Some sad news today for comic book fans as the Fantastic Four’s run at Marvel Comics has officially ended. Many felt that the end was near, but now that’s it here, the feeling is quite surreal. Especially since this will be the first time in 50 years that there hasn’t been a Fantastic Four comic book at Marvel. The recent failing of the last film didn’t help brighten things up. And don’t forget the constant tension that exists between Fox and Marvel over movie rights. If you’re interested to know how it all ended in the comic books, then keep reading.



Just when we thought we were done talking about NerdBastardsDredd April Fool’s Day Joke, they drag us back in! Word on the Internet is that the Facebook page devoted to getting a Dredd sequel, Bring Back Dredd, has expanded their petition to include a series by Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime. Perhaps our little April Fool’s joke that returned from the dead a couple of weeks ago and went viral opened some eyes to the potential of such a series. You can help out by signing the petition in the link below. (more…)


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has the entire time stream to play around in and the show is wasting no time skipping back and forth through time to tell the tale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. One big payoff for old school DC fans will be when the group travels back in time to the old west where they’ll meet bounty hunter Jonah Hex. Now some of you might be asking yourself, Hex who? Well, we’ll tell ya after the jump pilgrim. (more…)

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The Deadpool media blitz continues to build as the marketing powers that be over at FOX set their sights on making Deadpool a February blockbuster. The latest attempts to link Deadpool to Valentines Day are providing fans with some funny material in the form of posters and television spots. The latest TV spot, aired during the College Football Championship (Roll Tide!) game last night showed just the right amount of Deadpool madness that might just get some football fans into the theaters come February. If that wasn’t enough, now Florida has provided some additional Deadpool media material in the form of two Deadpool Hoodie wearing ATM thieves. (more…)


Ash Williams: Groovy S-Mart employee with a penchant for boomsticks and mad DIY prosthetics skills. Also, unlikely hero from the sky, fated to stop the Deadite invasion. Pretty much the spirit of the 80’s b-horror movie flick. Lobo: Space biker with a short fuse, and an anti-grav motorcycle. Hangs out with a school of space dolphins. Has fought Wolverine and made it to the second round. Functionally immortal, with the capacity to infinitely reproduce from each drop of his own spilt blood. Each of them is a smug anti-hero with an almost fanatical cult following among the most gung-ho nerds.

Once, they were separated by vast gulfs of time and space, each occupying his Universe of origin. That is, until Brian Rosenthal, the director behind the 2013 fan film Marvel Zombies VS Army Of Darkness thought otherwise. After  holding his own against zombie-Wolverine and narrowly escaping a super-zombie infested New York,  Ash Williams has broken into a brand new universe, also overwhelmed by the undead and filled to the brim with horror-themed cameos!


The Disney brand has already come out strong this year.  With the Star Wars franchise breaking records, and a full slate of Marvel movies coming this summer, in addition to some fan-favorite tv shows, the Mouse House seems to have its hands full.  Or so one would think.  But more is coming.  Between Marvel shows such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Jessica Jones, it may be surprising to hear that another story within the Marvel Universe could be coming to the small screen soon.  After some on and off again rumors last year surrounding an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff, it seems ABC has finally made up its mind.  A pilot episode has been ordered for the new original show titled Marvel’s Most Wanted, starring (more…)


There are a ton of X-Men characters that have made it onto the big screen, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, and next month we’ll add Deadpool to the list. *(X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deadpool doesn’t count, no red suit and sown shut mouth wasn’t Deadpool, just some fevered dream that went terribly wrong… best forgotten and left buried.) Even with all the X-Men we’ve seen so far, there’s still a bunch of fan favorites that need some big screen treatments, Channing Tatum’s Gambit starts shooting this week, but we’ve already seen Gambit. Cable is really the big X-Men character missing for many fans. Cable’s creator Rob Liefeld shared his thoughts on who should play the role on the silver screen last night during the Golden Globes. (more…)

NBC Orders Pilot Of DC Comics’ Office Comedy


If you have been looking at the slate of super hero TV and thought there was just too many super heroes in these super hero shows, well then, you may be finally getting your wishes granted. The Prime Time DC Universe will soon be expanding their dominant television universe in one of the most unexpected ways, tackling the comedy genre. Being called an “Office” style comedy set firmly in the DC Universe, NBC has ordered up a pilot for Powerless, a half-hour single-camera comedy from Warner Bros. and A To Z creator Ben Queen.



The new poster for Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix sticks with the religious theme using the Sistine Chapel Ceiling style artwork to bring us a look back at season one. Hot on the heels of the first teaser, this is an interesting look into an important theme of the first season and one that will carry over into season two. What theme you might ask? Matt Murdock’s (Charlie Cox) relationship with the Catholic church and his upbringing. Peter McRobbie plays Father Lantom, Matt’s confessional priest who helps Matt deal with the moral and ethical issues he’s facing now that he has donned the red suit with horns.  Lantom will be back for season two and you know Daredevil will be facing some tough moral questions when Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) aka the Punisher comes to Hell’s Kitchen. (more…)


After making an impact with nerds at large as Doctor Who’s and Torchwood’s xeno-amorous time-traveling captain, Captain Jack (known to time-normies as John Barrowman) has taken on the mantle of Arrow’s nemesis, Dark Archer. For the non-die-hard Green Arrow fans out there, Dark Archer (AKA Malcom Merlyn) was Oliver Queen’s arch nemesis. Originally going by the stage name “Merlyn The Magician”, the trickster won his very first bout against Oliver Queen in Justice League Of America #94 in the olden days of November 1971. Since then, Malcom Merlyn has switched careers constantly, joining the League of Assassins, working as a soul-bound unpaid intern in service to the demon Nero, and competing in the Olympics with the Zandian National team.

This incarnation promises a brand new twist however, as according to a recent statement by John Barrowman, he is preparing to launch a series tie-in limited comic book series, titled Arrow: The Dark Archer (more…)