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After a midseason break that seemed much too long, Supergirl returned to television in Supergirl Lives, with Kevin Smith in the director’s chair.  This isn’t Smith’s first Arrowverse rodeo, having previously directed a couple of episodes of The Flash, and considering The Fatman’s unabashed love for all things DC Comics, fans of Supergirl were excited to see what he would do with his chapter of Kara Danvers’ story.  While the premise of the episode seemed promising, what audiences wound up with was an episode that was a little cliche and actually took a bit away from at least one of the characters.  Spoilers ahead. (more…)

The Official Trailer For ‘Logan’ Is Here


Well, that didn’t take long.  Hot off the heels of the rather bumpy leaked trailer, 20th Century Fox has now released the official trailer for Wolverine’s third solo outing, Logan.  Keep in mind, however, that the official trailer is no less bleak than the leaked moments.  Take a look. (more…)


Ghost in the Shell is one of the most beloved anime films in history.  To call it a “cult classic” would truly do the film a disservice, considering the vast majority of viewers find themselves falling in love with the film, even if they have never enjoyed anime previously.  Incredibly led by director Mamoru Oshi, the 1995 film, which was adapted from the manga series of the same name, was a stylish blend political intrigue and philosophical tones, with futuristic technology and amazing music providing the perfect backdrop.  When it was first announced that Paramount would be preparing a live action adaptation of the film, the announcement was met with a bit of trepidation, to say the least.  When it was announced that Scarlett Johansson would be playing the lead role of Motoko Kusanagi, simply called “The Major” in this incarnation, that trepidation became downright disappointment.  Well, Paramount has decided to unleash not one, not two, but FIVE teaser trailers for the new film and…Well…Take a look for yourself. (more…)


Throughout every Superman film that has graced the silver screen, a heavy emphasis is placed upon his physical strength.  As an alien who gets his amazing abilities directly from the yellow sun, it is tough to avoid the focus on those abilities, especially when he’s duking it out with the likes of Doomsday or Zod.  As humans, however, many times we fight foes that are much more destructive and deadly than The Blue Boyscout’s enemies; battles that Supes himself couldn’t win.  In June of 2005, comic book writer Jeph Loeb was one of the many that felt the devastating effects  of one such foe when is son, Sam Loeb, succumbed to his battle with cancer at the age of 17. Ten days after his passing,  Jeph wrote a very personal story about a young Clark Kent and his brush with the disease.  Now, eleven years later, in a fan made film, audiences have a chance to experience the story, and celebrate Sam’s life, in a whole new way. (more…)

Kevin Smith Talks ‘Mallrats’ TV Series

22 years ago, an independent film hit the art houses across the US and taught the less adventurous among the audiences a new meaning to the word “snowball”.  While Clerks remains director Kevin Smith’s most celebrated film to many cinephiles out there, there are few, if any, that could have guessed that one film, a film that celebrates all things slacker, would go on to spawn a whole universe of films.  Sure, audiences just can’t get enough of Jay and Silent Bob, but 22 years and 5 movies later, the fact that Smith still has some steam left in his Red Bank Saga, and that audiences are still ready to continue the journey alongside Jay and his hetero life mate, is damn near a miracle. While Smith fans (and Smith haters, for that matter) await any word on Clerks 3 that they can get, the director has decided to turn his focus on another project: the Mallrats sequel/tv show.  In a recent interview with Creative Screenwriting, the mind behind the ViewAskewniverse has finally started dropping details on the upcoming series and where the tale is headed. (more…)


There are a lot of eyes on DC Entertainment at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, so we decided to put some eyes on the DC Booth to see what they’ve got, and what they’ve got are a lot of awesome figures. Along with costumes from Suicide Squad, we got to see new toys based on Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Suicide Squad, the DCTV universe (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow), The Dark Knight Returns, the current comic book Justice League, and a whole lot of Harley Quinn variants. Shall we play? (more…)

After being closely guarded for months, more and more details about the upcoming Dark Tower film are coming in as fast and furious as Shardik rampaging towards Eddie Dean.  Thanks to EWs coverage of the film, Constant Readers of the series, and curious newcomers, are finally getting a bit more of the entire picture when it comes to what to expect from the adaptation of Stephen King’s massive series of the same name.  Today, new information was again revealed regarding the key players of the film and, even better, there are some new set photos that may encourage those on the fence about the film to jump to one side or the other.  In addition, the stars of the film have now revealed a bit on the direction their characters will be taking in the upcoming film.  Using these new photos and information, there is plenty to be learned about the direction that the film will take.  From here on out, you are entering SERIOUS potential spoiler territory for the film and the book series, so continue onto those waste lands with that warning in your heart.  Seriously, if you have not read the books, turn around NOW. (more…)


The Dark Tower series from horror master Stephen King is considered by some to be almost as holy as the best-selling book in history (save yourself the GTS – it’s the bible).  The tale of the last gunslinger, a knight of sorts (or, Jedi, if you like that better), the series tells the story of Roland Deschain as he obsessively tracks the man in black, who holds the key to reaching The Dark Tower, a structure that sits at the center of existence.  For years, the series has been ripe for a big screen adaptation and now that the wheel of Ka has begun to turn a bit more quickly, not only is filming of the first entry in the movie series well underway, but there seem to be daily updates and photos of the film’s progress.  Today, the latest update comes from Entertainment Weekly and gives fans their first official look at Idris Elba as the gunslinger, himself, Roland, and Matthew McConaughey as the biggest bad guy in King’s stable, Randall Flagg. (more…)


There is no secret that most film adaptations of video game properties are…mediocre, at best.  Sure, you have the occasional adaptation that scores with critics and audiences alike (the original Tomb Raider, for instance) but those films are generally the exception that proves the rule.  While international box offices have somehow been able to drive some of even the worst of these films (Warcraft has somehow managed to generate $422 mil worldwide, 90% of which was international box office), those numbers cannot be counted on when it comes to generating revenue for a property.  One of the next films that will be trying to break the box office is the upcoming Assassin’s Creed adaptation, starring Michael Fessbender.   The video game franchise, developed by Ubisoft, has a massive following but in a recent interview with MCV, Ubisoft’s European Head, Alain Corre, doesn’t seem to believe that those fans will lead to revenue once the film hits screens. (more…)


A couple of days back, Star Trek fans were provided with the information that in the newest film, Star Trek Beyond, Hikaru Sulu (played by John Cho in the rebooted series) would be revealed to have a husband and daughter waiting at home for him.  While many fans of the series applauded the decision, the one person who seemed to be most vocal with his displeasure of the treatment was none other than the original Sulu himself, George Takei.  Considering the fact that the decision to reveal Sulu’s sexuality was almost a tribute to Takei, who revealed his sexuality years back and has since been a very vocal activist for the LGBT community, it came as rather a shock when Takei publicly voiced his displeasure with Sulu’s new characteristic.  Now, Simon Pegg, who will be taking his third outing as Scotty in the new Trek film, has a few words for Takei. (more…)