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Remember when you first heard about Batman v. Superman:Dawn of Justice and you were super excited?  Unfortunately, things didn’t necessarily turn out as well as they should of and because of it…Well, Warner Brothers and DC really have a bit of a mess on their hands, don’t they? After the absolutely critically panned BvS, rumors about WB shaking things up continue to swirl and if THR has it right, things may be even stickier than they appear.  According to sources, thanks to Captain America: Civil War‘s box office grab over the past few weeks, WB/DC has finally made a decision to focus on shifting things in the DC Extended Universe before it gets too late.   (more…)


As Fox and Marvel Studios decided to each have a Quicksilver in their films, fans scratched their heads a bit, while those who were unfamiliar with comics became confused – some audience members not even realizing that the Avengers: Age of Ultron and X-Men: Days of Future Past shared the character.  There is no doubt that of the two, X-Men’s Quicksilver garnered more audience love after his on screen appearance but considering Hot Toys newest addition to their Marvel masterpieces, Age of Ultron’s Quicksilver is the one that fans will want to take home. (more…)

Dark Tower 2

Like it or not, the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is finally moving full speed ahead.  After years of false starts and failed attempts, King’s magnum opus is less than a year from hitting the big screen and filming has already commenced.  While the casting of the main character, Roland Deschain, has been one of the most controversial aspects of the new film, it has not stopped actor Idris Elba from stepping fulling into the role and today, we have the pictures to prove it. (more…)


If you a Marvel fan or, really, a fan of comic books in general, you have no doubt been waiting for a Civil War movie ever since the original series hit comic book stands back in 2006.  While this weekend’s release, Captain America: Civil War, largely deviated from the source material, should you want to refer to the comic book storyline as such, there is no question that Marvel has created another masterpiece.  From beginning to end, the film is one of the best superhero movies audiences have witnessed on screen.  Then again, some would argue that the Captain America movies are the finest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s stable, so it really is no surprise that the latest installment of the series should surpass those before it.  If you were part of this weekend’s audience in seeing the film, there are plenty of scenes that you likely recall with fondness and wonder if others shared in your excitement for these scenes. Well, here is your chance to relive and even debate some of the finest moments in Captain America: Civil War. (more…)


Goth kids have never had pop culture cater to them in the way it did back in the 90s.  With music, The Cure’s Wish and Wild Mood Swings were “must-haves”, Marilyn Manson came forth as the self-proclaimed Antichrist, and Nine Inch Nails was teaching teens to be Broken in their Pretty Little Hate Machine while falling through The Downward Spiral.  Movies were just as wonderful, with The Crow, Interview with a Vampire, Natural Born Killers, even Spawn (ok, that one wasn’t all that wonderful but, man, that soundtrack) to name but a few.  During these glory days of black velvet and clove cigarettes, there was one movie to which these wonderful teenage goth fashionistas could not only relate, but that actually connected with them in a way unlike any movie before.  That movie was 1996’s The Craft.  Those glory days are long gone but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from mining that wonderful time to milk it for more cash. While The Crow reboot continues to backslide into (hopefully) nothingness, The Craft reboot is still moving full steam ahead. That’s the bad news. The good news?  Turns out, that reboot is actually more of a sequel than a reimagining of the film and according to an interview with HitFix, it seems that producer Douglas Wick may be on the right track. (more…)


99% of the time, when there is Ryan Reynolds or Deadpool related news, readers are in for at least a chuckle. Today, however, it is a bit different.  Earlier this week, 13 year old Connor McGrath, a Deadpool fan who also happened to be the first person to see the film, passed away after a brave, fierce battle with cancer.  Reynolds met the young man thanks to the always amazing Make-A-Wish Foundation.  From the heartfelt tribute Reynolds posted to his Facebook page last night, it seems that meeting Connor was just as special to the star as it was to the young Canadian. (more…)


If you have ever attended San Diego Comic-Con, or know someone who has within the last ten years or so, you have likely heard plenty of Con stories that begin with “I remember when you could buy tickets at the door”, or “Movie studios ruined Comic-Con”, or, on the other side, “I am so glad I waited 37 hours in line just to be the first to see footage of…”, or, “Can you believe what [insert studio name] showed in Hall H??”.  SDCC isn’t just a convention – it’s an event, and every year, the event seems to divide attendees as to what the best and worst parts of the convention really are.  For many, standing or sleeping in that ridiculous Hall H line on the convention lawn, down the pier, or even over on Hall H Island (that one’s for those in the know) is all part of the experience, while for others, it is the hell they endure just to see what surprises a studio will bring.  Today, a report out of The Wrap claims that fans will now have one less movie studio to worry about or get excited for, as the case may be, as 20th Century Fox may be bowing out of the convention, thanks to pesky pirates. (more…)


As fans eagerly (or not so eagerly) await the long delayed Dark Tower movie adaptation and now have a release date to look forward to when it comes to the It remake, another of Stephen King’s works will be hitting the big screen much sooner and, chances are, this one won’t even offend many of King’s Constant Readers.  Cell, based on the 2006 novel by the same name, tells the story of a world driven by cell phones – cell phones that turn their users into zombies. No, this isn’t a piece of King’s non-fiction work, though it may sound rather prophetic.  The novel is creepy and fast paced and if the new trailer is a true representation of the film, it appears the adaptation will follow suit. (more…)


If you were to ask any Batman fan to list their top five Batman stories, inevitably, 1988’s ‘The Killing Joke’ will appear on that list.  Chances are, it would be near the top, if not sitting in the top spot itself.  The infamous graphic novel written by Alan Moore, with Brian Bolland taking the illustration duties, is one of the darkest stories written about The Dark Knight and, really, that is saying something.  Somewhat of a dive into the psyche of The Joker, the story manages to tell the origin story of The Clown Prince while simultaneously telling the story of the same man as he attempts to drive Jim Gordon insane in present day.  Any Batman fan knows just how dark the story gets and if the new trailer for the film is any indication, things are going to be pretty true to the story.   (more…)


The 1990’s were a wonderful time.  The music was some of the best, America had the grooviest president in the White House since, well, ever, and movie fans had some of the best science fiction that Hollywood has ever offered.  Among those sci-fi offerings, 1996 brought Roland Emmerich’s classic, Independence Day.  A big budget affair that somehow managed to find the perfect balance between action and emotion, ID4 has been ripe for a sequel almost since the end credits finished rolling.  20 years later, those that have been waiting to continue the story that ID4 started are finally getting their wish and if the new trailer for the sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence is any indication, it has been worth the wait. (more…)