SDCC14: ‘Halo: Nightfall’ Teases with Images and a Trailer

- 07-24-14TV, Videogames Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


The busy first day of San Diego Comic Con is coming to a close, and if you’re at all interested in Xbox and Microsoft’s latest experiment in home entertainment, than this one’s for you. After years of attempting a Halo movie for the big screen, the fine people at Microsoft said screw it, let’s make it a series and put it on our own Xbox network. And voila! Halo: Nightfall is coming this fall, and the first look is here after being first looked at earlier today in San Diego. So what’s it about, and what does it look like? Let’s see some images and watch a teaser trailer. (more…)

SDCC14: ‘Hannibal’ Panel Live-Blog

- 07-24-14TV Posted by Sarah Moran


This evening the Fannibals take over Ballroom 20! Beginning soon is a panel for NBC’s Hannibal that will be moderated by Jonathan Ross. Expected on the panel are executive producer/creator Bryan Fuller, executive producer/writer Steven Lightfoot, director David Slade, executive producer Martha DeLaurentiis, and stars Caroline Dhavernas, Scott Thompson, and Aaron Abrams. Hit the jump for some behind-the-scenes tidbits from Season 2 and perhaps a tease of what’s coming in Season 3! (more…)

SDCC14: Comic Legend Warren Ellis Jumps to TV, Night Mary and Five Ghosts Also Head to Television

- 07-24-14Comics, TV Posted by Leo Johnson


It seems that comic-to-TV adaptations become more and more common, and now some of those involved with making the Walking Dead television show are teaming up with one of the best comic writers, Warren Ellis. In addition, even more comic properties seem to be headed to the small screen as Night Mary and Five Ghosts (pictured above) have been optioned.

Ellis, writer of such things as Iron Man: Extremis, Red, Transmetropolitan, and much, much more, has signed up with Walking Dead produced Gale Ann Hurd and Valhalla Entertainment to create an entirely new television project with Universal Cable Productions. No word on what it is yet, but this is Ellis’ first original venture into television, so it’ll be exciting to see what he comes up with. (more…)

‘Doctor Who’ Showrunner Steven Moffat Hates Numbering Doctors

- 07-24-14Nerd Culture, TV Posted by Aspry Jones

Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat says a lot of things. Just the other day, he said ‘Hobbit’ director Peter Jackson was in talks to direct a Doctor Who episode almost for free. As Head Writer and showrunner of a popular series, he’d know about that better than anyone. He also knows about sexism, and often feels free to brag about his many sexual conquests. When you’re Head Writer and showrunner for a popular series, you’re bound to get a few of those too. Yeah, Steven Moffat talks a lot. People who talk a lot give useful interviews. Just ask SFX Magazine who recently sat down with our verbal stud and got him to sound off on the numbering of all 13 Doctors. It seems Mr. Moffat believes there was only 1 Doctor all along. Or something. (more…)

SDCC14: ‘Community’ Panel Live-Blog

- 07-24-14TV Posted by Sarah Moran


Today in Ballroom 20, the recently resurrected Community is holding a panel moderated by Michael Schneider, TV Guide magazine’s executive editor. Expected to be on the panel are the series’ creator Dan Harmon as well as members of the cast. Hit the jump for our live-blog to learn more details about reaching six seasons and a movie! (more…)

Is A New ‘Heavy Metal’ Cartoon Film Coming?

- 07-24-14Books, Film, TV Posted by Aspry Jones


Heavy Metal is a science fiction magazine with an amazing propensity for depicting covers with warrior women in sexy situations. If reading about ultra-violent fantasy and nakedness isn’t your thing, maybe get in that long line over there for the 1981 movie of the same name. Produced by Ivan Reitman and H.M. mag publisher Leonard Mogel, the animated flick was a cult hit and sported a head-banging soundtrack. It was an anthology adaptation of its newsstand roots. Years later, we saw Heavy Metal 2000, which didn’t perform well and wasn’t based on any stories from the zine. Fast-forward to 2011 and enter Robert Rodriguez. He bought the rights to the movie franchise and put Quick Draw Studios on the job. But the question is, will it show on TV or in movie theaters? Does the awesome new poster featured on the next page clue us in? (more…)

Season Three ‘Arrow’ Reveals Colton Haynes In Full Arsenal Costume

- 07-23-14Comics, TV Posted by Mark Poynter


When we last saw Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), he’d recovered from the Mirakuru cure, was given a red mask, and while wearing the mask and his trade mark red hoodie, he helped Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and company (David RamseyEmily Bett Rickards) save the city from Slade Wilson’s (Manu Bennett) Mirakuru fueled army. What will Roy Harper be wearing when we see him in season three of Arrow? Click on through for the full picture and find out! (more…)

Cult Hit TV Series ‘Orphan Black’ Just Got Nerdier

- 07-23-14Comics, TV Posted by Aspry Jones


There hasn’t been any good news for the Clone Club lately. Word has it that the Orphan Black creators totally spoiled next season’s finale. Nice going, creators. And fans are still hurting inside over star Tatiana Maslany’s Emmys snub. Or, that is to say, her second snub in two years. Tracking the footsteps of a pretty respectable season 2, it goes without saying that the show and its loyal followers are due for some good news. As if having a television sci-fi drama about a top secret clone factory wasn’t cool enough, things are about to get about ten times nerdier. If comics group IDW have their way, we’ll all soon be rolling up Sarah Manning and her “sestras” and sticking them in our back pockets! Sound like good news to you? (more…)

Anthony Hopkins & Evan Rachel Wood Join HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Cast

- 07-23-14TV Posted by Mark Poynter


When word broke last year that J.J Abrams’ Bad Robot had teamed up with Jonah Nolan to bring the 70′s classic Sci-fi movie Westworld to HBO as a television series, I was excited, but also concerned about how seriously those in charge would take the production. Would it be a campy look-back and laugh, or would it be too serious, just another gritty reboot? Now that word has leaked that none other than acting heavy wieght Sir Anthony Hopkins will have a starring role in the series, my concerns are beginning to dwindle.  (more…)

Quintessential Batman: The 12 Most Impactful Experiences of the Dark Knight

- 07-23-14Comics, Film, TV Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


What did I get myself into? The idea was simple: create of list of the most important Batman stories across all media – comic books, TV and movies. More than that, it should be a list of suggestions. If someone asked you about Batman having never engaged with the character before, where would you tell them to begin?

Easier said than done.

After a lot of hand wringing, soul-searching, and suggestion taking, the following list of 12 items spans Batman stories culled from the pages of several comic books to the celluloid dreams of his finest big and small screen adventures. They all tell us something about Batman, but they also tell us something about how to do Batman right, which is no mean feat in and of itself. Some of these choices may be obvious, some of them you may (vehemently) disagree with, but if you had never heard of Batman before, and were looking for a good place to start with your understanding of the man and his mission, can you really do better than these 12 items listed below? You be the judge. (more…)