Arsenal Set To Return in ‘Arrow’ Season 4


The Green Arrow’s buddy is coming back, folks! That’s right, it’s been rumored, but we are indeed headed for the return of Arsenal.

In the interim since his last appearance, the DC TV universe has started to swell the ranks with the likes of the excellent Supergirl, not to mention a really juicy crossover event between Arrow and the Flash (with appearances by Hawkman and Hawkgirl). We don’t know about you, but we’re so excited for the pre-Justice League crossover that we’re almost ready to break our Super Powers action figures back out and make Superman needlessly destroy tons of shit and have Batman yell at him for destroying said shit.

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Ever since the Rugrats babies were first introduced to us, fans have had fun thinking about how they would look once they grew up.  Fan art of all kinds can be found in abundance on the internet, but one depiction has surfaced that holds a bit more weight over the rest.  That’s because it was drawn by storyboard artist Eric Molinksy, who actually worked on the cartoon series.  So if anyone would know how Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, Kimi, Angelica and Susie would look once they reached adulthood, it’d be this guy. (more…)


Gillian Anderson doesn’t have much to say in this new The X-Files teaser, but she sure has a lot to show us. In true X-Files style Anderson gives us a ton of information so quickly that it’s hard to make sense of it. Luckily for us, the rest of the Internet loves a good puzzle and spent the time picking out each individual image so we can speculate on what the hell is going on in this X-Files revival. (more…)


If you are reading this right now, you are likely at work or school and are eagerly awaiting the chance to get home to binge watch Jessica Jones, or you are taking a break from binge watching Jessica Jones. In any event, executive producer and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has submitted an interesting bit of trivia concerning her show, the revelation that a major Marvel hero was supposed to appear alongside the titular character of Jessica Jones. How big? Pretty big. As in getting her own movie in November 2018 big! As in, she was almost part of the New Avengers line-up at the end of Age of Ultron big. (more…)

Last week’s episode of Heroes: Reborn laid out the full stakes of what’s the end game is going to look like, albeit with some needless complications thrown in for good measure. This week, some of those complications persist, but “11:53 to Odessa” was definitely a more direct, and streamlined effort. The post-flashback momentum continued as the series now races towards its conclusion, but the question remains if the show can tie up all those dangling plot threads. More importantly, can the show stick the landing in a way that the original Heroes never could, even in its highly vaunted first season. (more…)

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ – S4E7 – “Brotherhood”

“Even death’s not permanent anymore.” Famous last words in Star City these days. Sara Lance has come back from over a year in the ground, Ray Palmer didn’t die in an explosion but merely got shrunk, and now Andy Diggle has rejoined the land of the living. This week’s Arrow was another tale of resurrection, and offered further strange insights into the world that Damien Darhk’s arrival has ushered in. Although another back-from-the-dead tale should strain the credulity, especially in Arrow’s once grounded universe, this episode actually offered some interesting insight into the character of the man they call Dig. (more…)

“Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” If it isn’t, it should be one of the most iconic lines ever. The idea that failing is okay because it can help strengthen ourselves as long as we allow it to. And that was the big idea for this week’s episode of The Flash. Sure, we’ve seen Barry unsure of himself, but that’s when he’s had to deal with the unknown such as a new power or if he can defeat a meta-human. In this week’s episode, entitled, “Gorilla Warfare,” we watch as Barry struggles with something worse, something he knows – that Zoom beat him…bad. To add insult to injury, Zoom took him on a tour around Central City to show off his prize. The hero of Central City…defeated. Now the question is, can Barry overcome his problems? If not, is there someone out there who can help? Keep reading for more!



Somebody on set last Friday, most likely a visitor and not crew, sneakily captured what might be the first footage of Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan on AMC‘s The Walking Dead. The quality is obviously bad and that might lead one to think it’s a clever fake, but if it is then it’s very clever because of what we can make out. Take a look if you don’t care about spoilers and such. (more…)

coulson and rosalind

Last week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the truth about Lash came to light. It was Andrew all along and, once the team figured it out, it took everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D. and the ATCU to finally put his ass into cold storage. Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons were on the trail of a potential new way to get back to the alien world and save Will. It was also revealed that Rosalind Price may be working for HYDRA and that she’s helping them bring Coulson to an untimely end. This week, the two teams go at it as Coulson attempts to decipher the truth regarding exactly which side the ATCU is working for. Scroll on for more info on ‘Many Heads, One Tail’. (more…)

‘Agent Carter’ Goes Hollywood in First Official Photo

Agent Carter was a nice surprise at the top of the year, as Marvel finally delivered on a story with a strong, independent female hero at the center (even she wasn’t wearing a costume). The adventures of SSR Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) will continue early in the new year with season two of Agent Carter, and as I’m sure you’ve already heard, the new adventure will include a trip to the left coast for Carter, her fellow agents, friends and enemies. Now, Marvel and ABC have released the first official image from season two, an image of Agent Carter that definitely says, “Welcome to California.” (more…)