TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E12 – “Unchained”


This week’s episode of Arrow was so tight that it brought backed a beloved regular from the past and it was probably the least notable thing that happened during the hour. A globetrotting adventure that took us from Nanda Parbat to Japan and all the way back to Star City, this week’s Arrow had no shortage of material as old friends returned, new enemies arrived, and strange bedfellows were sewn. This episode was so busy that it could only introduce major new plot points in passing, but as the official halfway point of the season, “Unchained” adds new elements to the seaosn’s arc that could potentially be followed up on in some very interesting ways. (more…)


We are only days away from Superbowl 50 and already the rumor train is going full steam with bookies breaking the bank with bets from people hoping to hit the jackpot and the possibility that this could be the legendary Peyton Manning’s final run for the crown. Not surprising however is the hype for the ever popular Superbowl commercials. This years series of  ads promise to be some of the biggest ever with over 30 celebrities becoming pitchmen for your favorite brands, including Ryan Reynolds and Liam Neeson. Now, however, we are getting our first look at what could be the oddest casting choice ever, Willem Dafoe as Marilyn Monroe.



Cross overs are a wonderful thing. When they’re done right, you get glorious canonical cross-franchise action (a la Spawn Vs Batman), provided either party can sort through the mountain of legal implications. When they are handled by loving nerds however, you get glorious mashups of things like the most popular Space Opera series ever made. Kind of like YouTube User VG 934, being the incorrigible Whovian fan that he is, saw the potential in a subtle Star Wars/Doctor Who mashup and simply rolled with it, with excellent results…



After last week‘s explosive episode, which was packed with a lot of new information, action, and Howard Stark, this week’s episode put the brakes on the forward momentum of a season a little bit in the most entertaining way possible. “Smoke & Mirrors” intercuts the past and present, moving back and forth between Peggy Carter‘s continued investigation into Isodyne Energy and exploring the past of both Agent Carter and the person who is shaping up to be the primary villain, Whitney Frost, or Madame Masque as she’s quickly becoming. The title of the episode refers to the illusion of propriety put forth by the men behind Isodyne Energy, the Arena Club, and apparently so much more and the illusions put up by both Carter and Frost at different points in their lives to hide their true selves, whether intentional or not. Getting a glimpse into the events that shaped both of these women, and especially Carter, is the focus and most fascinating part of this episode.



Get ready for the return of the action-hero whose biggest weapon is his brain. Iron Man? No, this guy doesn’t need a suit of armor to be a hero, he just uses whatever’s handy to get out of jams. Like that scene in Iron Man 3 where Tony goes to Home Depot and makes Christmas ornament grenades and a stun glove. Except in MacGyver‘s case, he could have made that $#!% with a paper clip, a toaster oven, and a packet of Kool-Aid. In case you didn’t grow up in the 80s, you will get a chance to behold the glory of MacGyver for yourself as CBS has ordered a pilot for a series reboot. (more…)

flash 2x12 so close
Last week on The Flash, an old friend returned, Cisco gained some new tech, and fans said goodbye to someone Barry loved (although it’s not certain how permanent it will be). One thing seemed to be missing though, audiences didn’t see much of Iris and her family. It seems, though, this week’s episode, titled “Fast Lane,” is making up for some lost time with the West Family. And fans also get treated to another villain straight from the pages of the Flash comic book, Tar Pit.



In just a few days, the Super Bowl will hit the airwaves to an audience of millions. Ironically enough, instead of the game itself, many people will be tuning in just to watch the commercials. On any other day, most people skip commercials with ad-blocking software or fast-forwarding their DVRs. However, Super Bowl ads are practically engineered to warrant the audience’s attention with wacky slapstick, tear-jerking sentiment, and, of course, celebrities. If you’re a proud member of the 78% of Americans who just watch the Super Bowl for these commercials, comedic duo Key and Peele have a special treat for you this year. (more…)

teen titans

Once there was a dream – a dream of the much-loved Teen Titans coming to a television channel known as TNT. And then that dream collapsed… TNT decided to dump the idea and those of us who would love to see such iconic DC characters as Nightwing, Starfire and Raven in live-action were left wanting. But there is, just maybe, a light at the end of the tunnel. It appears as if DC hasn’t given up yet. In fact, this turn of events may mean that the Titans end up getting a shot at the big screen instead. Read on to hear what one of the DC gurus has to say on the matter. (more…)


There has never been a better time for campy shows starring unencumbered male bravado than the 80s. Shifting easily between light-heartedness and ultimate danger, a perfect balance of sweat and body hair was achieved in shows like MacGyver, Miami Vice, Hawaii Five-O, The A-Team, and Knight Rider. But there was one show that excelled at the genre, one show that made mustachioed car jumps over the other ones; that show was Magnum, P.I., starring Tom Selleck. It’s no wonder then that FX‘s Archer, a show satirically steeped in that same overwhelming male bravado, would choose Magnum, P.I. as the template for a promo spot. FX has released a new teaser for Archer‘s upcoming seventh season. It’s a shot-for-shot remake of the opening credits of Magnum, P.I. and it is glorious. Check it out below!