Chloe Grace Moretz Thinks It’s Your Fault That ‘Kick-Ass 3′ Is Dead

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Plenty of movies flop every year and many of them are sequels to movies that were adored by fans but just couldn’t recapture the magic of the previous entry.  Case in point: Kick-Ass 2. The first entry in the franchise grossed over $96mil worldwide when it was released back in 2010 but last year’s sequel made less than $61mil on a comparable budget. What went wrong?  If you believe Chloë Grace Moretz, it was pirates. (more…)

Robert Downey Jr. Has Some Kind Words For ‘Guardians’

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Robert Downey Jr.’s ego is legendary.  If you have ever been in the presence of the man, or have ever seen/read pretty much any interview with Downey, you know that his ego is almost a defining characteristic.  However, in a recent interview with the Toronto Sun, the actor behind the ego had some kind words for the highest grossing film of the summer. (more…)

‘Underworld’ Is About To Be Rebooted – For No Other Reason Than “Just Because”

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Anytime Hollywood finds a successful franchise that starts running out of steam, the decision to pull the plug is immediately discussed.  We have seen this happen time and time again, and for the most part, walking away from the sliding franchise is the most intelligent decision from a financial standpoint.  More often these days, however, movie studios want to continue building on the brand that they have created and nurtured by rebooting the property rather than just tossing the franchise after a failure or two.  Well, a franchise whose latest release was actually the most successful entry in the entire saga has just decided to join this not-so-elite group of reboots rather than continuing the story that it’s been telling for over ten years.  It looks like fans of the Underworld series will soon have a whole new team of vampires and werewolves to follow. (more…)

First Look At ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Doctor Doom

- 08-28-14Comics, Film Posted by Mark Poynter


We’ve seen the Thing picture floating around the Internet from Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot. First FOX started throwing around Cease and Desist orders to take the image down, then weeks later Trank tweets the same picture, which hangs around for a day or so and then gets deleted. Now we’ve got a couple of shots of Doctor Doom on set. Wanna get a look? (more…)

‘Yoga Hosers’ Will Reunite Stan Lee and Kevin Smith

- 08-28-14Film Posted by Luke Gallagher


Writer/director Kevin Smith built his career off the back of his love for comic books and geek fandom. While his proclivities for geek culture seeped into many of his movies, none so more than his 1995 romantic comedy Mallrats.

Besides the film featuring a main character who collects comic books and has a weird obsession with super hero sex organs, the stand out fan-boy moment is when Marvel comics legend Stan Lee makes a cameo as himself and tells a story about “the girl that got away”.

A delightful and inspiring scene on what was otherwise a juvenile movie. Really, though, I think Smith simply wrote the scene as an excuse to work with one of his comic book heroes. Whatever the case, it worked. Smith and Lee have become life long friends. A geeks dream come true.

Now, 20 years later (feeling old are you?) Kevin Smith and Stan Lee will reunite for Smith’s upcoming film Yoga Hosers.

INTERVIEW- Robert Englund Talks 30 Years of Freddy Krueger

- 08-27-14Featured, Film, Interviews Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Throughout the 70s and 80s, there were a lot of movie monsters, but only one of them really had a consistent face. Robert Englund was the face of Freddy Krueger through eight Nightmare on Elm Street films, a couple of music videos and a TV series called Freddy’s Nightmares, and this year Freddy Krueger turns 30 years old. Freddy’s portrayer, Englund, has worked consistently since his twin breakthroughs in 1984, Nightmare and the TV series V, building up an impressive resume of over 100 different film and TV projects. But with three decades now come and gone, more than ever, Englund is most closely associated with the burnt, disfigured “bastard son of a hundred maniacs.”

In an recent interview with Nerd Bastards, looking forward to Englund’s pending appearance at the National Fan Expo in Downtown Toronto, the actor discussed his enduring appeal as a horror icon, his recent flirtation with putting Freddy’s face on again, and his actually quite impressive knowledge of the geography of Canada’s largest city. (more…)

Ready To Meet Some Of ‘Mockingjay’s’ Rebel Warriors?

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The movies based on The Hunger Games novels have already grossed over a billion dollars worldwide and by all accounts, the best is yet to come.  Even those who were unfamiliar with the YA series back in 2012 have come around since the release of the first movie, and if ever there was a YA series to wash the bad taste out of our mouths left by the Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games is it.  The penultimate entry in the franchise will be released on November 21 and Lionsgate has just released some new posters via Wired that feature some of the “Rebel Warriors” that will be part of the rebellion against the Capitol. (more…)

Daniel Radcliffe’s New Movie Made Him “Horny.”

- 08-27-14Books, Film Posted by Aspry Jones


Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie ‘Horns’ looks like a mix of comedy and horror. Not the kind of gory horror that we got from Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead,’ and definitely not the kind of slapstick comedy we found in his ‘Evil Dead 2′. But there’s a seriously disturbing tone to this supernatural story and the concept is pretty silly: the townsfolk think this guy killed his girlfriend and they look on him as something of a monster. So he gradually becomes one,  slowly sprouting horns on his head and seemingly becoming either a devil or a demon. Mandalay and Red Granite Pictures have adapted this story from Joe Hill’s novel. And now we have an international trailer for this piece. Check it out on the other side – it’s a bevy of dark fun and unsettling images. (more…)

Russos Say We’ll Freak When We Find Out Who’s in ‘Capt. America 3′ and Then Don’t Share

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Jeez, can we get Avengers: Age of Ultron out of the way before we start hyping Captain America 3?

No. Alright then.

So while out promoting the upcoming home video and digital release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, co-director Anthony Russo, who filmed Winter Soldier with his brother Joe, teased some of the stuff they were looking at doing in the third part of the franchise, which is due in theaters in 2016. No specifics were offered (obviously), but one can sense a definite twinge of excitement in the director about what he and his brother have in store: the introduction of new characters, the redemption of old ones, and maybe *gasp* an ending? Read on…. (more…)

Is The DC Cinematic Universe Following a “No Joke” Policy?

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sad batman

There is no doubt that there are plenty of differences between the movies that Marvel continues to pump out and the movies that WB/DC continues to give audiences.  One of the biggest differneces, of course, is the tone of these movies.  While Marvel loves to give fans some laughs with their superhero action, DC prefers to keep things a bit darker, and for the most part any laughs that come from the audience are almost ironic in response to what’s going on in the film itself (“Want to see a magic trick?”).  If you follow the comic books released from each of the publishers, you may even believe you understand why. A new rumor, however, may give us a better answer to why the DC Cinematic Universe seems so depressing. (more…)