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Profile: At 45, Mark has newsstand bought comics older than most of the other writers at Nerdbastards in his collection. Growing up nerdy means that Mark remembers things like big floppy disks, bank accounts before ATMs, having VCR parties to record bootleg copies of Anime and BBC TV shows, and U.S. television with three channels and bunny ears. Years of sitting the nerd sidelines and Monday morning quarterbacking suddenly exploded when asked to write an introduction to an article on Nerdbastards. The rest they say in hushed whispers . . . is history.

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Ben Affleck Talks ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ & Fan Reactions

- 08-14-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Now that the initial fervor over Ben Affleck‘s casting as Batman in Zack Snyder‘s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has died down, or at least reached a low simmer on the Internet, the unusually tight-lipped Affleck has begun to talk about his role in the movie and fans reactions. No matter where you sit on the Batfleck Fence, you should at least hear the man out. You might be surprised by his answers.  (more…)

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James Gunn Explains How Howard the Duck Made It Into ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

- 08-14-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter

howard the duck movie beverly bed23

Long time Marvel fans that stayed around for the post credits scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy were delighted with the appearance of Howard the Duck, voiced by Seth Green. Stop. Don’t run off to comment about spoilers. The movies been out almost three weeks and if you Google Howard the Duck you get a ton of posts about the GOTG scene. It’s out there and well-known by now. This post credits appearance quickly led many fans to ask, “Will there be another Howard the Duck movie,” when they should have been asking, “How did Howard the Duck get into Guardians of the Galaxy in the first place?” (more…)

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‘Star Wars VII’ Production Resumes Filming Later This Month & Stormtrooper Helmet Concept Sketch

- 08-13-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter

Word is making the Internet rounds that filming is about to resume later this month for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII. The production came to a screeching halt when Harrison Ford was injured on set back in June. Well, not really, there was still plenty of production happening while Ford was laid up, but now it looks like Ford will be returning to the set at the end of this month. (more…)

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Petition Spurs Creation Of Robin Williams NPC Tribute in World of Warcraft

- 08-13-14Internet, Videogames Posted by Mark Poynter


While the world continues to come to grips with the loss of Robin Williams, celebrity/fan tributes and remembrances are popping up everywhere on the Internet. There are also quite a few real world tributes appearing at Robin Williams sites like the Mork & Mindy house, the Good Will Hunting bench, and William’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Williams was an avid gamer and the gaming community, specifically the World of Warcraft community, has started a petition to create a Robin Williams NPC tribute character in the world of WoW. (more…)

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Terry Crews Still Angling For Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’

- 08-12-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


Terry Crews is nothing if not persistent. He’s been throwing his hat into the Luke Cage ring for a while now. There was a lot of speculation about a Luke Cage movie when Marvel was just setting up its Cinematic Universe. Now that Marvel has committed to a Luke Cage series on Netflix, many of those same actors that expressed a desire to wrap chains around their waist and knock criminal heads as one of Marvel’s greatest black superheros are vying for attention from the Marvel casting crew. (more…)

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‘Doctor Who’ Roundup: First Episode Trailer for Season Eight, Capaldi’s Audition Script, DW World Tour & MOAR!

- 08-12-14TV Posted by Mark Poynter


The wait is almost over and we’ve got the trailer for the first episode of Doctor Who season eight, Deep Breath. There’s a brand new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) to get to know. Will he be funny, serious, or just plain nuts? The teasers so far certainly point towards a much darker Doctor this regeneration. A Doctor unsure of himself and obsessed with his past deeds. (more…)

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J.J. Abrams Tweets ‘Star Wars VII’ Teaser After ‘Star Wars: Force For Change’ Raises $5 Million

- 08-11-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter


J.J. Abrams, Lucasfilms, and Disney teamed up to use the power of Star Wars Fandom to raise funds for UNICEF Innovation Labs. The Star Wars: Force For Change drive recently hit a milestone surpassing $5 million in total funds including $1 million in matching funds from Disney. To celebrate the achievement, J.J. Abrams tweeted out a nice teaser to fans and announced the winner of the grand prize of a VIP plus one guest visit to the Episode VII set in London, which also includes the opportunity to be in the movie in full makeup and costume. (more…)

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Vin Diesel At It Again: What Marvel Movie Role Is He Teasing Now?

- 08-11-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Vin Diesel loves to stir the Social Media Pot when it comes to projects he wants to be involved in. He’s teased that there is a Marvel movie role for him in 2017 and fans have been wondering which Marvel franchise and character he might appear in. Over the Weekend, Diesel posted another possible hint on his 82 million plus Facebook page. Wanna see it? (more…)

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Wanna Deadpool Movie? ‘Zombieland’ Writer Rhett Reese Wants Your Help

- 08-08-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


There’s a child like belief built into the Internet that if you want something bad enough, make enough noise about wanting it, and get enough other people to do the same, that someone somewhere with the power to make it happen will cave in and give you what you want. Any parent can tell you how that usually works out, but this time around I am totally down with holding my breath until Deadpool gets his own movie. That didn’t work out so well. I passed out after about 3 minutes and hit my head on the edge of the coffee table. So instead, I’m going to retweet Rhett Reese‘s Deadpool Movie plea. What will that do? Let’s find out! (more…)

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‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ On Set Video: Batfleck Saves Little Girl

- 08-07-14Comics Posted by Mark Poynter


Production continues and while Warner Bros and DC may have blinked in the face of Marvel Studio‘s Captain America III when it comes to a release date, they’ve certainly not stopped working toward the day when two of the world’s greatest heroes meet on the big screen. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently filming in Detroit and the following scene captured on video gives us a look at Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne in action. (more…)

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