Nerd Bastards Hits Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta This Weekend

- 10-16-14Comics, Cosplay, Nerd Culture, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


How quickly the year goes by. October is back and so is Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta Ga, this weekend, the 17th through the 19th. This marks the second year for Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta and it looks to be a big one. Walker Stalker has expanded since then with conventions in Boston, New York, San Fransisco, Dallas, Orlando, Chicago, and of course, Atlanta. There’s an incredible list of guests this year that includes just about every major Walking Dead character with only a few exceptions that had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts. We’ll be covering the convention the entire weekend and bringing it to you here. (more…)

‘Constantine’ EP Says More DC Comics Characters Could Appear

- 10-16-14Comics, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


The pilot episode of Constantine has aired in a few places, and it’s been making the rounds on torrent sites for a couple of months now. You may even have seen it yourself. Even if you haven’t, you may be aware that the Doctor Fate helmet is fairly prominent Easter Egg in it, thus implying that more than just John Constantine and his cohorts might be appearing on small screens everywhere, a situation akin to how Arrow and The Flash are filled with references to other comics and characters. So is it possible that other occult characters from the DC Comics Universe like Swamp Thing, Zatanna or Deadman might encounter Matt Ryan‘s exorcist/con man? One of the executive producers says the answer is “yes.” (more…)

New Pictures From the New Mexico ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Set

- 10-16-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


While Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’s director Zack Snyder had originally planned on filming some scenes in Africa, the Ebola outbreak in West African countries has forced the production to reconsider those planned locations. Now those scenes will be filmed in New Mexico and the local news channel 7, KOAT News has the big scoop. Let’s go to our roving reporter on the scene Marvin Olsen (Step brother to Jimmy Olsen) already in the field. Wait.. This post’s director is telling me in my ear piece that we don’t have a roving reporter and that I’m not wearing an earpiece. I’m guessing it’s time to take my medication. (more…)

TV REVIEW: ‘Arrow’ S3E2 – “Sara”

- 10-15-14Comics, Featured, reviews, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Before we dive into this week’s Arrow let’s agree about one thing: Laurel kinda sucks. No disrespect to Katie Cassidy, she’s done fine work with what she’s been given, but to be honest, what she’s been given hasn’t been very much. The Arrow team is clearly trying to create a more compelling path for Laurel, one that was hinted at in last season’s finale when Sara gave her big sister her Black Canary jacket. Said jacket made a reappearance in tonight’s episode, a moment of epiphany for Ms. Lance, and the audience, that says “Oh yeah, I have a destiny.” With all subtlety of a bat crash through the library window at Wayne Manor, Laurel now realizes that she must become someone else; she must become something else. And that thing is a hot, blonde, leather-clad crime-fighter with the initials B.C. (more…)

First Look at the New Captain Ameri-Falcon

- 10-15-14Comics Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Captain America with wings?! Now I’ve seen everything. Of course, we haven’t seen too much yet of the new Captain America, AKA: Sam Wilson, the artist soon to be formally known as The Falcon. Marvel Comics today released the first new images from the All-New Captain America #1, featuring several variant covers and about three pages of interior art. As you may or may not remember, it was announced earlier this year with a lot of hype and fanfare that Steve Rogers would soon be stepping away from the mantle of the Star-Spangled Avengers as he ran out of super soldier serum steam, leaving a vacuum in the Marvel Universe. But Cap’s good friend and partner Sam Wilson will step in for all new All-New adventures as the winged Captain America who is off to battle HYDRA and other threats to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Rick Remender is writing the new series with art by Stuart Immonen. Marvel’s press release is below along with several preview images. (more…)

Gonna Need A Bigger Boat: Aquaman’s Supporting Characters Revealed?

- 10-15-14Comics, Film Posted by Aspry Jones


Today started off as a relatively slow news day. And then the ship hit an iceberg and all of a sudden a bunch of rich people started screaming. They’re being extra vocal about the superhero movies they’re making, and I’m just the poor shlub down in the bowls of the boat, feeding coal into the fire. The fire is the internet and the coal is these words – we all know that Jason Momoa is set to bring Aquaman to the screen, and most of us are stoked about that. Since his days as Khal Drogo on ‘Game Of Thrones,’ I thought this dude had a great screen future in front of him. DC Entertainment thinks so too, and Warner Bros. has scheduled a solo flick just for him to surface in 2018. And we might know what characters are with him. (more…)

Every Day I’m Shufflin': Channing Tatum Talks About ‘Gambit’

- 10-15-14Comics, Film Posted by Jed Harris-Keith


In 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans of Marvel’s merry mutants finally got to see Gambit, the swarthy Cajun with a penchant for throwing playing cards, on the silver screen. Sorta. Because while actor Taylor Kitsch technically played a character who looks like Gambit and has abilities like the X-fellar, something about the performance felt… off. The former thief felt like he had been shoe-horned into an already overly bloated film to draw more patrons to the movie theaters. However, with Channing Tatum (Side Effects, 22 Jump Street) pegged as the newest actor to don Gambit’s trench-coat and ridiculous thigh-high metal boots, it looks like we might be getting our fill of Rogue’s on-again, off-again paramour. Tatum took a second to speak to MTV about his coming introduction to the X-Men Cinematic Universe. (more…)

Will the 2020 ‘Green Lantern’ Movie be a Reboot?

- 10-15-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


When the news broke earlier today that Green Lantern would be getting another stand alone movie in 2020, the first question that popped into my mind was, “Would this movie continue the Green Lantern story or would it be a reboot?” Now we know. (more…)

The Movie Version Of The Flash Has Been Cast For ‘Justice League’ & Solo Film

- 10-15-14Comics, Film Posted by Aspry Jones


I said it a million times – anyone who thought for one second that Grant Gustin was going to the ‘Justice League’ movie should have their head examined. He is not a bankable enough player in Hollywood for such a leap. The man is doing great on television and, for now, that’s where he’s gonna stay. In the meantime, Warner Bros. has announced their pick for the role of DC Comics’ red speedster, and that outcome surprised me more than if they’d said Gustin was taking it. I think “surprise” might be too strong a word. But I did raise an eyebrow. Let’s go on. (more…)

Warner Bros. Announces Detailed DC Movie Schedule Through 2020

- 10-15-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujuhara laid out Warner and DC’s Cinematic Battle plan to take on Marvel at this year’s Time Warner Investor Day earlier today. Earlier this year along with the date change to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice there were a number of untitled movie dates released. Now we know the characters that will be featured in those still untitled films. (more…)