There’s a second trailer for director Patty Jenkins‘ take on Wonder Woman hitting the Internet tomorrow. Today you can enjoy a quick teaser posted by Gal Gadot on Twitter. Thankfully Jenkins has NOT left the Wonder Woman production over creative differences, but don’t worry, there is still time for it to happen before the June 2nd, 2017 release date. [Sarcasm] Check out the second teaser below for what is looking to be the first true break out film in the Warner Bros. DC Cinematic Universe (more…)


It certainly has been a while since we’ve last heard from the Avengers: Age of Ultron director, and many have wondered just what is next for the man who brought the likes of Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man together on the silver screen. Well, ponder no longer. It looks like the man himself has filled us in on his next possible project. (more…)


According to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) there are no rules in Superhero Fight Club. The CW superhero lineup that includes Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow are about to hit television screens everywhere next week with a four punch lineup that would make any network proud. Superhero Fight Club helps tie all those series together in a fun way and the video is simply delightful. Each series might have its ups and downs, but when those series merge together, it is magical. (more…)

The Cybertronic Spree

Near enough every kid ever born has dreamed, even if not all that seriously, of being in a rock band. There’s not a Transformers fan alive who hasn’t wondered how cool it would be to have powers like the robots in disguise. Most people grow up, though, and let go of those fantasies. Maybe they come back to visit them from time to time for a little light entertainment, but they stop taking them seriously – if they ever did in the first place. They got office jobs. They become normal, everyday people with normal, everyday jobs who tend not to transform into anything exciting. (more…)


As the summer is coming to an end, a little retrsopect on this year’s summer blockbuster candidates were quite a bummmer, with none of the hyped films really living up to the praise. This isn’t to say there weren’t any good films, but many were rather forgettable as soon as you left the theater. Of course, one of the films that received some flak this summer was, Duncan Jones’ Warcraft. The big-screen adaptation of the beloved fantasy computer game of the same name, suffered a horrendous fate at the box office, but only in the U.S., which leads many to speculate whether the film will live on to see a sequel.



With the announcement at San Diego Comic Con this year that Disneyland Anaheim will be transforming the Tower of Terror into a Guardians of the Galaxy themed ride, the rumor mill has started brewing again over possible Marvel additions at Disney theme parks, but this time at their Disney World Orlando parks. Meanwhile, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster gets a minor, but possibly long overdue update that might disappoint some guest.  (more…)


Believe it or not, some people actually get excited when they hear that a movie or television show that they loved as a child is getting a multimillion dollar reboot.  While it is often an impossible task to recapture the same spirit and charm of the source material that the reboot is based on, there are plenty of examples of how a huge budget and modern technology can actually enhance the original story. Examples being Planet of The Apes (not the Tim Burton one. Gawd no), True Grit, The Ring, Dredd. You can even add The Dark Knight and Star Trek to that list as they were, indeed, reboots. Acceptable/good reboots work only when: The original property is a dated movie that time forgot, the original wasn’t all that good to begin with, or if subsequent sequels ruined the franchise (ala the Joel Schumacher Batman series for example). Of course, the most important reason when/why reboots work is when good talent is involved and there is an active desire to respect the source material, honor the fans, and to work honestly and earnestly – that it isn’t made for the sole purpose of the cash grab, or that it shameless panders to fans with forced references and gags. It also helps when a reboot shares the same universe as the original, that they don’t just remake the movie entirely.  Which is why films like Jurassic Park, Apollo Creed, and Star Wars do so damn well… because they carry on the legacy without completely ignoring/scraping what came before it.

So… all that said, how would you feel about a reboot/sequel to the 1980’s film The Monster Squad? No? Well, how about if Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black was involved? Yes, everyone hates him for what he did with Iron Man 3, but here’s a fun little fact, Black co-wrote the original Monster Squad. So, yeah, how about now? (more…)

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We’re just a week away from David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad hitting theaters screens in what is looking to be a blockbuster weekend for the Warner Bros. film. Hot off the SDCC 2016 Hall H panel, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can slow down this Suicide Squad Freight Train. There was an interesting difference between what was shown at Hall H and what we’ve seen on television so far and it all comes down to Harley Quinn’s (Margot Robbie) incredible shrinking Hot Pants. (more…)