Game of Thrones

The biggest, as well as the fascinating annual genre convention, is underway. If you are anticipating for studios as well as publishers, to make their big announcements on new releases. Then, SDCC is the event to have a close eye. Everyone is sure to come out with a different experience. Yes, it’s a special event that you wouldn’t want to miss. To top it all, here are some of the fascinating panels to watch out for.


Eight years and 72 episodes later, we arrive kicking and screaming at the conclusion of one of the most loved and talked about shows on television. Whether the kicking and screaming is because viewers can’t bear for the series to end, or because this season has left fans dissatisfied, the unavoidable conclusion is here. Game of Thrones is over.

While this season has had some truly fantastic moments that left fans in awe, and some plot developments making other fans feel it was massively rushed, the resolution that this episode has provided has got fans feeling, well… ambivalent about it all.  (more…)