While an aging Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, stars of the Bill & Ted Franchise, have said time and time again that a 3rd movie is in development, time, relevance, and scripting out a worthy story, has kept the proposed threequel in stagnation. It’s been 25 years since Bill and Ted’s last cinematic outing (in 1991’s Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey), a new movie that satisfies fans of the originals and appeals to modern audience becomes more and more audacious as the years go by. These challenges in congruity, however, only seem to apply to the Bill & Ted movie-verse. The characters themselves, are still around, thriving in their loveable stupidity and surfer-eques/wannabe rocker demeanor, at an annual stage show in Universal Studios Florida(more…)


And it’s a sweet Christmas indeed! Hot off the trails of Marvel’s Netflix original series’ Daredevil Season’s 1 & 2 and Jessica Jones, comes the fourth installment in the Marvel Cinematic TV Universe, in the steel-hard grip of Luke Cage.

This article is based off  half in the 13 episode run. It will discuss what to expect as far as the tonal qualities from the show as well as character performances and motivations. So basically its Spoiler free.

Like it’s predecessors, location is a central character in the all around tone and vibe the show emits. In Daredevil, Hell’s Kitchen’s gritty confines gave the show an immediate palpable danger. In Jessica Jones, we’re given a broader stroke of the New York landscape, traveling from Hell’s Kitchen to the Upper West Side and beyond. With Luke Cage, we’re given Harlem. Bathed in a familiar yellow colored light in almost every scene and second only to Cage himself, Harlem IS the main character of the show. From the very beginning, the pulse, the sounds and the soul of the city beat like an unending drum. Sometime’s the beats are slow, smooth and cool, other times furious and untamed. Harlem is ever present; its landscape feels small and intimate but the characters it’s bred are loud, large and dangerous.  (more…)

Trek Bastard #2: Great Minds Think About Kirk


It was sad news for Trekkies last week as is was announced that Star Trek: Discovery, the new series from Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller and Star Trek 2009 co-writer Alex Kurtzman, would be delayed five months. January was looking a little soon for a series that hasn’t even announced a cast yet. In fact, all we know about Discovery so far is that it features a female lead who isn’t the captain, and that it takes place a decade before the voyages of the original starship Enterprise. If setting a new series in the Kirk era seems bold, it’s actually not. As Trek’s waited quietly in hyper-sleep for its TV return, two of the biggest ideas offered has involved a Kirk some capacity. (more…)


A lot of Spider-Man movies have been released in the past fifteen years. Andrew Garfield’s incarnation of the web-slinger launched just four years after Tobey Maguire hung up the cobwebbed cowl. Instead of finishing The Amazing Spider-Man series, the iconic character has instead swung into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with yet another reboot now due for 2017. While it’s easy to see why some fans would be reluctant to get excited about another retelling of the same story so soon, a lot of the criticism already levelled at Spiderman: Homecoming has nothing to do with the potential lack of originality. (more…)


Over 17 years after The Blair Witch Project opened and became not just an indie film sensation, but a pop culture touchstone, another group of hapless young people are taking another fateful trip into the woods of rural Maryland. Adam Wingard‘s Blair Witch premieres tonight, and the studio, Lionsgate, is likely hoping that the franchise that never happened back in ’99 will be a reality 20 years later. If Blair Witch is a hit, Wingard will get the credit, but the  it was two then-struggling filmmakers named Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez that coined the term “Blair Witch” back in 1997 when they were looking for a small project they could do for cheap in order to get their names out there. And then they hit the jackpot. 

Nerd Bastards got the chance to talk to Daniel Myrick last month in advance of Fan Expo Canada. Myrich and other members of the cast and crew of the first Blair Witch, were supposed to appear there, but the reunion was cancelled in advance of the show. Still, with Blair Witch about to be a hit again in theatres everywhere, so the time is ripe to revisit the 1999 original with Myrick, why he thinks his film still endures, and how a one hit wonder is still a hit.  (more…)


Back in 1999, a movie called The Blair Witch Project was released to deafening hype normally reserved for the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Thanks to its success on the film festival circuit, and what’s likely the first viral internet campaign, people lined up that July to see the simple tale of three student filmmakers that went into the woods and never came out, made by two inexperienced filmmakers with two cameras and a couple of thousand bucks. One of the actors in the film was Michael C. Williams, who, when he signed up to play the sound engineer Mike, had no idea that he was walking into a global phenomenon. One that persists with the release of Adam Wingard‘s Blair Witch this Friday.

Nerd Bastards got the chance to talk to Williams last month in advance of Fan Expo Canada. Williams, and other members of the cast and crew of the first Blair Witch, were supposed to appear there, but the reunion was cancelled in advance of the show. Still, there is a Blair Witch movie hitting theaters at the end of the week, so in the spirit of nostalgia we reminisce like it’s 1999 by talking to Williams about that time he went into the woods and disappeared forever (in the movies). (more…)


Being a nerd is hard work. You burn a lot of calories caring about things so passionately, following them intently and debating them obstinately. It’s important to replenish yourself with some sweet, sweet sustenance before you Hulk-out on your friends and loved ones over whether or not that fall should have killed Rhodey. When the time comes to recharge your batteries, where better than someplace designed specifically with nerds in mind? Sometimes it’s just nice to be among your own people. This article explores the best places in the world to enjoy some nerd-dom while you eat, with everything from an eatery with an actual TARDIS to a bar designed by H.R. Giger himself. It’s kinda like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, except that you won’t have to put up with the guy with the least right to pretentiousness pretentiously pronouncing his last name. So shut the front door and buckle up, because this gangsta trip to Nerdy Flavortown is gonna be off the hook!


Trek Bastard #1: Why ‘Star Trek’ Matters


This past week marked the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek series as “The Man Trap”, the first Star Trek episode to make it to air, bowed on NBC at 8:30 pm on September 8, 1966. It was a Thursday night, and the new sci-fi premiered against My Three Sons on CBS and Bewitched on ABC. Now both of those shows are popular and still well-known series in their own right, but only one of the three went on to spin-off 13 movies, six series, hundreds of novels, comics, and video games, not to mention create an entire industry of fan obsession with its own brand name: Trekkies.

Despite that success though, Star Trek sometimes feels like an after thought at 50. The most recent movie, Star Trek Beyond, enjoyed some positive, but not overwhelming success this past summer, its been 12 years without a TV series on the air, and the output of newer, shinier franchises like Marvel and Star Wars seems to have eclipsed the comparatively simple ambitions of Star Trek: to boldly go where no one has gone before. Here’s the thing though, we need Star Trek. Now more than ever.  (more…)

netflix originals

The subscription service that is revolutionising the way the west watches television, Netflix became a household name practically overnight. Having all your favourite shows and a boatload of movies available to view on demand makes life so much easier for anyone with a job or a hobby or a life, who can’t always be there when shows are broadcast live. It saves having to remember to record stuff and costs a hell of a lot less than buying or renting everything you want to watch individually. Already instrumental in forging the future of home viewing, Netflix moved into creating its own original content in 2013.

There are tons of things you can watch to get to grips with the kind of content Netflix is capable of creating, and it’s well worth doing. Though it’s as guilty of the occasional dud as any other network, there is enough great quality original stuff on there to keep you occupied for months on end.

If you’re new to Netflix and want somewhere to start, you could do a lot worse than checking out these cool shows. (more…)


After Todd McFarlane, no one’s had a longer relationship with the Image Comics character Spawn than Greg Capullo. First drawing the character 1993, he kept up with the book and its numerous spin-offs until well into the 21st century. These days though, Capullo is more well-known for his run on Batman with writer Scott Snyder, a five-year collaboration that was critically and commercially successful and saw an expansion of the Batman mythos with some of the Dark Knight’s most popular modern story arcs. Capullo is now working with Mark Millar on his new creator-own book, Reborn, which will likely continue Millar’s winning streak next to books like Kick-Ass, The Secret Service and Wanted. This weekend though, it’s all about Capullo as he comes to Fan Expo Canada in Toronto to sign a few books and shake a few hands, but before that, Capullo took the time to answer a few questions from Nerd Bastards about his Batman legacy, his collaboration with Snyder, and what he’s looking to do in the future in terms of his comics career. (more…)