TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S3E20 – “The Fallen”


So that happened. After weeks of beating around the bush, Ra’s al Ghul finally was able to paint Oliver into a tight enough corner that he accepted being Ra’s al Ghul Jr. and being preparing to take over the League of Assassins. In a way, this is the episode of Arrow that the whole season’s been building up to, but in another way it seems like the writers worked backwards from the moment when Oliver suits up as the new League master right after he was branded with an arrow sign and told that everything else about Oliver Queen was dead and gone. Frankly, I thought my interest in the League of Assassins storyline was dead and gone, but maybe there’s something to this idea. Maybe. (more…)


Week in and week out, The Flash continues to provide its fans with strong content with a side of laughter and this week’s “Who is Harrison Wells?” remains true to form, though the episode wasn’t nearly as strong as last week’s “All Star Team Up”.  In yet another Arrow crossover, the episode managed to bring Joe West and Cisco out to Starling City to investigate Wells’ past; had Eddie shooting two officers in cold blood; and had an intimate moment between Barry and Caitlin.  Well, in a manner of speaking, of course.  As always, spoilers ahead. (more…)


Last week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. moved things along quite nicely, proving that the show isn’t completely imploding and beyond repair. Skye was learning more about her super powers and her family. Raina was discovered to be a potential ace-in-the-hole, thanks to some nice-guyness from Gordon. May, Simmons and S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 were looking into a potential super-team plan being put together by Coulson. And Fitz finally managed to crack Fury’s toolbox, though he seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a jam with regards to the S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 folks that have been following him. So what’s in store this week? Read on for all the spoilery details. (more…)


Last week on Gotham, the show did little in the way of epic climaxes, but it did set up quite a bit for future episodes. Bruce and Selina had a little adventure that ended in murder. Fish finally made it out of the Rambling Subplot Hospital, though she took a bullet in the process. The Penguin was setting up for a major move against his chief rival, Maroni. And Gordon was lured into becoming the target of a dangerous serial killer who goes by the name of The Ogre. Will ‘Under the Knife’ bring us closer to the stunning conclusion that they’ve been promising us for these last four episodes? (more…)


The second episode of Game of Thrones season five picks up some familiar story lines from last year, most notably Arya Stark’s journey across the narrow sea to the House of Black & White (also the title for this week’s episode). Thematically it sets the tone for the entire episode, presenting characters throughout the story with seemingly dichotomous plot options – do you take one path or another? By virtue of this storytelling device, it also highlights the road often travelled in our favorite HBO program, the morally ambiguous grey path where incest, feticide, and most other concepts of right and wrong are so often blurred and thrown out the window. Oh G.R.R. Martin, what exactly happened to you as a child? (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S3E19 – “Broken Arrow”

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Oh Roy… What is there left to say about the man who would be Arrow? I’m not sure, but we’ll give it a whirl here. Arrow, the TV series, returns after a one week break and a fun diversion of key Arrow characters to Central City in last night’s The Flash. Well, it seems that meta-human trouble followed Felicity and Ray Palmer back from “the fun one” of the Arrow/Flash metropolitan dyad. Aside from that, this episode came complete with black cloud, not because of Oliver’s ongoing police troubles, but because this episode’s long been teased for having, let’s put it this way, a significant departure. (more…)


After a very villain-centric Tricksters, last night’s “All Star Team Up” scaled things down a bit in order to focus on the heroes in the second Arrow crossover episode of the season.  Considering just how much fun Brandon Routh and Emily Bett Rickards (Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, and Felicity Smoak, respectively) have with their roles, All Star Team Up was yet another example of why The Flash continues to top everyone’s favorite television show list.  In addition to the Starling City/Central City team up fun, last night’s episode of The Flash finally got down to the business of Barry bringing Caitlin and Cisco into his Wells investigation but not until he was pushed in that direction.  In other words, there was plenty of awesomeness in last night’s episode, as usual. Before we get too far, as always, spoilers ahead. (more…)


When we left off last week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the fate of S.H.I.E.L.D. and many of its members were in the balance. Skye was living large in some sort of Inhumans luxury resort, complete with Raina as a neighbor and an as-of-yet unknown still alive mommy as one of her guides. Coulson, Hunter and Mike/Deathlok were out on the hunt and trying to find Skye. May was being convinced by Edward James Olmos that helping him bring Coulson in and settle the S.H.I.E.L.D.-on-S.H.I.E.L.D. violence was in her best interest. And Team Fitz-Simmons snuck Fury’s toolbox away from S.H.I.E.L.D. #2, hopefully to have Fitz figure a way to find out what’s inside before anyone else has a chance to. So where will ‘Melinda’ take us? If the previews are any indication, we’ll finally be getting a proper look inside May’s brain. (more…)


It’s been a while since the last episode of Gotham. About five weeks, in fact. So what exactly happened before the break? Well, little Bruce Wayne had teamed up with little Selina Kyle and they were out on the hunt for the guy that stabbed poor Alfred. Alfred was, of course, laid out in the hospital. Gordon and Bullock managed to get some dirt on Commissioner Loeb and stop a power play (thanks to The Penguin), though at some cost to Gordon’s idealism and morality. And old fish Mooney was now working for The Dollmaker, helping him keep his human organ donors in line. The previews for the last four episode of the season have been promising some big changes. The question is, did ‘Beasts of Prey‘ deliver? (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Game of Thrones’ S5E1 – “Wars To Come”


The first episode of Game of Thrones season five gives viewers a snapshot of how things have progressed since last season. Kings Landing is in mourning, Pentos see’s the arrival of a new guest, Slaver’s Bay has a murder mystery, the heir to The Vale finds a new home, and the Wall has quite a stirring bonfire. We even get our first flashback sequence of the series (Lost fans, rejoice)! What do we learn across the board? One’s enemies are just around the corner, so stand and fight or get a running start! Remember, there’s plenty of work to be done in service to the realm. Valar dohaeris – all men must serve. Beware, some spoilers after the jump! (more…)