Game of Thrones is back!!!! It’s been nine months since our hearts were broken when young Olly thrust his dagger into Jon Snow’s gut “for the watch” along with the other members of The Nights Watch facilitating one of the most ultimate betrayals on the show (and we have had many betrayals over the years). Daenerys “Khaleesi” Targaryen escaped from the attack from the Sons of The Harpy with favorite dragon Drogo, only to be surrounded by a new group of Dothraki. Sansa and Reek went all “Bonny and Clyde” to escape Ramsey Bolton’s clutches. Speaking of Ramsey, he pretty much slaughtered all of Stannis army, while Brienne of Tarth seemingly got revenge for Renly’s death a few seasons ago and killed Stannis herself. Jamie Lannister had to get his niece/daughter from the land of Dorne, as it was not safe, only to discover she had been poisoned in revenge for fan-favorite Oberyn Martell’s death. Arya Stark was left blinded by the Faceless Men after breaking the rules and killing the wrong person. Cersei Lannister’s plan of shaming queen Margaery backfired as the both of them were in the clutches of the High Sparrow and his religious group. While the Queen and her brother remained in custody, Cersei was able to be freed after making the walk of atonement and all the “shame” that went along with it. Is anything missing? Needless to say, Game of Thrones has a lot of moving pieces! There’s a lot that fans have to look forward to with the beginning of this season. Many storylines ended on such drastic cliffhangers, that fans have been clamoring for this new season to start.

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS


Why You Need To Be Watching ‘Game of Thrones’


It is practically impossible to find a person in an English speaking country right now who hasn’t heard of Game of Thrones. The HBO show has taken western culture by storm in a way that is almost unrivalled by any other piece of modern popular culture. Based on the still unfinished series of novels by George R. R. Martin, the series has launched the fantasy genre into mainstream viewing in an almost unique way. (more…)

BBC Reveals New ‘Doctor Who’ Companion


The BBC has just announced the new companion to Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor in the upcoming tenth season of Doctor Who. Don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize her, she’s a relative new comer to television with only appearances on Doctors and Svengali. Doctor Who will mark her first major role on television and her character’s introduction will take place during this year’s Christmas Special. (more…)

The Flash is one of the CW Network’s biggest shows. The show not only pays close attention to the source material (of course it takes liberties here and there like most comic-to-TV/films do), but it also captures the feeling, wonder, and joy of the comic book series. Every week, the audience is treated to the adventures of Barry Allen, the fastest man alive and he uses The Speed Force to help save not only citizens of Central City but sometimes citizens of the world and beyond. The show is a part of the “Arrow-verse” on CW and recently included CBS’s Supergirl making it now the “Berlanti-verse.” The inter-connectivity of these shows is rivaled only by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s why it was a bit of a disappointment when Warner Bros announced that their DC Cinematic Universe would not be connected to any of their television shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, and soon to be Krypton). The powers that be over at Warner Bros. would prefer that each medium is able to have their own separate characters and separate stories. When it was announced that there would be a Flash movie coming in 2018, some fans hopes were diminished when Ezra Miller was cast as Barry Allen, instead of Grant Gustin from the TV show. Producers promised that the TV show and film would be separate, and completely different takes on The Flash Character. That might not ring true if this rumored casting call sheet is real.


TV RECAP: ‘The 100’ – S3E12 – “Demons”


In seeing the preview for this week’s The 100, it was easy to recognize that they were definitely trying to provoke a horror movie vibe. The episode’s title, “Demons”, took the theme even further, but this is no Exorcist-style scary story (that was last week), the demons in the title are ones of the characters’ own making, as in the one’s that come back to haunt. The great thing about a show like The 100 is that it can wear just about any genre for an episode, and “Demons” unfurls like a slasher film as the group’s return to Arkadia does not go as planned thanks to an unexpected guest. (more…)

Legends 12.2

If last week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow didn’t make a fan and believer of you, then this is obviously not the show for you.  That’s ok, because there are plenty of those who are already on board with the CW’s latest superhero serial.  It’s done well enough that the network has officially ordered a second season.  Of course, that could be because it would be messier to cancel it at this point, when so many well-loved characters from The Flash and Arrow are bound up in the show.  But either way, it’ll be interesting to see where the series will go in its second round.

Last week, we journeyed to the Old West and met Jonah Hex, a fan favorite in the DCverse.  This week, the Legends are on the run from the latest weapon of the Time Masters, a ruthless bounty hunter known as The Pilgrim.  She is out to kill the Legends before they joined forces, at various points in the timeline.  Can they save their younger selves in time?  Read on to find out, but only if you’re ok with SPOILERS.  You’ve been warned.  (more…)


In a move that is quite unusual in this Internet age, BBC America will be announcing the new Doctor Who companion this Saturday (April 23rd), hopefully before anyone on the Internet can find out and jump the gun a few days early. As the last episode ended, we found the good Doctor (Peter Capaldi) without a companion as his long time companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) became the girl who both died and lived. Who might this new companion be and when will we see that person on the small screen? (more…)


Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones is simply delightful. Her Social Media presence should be a rule book for young celebrities on how to handle fame and fans. This time she’s teamed up with NYLON Magazine to prank some Game of Thrones fans as they shop at their local gaming store. Just imagine walking into your local shop and finding someone very familiar looking behind the counter. (more…)


A new set of pictures featuring Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) and Jessica Stroup (90210) on the Iron Fist set are making the Internet rounds. Stroup plays Joy Meachum in the new series, a childhood friend of Danny Rand and these pictures show Rand meeting Meachum as she exits her building. Rand looks like he just got back from Burning Man and Meachum doesn’t exactly look thrilled to see him. (more…)

flash 2x1800007
After several weeks off, The Flash is back and back with new episodes until the May 24 season finale. Until then, it looks like it’s going to be an uphill battle for Barry and his friends. In this week’s episode, titled “Versus Zoom,” the team suffered a bit of a setback just as things were starting to look good. But fear not, this is only the beginning. So hold on tight, because the tail end of the season is finally here and it looks like they’ve finally kicked things into fourth gear.