Starz new series Ash vs Evil Dead has decided to give us all a little sugar today with the first official look at Bruce Campbell in all his Ash with a chainsaw Glory. The ten episode first season is set to air later this fall. Let’s all hope that between Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert, that they can capture that Evil Dead madness that made the franchise such a cult classic. (more…)


It’s the worst kept secret that Netflix has changed the game of television, both on the side of the networks and on the side of the viewers. As TV viewers become more acclimated to binge-watching, on-demand, anytime scheduling, the major U.S. networks have scrambled to keep up by phasing out repeats, having year-round schedules of new programs, and, like a recent move by NBC, posting all episodes of a series to stream instantly. Given all that, and the ease and access of Netflix business model, observers are now saying that in just over a year, Netflix will have more viewers than NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox. (more…)


The International trailer for Greg Berlanti‘s CBS Supergirl series hit the Internet over the weekend. It is so much better than that first trailer, perhaps CBS has figured out how to actually market this new series, or at least not sabotage it with a hysterically bad music sound track. The pilot has already leaked so many of you have already seen it. Those that have not can click-through to check out the new trailer, which sets up the series in a much better way than the previous trailers. (more…)


The overall quality and watch-ability of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is debatable. The acting isn’t the strongest, the dialogue is pretty bad and cheesy at times, and the plot is a bit slow and all over the place. However,  the story lines are getting tighter as the show goes on. Also, as each character develops, there are questions raised that keep viewers coming back each week for answers.

Things are going to get a lot more interesting in season 3.  Variety reports that the series will be introducing characters inspired by the Secret Warriors comic book series when the show returns this fall.  (more…)


Last week on Hannibal, Will Graham continued his journey into the mind of his nemesis by traveling to Hannibal’s place of origin – his old family estate. While there, he discovered a few interesting things, including the fact that Hannibal may have started his dining eccentricities with his sister as the main course. But another was blamed and a “friend” of Hannibal’s – Chiyoh – was assigned to guard said person as they were locked away in the estate’s dungeon. Eventually, Will managed to turn the tables and recruit Chiyoh as an ally. Aside from that, Jack Crawford showed up once more and he’s out looking for Will and Hannibal has, with the help of Bedelia, decided that the only way to get over Will is to eat him. This week, the gang’s all back as Hannibal’s former victims gather together, some seeking revenge and others seeking less violent resolutions. Will they be successful? Read on to find out. (more…)

‘Heroes Reborn’ Trailer Touts The Extraordinary!

herores banner1

Ok yes, we all know the original Heroes TV show created by Tim Kring for NBC totally shit the bed after season one. This is historical fact, and totally undisputed. Hell, for some of us (who blindly bought the DVD collection), it remains an open wound! But beneath that whirling dervish of boring sci-fi tropes, and plotlines that literally went nowhere was a gem that truly shined during a time when network TV wouldn’t touch superheroes with a ten-foot pole. Today we got our first trailer for the next chapter in Kring’s saga of the extraordinary.  (more…)

EW Profiles ‘X-Files’ Return with a Cover Story


So you might have heard that The X-Files is returning for a six-episode season starting this January on Fox. It seemed to come together pretty quick when the possibility was first raised back at the Television Critics Association press tour back in January and now the series is in front of the cameras in the show’s old stomping grounds in Vancouver. (The abnormally hot and sunny Vancouver, that is.) There’s been a lot rumor and speculation about the new series, and a lot of excitement too as fans watch closely for any news or updates. If that describes you, then you might want to pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. (more…)


If you’re into hot weather, pool time fun, and family vacations then Summer is pretty great. For the rest of us, though, it means a hiatus from our favorite shows. In the case of CW’s The Flash, Arrow, Supernatural, and iZombie being in-between seasons right now, weeknights have been void of nerd-er-tainment. Nothing to do except *gasp* eat dinner with the fam and socialize in the real world. My god, when are these shows coming back!?

The CW fall schedule has just been announced! The network will launch its 2015-16 season in October. Click on through to get the premier dates.   (more…)