It’s happening! It’s really happening! I didn’t believe it until I saw the picture below, but after nearly 20 years of watching, and waiting, and discussion, and rumor, filming on Independence Day 2 is finally underway. Picking up some 20 years after the original, ID4-2 will reunite many members of the cast of the first film with an eager group of brand new actors in order to fight the next wave of alien scum ready to invade the Earth. Obviously, spoilers and details are scarce in what’s actually a celebratory reunion picture of producer Dean Devlin and his star Jeff Goldblum, but for those that cynically thought this day would never come, it’s proof: This is actually happening! (more…)


When China based NetDragon Websoft Inc decided to build a new office complex in the Fujian Province, Lui Dejian, the Chairman and Executive Director of NetDragon and life long Trek fan decided to go all out and demonstrate his love of Star Trek in the buildings design. The main building, as you can see in the picture above is a homage to the Starship Enterprise. Dejian loved Star Trek so much that before construction began he sought and received permission from CBS for the official rights for the design. (more…)


Word is making the Internet rounds today that Fox is gearing up to give Alan Moore‘s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen another go at the big screen. I wouldn’t get any hopes up that Moore might pitch in on the script, he’s more likely to set the script on fire with his mind powers. What we do know is that Fox has brought on Ira Napoliello and Matt Reilly to oversee the remake. (more…)

The Batman Strikes on ‘Suicide Squad’ Set


Shooting on Suicide Squad continued on Yonge Street in Toronto last night, as the downtown core played host to a thrilling car chase in what’s presumed to be Gotham City. As with the previous night’s activities, the now famous Joker-mobile was spotted on set, but following Monday night’s appearance by the Batmobile there was something new to get fans excited, a full-blown appearance by the Dark Knight himself. Fans lining up for a glimpse at the Joker’s ride, were treated with the first public appearance by Batman, which naturally sent social media a twitter with new videos and photos of what’s expected to be a very exciting scene in the Suicide Squad. (more…)


This Christmas, director Ericson Core‘s Point Break Remake/Re-imagining will hit theaters and the question isn’t how well it will do at the box office, because we all know that nothing is going to beat J. J. AbramsStar Wars The Force Awakens. Nothing will even be close, being number two in December will be more like being number six on a regular weekend release. The real question is whether fans of the original will give this movie a shot, or just ignore it completely. (more…)


The Faculty. From Dusk til Dawn. Sin City. Machete. These violent and stylish movies were all given life by genre director Robert Rodriguez.  With the support of The Great Quentin Tarantino, Rodriguez made a name for himself presenting audiences with movies that are as tongue in cheek as they are action packed.  However, the filmmaker is a huge family man and has shown just how diverse a writer/director he is by taking on less violent family fare such as his Spy Kids series, and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, a movie co-written by his (then) 8 year old son, Racer Rodriguez.  It appears that Warner Brothers hasn’t forgotten that Rodriguez does have a bit of softness in his arsenal and has nabbed the Planet Terror director for a big screen adaptation of the classic 1964 Hannah-Barbera cartoon, Jonny Quest. (more…)


For years we’ve talked about the massive documentary project that was chronicling the production and combustion of the Superman movie that was to be directed by Tim Burton and starring Nicolas Cage. The end result of those efforts, The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?, will be available on VOD this coming July. Along with Jodorowsky’s Dune, which chronicled Alejandro Jodorowsky’s attempt to make a version of Frank Herbert’s Dune in the 70s, there seems to be a trend of making documentaries about movies that never happened. But two films don’t make a trend, so how about three? Straight out of Australia comes word that a new doc is in development, this time the subject is George Miller‘s abandoned Justice League movie Mortal. (more…)


A while back, there was a kerfuffle on the Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour. Stars of the film, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner were asked about Scarlett Johansson‘s relationship with Bruce Banner (a.k.a The Hulk). “She’s a slut” said Renner, when referring to the character. He and Evans proceeded to laugh at the sophomoric remark.

Couple of guys said something stupid while trying to be funny, and how quickly the fan-boys turned on them – judging them as bad people forever. The stars had to go on the record several times to apologize for the remark – citing they did not intend to offend anyone, and blamed the exhausting nature of the press tour for the unnecessary comment.

Actor Chris Pratt became aware of the Avengers media fiasco, and knowing that the Internet will cannibalize on just about everything, has made a preemptive apology. For what? Well, nothing yet. Likely he will, at some point, suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Figuring it’s better to be safe than sorry, Pratt posted an apology Facebook page, for just about anything and everything.  (more…)

Director Cary Fukunaga Walks Away From ‘It’


There are plenty of movie lovers out there that cannot stomach remakes.  For many people, updating an existing property, especially one that is attached to warm nostalgia, is an almost unforgiveable offense and death threats via social media to the offending movie makers is almost a given these days.  On the other side of the coin, there are films out there that, while absolutely wonderful, are due for an update.  Stephen King’s It is one of those films.  For years, the R-rated reboot has been heading towards production and just recently, it appeared that the film had found its Pennywise in We’re the MillersWill Poulter.  It appears that excitement for the project may have been a bit premature, however, as director Cary Fukunaga has officially stepped away from the film. (more…)


There’s a two person race in Hollywood to see which actor can play their comic book character in the most number of movies. An unofficial race, mind you, but a race just the same. Robert Downey Jr. has appeared as Tony Stark/Iron Man in six movies so far, but his seventh, Captain America: Civil War, will be released next year. That will tie him with Hugh Jackman, who’s appeared as Logan/Wolverine in five X-Men movies and two Wolverine spin-off films. So the ball is in Jackman’s court to up the ante, and while he doesn’t have as many options as Downey does, he does have options. For example, he could appear in the upcoming Deadpool movie, and if the actor playing the Merc with the Mouth is to be believed, it may actually happen. (more…)