Just when you thought awards season was over, think again! Yes, the dead of summer is also the time we learn who in TV is worth lavishing with awards courtesy of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Like any TV year in these days of Peak TV, there’s a definite amount of suspense with so many great TV shows and so few slots for nominees, and this year probably proved more difficult than ever to choose who to award. The nominations announced a short while ago by Veep co-star Anna Chlumsky and S.W.A.T. co-star Shemar Moore at the Saban Media Centre reflect that, and this year, the rookies won big.  (more…)

It has to be one of the most anticipated shows in a TV year full of very anticipated shows, but the countdown can now officially begin for Stranger Things season two. Season one sailed onto Netflix and into our hearts on a wind of nostalgia for all things 80s and remotely Spielbergian, and the very brief 8-episode first season left nothing but an appetite for more Dungeons & Dragons themed adventures in the Upside Down and fighting the Demogorgon alongside a new friend with supernatural powers. Mark your calendars because October 27 will mark the launch of the new season of Stranger Things(more…)

As Marvel continues to dominate on the big screen, things are also heating up for the television shows. In addition to the next Netflix show The Defenders gearing up for release next month and Inhumans premiering this fall, Marvel is also preparing for a bunch of new television shows. Runaways was announced for a 2018 release on Hulu and has fans excited. Marvel will also be premiering Cloak and Dagger on the new ABC channel Freeform. In addition to Cloak and Dagger, Freeform will have another Marvel TV show next year, The New Warriors.


It’s nice when everything comes together. Earlier in the day on Sunday, I was talking with someone about Twin Peaks and where we left things off two weeks ago. After the journey through symbolism and 1950s New Mexico in episode 8, this person I was talking to theorized that episode 9 would be more direct, and dig back into the main story, whatever it is. I’m through trying to guess what David Lynch is going to do, but it turns out my friend was correct. In part 9, Lynch was going to try and start unravelling these mysteries he’s laid out. For this week anyway.  (more…)

It would be inappropriate for a site called “Nerd Bastards” to allow for the tenth season of Doctor Who to come to an end and pass without commenting, and the season finale Saturday night left a pretty definitive end for the Time Lord, his friends, and his enemies while opening an intriguing door to the Twelfth Doctor’s last stand coming this Christmas. In the meantime, Twelve’s second last adventure probably epitomized all the things we love and hate about the Steven Moffat era of Who: big ideas, touching camaraderie, and more than a little timey-whimey sleight of hand to get to the end game.  (more…)

It seems like we have been waiting forever for Rick and Morty to return. We were fortunate to enjoy Adult Swim’s usual April 1st stunt, which just happened to show the first episode of Season 3, and made us once again crave McDonald’s Szechuan sauce (don’t be surprised if that makes a comeback). Since then, we have not heard a peep for the new season. There were even rumors that there was trouble behind the scenes between co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland had deteriorated during the making of a third season of the cult show. Both have denied that was the case and they have just been hard at work on delivering the new season. Lucky for us, the third season now has a start date.


Netflix Releases New ‘Death Note’ Trailer

The Netflix adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba (Writer) and Takeshi Obata‘s (Illustrator) incredibly popular manga Death Note continues amist the white washing controversy with a second trailer that explores more of the series plot and characters. Adam Wingard (Blair Witch, You’re Next) heads up the series that stars Nat Wolfe as Light Turner and William Dafoe as the Death God Ryuk. Check it out below.

‘Inhumans’ Trailer Shows Off the Dark of the Moon

Since the announcement of Phase 3, we know that Marvel Studios has had Inhumans on the mind. They were going to get their own movie, and then they were introduced on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then the movie was yanked from the schedule and there were rumours that some powers at Marvel were more hot on the the Inhumans than others. Okay, so forget all that, because Marvel seemed to have a bolder idea in mind, an Inhumans TV show shot in IMAX and screened in IMAX theatres before the show’s TV debut. Will the gamble payoff? Perhaps there’s a hint in the trailer below.  (more…)

The first episode of Rick and Morty Season 3 was released in just about the most Rick and Morty way imaginable – on April Fool’s Day, through a peculiar link that no one quite wanted to click because it seemed all too conveniently like a prank. The brave few who did dare click it were treated to the first episode of the long-awaited third season, which was streamed throughout the day. Sadly, the rest of the season did not follow and it was later announced that fans would have to wait until summer to see any more. (more…)