Marvel is on point this year. Not only have they been killing the box-office numbers, but they’ve brought that same formula to their SuperBowl commercials and brand collaborations. You can check out some of the other Marvel Trailers and Collabs here, and  Coca-Cola delivers an epic commercial featuring  Marvel’s biggest and smallest Super Heroes, which they have teased “Is Only the Beginning” take a look at the first of what is set to unfold on Coca-Cola’s social media from this day forward.



We are only days away from Superbowl 50 and already the rumor train is going full steam with bookies breaking the bank with bets from people hoping to hit the jackpot and the possibility that this could be the legendary Peyton Manning’s final run for the crown. Not surprising however is the hype for the ever popular Superbowl commercials. This years series of  ads promise to be some of the biggest ever with over 30 celebrities becoming pitchmen for your favorite brands, including Ryan Reynolds and Liam Neeson. Now, however, we are getting our first look at what could be the oddest casting choice ever, Willem Dafoe as Marilyn Monroe.



Holy Life-Size Batman! To launch their Life-Size Masterpiece Series, Hot Toys have given us their first look at the Armoured Batman from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And what a sight to behold! Standing at 7.2 feet tall, this behemoth is a movie accurate sculpture of Ben Affleck‘s Batman including a fabric cape, Affleck’s likeness and light-up eyes. (more…)


If you’ve been following pop culture at all for the last few months, you’ve already seen some of the genius tactics that the marketing team behind the upcoming Deadpool film have employed.  The latest offering comes with the return of the hit television show “The X-Files” last night – and since both the show and the movie are both Fox properties, it makes perfect sense (in that weird, Deadpool kind of way) to do a mashup of the two. (more…)


Last night’s Dawn of the Justice League special was full of new tid-bits for the observant DC Comics fan. Before he special aired DC revealed the new Wonder Woman movie logo on Twitter, during the special they also revealed the logos for The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Green Lantern Corps. You can check them out after the jump. (more…)


It is no surprise to any fanboy or fangirl that since the golden age of comics, DC and Marvel have always enjoyed a friendly rivalry. In fact, some of the best work from each company has come as a direct answer to something the other company has put out. There was a time that every ten years or so, Marvel and DC would even team up some of their biggest stars in the annual Marvel Vs. DC epics (not to mention the merging of their universes in the 90’s limited run of Amalgam comics). However, up until now, Marvel has had the run of cinemas, not worried about competition from DC, and now that DC is dipping its toes into the shared cinematic universe, many have wondered how they two companies will deal with the influx of opening weekends, with each company planning a slate of releases in the coming years. However, it seems that Marvel may have fired the first shot in the coming war with a very unique way to combat Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.



Kurt Russell confirmed he’s been contacted by James Gunn for the role of Star-Lord’s father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. On the Monday edition of the Happy Sad Confused Wolfpop podcast, Russell admitted he received a phone call just a few days ago from Gunn asking if he would take the part. Russell admitted that before he could consider it, he would need to do a couple of things first.



Ever wonder how Kevin McCallister turned out after the events in Home Alone? Jack Dishel’s new webseries :DRYVRS tackles the question in the first episode with an appearance by Macaulay Culkin. The episode, called “Just Me in the House By Myself,” clocks in at just over five minutes, but it gives the audience a pretty good idea of how Kevin’s life has gone since that fateful week when he was eight years old. (more…)


Thanks, Deadpool! Earlier today, 20th Century Fox released a video featuring everybody’s favorite Merc with a Mouth. The video features Ryan Reynolds in full Deadpool gear, sitting in front of a Christmas tree, sipping what is hopefully just eggnog. In the video, Deadpool lays out a plan to give us the Twelve Days of Deadpool. Every day, starting today, Deadpool promotional material will be released through a different source, leading up to a new trailer being released on Christmas Day. The first trailer was pretty great and there’s no reason to think the second one won’t be just as amazing. Today, the promotional material is a spicy new Deadpool poster released through Entertainment Weekly. Check it out below!