Last week’s episode of Hannibal ended on a rather shocking note. After escaping from the clutches of Mason Verger (and sending him to an unsavory fate), Will and Hannibal had what seemed to be one last talk. Will was, in effect, breaking up with the doctor; swearing off ever pursuing him. Hannibal was home free, but he decided to do something unusual – he gave himself up to the FBI. Whether this ploy was to ensure that Hannibal was always close to his “friend” or whether the doctor may be seeking some sort of revenge for being rejected, we do not know. All we know is that this week ‘The Great Red Dragon’ will introduce one of the Hannibal mythos’ most infamous of serial killers. And that Will will most certainly have to turn to his friend/nemesis in order to catch his prey. (more…)


Featuring some of the most memorable moments from his time on Archer, FX has put together a memorial montage video tribute to the late legendary screen and voice-over actor George Coe. Coe voiced Archer’s butler, Woodhouse, and the two characters’ relationship was never anything short of hilarious.


‘Arrow’ Season 4 Adds Two New Faces


Spoilers ahead….It seems like only yesterday that Arrow’s crazy season finale aired, finally giving fans of the series a chance to catch their breath after what is widely regarded as the best season of the CW/DC superhero series to date.  After his knock-down battle with Ra’s al Ghul, things got even crazier once Oliver handed the supervillain’s mantle over to Malcom Merlyn, firmly placing the character back onto the side of the show’s villains, then announced he would rather be with Felicity than live as the Arrow, before heading down the coast (perhaps to Coast City?).  While the fate of the beloved characters remains unknown until the series returns on October 14, it appears that the show will be introducing a few new characters, as both Jeri Ryan and JR Bourne will be joining the cast in Season 4. (more…)

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When X-Files was released in 1995, I was just a wee lad of 10 years old. I was still governed by the tyranny of a bed time and the expectations that I be able to wake up and function in the morning for school. My folks understandably followed this childhood rule quite rigidly, with one very notable exception: I was allowed to stay up and watch The X-Files, my absolute favorite show at the time. It was the perfect blend of mystery horror, still 2 of my favorite entertainment genres, and had the ever lovely Gillian Anderson on its side. It was the perfect show. Now, by way of some miracle, we’ll get to spend more time in that amazing world. The best news, though, is that we got our hands on a nice little teaser to share with all of you fine nerds. Are you ready?  (more…)


While it won’t be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon series shows plenty of promise.  Being shown on Disney XD, the “official” premiere date is Saturday, September 26, with back-to-back episodes, but the swell folks at Disney have chosen to give viewers a sneak peek by showing the first episode on Saturday, September 5.  The show should serve well to hold fans over until the next big-screen iteration of the team graces our presence in 2017.  Check out the teaser video here, with the plot synopsis for the first two episodes included below!



X-Files fans rejoice, for I bring you good news! We’ve been wondering if some of our favorite X-Files characters besides Mulder and Scully would be making a comeback for FOX‘s X-Files revival and now we’ve got word that those three ultra paranoid with good reason guys are coming back too. That’s right, Byers, Frohike, and Langly, better known as The Lone Gunmen will be making an appearance in FOX’s X-Files revival. (more…)


Of the many projects that Hollywood currently has in its mammoth machine the one most “flying under the radar” right now to me, feels like the forthcoming Muppets TV show, set to premiere this Fall on ABC.  These classic Jim Henson characters that many of us grew up with, are getting a modern-makeover in their televised presentation. I’m not referring to their physical appearance, but rather their stylistic approach.  The show will feature a behind-the-scenes style format that could allow the writers to do some truly unique and entertaining things with this “cast.”  Now, we at home get a chance to take a full look at the pitch video that got the series green-lit!


Michael Chiklis

Let’s be honest, season one of Gotham was, to be kind, underwhelming. The show looks good, it’s got a pretty impressive cast, and while some of those actors thrived (Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin for example), others were stuck in a drudgery of one-dimensional characterization and nonsensical plot twists (Erin Richards as Barbara Kean). Hopefully, the writers and directors of Gotham will correct this in the new season, but in the meantime, let’s jam more cast members into the show! The latest addition is no stranger to law and order, and no stranger to dealing with hardened criminals with extreme severity. Beware Gotham City, Vic Mackey – or rather his portrayer Michael Chiklis – is coming to town. (more…)

Robert Kirkman Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Conclusion

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The Walking Dead is moving into its sixth season this October and, if it stays as popular as it currently is, we may see it moving through six more seasons in the future. In addition, we have a spin-off (Fear the Walking Dead) and the long-running comic book series. But all good things must come to an end, right? As a matter of fact, Robert Kirkman already has an end planned out. Scroll on to hear what he had to say about it.



It’s no shock that the majority of Game of Thrones fans are still in denial over Jon Snow’s death. There are rumors abound about loopholes and plot twists that could bring him back for Season 6 of the show, which actor Kit Harrington (Jon Snow himself) has said he is not coming back for. However, all hope may not be lost for Snow lovers yet! Two different sources: Watcher on the Wall and Winter is Coming, have posted photos of what looks to be Kit Harrington (the photos are a bit blurry) arriving in Belfast; presumably for the first Game of Thrones Season 6 table read. (more…)