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Last Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend was busy for many police departments across the country. Word is making the Internet rounds that Portland police responded to a call at the local Taco Bell to find 18-year-old Alexander Cooksey in a Deadpool onesie. The problem, he was parked and passed out behind the wheel on the Taco Bell’s lawn. It seems he was trying to get into the drive through and didn’t make it. No Chimichangas for you Deadpool fan. Check out the rest of the story and pictures below. (more…)

The 5-star rating system has been around for a long time. For Netflix subscribers, it’s almost synonymous with the streaming service. However, that’s all about to change because in a month’s time, because they’ll be switching from their typical 5-star system to a YouTube-style thumbs-up or thumbs-down. While there’s no debate at Netflix if it’s happening or not, it has caused a bit of a discussion over which is truly better.


New York Comic Con had a huge announcement today in which they eliminated 3 & 4 day tickets. That’s right, it is not a typo, there will only be single day passes available. Considering how hard it was to get passes before with most selling out in minutes online, will anyone be able to attend for the entire weekend? Check out the reasoning behind this drastic move below. (more…)

Aside from a few minor developments in terms of content and scheduling, television has remained largely the same since it was invented many decades ago. Technological advances have changed the number of channels that viewers have available to them and the kind of shows that can be created. But, for the most part, it didn’t really change up until the introduction of streaming technology became mainstream in recent years. When streaming was introduced, television became a completely different beast. Fans no longer had to wait a week – or more – for the next episode of their favourite show. They could watch entire seasons in a single day – a show could come out in the morning and be thoroughly consumed by evening. (more…)

Star Wars Celebration is the place to be for Star Wars fans, a roving annual gather of all things related to a galaxy far, far away including novels, toys, video games, comic books and animated series, as well as, more recently, any and all Star Wars film news. Just not in 2018 though. Yes, even though the 2017 event has yet to begin (that’s next month), the organizers of Celebration have announced that 2018 will be a skip year for the four-day event. So Star Warriors are going to have to party very hardy in Orlando in April to get two years worthy of nerdy goodness. (more…)

The final Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie, Logan hit theaters this past weekend. After more than 17 years Jackman is ready to hang up his claws. Finally getting an R-Rating (proper) Wolverine movie, it was a resounding success. We here at Nerdbastards absolutely loved the movie. After its first weekend, the film is already breaking box office records for the month of March and fans are already comparing it to Chris Nolans’ The Dark Knight in regards to being one of the best, most serious and dramatic superhero movies.


If there’s one thing Star Wars is known for (other than the movies of course), it’s their robust line of toys and action figures. Back in the late seventies and early eighties, it was the line of toys that really helped to spread the good word of Star Wars (and deepen creator George Lucas’ pockets). Since then, the toy industry has enjoyed a great deal of profit when it comes to licensing figures based on movies, but it doesn’t come without controversy. When Star Wars: The Force Awakens launched their line of toys, there was one figure who was mostly absent and this caused a real stir. Now, thanks to people like Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley (Scrawl, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Only Yesterday), the action figure industry has changed forever.


Game Over Man – Bill Paxton Has Died Aged 61

Having appeared in blockbuster after blockbuster over the course of thirty years, Bill Paxton has had one of the most accomplished and diverse careers in Hollywood. Beginning with an uncredited role in the 1975 movie Crazy Mama, he went on to appear in a host of iconic films including The Terminator, Apollo 13 and Titanic alongside a wide variety of television shows spanning everything from Miami Vice to Agents of S.H.I.E.LD, and even a number of video games and music videos. Today, his family released a statement informing his fans across the world that he has died due to complications during surgery at the age of 61. (more…)

As every evolving mythos surrounding your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man marches on into it’s 52nd year, you start to wonder if there is any new twists or turns creators could spin to reinvent the character for new generations. We’ve seen costume changes, more than a few clones, heck even web-shooters with a built in mp3 player (kids are crazy about those mp3 players) and bat-crap-crazy dance numbers that have NO place in the movie. Where can you take Lee and Ditko’s wallcrawler when it seems like he’s been everywhere?

The butt. You go straight for the butt.

Corridor Digital plunged new depths in a special effects/rectal web extravaganza (featuring RocketJump filmmaker Clinton Jones as Spidey) that you have to see to believe (and then forever never unsee.) (more…)

Immediately following World War II, the Ku Klux Klan experienced a sudden resurgence in popularity, specifically in the South where it originated in order to combat what members perceived as threats to the white race from various ethnic and religious groups. For awhile their influence grew unchecked and unchallenged by law enforcement until their ranks were infiltrated by an author and Human Rights activist named Stetson Kennedy who, by enlisting the help of Superman, brought low the racist organization, decimating its ranks. 70 years later, Chris Evans, now indelibly identified as Captain America, is taking up the mantle.