Just when you thought the only bad thing going on in Riverdale was that someone put a large caliber bullet hole in Jason Blossom’s forehead, we see that there’s so much more going on under the surface. The third episode put the overarching mystery of Riverdale on hold for the most part, and instead, really, started peering in darker corners. For while a kid shot dead by unknown persons is shocking and tragic in its own right, there’s really nothing any less horrific than what a predatory teenage boy might be capable of with a girl that mistakes rapaciousness for charm. (more…)

Less a sequel than a spin-off, The LEGO Batman Movie takes a key, scene-stealing mini-fig from the earlier film, Batman/Bruce Wayne (voiced by Will Arnett), and gives him his own absurdist corner of the teeming LEGO universe. Like its predecessor, The LEGO Batman Movie overflows with meta-humor, self-parody, and subversive satire, not to mention enough imagination to fill three or four LEGO big-screen adventures and, of course, enough commercial branding/advertising to convince toy-averse moviegoers to purchase the entirety of the LEGO catalog. The LEGO Batman Movie may actually suffer from too much imagination crammed into an incident- and twist-heavy plot. It comes at you so fast (like life) that you’ll end exhausted trying to follow the sheer comic brilliance of it all. And unless there’s any doubt, The LEGO Batman Movie is brilliant, from the first moments of Arnett’s egocentric, egotistical Batman taking a sly dig at a recent trend in serious dramas (i.e., they always begin with an ominous black screen) through the final scene of a family laughing hysterically to Jerry Maguires iconic “You had me at hello” scene. (more…)

The first thing we’ve got to ask ourselves watching the new FX series Legion is, what the hell is going on? Forget where this fits in with the X-Men universe. Forget about Easter eggs and references to the Marvel Universe. If you were watching Legion and thinking about any of that stuff you were either a) inexplicably bored by the material, or b) so hopelessly fan boy-ish that there’s no cure for you. What Noah Hawley‘s done with Legion is inexplicable. There are about a thousand ways to interpret the events of the pilot episode, and its hard to say if any of them are right. (more…)

The 100 has never been a show about easy answers, so did you really think they’d come back with a plan to save the planet after one episode? Hardly. But this week’s episode seemed less concerned with solutions than it did in exploring how the weight of making those decisions affects the decision makers. Once again, confronting the hard choices and bitter truths about pure and unadulterated survival, The 100 says outright this week that coming through the other side of the pending radiation bath is not going to be as easy as even the most conservative of hopes. I just hope that the writers aren’t painting themselves into a corner. (more…)

Can you remember the last time an episode of The Flash made your eyes open wide? It’s definitely been a while. However, this week’s episode may have finally changed that. Titled, “Untouchable,” this week’s episode thought outside of the box. It had a villain worthy of the viewers time, and created a couple of moments that you may not though possible or at least fathomable. As usual, you’ll find plenty of spoilers here. So if you haven’t seen the episode, go watch it first.


Two Martians enter, only one Martian leaves. Actually, that’s not right. On tonight’s Very Special Episode of Supergirl, “The Martian Chronicles,” it’s White Martian (evil) vs. Green Martian (good) with a self-hating White Martian (for good reason, since she’s not evil), M’gann M’orzz (Sharon Leal), turned Green Martian pretending to be human (standard for Martians of any hue or color) on the side of our resident superheroes, Supergirl/Kara Zor-El/Danvers (Melissa Benoist) and the Martian Manhunter/J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood), with Kara’s adoptive sister, Alex (Chyler Leigh), on perpetual back-up. The battle royale – like all battle royales – doesn’t happen until the last few minutes and when it does, it’s confined to a single, closed location (TV budget, in effect) that deliberately, consciously borrows from James Cameron’s Aliens and John Carpenter’s The Thing, but it’s less about the fight than the subtext: It’s all about overcoming our/their differences and fighting/defeating a common foe. (more…)

It’s one thing to make a compelling pilot, but would Riverdale be able to string us along in a second episode and leaving us hanging, and waiting, for a third? That was the real question going into the second episode of this Noir Archies as the spectre of Jason Blossom’s now confirmed horrible murder hangs like a pendulum doom over the photoshoot ready teens in their foggy and elusive Pacific Northwest-ish abode. The answer? Still hooked. In fact, Riverdale made a couple of improvements over the pilot that I liked, which suggests to me that this show may not be as straightforward as I ultimately feared. (more…)

In so much as a show like The 100 can ever be comforting, it was only a few minutes into the season premiere, while surveying the damage wrought by A.L.I.E. and the City of Light, we see Clarke and Bellamy, back-to-back, ready to take on the future again. If there was a missing ingredient to the divisive third season, it was that we were robbed of seeing this power not-a-couple doing what they do best: saving the world, and themselves, on an improvised wing and a prayer. Looking into the maw of thermonuclear suffering and death, I think we can feel good about our chances. (more…)

Last week on Arrow, the team was forced to face down against an alternate-Earth Laurel Lance in the form of Black Siren. That went pretty easy and the Siren was shuttled back to lock-up, but Team Arrow still had a few things to deal with, particularly the arrest of John Diggle and a quest to find a new, improved Black Canary to round out the roster. This week, ‘Second Chances’ brings a triple dose of heroes stepping up to before the big showdown against Prometheus and whoever he happens to pick up as allies in the meanwhile.


Some critic once said of the Resident Evil series, “Who are these movies made for?” I’m not sure if they were looking for specific names or just a vague description, but I think the Resident Evil movies are made for people that want to kill two hours with big action, gruesome visuals and a loose thread of a mythology that vaguely represents the video games they’re based on. In the case of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, it was made for movie fans that need closure. It appeals to those that assume the previous five movies were building towards something, but I doubt that this is where they thought it was going.  (more…)