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We’ve seen many of Hot Toys upcoming line of 1/6th scale figures from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron; including the massive Hulkbuster, a suit Iron Man wears to try to handle Bruce Banner when he becomes the Hulk.  Hot Toys has now revealed the next figure in their series of collectibles based on Marvel’s AOU –  a movie accurate 1/6 scale Black Widow. Yes, Hot Toys already had a Black Widow figure from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but this one has a more fabulous hairstyle and other spiffy stylings/accesories.  (more…)


Time for your weekly dose of the fantastic fandom-based art that’s hit the web this week with your Nerd Art Dump. Each and every week we pick and choose through the masses of prints and pics on the digital frontier to give you nothing but the best to fill your geek needs. So on with the dump

ABOVE: Anime style RoboCop by Hernan Melzi. (more…)

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Every day, the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut. Every Wednesday and Saturday (mid week/end of week) we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at

ABOVE: Firefly Monopoly. [EntertainmentEarth] (more…)


Bruce Campbell is the King, baby, and every chance he has to remind his legions of fans of this fact, he takes.  Fans are chomping at the bit to see the new Evil Dead television series, Ash vs. The Evil Dead, and for good reason!  The series will reunite Campbell with his long-time collaborator, director/writer Sam Raimi, and give fans more of the character that they fell in love with back in 1981 with the cult classic horror flick, The Evil Dead.  However, while speaking with Movieweb, Campbell just gave horror fans some news in which to sink our teeth.  It looks like Campbell is working on an Expendables-type horror flick.  Or dreaming about one.  Either way, this idea could have some potential. (more…)


When you hear the word ‘rap’, what comes to mind? If you’re like me, it probably falls into the category of “Shit White People Shouldn’t Attempt Without Supervision”. With the obvious exception of Eminem and a handful of others, rap is another in a long line of musical genres that gave African-Americans a voice in difficult times. It was poetic, thought-provoking, in-your-face, and one hell of a market for exploitation. It has since become a mainstream oddity, somehow becoming extremely popular in spite of its often negative and explicit nature, as modern rap seems to have a chauvinistic, wealth-obsessed bent to it. There is light in the darkness, though, as another group has seemingly risen from the ashes of what hip-hop has become, intent on guiding the socially awkward toward a deeper understanding of what it is to be a nerd, and why liking what you like regardless of social status is totally badass. I’m talking about Nerdcore, the weird cousin of the Backpack Rap genre that revels in its oddity with unflinching, unapologetic, and insanely catchy anthems of staying home on prom night or dressing up for Comic-Con. To help you, I’ve compiled a list below of five Nerdcore Rap artists that most neatly encapsulate the genre and get you started on what is sure to be an epic quest. Go forth, young Padawan. (more…)


We are lucky to be living in an age of seeing incredible super heroes on the big screen do even more incredibly charitable and just-damn-cool things off-screen. Robert Downey Jr. is no stranger to stepping in to help kids and has really set a fine example that many other big screen super heroes like Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are following. This time around RDJ spent a special afternoon with seven-year old Alex, born with a partially developed right arm. RDJ was on hand to deliver a 3D-printed bionic limb developed by Albert Manero. (more…)

Wars 4

Fans of the Star Wars universe, i.e. everyone on the planet, have been absolutely rabid for any information relating to the new universe that Disney is building around the one of the greatest space dramas ever created.  We all know that a new trilogy is happening, with J.J. Abrams at the director wheel for the first movie, and that there are several spinoff movies planned, but other than that, the Mouse House has pretty much kept things quiet on the Star Wars front.  Well, Star Wars fans, get ready to get excited because today, we finally have some news on the revitalized franchise, including the title of the first new Wars spinoff film.  That title, by the way, is Rogue One. (more…)

2014 TCA Winter Press Tour - CBS/CW/Showtime Panels - Day 2

You remember the Conan the Barbarian movie, right? Not the horrible Jason Momoa flick from 2011 that is sometimes used by the CIA to torture prisoners into giving up information but the REAL Conan the Barbarian movie released back in 1982?  THAT movie was badass and starred The Austrian Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in one of the most action packed movies that audiences had seen at that time.  The movie was a financial success that led to the badass sequel, Conan the Destroyer.  Since Arnold’s return to the big screen, fans of the Conan series have been clamoring for the next badass sequel that was promised to them a couple of years back: Legend of Conan.  Well, Conan-ites, your time has arrived.  According to its producers, Legend of Conan begins shooting this year.   (more…)


They are two best friends, Firefly alum, and probably the only two guys that can get both nerdy boys and girls to drop their underoos with burning man desire. They are Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. These two well known stars of TV and film have been around the Convention circuit offering their stories, egos, and devilishly handsome looks to elated fans. Now they’re now using their experience with cons to transform the weird and wonderful world of conventions into a web series. It’s called Con Man and will be written, directed and star Tudyk with Fillion co-starring as well as producing.

The series focuses on the actors’ experiences after their show’s cancellation, as they make their way into the convention circuit. As Tudyk explains in the video below, outsiders often think that science fiction fans are the weirdest part about a convention when, in truth, the strangest characters can be found behind the scenes.

Already they have their Firefly cast members Sean Maher and Gina Torres along for the ride as well as James Gunn, Seth Green, Felicia Day and Amy Acker, just to start. (more…)

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It was recently announced that AMC Theaters will be holding the Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon, a 27-hour event where fans can watch all 11 MCU movies at once, starting on April 29. For fans who don’t have such stationary super powers, the theater chain is also holding a much more butt manageable event. Announced on their Facebook page AMC will be hosting a double-feature of both Marvel’s The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron on April 30. With this double feature, fans will get to take home one of three limited edition posters. (more…)