Now that’s the Arrow we haven’t seen since the end of season two, and it. Was. Awesome!!! A few months ago, if you have told me that there was going to be an episode of the show that featured the League of Assassins, Felicity’s parents, and saving Thea’s life, and it would end up being one of the best episodes of the series, I would have thought you were crazy. But here I sit, gushing about the pay off to the long-running story arc involving Thea’s bloodlust and the growing schism in the League of Assassins between the forces of Nyssa al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn. It. Was. Glorious. (more…)

flash supergirl pic
If you were lucky enough to catch last night’s episode of The Flash live, then you were one of the many that caught Melissa Benoist’s cameo as Supergirl. Okay, so it wasn’t a live cameo, but it was good enough to tease the eventual crossover that’s happening in March. Today, Flash star Grant Gustin posted a photo on Instagram of he and Benoist in costume. On paper, the crossover sounds awesome. But when you finally see it…well, just take a look for yourself.



If last week’s episode of Agent Carter was a bit lacking on action and forward momentum, this week’s episode more than made up for it. Borrowing some of the tropes and essentially functioning as a heist story (which worked out really well for Ant-Man recently), “The Atomic Job” packs plenty of punch and Carter‘s signature blend of light-hearted espionage. The episode also provides plenty of serious moments and character development as both Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) and her nemesis Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) strategically move pieces to gain the upper hand, which ultimately leads to a showdown between the two by the end of the episode.


flash 2x13 welcome to earth2
Where do you even begin to discuss this week’s episode? This could have easily been a season finale. Instead, it’s just another Tuesday in the world of The Flash. This week’s episode, titled “Welcome To Earth-2,” has so many Easter Eggs and “wow” moments that some are definitely going to be missed. The best part is that there’s more to the story and this wasn’t just some one-episode-wonder. So if you’re ready to jump through the rift and find out what happened on The Flash, then keep reading.



Greg Berlanti‘s many comic book-based series have their faults, but casting hasn’t really been one of them. Can you picture a better, more intense Green Arrow than Stephen Amell, or a more dashing Flash than Grant Gustin, or a stronger – figuratively speaking – Supergirl than Melissa Benoist. Certainly, Berlanti’s proved himself casting superheroes, but the gang from Riverdale may be a whole new ball game. We have the first casting announcement for the CW series based on the long-running Archie comics, and reading the character descriptions you may end up having concerns about the direction Berlanti is taking this thing in. (more…)

In November, it was announced that a new Star Trek series was coming to CBS. Then in January, fans learned that the series was being made strictly for the stations streaming service. Today, the show made another step forward by naming Bryan Fuller as the showrunner for the series. Fuller’s last credit was NBC’s Hannibal which was cancelled after 39 episodes. More importantly, his past credits also include Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. With Fuller at the helm, who’s ready to get back into space and start exploring again?



Both from a production and presentation standpoint, television is a very different medium from the world of comic books.  Whether it is CW’s DC-centric shows like Arrow and Flash or shows from different decades (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman always springs to mind, for some reason), a sense of real-world practicality is usually infused to a TV production – and understandably so.  It is with this in mind, then, that the highly-acclaimed Netflix offering Daredevil tried to stay as “true to life” as possible, and this  approach extended to the titular hero’s “super” costume.  As we are now on the brink of the second season being released, the powers-that-be behind the show have chosen to share a few alternate designs they had for the “Man Without Fear.” (more…)

For the Girl Who Has Everything

Death comes to Metropolis. Actually, death comes to National City, the in-all-but-name Metropolis stand-in on TV’s Supergirl. It’s veering into spoiler territory which character exits stage left, never to be seen again (except possibly in flashbacks or twinning of some sort), so look away now while you have a chance. All will be revealed below the fold. For now, however, we can talk about tonight’s very special “family” episode (by one conservative count, characters use the word “family” at least 157 times), “For the Girl Who Has Everything.” That girl, of course, is Supergirl and the everything describes her current double life as twenty-something executive assistant by day to Cat Grant (Callista Flockhart), National City’s most powerful women/CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media, her  friendships, most notably Jimmy “Please, Please Call Me James” Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) and the permanently friend zoned Winn Schott, Jr. (Jeremy Jordan), and Supergirl/Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) sister, Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh), and second-in-command at the Department of Extra-Nornal Operations to Hank Henshaw/Martian Manhunter (David Harewood).