We have less than three weeks before the release of Wonder Woman, the DC Extended Universe’s (DCEU) first female solo comic movie (and in fact, the first female-centric superhero movie in general). Even with Wonder Woman not out already, Warner Bros is already looking forward to their future films they have on the horizon. At least two of those will feature female heroines. As expected, we will be seeing a sequel to Wonder Woman. In addition, Joss Whedon will direct a Batgirl film.


It was only a couple of months ago when Charlie Hunnam had no idea who the Green Arrow was. He’s said that comics were never part of his early life and, therefore, not part of his future plans. But minds can change quickly, and it seems that Hunnam’s did just that. Almost as fast as he could say no to the role, he had switched gears and had become very open to the idea of playing Oliver Queen. All it took was telling him that he looks just like the guy.


Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Shazam

We’ve known for a very very (very) long time that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (famously from Fast and Furious and infamous for The Tooth Fairy,) will star as the immortal Egyptian anti-hero  in the someday coming Captain Marvel Shazam/Black Adam movie that is apparently still someday coming, but who’d be playing the good guy that the former wrestler turned actor’s bad guy? Well Mr. The Rock Johnson, who is also reportedly producing the film, did give a not so subtle hint to We Got This Covered on who he’d want to see suited up as the scarlet draped acronym powered hero.  (more…)

When Johnny Depp created the persona of Captain Jack Sparrow in 2003’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, his inspiration was a rock and roll pirate in the mood of Rolling Stones’ member Keith Richards. Richards then returned the compliment by appearing in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, as Keeper of the Code Captain Teague, who also happened to be Jack’s father. But Richards is about to be joined in the Pirates franchise with another member of rock royalty, and now you can see Sir Paul McCartney is full pirate mode, as he’ll appear in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales(more…)

King Arthur is one of about four or five characters from British literature and folklore that have been done so many times, that you can’t really do anything new or insightful with them. So already Guy Ritchie had an uphill battle with his King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, so he decided to do with it what he did with his version of another beloved and frequently used British character, Sherlock Holmes. Ritchie’s Arthur is rock and roll, a Once and Future King with swagger and attitude. Like a King Arthur flick made by high school film students with a $200 million budget. (more…)

At 79, Ridley Scott’s (The MartianThe Counselor, Gladiator, Blade Runner) talents as a visual stylist remain undiminished. For scale, scope, and spectacle, few filmmakers can match Scott’s eye for composition or world building, but give Scott a poor, middling, or underdeveloped script and the result looks a lot like Prometheus five years ago: A promising set-up, a shedload’s worth of ideas, and purposely obtuse, underwhelming execution that left most films of the Alien franchise ready to chuck Scott and his collaborators out of the nearest airlock. But in the “Age of the Franchise,” no studio, let alone Fox, would let a potentially lucrative property like Alien slip into suspended animation. In hindsight, they should have (a) given the franchise a break and maybe even start over (i.e., a full-on Alien reboot) and/or (b) politely asked Scott to serve as a producer in name only and give creative control of the franchise to someone, anyone with fresh, novel ideas.



It looks like The New Mutants has found it’s Wolfsbane and Magik. Earlier today THR broke the news that Maisie Williams had been cast in the role of Wolfsbane and Anya Taylor-Joy had been chosen to play Magik. Now this news isn’t really that surprising since it’s been known that director, Josh Boone, has been eyeing the two actresses to play these roles ever since he was brought on board. Now that his wishes have come true, he can move on and cast the rest of the film. But who’s next? Maybe Boone will work on rumor that Alexandra Shipp could come back to reprise her roll as Storm from X-Men: Apocalypse.


Indie cinema’s bad boy who blasted his way into the mainstream movie scene as Marvel‘s billionaire playboy genius Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr is the cool kid that everyone in the playground wants to hang out with. As generous as he is suave and apparently limitlessly talented, there are people out there who would give a lot just to hang out with him for one day. But, with a new fundraising initiative aiming to raise money for Random Act Funding, the charity co-founded by Robert and Susan Downey, you now have the opportunity to spend a day with the actor on the set of the next Avengers movie. (more…)

Alien: Covenant will be in a theatre near you one week from tonight, and for all those disappointed by more than two decades of lacklustre xenomorph action, the hopes and dreams (or dread and nightmares) of fans everywhere go with director Ridley Scott and his cast and crew to deliver a truly great Alien movie once more. To tide you over, the film has released a new clip online with a very familiar set-up. Some hapless humans find a bunch of weird looking eggs, they hear the squeaking and scampering of something inhuman, and then… They take it in the face! (more…)

For those of you that were holding out hope against hope that Mike Mignola‘s Facebook post the other day was a tease, and that there’s still a chance for the final chapter of Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy trilogy, prepare to be greeted by some cold water. Not only was this not a “What If…” scenario by the Hellboy creator, but now one of the screenwriters on the project is speaking out in general terms about what people might be able to expect from the project. In short, Hellboy will be returning to his horror roots with something both “dark” and “more gruesome.” (more…)