Emperor Palpatine’s First Name Has Been Released. And…BWAHAHAHAHAHHA!!

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this one first

Now it all makes sense.

In true ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ fashion, the meek must work hard to make it in a world full of oppressors. In some cases, if you’re ridiculed or treated like a dork throughout your childhood, bitterness and spite will power your determination to make the usurpers pay. It’s all about change for the better. Maybe change your name? Hit the gym relentlessly. Get plastic surgery. Most people just put their best feet forward and force their futures into financially awesome dream lives. And sadly, too many fall by the wayside and let their shortcomings define them forever. Emperor Palpatine’s rise to ruthless dictatorship must have been as unswerving as the abuse he had to have taken growing up. In short, bullies are to blame for the Dark Side’s undaunted reign. All because the future Sith Lord…had a stupid first name. (more…)

‘Ghost In The Shell’ Might Have Found Its Lead Actress…Again.

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Okay, here we go. Last time we visited this subject, we were covering the likelihood of Margo Robbie taking on the role of Motoko Kusanagi. She’s a counter-terrorism team leader in 21st century Japan, and I spent a small piece of that article questioning the motivation behind Robbie being considered. Gotta admit, this issue hasn’t been the hottest of topics. We first started talking about the movie back in January with the announcement of a hired director. Then came the first casting rumor. Now we have another casting rumor. With this actress’ rising track record for successful action movies, I can’t say it’s a lousy idea. But I still have to wonder where all the Asian actresses are and what version of ‘Ghost In The Shell’ we’re expecting to get. (more…)

99% Chance We’ll See A Female Robin In Batman V Superman: DOJ

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When I read reports of DC going with an “older Batman” in the Warner Bros. head scratcher ‘Batman v Superman,’ the first thing I hoped for was a Nightwing appearance. It didn’t dawn on me that this caped crusader would lean more toward the Frank Miller version, immortalized in the comics series ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’ In truth, I saw the release of the Miller costume like everyone else and just didn’t put two and two together. So it kind of makes sense that, along with the more grizzled Dark Knight, female Robin, Carrie Kelley, wouldn’t be far behind. And now we sort of have proof that she’s gonna be in the movie starring our ‘World’s Finest.’


Smith, Robbie and Hardy “Close” to Signing Up for ‘Suicide Squad’

- 10-17-14Comics, Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

suicide squad

A report yesterday listed a proverbial “Murderer’s Row” of big screen celebs being courted to join the big screen version of Suicide Squad, the movie based on the DC Comics team of the same name. Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Tom Hardy were the names being brandied about, although the reporting was a bit iffy, as if to say that these were names on someone’s wish list, possibly director David Ayer (Fury), and not a list of people actually being courted for parts. Well, new reporting today seems to indicate that the previous report was at least 75 per cent prophetic. Smith, Hardy and Robbie are indeed, apparently, “close to signing” on to DC and Warner Bros.’ next big comic book movie. (more…)

Teaser Poster for ‘Pac Rim 2′ – And What’s This About a 3rd Movie?

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Guillermo del Toro will return to direct Legendary Pictures’ Pacific Rim 2, the next chapter of the epic rock ‘em sock ‘em Mech on Kaiju epic action-adventure. While we have about a 3 year wait until del Toro’s Pac Rim 2 is released, Legendary Pictures has released a teaser poster for it on their Pacific Rim Facebook feed. It features several warships about be sucked into a vortex in the ocean. Check it out below, and hear what del Toro has to say about a possible 3rd film.   (more…)

It Does Exist! First Shot from the Set of ‘Tremors 5′

- 10-16-14Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Remember Tremors? Okay, maybe you don’t. It came out nearly 25 years ago and it was hardly a box office success. It did enjoy cult status, but even that seems to have faded over the years and decades, leaving the pre-CG creature charm of the Ron Underwood film and the charm of a youthful Kevin Bacon left somewhat forgotten in the annals of movie-going. But you know who hasn’t forgotten? Universal. Universal Pictures produced several direct-to-video sequels and a Sci-Fi original series based on the movie, and because everything old is new, sequelized or rebooted again, Tremors is coming back, and coming to a Blu-ray player or video-on-demand site near you. And to prove it’s a thing, we have the first photo from the set. (more…)

Warwick Davis Makes a Special ‘Star Wars VII’ Announcement

- 10-16-14Film Posted by Mark Poynter


Warwick Davis has a wonderful attitude about himself and the world around him. His show Life’s too Short is a wonderful look at how he tweaks his own nose about his life. His appearance on An Idiot Abroad is another fine example. When the news broke last year that J.J. Abrams would be directing Star Wars VII everyone who was ever in a Star Wars movie was bombarded with questions, were they going to be in it, did they know what the movie would be about, had they talked with J.J.? Well know we know that Warwick has indeed talked with J.J. and he decided to let us know what happened with this little video. (more…)

‘Game Of Thrones’ Star(k) Maisie Williams Said She Might Be In A Superhero Series

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use this first

Spiderman fanatic Maisie Williams hasn’t been around the site much. Last time we talked about her, she was dissing the hell out of ‘Game Of Thrones’ book readers for being douchebags. It was one of my favorite stories, authored by a fantastic writer. It’s nice to see her return to these pages, even if it’s not GOT-oriented. Yes, it just so happens that the young actress has aspirations to do other things outside of medieval fantasy. For instance, how about a superhero television series? When being interviewed about her upcoming projects, including the gaming world’s ‘The Last Of Us,’ little Arya Stark mentioned being in talks for something more Hit-Girl than sword girl. (more…)

New Pictures From the New Mexico ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Set

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While Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’s director Zack Snyder had originally planned on filming some scenes in Africa, the Ebola outbreak in West African countries has forced the production to reconsider those planned locations. Now those scenes will be filmed in New Mexico and the local news channel 7, KOAT News has the big scoop. Let’s go to our roving reporter on the scene Marvin Olsen (Step brother to Jimmy Olsen) already in the field. Wait.. This post’s director is telling me in my ear piece that we don’t have a roving reporter and that I’m not wearing an earpiece. I’m guessing it’s time to take my medication. (more…)

New ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1′ Production Stills & ‘Return to District 12′ Trailer

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Things are starting to pick up in the Hunger Games Marketing Games. This time around we’ve got some new production stills and a trailer featuring Katniss’ return to District 12. Included in the trailer is the new single by Lorde, Yellow Flicker Beat. (more…)