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‘Batman v Superman’ v Honest Trailers

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It would be generous to describe Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as less than a riotous success. Drawing on a mishmash of ideas from multiple storylines belonging to many, many incarnations of the titular superheroes, a cast of Hollywood greats was not enough to save the convoluted plot from severe criticism. Despite being the fourth highest grossing film of 2016 at the time of its release, the small margin by which it profited compared to the expense spent on it resulted in it being described as “a disappointment” – and that’s not even starting on what the fans or critics had to say. (more…)


While Deadpool was a great film, there was one hanging chad that kept people up at night, tossing and turning, wondering what happened to Dopinder’s cousin. Remember Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) recommended killing Dopinder’s cousin when he first met Dopinder and later found out Dopinder had stashed his cousin in the truck of the taxi the second meeting, but we never really got full closure on what happened next. Now, thanks to A. Todd Smith and company, we know that Dopinder’s cousin finally got out of the trunk and face to face with the man behind Dopinder’s truck stuffing ideas. (more…)


Most everyone has already decided that the rebooted Ghostbusters movie by Paul Feig is complete trash, going out of there way to hate this movie before they’ve actually seen it.  And to be fair – every trailer, spot, and piece of marketing up to this point has been a hard sell to those loyal to the original movies. However, people seem to forgot that Ghostbusters already brought some suffrage to the franchise long before Paul Feig had anything to do with it – namely with the weak sauce of a movie that is Ghostbusters II. A carbon copy of the first movie but, you know, not as good.

Don’t take our word for it. Let the critical tirade of Honest Trailers open yours eyes to just how bad a movie Ghostbusters II was. (more…)


Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, X-Men), you find out he’s been living a secret cowboy crooner lifestyle just like Park and Rec‘s Ron Swanson sexy Jazz Sax playing alter ego Duke Silver. Is there anything this man can’t do… and do well? He’s teamed up with the IRC (International Rescue Committee) to reveal his secret and bring you some of the finest Cowboy Crooning you’ll find out there on the dusty old trail. Find out how you can help, and get a 5 song sampler. (more…)


There are very few truly great wonders of the world and gosh darn it if Jeff Goldblum isn’t one of them. Man hasn’t done anything relevant since his Jurassic Park days and that movie about the aliens where team USA saves the world..what was it called, oh yea, Independence Day. The man has a unique quirk and charm that has made him into an everlasting national treasure. Why take this here recent viral video for the upcoming Independence Day sequel (a movie many have said was made 20 years too late) as an example of the fine-tuned vocal delivery, mannerisms, and that distinct “Hahahrawrrahaha” laugh that make Goldblum pop culture gold.

In the video, Earth Space Defense head David Levinson (Goldblum’s character in Independence Day) takes it upon himself  to debunk one of the surreal rumors about the War of 1996. You know, the one that he and actor Jeff Goldblum are the same person. (more…)

Justice League (Alex Ross)

George Miller (Mad Max, Happy Feet) had a fantastic story and plans to develop a superhero team film which would have pre-dated The Avengers. Budget was agreed upon, the location for filming was decided, the principal shooting for the film was set to begin. Heck, even a title was chosen… Justice League Mortal. Then the writer’s strike of 2007 and Warner Bros. indefinitely putting the hold on what could have been an outstanding film which held true to the comic books. (more…)


Epic Rap Battles has done it again: pitted two icons against each other in a lyrical throw down that we never knew we wanted to see until we did.  This time around, the contestants were George R.R. Martin, the author of the Game of Thrones books, versus J.R.R Tolkien, the author of the Lord of the Rings works.  The “audience” deems the winner via YouTube votes, so watch the battle unfold and get to commenting who you think dropped the mic harder! (more…)

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Alright, so Batman v. Superman wasn’t the movie that everyone was expecting it to be. Still, it was great seeing two titans in comic book history fight each other on the big screen. Sadly, the quality of the live action adaption was no where near that of it’s paper counterpart. And many out there had plenty to say about how the movie should have been and should have ended. Naturally, the fine folks over at How It Should Have Ended on YouTube had their two cents on the matter and came up with an extremely funny nine minute clip. If you want to see how the movie should have ended in their eyes (which is pretty close) then check it out after the jump.


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Old cartoons from the 80’s with millions of fans are reanimating like colorful zombies. Dreamworks holds the Necronomicon from Generation X’s childhood. Studio executives using their back catalog of spells work to raise dead intellectual properties. Recently a deal with Netflix will conjure Voltron back to life. Now, Dreamworks TV revived He-Man And The Masters of The Universe to its lineup of kid friendly shows like Life Hacks for Kids and Sung History. (more…)


Waiting for April Fools Day to pull a prank is an amateur move for a God of Mischief such as Loki. Tom Hiddleston, who plays the aforementioned MCU villain (and sometimes reluctant good guy), paid a surprise visit to Fox 32 in the Chicago area on Thursday, the day before shenanigans are to be expected, to deliver the weather report. Meteorologist Mike Caplan felt it was only natural that, as the brother of Thor, The God of Thunder, Loki should shed some light on the storms happening in the Midwest. (more…)