Let The Right One In

Not long ago pop culture was in a vampire rage. Thanks to Twilight, we couldn’t get enough of vampire love stories. The film series based on Stephenie Meyer’s books Grossed more than $3 billion collectively. Then came True Blood on HBO based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries by author Charlaine Harris. That series gave us 6 successful seasons on HBO. Recently we have The Strain on FX, which was a much darker, grittier vampire story based on the book trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. While The Strain is still on the air, we haven’t heard much in the vampire territory for a little while, until now.



It’s been a long and rocky road for the HBO series Westworld, but it will soon be on our TV screens, ready to entice us to a wonderful and vividly realized fantasy land where danger lurks around every corner and nothing is as it seems. There’s a lot of pressure on this show as HBO needs a hit; none of its new shows have made much of an impact as of late, and Game of Thrones only has two truncated seasons left to it. So with absolutely no pressure at all, Westworld better impress us immediately, right? Well, not to worry because given the pedigree, and this new trailer below, it seems that Westworld may be the closest thing to a guaranteed hit for the new TV season. (more…)

Wanna See A Clip Of Luke Cage In Action? Sure Why Not

Luke Cage

With just about a month before Luke Cage is released on Netflix, the anticipation is brewing for the upcoming series centering on the titular character with unbreakable skin. Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker is promising a bold new television show that he’s comparing even to The Wire. Cage, who we last saw in Jessica Jones having left Hell’s Kitchen is now on the run as a fugitive in Harlem but he wants to do some good helping the people of that community.


Wait… Superheroes Don’t Work On TV?!?!

Jim Gordon

Pretty much on most network television channels (and some streaming) we have a superhero show. ABC Television has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and previously had Agent Carter, shows tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Netflix has been churning out shows (and will continue ever six months going forward) like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. Syfy is developing a superman spin-off titled Krypton. Freeform is developing a Cloak and Dagger show which will also be affiliated with the MCU. Hulu Prime is developing Runaways after the famous Marvel series. Of course, The CW has a superhero show on almost every night of the week with Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Last but not least, Fox has Gotham based on characters from Batman and features many DC Comics characters.


bryan singer
Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD is an excellent example of a show that’s been able to connect the big screen to the small screen. And soon the new FX series Legion will be doing the same thing, but this time it will involve the X-Men universe. While it, too, is part of the Marvel universe, the live-actions rights are owned by a different company. Nonetheless, Bryan Singer recently stated in an interview that Legion is a part of the X-Men universe. But just how closely related is the series in the grand scheme of things? Remember, the word “universe” can mean almost anything in comics.



Legends of Tomorrow wrapped up its first season with what seemed like a resolution to its raison d’être; Vandal Savage was defeated, and the Time Lords were deposed. So that’s a wrap for the Legends, right? With all their enemies dead there was no more reason for them to time travel together. Hold on there because the show was renewed for a second season, which means we need a reason for the Legends to get the band back together, and executive producer Marc Guggenheim outlined some reasons in a recent interview.  (more…)

VeronicaTaylor (2)_Fotor

It’s a Pokemon world, we’re just living in it! The debut of Pokemon Go on smart phones everywhere last month became a smash hit and cultural sensation, but the fact of the matter is that Pokemon has been part of kids’ pop culture diet for two decades now; it transverses generations. A big part of that is Veronica Taylor, who that first generation of Pokemon fans will recognize as the voice of Ash, and the voice of Ash’s mom, in the English dub of the Pokemon anime that ran for eight seasons and several movies in the late 90s/early 00s.

Taylor’s credits include a long list of animated shows from both sides of the Pacific Ocean. You can hear her in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series as April O’Neal, or as Scarlett in the anime G.I. Joe: Sigma 6. Taylor’s credits also includes Slayers, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mobile Suit Gundam, and the latest dub of Sailor Moon. You can also hear her vocal talents reading books written by Judy Blume, Danielle Steel, and Mary Kay Andrews, and in video games like Ape Escape 2, Grand Adventure, and World of Warcraft. Today though, the topic of discussion was Pokemon, and the legacy that Taylor has helped sew as we countdown the days to Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, where Taylor will reunite with many of the people that have made Pokemon, and continue to make it, the success that it is.  (more…)


It’s an old story: a bunch of rogues on a spaceship trying to fight their way across the universe with a hundred enemies all after their hides. Dark Matter, now in its second season on SyFy, continues in that fine tradition featuring a group of mercenaries with no memory of who they are, trying to scratch out a living, and stay one step ahead of the law, while trying to deal with their pasts and possibly overcome them. Amongst the crew of the Raza is Three played by Anthony Lemke.

Three is the smart alec bad ass with a heart of gold on Dark Matter; always the first to suggest self-preservation over intervention, always full of snark and sarcasm especially for his fellow crew members, and always ready to go with his sidearm, Bubba. Lemke is no stranger to being the bad guy, his breakout role was as the antagonist Captain Grisham in Queen of Swords, but he’s remained a busy, working actor with stints on Lost GirlThe Listener, and in the Roland Emmerich movie White House Down. As Dark Matter’s second season was about to take off (space pun intended), Nerd Bastards got the chance to sit down with Lemke to talk about sci-fi, acting like you have amnesia, and whether or not he’s optimistic about the future…. (more…)

the tick 2016
It’s hard to believe that after all of these years, The Tick is finally making it’s way back into the live of many, and not in just cartoon form. Of course, many of you may be familiar with the comic, 90’s cartoon, or short-lived live-action version from 2001, but this is a side of Tick that none have never seen before. As one person put it – imagine the Tick in the world of Daredevil or Jessica Jones. The Tick is still The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) but in a darker, realer setting than before. It sounds rather far-fetched, but, in a way, it looks like it works. Check out the clips after the jump.