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I’ve never liked bikes. The punk in me always thought I was one “bump over a peddle” from crashing and losing my legs. However, you cannot deny the “coolness” that comes from watching a motorcycle in action. Whether you are a hardcore biker, so just someone who likes watching riders tear up the highway, there’s something very awesome about bikes. Thanks to such shows as Sons of Anarchy and Ride with Norman Reedus and outlaw biker culture in general, bikes are very much a part of popular culture. One thing that peaks people’s interest in bikes are the custom designs. Unlike most cars, each bike has its own intricate designs and its own story to tell. Right now the best storytellers in the game are Marvel Comics. Either through their films or their monthly issues, they have become out modern mythologies. So why not combine them together?


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Over the last 5 years, it has been a tradition at San Diego Comic Con for former Mythbusters star Adam Savage to walk the con floor going incognito, dressed in elaborate cosplays of his own making. He’s appeared in a spacesuit replica from Ridley Scott’s Aliens, the Mercury Spacesuit from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Noface from Spirited Away, Hellboy, Judge Dredd, and more. Given his decades worth of experience in visual effects, prop making, and machine work, he has the tools and the talent to make some truly awe-inspiring cosplays. He also has an incredible amount of patience, an obsession really, to make sure his costumes are 100% screen accurate down to even the smallest of details. For an example, he even spent 10+ years making the spacesuit from Aliens, that’s right, 10 years before he was ready to roll it out at SDCC.

So… at SDCC 2016, what did Savage comes dressed as this year? Well, you might have already seen/heard of his hilarious life-size bear suit from The Revenant complete with a Leo prop! But Adam also came dressed as someone else….  (more…)

New “Doctor Strange” Figure Unveiled by Hot Toys


Benedict Cumberbatch fans now have even more reasons to be excited for Doctor Strange with the unveiling of a fantastically (if a bit unnerving) detailed 1/6th scale figure of Doctor Strange. It comes complete with the Cloak of Levitation, Eye of Agamotto and mystic spell book, as well as a visual rune effect. Everything a mystical super hero requires to fight evil and look good doing it. (more…)


Throughout the first season of Supergirl, the show managed to only reference Kara’s cousin Kal-El, AKA Superman in obscure ways. Whether it was licensing or rights issues, or not to confuse audiences with the fact that there already was a Superman on the big screen, we were only able to see him in a silhouette or with his face blocked by the sun. They even showed him communicating with his cousin via e-mail. The CW finally decided to pull the trigger and cast the Man of Steel for the small screen and he will be played by Tyler Hoechlin who previously appeared on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Many fans had excitement but also wondered if he would be able to pull off as Kal-El.


swamp thing classic

You may recall that an animated Justice League Dark movie is coming out soon, which will star Matt Ryan as John Constantine; quite a bit of buzz about it was stirred after the sneak peak was revealed alongside The Killing Joke. You may also recall that there is rumored to be a live-action affair, with Guillermo Del Toro attached at one point. Now, we get a little taste of ‘what could have been’ in the form of an animation test for the character Swamp Thing, a critical member of the team and to the story.  (more…)


When Yooka-Laylee was announced on Kickstarter, it was a big deal. The game was being developed by Playtonic Games, a new game studio comprised entirely of former members of Rare, many of which had worked on game series such as Battletoads, Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, Perfect Dark, and the timeless N64 classic Goldeneye. Their mission was to create a new game to reinvigorate the dying genre of 3D platformers, a genre set into motion by Super Mario 64 that once dominated the video game market. These developers, led by project director Chris Sutherland, wanted to bring the style of gameplay they had (arguably) perfected in games like Banjo-Kazooie. There was only one problem: Banjo and pals are owned by Microsoft. Enter his unofficial successor: Yooka the Chameleon, and his pal, Laylee the Bat. With new characters, the boys (formerly of Rare) were back in business, so they turned to Kickstarter to fund the dream. They asked for $270,000 to make it happen; well, it did. In less than 30 minutes. (more…)

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Hot Toys is the premier collectible toy company known for making hyper realistic figures, statues, and busts inspire from Hollywood’s biggest movies and franchises. In the age of the Hollywood Blockbuster, a movie isn’t a true pop culture smash unless Hot Toys makes some toys/collectibles from it.

Coming off their insane display of cool sh*t on display at San Diego Comic Con, Hot Toys (via Sideshow Collectibles) has officially released three Suicide Squad action figures featuring Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and The Joker(more…)

ego and kurt

Kurt Russell seems to be on our radar quite a bite lately, whether it’s starring in The Hateful Eight, having comics written about old characters of his, or joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Star-Lord’s father, the man is coming back to the public eye in a big way. Speaking of being Star-Lord’s father in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, it was recently confirmed the actor would be Ego the Living Planet, which came as a surprise to many fans. Now we get to see just a bit of what will be on the screen later next year.  (more…)


One of the films on the horizon for Marvel is the highly anticipated Thor: Ragnarok, which will end the trilogy of solo Thor movies. It’s been rumored that not only will The Incredible Hulk (as popularly played by Mark Ruffalo) be appearing in the film, but that a good portion of the film’s story will be adapted from the Planet Hulk comic story-arc, in which the Hulk becomes champion, and then ruler, of a super-powered gladiatorial planet in the far reaches of space. Well, something just arrived at SDCC that seems to confirm this story once and for all.  (more…)