Easily one of the busiest guys in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson‘s name is being attached to yet another project. Still basking in a strong second place finish last weekend for his film Central Intelligence against Pixar heavyweight Finding Dory, it would not be unusual to see Johnson get further movie offers given his star-power. Here’s the rub: can this man fit anything else into his already jam-packed schedule? Not only is he averaging about three movies a year, he’s also got a series on HBO, not to mention the occasional wrestling appearance and a family to raise. Perhaps what Johnson needs is an alterego that comes out when the moon is full… (more…)


Boy this cast keep getting bigger and bigger! We already know Tom Holland’s returning from his breakout Captain America: Civil War debut along with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. We already know that Michael Keaton will be the villain (possibly The Vulture), but the casting for Spider-Man: Homecoming has continued to grow in recent days including additions like Donald Glover, Martin Starr, Logan Marshall-Green, and Hannibal Buress are already joining a cast that’s including Tony Revolori and Zendaya. Needless to say, this is going to be a big film. (more…)

Aleister Arcane 2

Far from unfamiliar with Hollywood adaptations, comic book author Steve Miles is known as the writer behind 30 Days of Night and Batman: Gotham County Line. His graphic novel, Aleister Arcane, was first considered for a screen adaptation in 2004, the same year it was published. Unfortunately, their ownership of the rights lapsed before Paramount could make anything of it, and the idea fell out of discussion. The comic retained its cult status in the years following, but wasn’t much built upon. (more…)


Pixels is the classic Hollywood tale of something interesting and new shoved through the Hollywood meat-grinder, mangled and twisted into something horrifyingly repulsive. Seriously, the only thing the Adam Sandler Pixels movie is good for is helping you get a nap in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. An afternoon so lazy you can’t bring yourself to exert the energy to reach for the remote to change the channel as you drift off into sleep. I found myself nodding off just watching this Honest Trailers look at the disaster that is Pixels. (more…)


While it’s true that sometimes movie rumors are proven correct in time, the overwhelming number of them are almost always false, and that goes doubly true for rumors about Star Wars movies. If we had a nickel for every false rumor about the prequel trilogy and The Force Awakens, we could make our own Star Wars movie (with Black Jack and hookers, or not), but this is the rare case where rumor is based on something resembling fact. For months we’ve heard that Darth Vader will be returning in the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and now we’ve got the official word that yes, he is indeed back. (more…)

Joker feature

It seems like nearly every week something new hits the web regarding the upcoming David Ayer film ‘Suicide Squad.’ From trailers, to a prequel comic book tie-in to the film, talks of solo spinoff movies, and even discussions on the significance of Jared Leto’s Joker’s tattoos. The latest from the marketing powerhouse that is Warner Bros./DC Films are solo character posters of the cast. These new artist renditions give us a couple of unique and catchy styles highlighting each member of Task Force X, the woman who assembled them (Amanda Waller), and of course The Joker. (more…)

It looks like news regarding the new Justice League film are popping up left, right, and every direction you go. And it’s time to face the facts, these are going to be hard to ignore if you spend any time on the internet. So you can choose to unplug yourself from the internet, ignore them, or just do what many have done and embrace them with lots of salt. In this Justice League roundup, it looks like the movies has a new logo. In addition, a new Batmobile will be making an appearance, and details about the movie’s plot have surfaced.


mads mikklesen dr strange
Alright folks, it’s time to play the fun game of speculation! On the plate for this week is the secret role Mads Mikkelsen is playing in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. Up to now, no one has had any clue as to who he may be playing. However, it seems like this story has finally found it’s break and a from an unusual source – a toy description. To save people from any kind of news they may feel will be spoilerish (confirmed or not), it will not be written here. For that news, you’ll just have to keep reading after the jump.


Justice League Casting

Even though the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe film Justice League is more than a year away, the buzz for the film is continuing to grow. We already know that the team will be uniting in the wake of Superman’s death in Batman V Superman to take on a new threat. We already know that we will have a “jacked up” Commissioner Gordon, but thanks to the Justice League set visits this past week for press, all sorts of juicy details are emerging for the upcoming film. In addition to seeing new logos, we now have new casting details and a few plot details.