Interview: McNamara and Hinkle on the Horrifying OGN, ‘The Rattler’

- 04-23-14Comics, Featured, Interviews Posted by Jason Tabrys


With the pulp horror graphic novel The Rattler, writer Jason McNamara (Short Hand, First Moon) and artist Greg Hinkle tell a story of loss, guilt, madness, desperation, obsession, and violence that is punctuated with surprising turns and graphic and unnerving imagery. The book feels like a Twilight Zone episode that the censors refused to make and in our exclusive interview, we talk to the creators about the personal connection to this story, the long process to finish this story, and the decision to take this completed work to Kickstarter. (more…)

INTERVIEW: John Barrowman on ‘Torchwood’ and ‘Doctor Who’

- 04-11-14Featured, Interviews Posted by JT Stevens


It has been two and a half years since Torchwood: Miracle Day and while no one has said that the show is officially done, the show’s fans are still clamoring to know for certain that Torchwood still has a pulse. While we wait for that moment of worldwide celebration (well, nerd world. What else matters?) show star John Barrowman has kept himself busy, co-writing a novel (Hollow Earth) with his sister, touring the convention circuit (Barrowman will be at The Hollywood Show this weekend in Los Angeles), and co-starring in the CW’s Arrow (Barrowman assures us that “there’s a lot more interesting things for Malcolm Merlyn that are going to appear both in this series and next series).

But while Barrowman has stayed active, it’s clear that the actor wants to get back to Cardiff, and in our exclusive interview, we discuss continuing Jack’s story on the page, on the screen, what he thinks about the new Doctor, and his thoughts on the way Jack’s love life was handled.  (more…)

Toronto ComiCon – Q&A with Comic Book Artist David Finch

- 03-18-14Comics, Interviews, Nerd Culture Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


The convention circuit is important for a comic book artist, a chance to meet and greet their fans, and see the effect that their work is having first hand, and David Finch is no exception. The man who’s currently drawing DC Comics’ big crossover event Forever Evil has had a long and storied history in the business drawing Cyber Force, Ascension, New Avengers and Ultimatum before transferring to DC in 2010 and helping to relaunch the company and drawing Batman: The Dark Knight for the New 52. Taking time out from meeting fans at Toronto ComiCon, Finch talked about his past, his present, his new favourite character and his secret to drawing a good Batman. (more…)

Toronto ComiCon – Talking with Voice Actors Part 2

- 03-18-14Interviews, Nerd Culture, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


It was a veritable “Murderer’s Row” of voice talent from Total Drama at Toronto ComiCon. After talking to Scott McCord, Megan Fahlenbock and Drew Nelson, we moved down a few spaces to Kristin Fairlie, Brian Froud, and Christian Potenza. Topics of conversation with this triad included the weirdest things they may or may not have ever had signed, and how closely they get to know their fans working the circuit. How weird does it all get? Read on to find out. (more…)

Toronto ComiCon – Talking with Voice Actors Part 1

- 03-18-14Interviews, Nerd Culture, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


At conventions, like Toronto ComiCon, the longest lines are for name brand celebrities who’ve appeared in cult favourite movies, or Joss Whedon-produced TV shows, but the real passion is along the sides and down the aisles. If you’re a voice actor from a popular animated series, you too can be a rock star in this venue, and so it was with three of the voice actors from Total Drama and 6Teen, Scott McCord, Megan Fahlenbock and Drew Nelson. Taking a few minutes out from meeting and greeting fans, the trio talked about working the con, the nature of obsession, and the differences in doing it live. (more…)

TCC – Q&A with Author Brad Middleton

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And you thought you loved vampires. Author Brad Middleton is such a fangatic he wrote an entire book about the hows and whys vampires appear on the small screen called, Un-Dead TV: The Ultimate Guide to Vampire Television. Soon another tome will be added to his bookshelf with The Great Fright North, a book that chronicles and lucrative and surprising connection between Canada and all things horror. At the Toronto ComiCon this weekend, Middleton was on hand to meet fellow familiars and Nerd Bastards caught up with him to talk about his obsession with the macabre. (more…)

Interview: Jimmy Palmiotti on DENVER, PAINKILLER JANE, and DC COMICS

- 02-20-14Comics, Featured, Film, Interviews Posted by Jason Tabrys


Jimmy Palmiotti is the co-creator of Painkiller Jane and the writer behind Harley Quinn, All-Star Western, and Batwing. Recently, Palmiotti announced that a Painkiller Jane feature film was in development off of a script that he co-wrote. His company, Paper Films, also embarked on their sixth Kickstarter campaign, successfully funding Denver – a post apocalyptic mature original graphic novel from Palmiotti, co-writer Justin Gray, and artist Pier Brito – in just six days.

In an exclusive interview with Nerd Bastards, Palmiotti takes us through some of Denver‘s details and explains why he chose Kickstarter over more traditional methods. Palmiotti also talks to us about the future of the Painkiller Jane comic at Icon, why the time was right for a film adaptation, his happy relationship with DC editorial and what he thinks about some of the public breaks from the company that others have experienced.  (more…)

INTERVIEW: Author Patrick Rothfuss on his Worldbuilders Charity, Writing, Reading and Giving

- 12-09-13Featured, Interviews, Nerd Culture Posted by Matthew Jackson

Heifer Weekend 2013 11 May 0973

Ah, it’s the holidays, the season for a great number of excessive activities. This is the time of year when I drink excessively, eat excessively (you know, more than usual), shop excessively, burn electricity excessively (my Christmas light setup is a bit extravagant), watch holiday themed specials excessively and commit any number of other very excessive acts of fun and festivity. All of that makes me think, though, usually right around this time, that it would also be a good idea to give excessively, and not just to my family and friends. For me, charity is an important part of the holiday season, and while there are any number of very worthy charity options no matter where you live (children’s toy drives, homeless shelters, food banks, etc.), it’s always nice when you can add a somewhat nerdy spin to your charitable donations. That’s why I’m so happy that Worldbuilders, a charity founded by bestselling The Kingkiller Chronicle author Patrick Rothfuss (the bearded gentleman up there holding that adorable creature), exists.


The BastardCast in Conversation with Bill Corbett from RiffTrax and MST3K

- 12-03-13Featured, Interviews Posted by Team Bastard


This time on The BastardCast: In Conversation, Jeremy and Jason are joined by writer and performer Bill Corbett famously from RiffTrax and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Bill regails the guys with tails of riffing and adventure (adventure being the upcoming RiffTrax Live event, details here.) (more…)

The BastardCast in Conversation with Comic Book Writer Brian Winkeler and SEGA Historian Darren Wall

- 11-27-13Featured, Interviews, Nerd Culture Posted by Team Bastard


This time on The BastardCast: In Conversation, we talk to indie comic book creator Brian Winkeler about his Monkeybrain book, Knuckleheads (available here,) transitioning from monsters to pancakes, the business of creating and selling an indie comic, and more. (more…)