Funny Videos


No one likes The Star Wars Holiday Special….and no one SHOULD. Even George Lucas has expressed regret over allowing it to happen. But here we are again. All those Wookiee Life day memories come flooding back, thanks to this newest holiday video featuring Chewbacca.

Chewie sings the Wookiee version of “Silent Night”. The clip comprises several clips from across all the Star Wars movies, and sounds just as one might expect – like a symphony of coke cans being streaked across a desk. It’s magical.  (more…)


Back in 1995, when the first of the Mortal Kombat game series was still dancing (or splattering blood) in people heads, the impossible happened: news of a Mortal Kombat movie! Images of bloody spinal cords, gory decapitations, and perhaps a few sweet ‘Flawless Victories’ danced in the skulls of fans.  Of course, an R rated, extreme, Kung Fu, violence-fest is NOT the film that was delivered. Still, at the time, it was the greatest damn movie to anyone in the second grade. Even now, 20+ years later, it still holds up as the best film adaptation of a video game. Given the MK movie featured a giant four-armed man puppet getting punched in the dick, that’s saying something!

Of course, 2 years later, the dumber-than-a-bag-of-hammers Mortal Kombat Annihilation happened and shat in everyones cereal.

Looking back at these two earmarks in video game movie history, are the guys from Screen Junkies. They’ve given the MK movie franchise the ole’ Honest Trailer treatment. As one might expect, they were not kind. (more…)


If there is one thing that Screen Junkies has made quite clear over the years, it is that no one is safe from ridicule, that any and every movie must be criticised to prove its worth. No matter how great it might be to the untrained eye, the Honest Trailers series will expose every flaw in all the most popular releases. In their most recent video, they’ve taken on be the baddest of the bad. The most dangerous villains in the entire DC universe have come under the critical eye of one of YouTube’s most scathing pop culture critics. (more…)


Was Finding Dory necessary? Was it not an obvious cash grab from Disney hungry with sequel fever? The answers to those questions are “no” and “of course”. Regardless, that didn’t stop this Finding Nemo sequel from swimming its way into people’s hearts and wallets, netting over 900 mil with the world wide box office. Another monster hit from Disney and Pixar. But was this movie as good as people remember? Does playing it back still leave you all warm a fuzzy? Well, of course, it’s a Disney movie… their designed to make audience laugh and cry. But, that doesn’t make them immune from criticism. And who better to tear apart a beloved children’s movies the funny bastards at Screen Junkies with their brutally critical Honest Trailers. Truthfully, they don’t slam it too hard but defiantly call foul on Hollywoods Sequel-itis. (more…)


It had to happen eventually, there’s only so many ways to avoid what fans clamor for and Screen Junkies finally broke down and took on the BBC‘s hit show Sherlock for an Honest Trailer Treatment. Now as often happens when the Honest Trailer Treatment is given to an honestly fantastic movie or show, it is more of celebration than a burning at the stake as they look at Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. (more…)


November’s almost upon us, which means it’s once again time for us to once again sit and watch the Charlie Brown specials for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. These specials are a somewhat of a cultural event giving us a blast from the past and fill us with nostalgia. Another cultural event that recently gave us a mega dose of nostalgia was the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Stranger Things.



Majestic, powerful, mysterious… The legacy of Doctor Strange is one that has remained unmarred for generations. A truly unique hero, his abilities are a mystery to even the most intelligent and well traveled of the Avengers. No matter how brilliantly intelligent or well versed in alien skills, there are some things they just can’t handle alone. As if he needed to be any more magnificent, the newest movie stars Benedict Cumberbath as the Doctor himself – a positively regal man who has stepped perfectly into the role of neurosurgeon turned legendary mystic artist. (more…)


It’s easy to imagine two kids on the playground arguing about which group would come out on top if the Voltron team (Keith, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Princess Allura) fought the Power Rangers‘ Megazord. Now those two kids can find out because Youtuber ismahawk and crew have gone full fan(boy & girl) fight in making this incredibly fun video. Seriously, it isn’t often that one finds something that they unknowingly needed to fill a hidden void in their lives. Start your weekend off right and check it out below. (more…)


Our good friends at Screen Junkies are at it once again, this time taking on X-Men: Apocalypse. The third sequel in the “First Class” trilogy was not well received by critics and fans. You can see our review of the movie here.  After nailing the second film, Brian Singer returned to the director’s chair to have supervillain Apocalypse fight the X-Men. Some parts of the film worked, most didn’t. Screen Junkies, never willing to hold a punch, created an “Honest Trailer” for the latest mutant film.



After they flew like leaves on the wind and before they were Con-men, Nathan Fillion and Allen Tudyk took some time to do a little adult screen work under the supervision of pre-Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn in a little web series known as James Gunn’s PG Porn. Everything you love about porn movies… without the sex. Check out their porn-tastic performances below. (more…)