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The Jungle Book has not seen a live-action adaptation for at least two decades. Since the original 1994 Disney release, which tried to shed a few shadows into the light-hearted cartoon classic in an attempt to stay true to the source material, the studio has seemed content to leave well enough alone. However, the newest TV trailer for the film that was aired during Superbowl 50 has given us a greater insight into the newest movie and it seems like the studio has chosen to stick closer to its own tradition…



With an audience of literally millions, Hollywood is more than eager to show off all the movies that they’ve got in store for 2016. Tonight’s Super Bowl ads will include previews for hyped-up films like 10 Cloverfield Lane and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Out of all the new trailers making their television debut tonight, one preview is especially anticipated. As the melanistic felines and the untrained equines partake in dubious battle, a whole nother war is just on the horizon. While the former of these conflicts centers around an inflatable piece of leather, the latter involves whether or not superheroes should be registered with the government. It’s the battle of Team Iron Man vs. Team Captain America.   (more…)

Fox’s Superbowl Spot for ‘Deadpool’


The reviews for Deadpool may already be in (check out our review HERE) but that hasn’t stopped FOX from continuing its marketing assault. In what has arguably been the most aggressive, unique, and damn near hilarious marketing campaigns for any movie ever, Deadpool now finds himself on one of the largest stages in the world… Superbowl 50.

The new spot features is laced with some Football humor (naturally) followed by the same movies scenes we’ve already seen a hundred times cut in a different order. But we’re not in it for the footage, hearing Deadpool say absurdities like “I’ve always wanted to be a professional athlete cause I wanted to have children in cities all over the world.” on a national scale is the ticket.  (more…)


EDITORS NOTE: With a movie as unique as Deadpool, its a given-in that it was going to get a polarizing reception. You may have seen Nerd Bastards earlier glowing endorsement of the movie (Review HERE), but now let’s hear an opposing and more critical review. 

The Merc with the Mouth (aka Deadpool) is back. Actually, he was never here, not yet anyway. It just feels that way, a tribute (if “tribute” is the right word) to Deadpool’s genius-level marketing team. Over the last 6-7 months, Team Deadpool has been everywhere, online and off, in strategically released trailers, TV ads, mock-PSAs, and increasingly frequent appearances by star Ryan Reynolds, making a bid to reclaim the big-screen superhero title he lost almost six years ago (the less said about Green Lantern, the better for everyone involved). That’s all to the good – if we define “good” as increasing audience awareness and opening to relatively strong box-office returns – but ultimately Deadpool: The Movie has to stand or fall (or more accurately, fail) on its own apart from audience-friendly marketing, and unfortunately fail Deadpool: The Movie does, sinking under the weight of its fourth wall breaking, meta-joke heavy premise. It’s a premise that proves unsustainable across first-time director Tim Miller nearly two-hour, big-screen adaptation of Marvel Comics’ least likely superhero.  (more…)


Right from the get-go, you can tell… it’s on like competitive ping-pong.

Deadpool found itself in a bit of “controversy” during its PR push when it landed an “R” rating – a rating which the marketing team reveled in, wearing as a badge of honor like a sort of “look how awesome we are, adult fanboys!” type of way.  Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that; since day one, the movie has been priding itself on its “dare to be different” philosophy, which quite frankly is likely the only mantra that could ever work with a film based on a character like Deadpool. (more…)

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 6.03.40 PM

Deadpool has as few likes an interests. He has an unrelenting craving for chimichangas. He has a penchant for disposing bad-guys with his stabby ticks (aka his swords).  He also likes to talks to talk to himself, a lot. What you may not know, though, is that he has a deep rooted fascination for soccer icon Wayne Rooney. This fawning may not have been very well established in the comics but it has certainly come to life in this new movie promo clip.

In the clip, Deadpool has a dream about being a clutch kicker for Manchester United and getting some much reassuring respect from soccer legend Wayne Rooney. And, the real kicker (pun intended)…he sleeps with Wolverine for comfort. (more…)

Kevin Smith Daughter

Uber sounds like a great concept on paper. All you have to do is download an app on your phone and you can request a ride whenever you want. On the other hand, getting a lift in some random guy’s car and chucking the concept of “stranger danger” out the window is naturally problematic. Ever request a ride from Uber and wound up with a driver who seems suspicious? Perhaps he was a passive-aggressive guy who treated you like his ex-girlfriend. Perhaps he smelled like cheap weed and tequila. Perhaps he isn’t even a real Uber driver and just faked being one to kidnap you.  (more…)


“I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.”
~J.D. Salinger, Catcher In The Rye

Cyberpunk fans and harboiled anime nerds know Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex as the series which brought Masamune Shirow‘s science fiction noir drama back into the limelight. The upcoming Hollywood live-action adaptation has received a lot of flak since it was announced, but it seems as if the film is finally about to enter the final stages of development in earnest, with the studio having officially cast the series’ main antagonist, Laughing Man. (more…)


The original Captain Kirk would like to be beam back into the role that made him famous. William Shatner has stated that he would be open to coming back as an ‘older’ Kirk in some way shape or form. Shatner, 84, recently sat down with the Scott Feinberg and his “Awards Chatter” podcast to shoot the breeze and spill the beans about all things ‘Trek.   (more…)


As infatuated Hollywood has been with nostalgic sequels and reboots, these films have generally been a bit of a mixed bag. 2015’s Jurassic World and Goosebumps were successfully able to strike a chord with critics and audiences, winning over both long-time fans and newcomers of their respective franchises.

However, films like Pixels and Jem and The Holograms wound up leaving both fans and newbies scratching their heads at how little understanding or care the films gave their source material. Nevertheless, studios still have plenty of nostalgic movies in development. Lionsgate, for example, has highly-anticipated adaptations of both Power Rangers and My Little Pony planned for 2017. Moreover, it was just announced today that Lionsgate is planning to adapt another popular franchise. You may remember this one from your local library.  (more…)