Still trying to wash the nasty taste of the controversy surrounding this summer’s Ghostbusters reboot? Do you want to appreciate the original franchise without being reminded of all the sound and fury signifying nothing? The controversy and the reboot itself (depending on your opinion of it) certainly made it a difficult year for the Ghostbusters fandom. On the bright side for fans, today brought some excellent news to help put behind all of the nonsense. (more…)


By now we’re all well aware of the plot from Captain America 3 : Civil War – In the wake of the Avengers efforts to save the planet, and the subsequent collateral damage caused, political pressure mounts as government calls for the heroes to be held accountable. An act is drawn up which will see Super humans registered and monitored. Captain America is opposed to the act sighting that this is a breach of freedom, whereas Iron Man supports the change. The friends must do battle and fight for they believe in. This results in heroes picking sides.

It was hardly surprising that Ant-man (Scott Lang) sided with Steve Rogers given his connection to (original Ant-Man) Hank Pym and his distrust of the Stark family. Ant-mans addition to Civil War afforded the film a bit of comic relief, as well as cementing a relatively new character to the Marvel film franchise. But was Ant-Man always on the side of Team Cap? Early concept art from the film has been released that depicts (a giant) Ant- Man doing battle with Captain America himself in the Airport fight scene.  (more…)


On select nights from September 16th through October 31st, 2016 something terrifying happens at Universal Studios theme parks. No, we’re not talking about long lines at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal turns into a scream park, known for the last 25 years as Halloween Horror Nights – with haunted houses, horrifying mutants, monsters and maniacs abound.

Now new and familiar terrors have been added to the horror nights lineup, including: America Horror Story, Freddy Vs Jason, Micheal Myers, Krampus, The Exorcist, an original haunt from film maker Eli Roth and many more.  (more…)


Disney has enjoyed tremendous success with their live-action remakes of their animated films (or at least the ones not named Alice Through the Looking Glass). That proverbial home run streak will be tested again next spring when Disney releases its latest remake effort, Beauty and the Beast, but despite the fact that its coming out in only seven months, all we’ve seen so far is a brief teaser trailer. What gives? Doesn’t Disney know we’re starving for details? Well we’ve now got the second best thing to official released teases, leaked teases. And this one reveals what two of the main characters in the movie might look like. (more…)


Just in time to start your weekend comes the Captain America: Civil War blooper reel. There’s plenty to laugh about as just about everyone flubs a line sometime. Paul Bettney‘s Vision getting tongue-tied is absolutely fabulous. Apparently Paul Rudd is the consummate professional on set because he didn’t make the blooper cut although one would expect there are more bloopers on the DVD box set. Take a quick break from your Friday at work to have a laugh, your boss won’t mind, he’s too busy working up the nerve to ask you to work this weekend. (more…)


Ever since it was announced that Robert Downey Jr. was reprising his role as Iron Man (Tony Stark) for Captain America: Civil War, fans were eagerly anticipating the showdown between the two leaders of The Avengers. When the third Captain America film was first teased, the title had “Serpent Society” before “Civil War” was revealed. This means we could have had a completely different film. It all depended on RDJ wanting to come back to the table and reprise his role as Iron Man. After all, his Marvel Studios contract was up. Even though we love his take on Iron Man, the role he was born to play, he’s not going to do it forever. Luckily for everyone, Downey agreed to extend his contract with Marvel Studios and will continue to be Tony Stark for the foreseeable future. But what if he didn’t come back as Iron Man? What would the third Captain America film look like? (more…)


Things have been pretty quiet on the X-Men front since the release of X-Men: Apocalypse in May. On the other hand, no news is good news, especially in light of the recent reveal that Doug Liman has abandoned Gambit in favor of Justice League Dark, so perhaps no further announcement about future X-Men projects isn’t so bad. But now there’s this: news about the upcoming New Mutants film. The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone was recruited last year to bring the team of junior X-Men in training to the big screen, and now they’re making it a full Fault reunion by bringing onboard screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. (more…)


It’s here! It’s finally here! One box set to rule them all! The (ultimate) Middle-Earth Limited Collectors Edition has landed as majesticly as the Great Eagles. It’s no secret that over the course of filming the LOTR films mountains of footage was never used (even in the laboriusly extended directors cuts), including bloopers and outtakes. But what is it? Where can you get one, and most importantly WHEN? (more…)

Steve Rogers No Longer “Captain America?”

Captain America No More

The final battle between Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) at the end of Captain America: Civil War was both epic and personal as the two went toe to toe over Bucky as well as their relationship over the past several films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The battle ended with Captain America defeating Iron Man but hesitating to deliver the death blow. Stark calling out to Captain America saying he didn’t deserve his shield and then Rogers acknowledging that fact and dropping the shield. We all know they’ll back for Avengers: Infinity War to take on Thanos and save the galaxy. But will “Captain America” be back?


Robots Watching Trailer

The upcoming sci-fi thriller/horror film Morgan centers on a genetically created child who within one month is walking and talking. Within 6 years Morgan is self-sufficient and now is beyond the control of her creators. The film follows Morgan after she nearly critically injures one of her scientists after throwing a “tantrum” and her corporate benefactors determine whether to terminate her or if she requires further study. Needless to say, she isn’t having any of that!