If there was a superhero success story above all others in the last several years, it was Deadpool. The X-Men movie spin-off about the smart alec mutant mercenary was shelved at 20th Century Fox and deemed to risky for the studio due to its outlandish mix of graphic violence and meta-comedy that would require a big-budget and an R-rating; the kiss of death in other words. One year later though, Deadpool is a franchise of his own and because of that the studio that once thought the Merc with the Mouth unbankable is now banking on him. Get ready for Deadpool: Animated(more…)

Barry Allen has carried the weight of the world on his shoulders since the first episode. From always carrying the guilt of loved ones dying, keeping his friends alive, to protecting Central City 24/7, Barry has been due for a vacation for quite some time. On this week’s episode of The Flash, titled “Cause And Effect,” fans finally got to see what Barry Allen would’ve looked like had he lived a stress-free life. With the opportunity to rid him of all his problems, would the result still be the Barry Allen you’ve grown to love and admire? Or would he be deprived of what had made him the man that he is today, even if it brought with it the burden of the world on his shoulders? Warning: Spoilers!


Teaser For Fox’s X-Men TV Show ‘Gifted’ Released

The X-Men franchise has been on the big screen since 2000. Some hits, some missed but for the most part, we have been thoroughly entertained by the tales of mutants, the prejudices they have faced and the heroism by the X-Men as they have saved humanity countless times. Recently, Fox has decided to take mutants to the small screen. Earlier this year FX gave us a very adult themed show focusing on Professor’s Xavier’s (possible) son David Haller, a powerful mutant who happened to be going through schizophrenic episodes (courtesy of The Shadow King). The show Legion was a critical and commercial success. Fox realizes that they can tell even more mutant tales on the small screen and they ordered a pilot for a second mutant-centric TV series, Gifted.


Now is the time for all once great TV series to be great again. The fine art of reunited actors as their famous roles in beloved series has been a regular theme in this era of Peak TV, as networks, channels, and outlets of all sorts hope that nostalgia plus niche means eyeballs. The most recent series rescued from the TV graveyard is Psych, the highly popular USA Network series about a not-psychic psychic detective and his much put-upon friend that help the Santa Barbara Police solve crimes. And when you think Santa Barbara, of course you think “Christmas special”! (more…)

With Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh), Supergirl/Kara Danvers/Kara Zor-El’s adoptive sister, safe and sound and back in the DEO fold, all looked right for Supergirl and Friends, but that was before Rhea (Teri Hatcher), Daxamite queen and spurned mother to one Mon-El/Mike (Chris Wood), decided to take the Earth’s future in her hand and align herself with an unsuspecting Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath). Ultra-eager to prove herself her brother’s equal in the brainiac department and his better in the moral/ethical one, Lena lets Rhea charm her into creating a spacetime portal of some kind. Lena thinks she’ll be able to solve all of Earth’s major problems with her Stargate-inspired teleportation device. Instead, she gives Rhea what she’s always wanted: A way to bring Daxam’s scattered survivors to Earth as part of an invasion fleet. (more…)

It’s been a while, but when we last left the town (and show) of Twin Peaks, Agent Cooper had been shot, and so had Leo Johnson. Shelly Johnson, Catherine Martell and Pete Martell all seemed doomed in the burning mill. Audrey Horne was in over her head posing as the new prostitute at One Eyed Jacks and about to come face-to-face with the owner, her father. Big Ed came home and found that Nadine had OD’ed on pills while his nephew James was arrested after Bobby Briggs put cocaine on his motorcycle. It was the biggest night in town since the Elk Lodge burned down in the 50s according to Doc.  (more…)

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and it seems like the long running ABC show Once Upon A Time may be coming to an end sooner than a little expected. For some time there had been some uncertainty whether or not the show would make it to it’s seventh season. But after today’s news of the show’s star, Jennifer Morrison, deciding to leave the show at the end of the season, it looks like those uncertainties will be certain.


Last week we were introduced to the new weird, world of American Gods. Much like the lead character Shadow Moon, we have no idea what the hell is going on. Fresh out of prison, Shadow was having pretty much the worst day ever. In addition to his wife dying, his finding out she died while giving fellatio to his best friend. The cherry on top, he’s now thrust into a world of Old Gods and New Gods as he is in the service of Old God leader, Mr. Wednesday. He’s already met Mad Sweeny, and unfortunately met the Technical Boy, who wasn’t keen on him getting involved in the affairs of the Old and New Gods, and has him hanged. We also got to meet Bilquis, who proceeded to show her powers by swallowing a man whole into her nether regions during her lovemaking. Needless to say, this is a weird and fun new show, and can only get weirder and more fun!


New ‘Inhumans’ Teaser Teases A Coup D’etat

You might as well call this “Marvel Week.”

First, we got our first look at the Royal Family for the upcoming ABC Inhumans TV show that will first hit theaters for the first two episodes (thanks to a sweet deal Marvel, ABC, and Imax) and then afterward appear nightly on ABC this fall. Then we got a teaser for the upcoming Runaways TV show, that will premiere on Hulu next year. Then, we got a trailer for the new Defenders TV show premiering this summer on Netflix. The sweet cherry on top, was the release of Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters this premiering today. We here at Nerdbastards LOVED it.

But Marvel’s not done yet!


First serialised in 1897, The War of the Worlds by legendary science fiction writer H G Wells is a crucial part of the genre’s foundation. In the twelve decades since it was first read by an avid Victorian audience, the story has been retold and remade in many formats and has always had audiencs flocking to read, listen and watch the story of how aliens first tore apart our planet. As much as it played on the common superstitions and prejudices of the Victorian era, the themes and inherent humanity within the novel resonate just as profoundly to this day. (more…)