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  • Profile: At 45, Mark has newsstand bought comics older than most of the other writers at Nerdbastards in his collection. Growing up nerdy means that Mark remembers things like big floppy disks, bank accounts before ATMs, having VCR parties to record bootleg copies of Anime and BBC TV shows, and when U.S. television only had three channels and required bunny ears to get a clear picture. Years of sitting the nerd sidelines suddenly exploded when asked to write an introduction to an article on Nerdbastards. The rest they say in hushed whispers . . . is history.

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John Semper Jr., the guy behind the 90’s Spider-Man: The Animated Series, wanted everyone to know that there a Captain America animated series that almost made it as well. We all loved the Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons from the 90’s, there was some really good story telling in those series. I would have liked to see this Captain America series set in World War II. Heck, I’d like to see that series now., but I guess I’ll just have to settle for the promo video that Saban put together to sell the show. (more…)


When a friend said I needed to check out this Chatroulette video, I figured he was just pulling a prank on me. I mean seriously, every time I’ve gone on Chatroulette all I’ve ended up seeing some really hairy Dude’s balls. Truthfully, I didn’t even think anyone else went on Chatroulette either so this video was quite the surprise. The folks over at Realmpictures on Youtube decided to have some fun with Chatroulette and have created perhaps the ultimate Chatroulette video. What did they do? (more…)


Oh the Internet is always coming up with ways to find out what’s what. A Reddit user, UnbreakablJimmySmits, recently found out that if he added a number to the URL for the upcoming Netflix/Marvel Jessica Jones series,, then suddenly there are all the episode titles for the first season. Of course Netflix is getting everything loaded up and it looks like everything is ready for Netflix to flip that switch and turn on Jessica Jones. Do you wanna know what the titles are?

Oh yeah… SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!! Do not pass go and collect $200 if you’re saving yourself for the binge weekend and don’t want to know anything else about Jessica Jones.



20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for director Paul McGuigan‘s (Lucky Number Slevin, Push) retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic tale of mad science and monsters, Victor Frankenstein. James McAvoy plays Victor along with Daniel Radcliffe as Igor. Now this time around Igor isn’t the hunchbacked creepy guy, in fact he is Igor Strausman, the equally brilliant scientific protegé of Frankenstein. Check out the first trailer after the jump. (more…)


Three deleted scenes from George Miller‘s Mad Max: Fury Road have surfaced on the Internet. While you might watch these and wonder why (Exposed Lady Parts) we put a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) label on in the post title. It would be just our luck to have your boss walking right past as you play it. We wouldn’t want to be that guy, that cost you, that job. So if you’re at work, wait till lunch, or take a bathroom/smoke break and kick it up on your phone while your boss watches it on his work computer. We all know they do it. (more…)


While there have been other Star Trek cruises in the past, this marks the first officially CBS licensed Star Trek Cruise. Hosting duties for this cruise fell to Star Trek’s first captain, William Shatner. It’s probably better that I am not able to go, I’d be hoping for “Gilligan’s Island 3 Hour Tour” type event that would strand me on an island with Shatner and the other Star Trek hosts where we’d make Bamboo huts, coconut radios, and talk Trek. (more…)