Firefly’s Ron Glass Has Died At The Age Of 71


A veteran of television and film who captured the hearts of nerds around the world in his role of Shepherd Derrial Book in Firefly, actor Ron Glass died late on November 25th 2016. His agent has confirmed the new of his passing and a number of grieving friends have already shared many of their own personal tributes. The reports released so far have not gone into a lot of detail aside from informing fans that he died peacefully overnight in his home in Los Angeles. (more…)


Few authors can lay claim to creating a cultural touchstone. L.Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz has been a childhood favourite for over a century, and NBC are now poised to bring us a retelling of the fable. Their venture down the yellow brick road is only the latest in a long line of adaptations and re-imaginings. Ranging from The Wiz, Oz the great and Powerful and Wicked to the iconic 1932 original. It’s also not the first story set in Oz to cast Dorothy’s quest in a darker light, with 1985’s Return to Oz introducing many a fresh-faced youngster to their first taste of existential terror. So what does NBC plan on bringing to the party?.



Crude, callous and hilarious, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia follows the misadventures of five of the most selfish and horrible people you could ever imagine. They’re manipulative, they’re spiteful and their arrogance makes them oblivious to the detriment they have on the lives of pretty much everyone around them. Including each other. But for all their flaws, Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Frank and Sweet Dee are addictive to watch. Aired for most of its run time on FX, it is one of cable’s longest running shows and, even after eleven seasons, the sitcom still has fans eager for more of the antics that go down at Paddy’s pub in Philadelphia. (more…)


In a year that can most charitably be described as “complicated”, some of us may be struggling to come up with things to be thankful for this holiday. But rest assured that there’s always one thing guaranteed to reinvigorate your faith in your fellow man: the sight of two nerds joyously nerding out over some nerdy, nerdy stuff. That’s most definitely the case in this new video from Tested, in which Mythbuster’s Adam Savage drools delightfully over the treasures in Peter Jackson’s abundant cave of movie props and memorabilia.



In January 2016, Netflix had announced  a 13-episode straight-to-series order for Lost In Space, a remake of sci-fi master Irwin Allen’s 1965 cult TV classic. In the time since the announcement, only one cast member had been revealed with Falling Skies actress Taylor Russell locked-in for the part of Judy Robinson, the eldest daughter of the Robinson family. With that one casting announcement, Netflix revealed this version of the Robinson family will either be an all-black or a bi-racial family.

With a progressive prerogative clearly in mind, Netflix has just revealed another unexpected but welcome change to the Lost in Space cast.


Much to the disappointment of Trekkies everywhere, Star Trek: Discovery will not debut in the New Year as initially advertised by CBS back in the spring. There’s a lot of anticipation for the show, even though Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller stepped away from his day-to-day duties on it last month, but representing the first new Trek to be seen on TVs in 12 years, fans are hoping that Discovery will be everything they didn’t get with the three most recent Trek movies. That’s a lot to put on the head of the actress who ends up taking lead on Discovery, but something tells us that Michelle Yeoh can probably handle it. (more…)


In every season of The Flash so far, there’s always been that moment when the villain’s true face is revealed after several episodes of threatening behaviour. In season one, it was when the Reverse-Flash was unmasked to be Harrison Wells, and in season two, it was when we learned that Jay Garrick and Zoom were one and the same. For season three, the big (bad) question was who is Dr. Alchemy, and in a last minute twist on Tuesday night’s episode, the secret was uncovered much earlier than expected, even if the secret identity of Alchemy was pretty much as we expected. (more…)

Not since the time Iris tried to pull Barry out of the Speedforce has an episode of The Flash been so emotional with all of it’s ups and downs. Coincidentally, both episodes were directed by Kevin Smith. Titled, “Killer Frost,” this week’s episode brought out a side of Caitlin Snow that has only been glimpsed upon, but not to this extent. And, boy, did she do some damage. As her powers break through the surface, feelings that have been deep inside risde up as well. Rifts are created and the team becomes divided again. Just when Barry thinks the Flash is the last thing his friends need in their lives, Iris finds a way to tell him that it’s the exact opposite and that he’s needed more than ever.



It was a busy week on last night’s Supergirl as the Cyborg Superman was revealed to be the now cybernetic – and still alive – human Hank Henshaw, a figure from Kara’s past saved her and Mon-El from the clutches of CADMUS, and the evil anti-alien group got its hands on a big weapon: a sample of Kara’s blood. The other major development of the week was that James Olsen hit a road block in his burgeoning career as a crime-fighter, framed for murder by someone that kills the criminals that Guardian goes to great pains to capture the humane, responsible way. Vigilantes are often misunderstood, just ask Batman, and in the Supergirl universe, it looks like you can. (more…)