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After the absolute success of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, lifelong fans of the franchise have had their love of the series completely reinvigorated, while newer audiences finally understand why those lifelong fans have been so passionate for so many years.  With Disney behind the wheel, there is no stopping the Star Wars machine from moving forward with gusto and while fans don’t have too long to wait before returning to a galaxy far, far away with the December 16 release of Rogue One, most audiences are now anticipating the continuing story of the Skywalkers in 2017’s Episode VIII.   TFA left plenty of questions and mysteries to chew on and if a recent Reddit poster happens to have the goods that he/she claims, well, fans may have plenty more once the final scene of Episode VIII has played out. (more…)


Since the release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in 1993, the Power Rangers have gone through plenty of changes. From a bit of a darker, yet somehow just as cheesy (and wonderful…?) attempt back in 1995, to countless spinoffs that eventually led the entire franchise to drop the “Mighty Morphin” from their handle and take on the much easier moniker of “Power Rangers”.  Generations of children have grown up with the Power Rangers and when it was announced that Saban, the producers of the original series, would be teaming with Lionsgate to reboot the series as a film franchise, the plan was met with a bit of skepticism. Today, as news continues to pour out of CinemaCon, the official logo for the film reboot was revealed and, all in all, it is not half bad. (more…)

It’s Official – ‘Deadpool 2’ Is Coming


There used to be a day when superhero movies were almost impossible to get made.  Studios had to be thoroughly convinced that a comic book property could generate enough revenue to make the endeavor worthwhile. And if it was a comic book property outside of Batman or Superman?  It was even tougher than it will be for BvS to reach that coveted $1b mark.  These days, every moviehouse in the business has a piece of the superhero cash cow; so many so, that production companies barely even consider the quality of the film they are releasing, hoping the crowds will come running anytime they get a hint of a superpower in a trailer. These days, superhero movies have to be something extraordinary to separate themselves from the pack and of these, Deadpool may reign supreme.  Today, the news from CinemaCon is that audiences will absolutely get more of the Merc with a Mouth. (more…)


Whether you liked it or not (chances are NOT),  Batman v. Superman was a thing that happened and for better or worse, the film did serve its purpose: it served as a launching point for the DCEU. Fans are eager to see exactly what that universe will have to offer and their next glimpse of that world comes in the form of David AyersSuicide Squad. Since the first trailer hit for the bad-guy led film back at San Diego Comic-Con, fans cannot get enough and they are positively ready to see just what the movie will offer. Well, according to the folks over at BirthMoviesDeath, it seems that one thing that the movie did not offer was a bit of levity. If their sources are correct, the film’s bleakness may have even just necessitated reshoots, a few months before the release. (more…)


Dark Tower fans, for one of the first times since the movie adaptation finally found a home at Sony, there is some good news on the horizon. After a bit of a casting misstep in the eyes of many fans and the addition of an absolutely superfluous new villain, not to mention the news that The Dark Tower film series will not begin with the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, Sony finally has made another great decision (the first, of course, being the master casting of Matthew McConaughey as The Man In Black), possibly two. It seems that two of Roland’s tet-mates may have been cast and if the news is to be believed, Eddie Dean and Jake Chambers have not only been found but, believe it or not, the casting is right on target. (more…)

Crossover 3

Television series crossovers are not a new concept, not by a longshot, and character crossovers in the comic book universe are par for the course.  Until fairly recently, however, comic book television has only give the smallest of crossovers to cheer.  Then, along came The Flash.  Using the CW series as almost a tentpole universe, Flash co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg have managed to delight fans of both The Flash and Arrow, from which the series is a spinoff, with some of the most successful television crossover episodes since He-Man would visit She-Ra.  When Berlanti and Kreisberg took on another DC property for CBS, Supergirl, fans immediately envisioned a crossover of epic proportions.  For months, the showrunners denied that the dream would ever come to fruition but you know how that goes. Ever since the crossover was officially announced a couple of months back, audiences have been ready to learn just what this crossover would entail. Fans, it is time. (more…)


When it comes to box office numbers, there are plenty of films out there that have no right generating the amount of revenue that pours in and many people are left baffled when the receipts are tallied up.  When it comes to Deadpool, however, there is no question that the film absolutely deserves every penny of that $675mil it’s made so far. The R-Rated superhero flick is an almost perfect movie from beginning to end.  Well, in the eyes of most moviegoers, at any rate. The folks over at HISHE, ever the cynics, feel that they may have a better ending for the film that what audiences witnessed in theaters.  In fairness, they may be right. (more…)

The Darth Maul Film You Didn’t Know You Wanted


When it comes to the Star Wars Prequels, most fans of the franchise would rather forget that the missteps ever existed in the first place. Unfortunately, until science catches up with science fiction, the ability to completely erase Episodes I-III from your mind isn’t possible.  Still, it wasn’t ALL bad. One of the few aspects that the films (well, at least The Phantom Menace) got completely right was the awesomely badass Sith Lord, Darth Maul.  The only real issue with the scary-as-hell assassin is the amount of screen time that he received or, more to the point, the screen time he did NOT receive.  Well, thanks to a new fan made film, fans of the dark character can now revel in over 17 minutes of Maul-ness. (more…)


You’ve seen Deadpool, right? Of course you have. Multiple viewings? Of course. So, you no doubt remember the, um, extracurricular activities shared by Vanessa and Wade during the commercial break from the train wreck Deadpool calls “life”. From plain ol’ making love to trading roles on International Women’s Day, Wade and Vanessa have more than a bit of open-minded fun and if you are as open-minded as the characters on the screen, or even a bit curious, there were probably a few moments that may have revved your engine a bit.  Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a partner who is so open to those particular brands of pleasure, but for those poor souls, there is some good news!  A legal brothel in Nevada is offering visitors a chance to experience all that Deadpool had to offer in a safe, discreet environment and, guess what? We have the details. (more…)

Dark Tower

If you are a fan of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, you no doubt felt a bit of a beamquake earlier today and there is good cause. The heathens behind the very long awaited film adaptation of King’s magnum opus have now given fans even more to be nervous about when it comes to the Hollywood treatment of the material.  So very much more.  Not only has King officially announced the casting of Roland, the last gunslinger in a world that has moved on, but more has been revealed about the direction of the first movie which, by and large, is not great.  As those who have completed the series will remember, King once gave you a chance to turn back before learning the horrible truth. Constant Readers, here is your chance. (more…)