Omaze charity efforts for the Star Trek: To Boldly Go campaign,  has afforded fans some great sneak peeks of the forthcoming sequel Star Trek Beyond, including some new aliens, the new Starfleet uniforms, and the cast showing off their best dance moves on the bridge of the Enterprise.

With only one week left to donate,  the possibility of earning the chance to win a walk-on role in the move from director Justin Lin is at your finger tips. Of course with only a few days left, a new charity video has  surfaced that also acts as a Leonard Nimoy tribute, complete with the cast giving Spock’s customary farewell.



It’s the most unexpected franchise of the 21st century, a prequel series to series of science fiction movies made in the 1960s and 70s. But hey, money is money, and Hollywood will take your money. And if you want to put more money down on more Planet of the Apes movies, they’re cool with that. So let’s talk about the next Apes film, The War of the Planet of the Apes, the third film in the series that charts the fall of man and the rise of apes will begin shooting sometime this fall. They better get some casting done then, right? Well good news War now has a lead [human] actor. (more…)

It seems that first impressions aren’t everything, even in the movies. Sinister mask, red lightsaber, spooky name, we all had this guy pegged as a Sith. But, according Star Wars The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams, Kylo Ren’s appearance isn’t all that it’s added up to be. Watch your step, you wouldn’t want to step into any Sith after the jump. (more…)


It seems that these days, everyone has an opinion on everything – or more accurately: people have had opinions for a long time, but now the internet bombards us with everyone’s opinion on everything.  There is a select group of people in the world of entertainment, however, that most would agree have actually earned the right to have their opinions carry the actual weight that most of us believe our ideas should.  I think most would agree that Quentin Tarantino – the seminal writer/director behind such pop-culture mega-hits as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, Inglorious Basterds, and so much more – would fall into that category.  He recently opened up about his feelings on the recent influx of superhero movies – read on to hear his thoughts!



Shooting on the Suicide Squad wrapped up this weekend in Toronto. Now there’s been no shortage of news coming off of the Suicide Squad set whether its fans on social media catching sightings of the Joker-mobile, or the film’s stars being captured out and about in the city out of costume, but with shooting now at an end, it might seem now an occasion for the valued Hollywood tradition of the over-the-top, debauched wrap party. What you weren’t expecting though was Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang stopping by a quiet Toronto street for a nice glass of homemade lemonade. It was quite the surprise for the little girl trying to raise money for charity with her stand too. (more…)


There’s always two sides to every story, at least that’s what they say. It appears that J. Matthew Turner  is one of those people who believe that old saying, and he decided to put together a video to illustrate his belief that Daniel LaRusso is in fact the real bully of The Karate Kid. That’s right, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) of the Cobra Kai dojo is the one getting picked on, not Ralph Macchio. (more…)


I guess the shooting of X-Men: Apocalypse are now days of future past. Huh? Okay, so bad puns aside, yes, it seems that shooting on the sixth X-Men movie has officially concluded, and, as per modern tradition, it was announced on social media, specifically director Bryan Singer‘s Instagram account. The final [production] glimpse proves to be just as mysterious and vexing as the previous set pictures, featuring a massive practical set. It looks like the last day of shooting was no simple scene either, but again we ask the question: What is going on? Where are they? Who’s involved? And what does Apocalypse mean for the X-Men series going forward? (more…)