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Profile: At 45, Mark has newsstand bought comics older than most of the other writers at Nerdbastards in his collection. Growing up nerdy means that Mark remembers things like big floppy disks, bank accounts before ATMs, having VCR parties to record bootleg copies of Anime and BBC TV shows, and U.S. television with three channels and bunny ears. Years of sitting the nerd sidelines and Monday morning quarterbacking suddenly exploded when asked to write an introduction to an article on Nerdbastards. The rest they say in hushed whispers . . . is history.

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Calista Flockhart Joins ‘Supergirl’ Cast

- 02-24-15Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


In what one might hope would be an indication that the new Supergirl series will have musical numbers in the bathroom, the power that be behind the project, Greg Berlanti, has cast Claista Flockhart (Ally McBeal, Brothers & Sisters) in a strong supporting role. What might that role be? (more…)

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Charlie Sheen Making ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Cameo On ‘The Goldbergs’

- 02-23-15Film, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


If you’re a child of the late eighties haven’t been watching The Goldbergs then you are missing out on some fantastic memories of times gone by, back before the Internet changed everything. This week, The Goldbergs is doing a Ferris Buehller’s Day Off episode and they’ve brought in the big gun to sit like a ripe cherry on top, Charlie Sheen. That’s right, Sheen is going to reprise his iconic role as “Boy in the police station.” (more…)

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Forget The Oscars – Who Won The Razzies?!?!

- 02-23-15Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Oscars Smoscars… let’s take a look at what everyone really cares about, the 35th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards! That’s right, who cares what won best picture when you can find out which movies, actors, and actresses were the worst in their field in 2014. Everyone loves a good train-wreck and these were some of the best train-wrecks in Hollywood last year. (more…)

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TV REVIEW: ‘The Walking Dead’ S5E11 “The Distance”

- 02-23-15Comics, reviews, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Well, I loved this episode of The Walking Dead. I just had to get that right out there first thing, because I’m sure that there will be a ton of commenters across the Internet bemoaning that The Distance was just another filler episode. People, there is no such thing as a filler episode. That is an Internet myth created by people who don’t really want character development, just guns, guts, and explosions. What this whole episode boiled down to was trust. Who could you trust, when could you trust them, and how do you build that trust. (more…)

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Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ Series Tweets ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Connection

- 02-20-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


We’re all waiting anxiously for Netflix and Marvel‘s new Daredevil series to hit on April 10th and you can be sure that in the time remaining that Marvel will be kicking the promotional machine into high gear. Today’s little tidbit came to us in the form of a tweet, with a nice tie in to Marvel’s other Television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. What’s the connection? (more…)

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Bryan Singer Teases A Look At Cerebro Designs For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

- 02-20-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Bryan Singer likes to stir the pot while making movies. He’s always Tweeeting this or Instagraming that, and we love him all the more for it. I hate it when a movie is so wrapped up in a secure cocoon that no one knows what is going on. I think that cocoon of silence is about half the fan problem that Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot is facing on the Internet. Not Sharing leads to Rumor, Rumor leads to Speculation, Speculation leads to The Dark Side. We certainly don’t have that issue with Singer, he’s shooting things out into the Internet left and right. This latest is s look at the X-Men: Apocalypse design for Cerebro. That mutant power amplifier that helps Professor X find other mutants anywhere around the world. Take a look. (more…)

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Jay Hernandez Rumored To Join ‘Suicide Squad’

- 02-19-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


I’ve always enjoyed it when at first I didn’t recognize an actor’s name, but after a quick Google search found them in a bunch of television shows or movies that I liked. I’m sure everyone has had that happen to them, those moments when you recognize the actor from an older role and put two and two together. I had just such a moment today when I read the rumor that Jay Hernandez was in talks for a role in David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad. (more…)

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International Trailer For ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Has More Crazy Action Than You Can Take

- 02-19-15Film Posted by Mark Poynter


The International Trailer for George Miller‘s fourth look at a post apocalyptic Australia Mad Max: Fury Road has hit the Internet and it’s all the car chasing, explosions, and crazy looking characters one would expect after seeing the first trailer. There’s even enough new bits here and there to make it worth checking out. (more…)

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Morena Baccarin Cast Opposite Ryan Reynolds As ‘Deadpool’ Female Lead

- 02-18-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Word is making the Internet rounds that Gotham and Jim Gordan’s favorite new Medical Examiner, Firefly and Captain Mal’s favorite Companion, and V‘s rodent eating lizard leader, Morena Baccarin has been cast to star opposite Ryan Reynolds in the long-demanded/awaited Deadpool movie. What role will she be playing? (more…)

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Bryan Singer Announces Nightcrawler Casting For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

- 02-18-15Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Nightcrawler fans rejoice! Word broke late last night and is making its way around the Internet today that Bryan Singer has cast a young Nightcrawler for X-Men: Apocalypse! Who did Singer cast and does this mean that Alan Cumming won’t be back as our favorite “BAMF”-ING mutant? (more…)

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