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When the first season of The Flash ended, jaws dropped, fans stood up, and others raced out of the room. The season finale was so ambitious that, let’s face it, where do you even begin to compile a second season? From singularities to time travel, the first season was enough to give a normal person a headache. Yet, somehow, the show manages to make the complicated not so complicated. And, if the premiere of the second season is any indication, then fans of the show can relax because everything is going to be okay.

If you haven’t seen the premiere yet, then you may want to look away because, while it’s not intended, spoilers may be given away. So, if you’re ready to move forward, then keep reading.


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Last week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we had our first return to the S.H.I.E.L.D. team in months. Coulson and crew were out trying to grab up Inhumans and bring them in before someone else did likewise. A rival, Rosalind Price, was out to do the same thing, albeit in the name of the government. A wild card Inhuman with crazy dreadlocks and energy powers was hunting Inhumans too, though his intention was to murder them. Daisy and Mack were trying to build their new Inhuman team. And Fitz was desperately trying to discover where Simmons was and how to get her back home again. The latest episode, ‘Purpose in the Machine’ answers the Simmons riddle while bringing Ward and May back into the mix. And all-in-all, it was a pretty damned good outing. (more…)


As the November 20th release date approaches for Netflix‘s latest original content Marvel series Jessica Jones, we’re going to start seeing a lot more than the teasers that Netflix has graced us with so far. Daredevil set quite a high bar for the follow-up series Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, but I’m confidant that Marvel can bring it when the chips are down. This time around we find Jessica (Krysten Ritter) out for a late night stroll. (more…)

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Last week, things got violent on Gotham. Jerome and his crew were out terrorizing the city and murdering police by the dozens. Gordon wasn’t able to do anything to stop it and now the GCPD is down a serious amount of manpower. Little Batman almost sacked Alfred, but ended up strengthening the ultimate incarnation of the Bat-team. And good old Harvey Bullock finally came back to the force to help Gordon with his newfound troubles. So is everyone ready for round 2? ‘The Last Laugh’ looks like the murder is going to the next level. (more…)


While we’ve only gotten to see him once during the big Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, John Hurt‘s War Doctor has left a huge impression on Doctor Who fandom. Now fans can look forward to learning more about the War Doctor when Big Finish brings John Hurt back into the War Doctor’s role for a closer look at the Time War in a four part boxed set of Audio Dramas. (more…)

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The intentionally-short first season of Fear the Walking Dead draws to a close with this episode, leaving viewers firmly split on whether this series is a worthy successor/companion to The Walking Dead – or even if it’s a series they want to continue watching at all.

WARNING: What you’re about to read contains spoilers about this episode and possibly this season of Fear the Walking Dead.  Proceed at your own risk/reward!


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Now that the angsty and entertaining two-part season premiere is in our rear-view mirrors, it’s time to see what the rest of this season of Doctor Who has in store for us.  And straightaway here, we are greeted with… another two-part episode!  For folks who grew up on the classic DW and its multi-part stories (like I did), this should feel like a welcome return to “tune in next time” storytelling.  I doubt we’ll ever see these multi-part arcs go beyond two episodes, thanks to the general lack of attention span in our internet-addled world these days, but we’ll take what we can get!



Here’s another story about Hollywood’s creative bankruptcy, and while most of those stories are immediately offensive to the heart and mind, this one strikes even closer to home because it’s about MacGyver. Now you may not be that familiar with MacGyver. It’s been almost 25 years since new adventures have aired on TV, and most people are familiar with MacGyver star Richard Dean Anderson from his follow-up job on Stargate SG-1. If you’re familiar at all with MacGyver, it maybe from Simpsons reruns, or from the parody movie MacGruber, but all that is about to change. MacGyver is about be rebooted for a new generation. (more…)

Marvel and ABC Teaming For a 30 Minute Comedy Series


Marvels cinematic universe has seen Nazis, aliens, gods, monsters, metal men and all other sorts of outrageous shenanigans. Given the fantastical villains and heroic escapades, its all been – for the most part –  treated with a sense of earnestness, reverence, and lightheartedness. Their films and other cinematic media has always found the right balance of entertainment, humor, and action. Never, though, has the studio gone with making a legit fully intended comedy. That is…. until now.

ABC has ordered a script for Damage Control,  a half-hour, single-camera comedy from Marvel Studios.   (more…)