio quality Star Trek fan film. Paramount had a long-standing tradition of ignoring fan films, or at least not going after any that weren’t trying to make a buck off the Star Trek franchise. The lawsuit sent shock waves through the fan film community, who might be next? During a fan event for Star Trek Beyond back in May, director Justin Lin and J.J. Abrams announced that the lawsuit would be dropped and fans breathed a sigh of relief. So why would Paramount and CBS tell the judge yesterday (6/15/16) that the lawsuit was still on? (more…)