“Hank Henshaw is dead. I’m … Cyborg/Superman.” That’s not a line from a decades old comic book about the death and rebirth of one Superman. It’s from tonight’s very special episode of Supergirl, “The Darkest Place.” It comes earlier than expected too as Supergirl/Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) loses a fight against the real Hank Henshaw (David Harewood), the anti-alien, xenophobic head of the DEO who presumably lost his life a decade and a half earlier, only to be replaced by the pro-alien Martian Manhunter in human disguise. This Henshaw hates aliens with the fire of a thousand dying suns. Thanks to Project Cadmus, a super-secret, privately funded organization, he has the cybernetic enhancements necessary to defeat Supergirl.



After last week’s highly consequential and hotly awaited revelations, perhaps it was a good idea that Westworld took a week to cool off, even if it was really more of a slow burn. The twists weren’t as sharp with “Trace Decay”, although the knives certainly were, but the series took time out this week to add depth the various storylines and start sewing the various desperate arcs together. Was Maeve already on her way to consciousness before she started tinkering with herself? Are there really two timelines going at once? Has Ford now picked up where Arnold had left off? And can a secret ever really stay buried? (more…)


The seventh season of The Walking Dead trudges on as the series continues to show the audience what is happening with all of the main characters since the bloodbath of the season premiere. The pace of the show is starting to bog down. It’s the 5th episode of the season and we are just now getting a look as to what happened with Sasha and Maggie. When we last saw them, Maggie was sick, both physically and with grief over the loss of Glenn. Sasha had volunteered to take her to get some medical attention from the doctor at Hilltop.



Last week on Arrow, the one known as Prometheus made his presence officially known to Ollie and the gang. He caused some trouble in the city and started killing random people. Or not so random, as it turned out, since each person was linked to Oliver’s original kill list in a roundabout way. There was a bit of internal trouble with the team, but in the end everything worked out. Except that the identity of Prometheus may be someone close to Team Arrow, which could cause some significant problems in the near future. This time around, it’s a mostly filler episode with ‘Vigilante’, and the filler really shows. (more…)


Ten billion dollars. No, that’s not a line from the inevitable Austin Powers remake/reboot. That’s the amount the Harry Potter franchise made for Warner Bros. during an extremely lucrative run over the better part of a decade. Even after the last two-part entry in the series came and went – and with it the heightened Potter mania that inevitably accompanied each release – it was abundantly clear that Warner Bros. wasn’t done with Harry Potter and neither was its core audience. With writer J.K. Rowling and director David Yates both back onboard, less cynical moviegoers could hope that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them wasn’t just another shameless cash grab, but a welcome return to the deeply imagined world- and universe-building that made the Harry Potter series so addictive in the first place. We won’t keep you in suspense any longer: Minus one or two minor issues, it’s the best we can and should hope for from a prequel/spin-off.



There’s a new (super) hero on Supergirl, but it’s not Mon-El (Chris Ward), the last – or one of the last – survivors of Daxam, Krypton’s ill-fated sister planet. Mon-El’s frat-bro behavior repeatedly annoys the fun-averse Supergirl/Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist), but it doesn’t stop Mon-El and Kara from hanging out at the local, alien-inclusive dive bar, the same bar where Alex (Chyler Leigh), Kara’s adopted sister and DEO Special Agent, and Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima), a National City police detective, spend quality bonding time together. It helps – or maybe it doesn’t – that Alex has begun taking the first tentative steps toward coming out to herself and later, to her sister.



What happens when you see the twist coming, but there’s a twist inside the twist? I don’t know if there’s a name for it, but a good one might be “Trompe L’Oeil,” the title of this week’s episode of Westworld. The French phrase already means “optical illusion”, a way of saying that what you’re seeing isn’t really what you’re seeing, but for fans of the show who thought they were seeing something in one particular character on Westworld, it turns out that they were only seeing part of the story. The final revelation of one of Westworld’s particular ongoing mysteries was ultimately outdone by what another character does after that secret’s revealed. (more…)


The Walking Dead continues its push into the Negan storyline as he and his motley crew pay their first visit to Alexandria. Some aspects of the visit were fairly predictable, while others were mildly surprising. Yet still, some moves were head-scratchingly confusing. It is understandable that the show has to hit its marks in order to further the story, but for those who even have a vague sense of what is coming, it’s hard to tell how long it will take things to play out. We already know that the show has been renewed for Season 8, but does that mean things will take on a slower, more deliberate pace? Granted, this is only the 4th episode of the season, but is two seasons too long for a build up to the inevitable confrontation? (more…)


There’s a scene in Independence Day: Resurgence where the human heroes awaken a new alien lifeform that some online wags euphemistically dubbed “the Siri Globe.” Within seconds it learns English and starts spitting out exposition because human language is “primitive” and really director Roland Emmerich wanted to get back to blowin’ stuff up real good. Most alien contact movies, even the smart ones, don’t like to get dogged down in process because showing scientists learning how to interact with aliens is not as interesting as the interactions themselves. But in The Arrival, director Denis Villeneuve comes along and says, “Yes it can.” (more…)


Last week on Arrow, we finally saw the finale of the Tobias Church story arc. The gangster with a plan was laid out on a slab courtesy of one mystery man by the name of Prometheus. Unfortunately for Oliver, Tobias gave Prometheus the info on who The Green Arrow is without the mask. This time around, Ollie and Team Arrow will have to deal with figuring out who Prometheus is and what game plan he has in mind. With ‘So It Begins’, we enter into a new Arrow chapter and looks like it could be an interesting one. (more…)