Brian Michael Bendis Takes PSN E3 Stage to Announce ‘Powers’ Release

- 06-10-14Comics, TV, Videogames Posted by Mark Poynter


It’s been a long and rough road to bring Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming‘s Powers adaptation off the comic book page and into your living room. Bendis recently took the stage at the PSN (Playstation Network) E3 event to announce the successful deal to bring the Powers adaptation to fans. (more…)

A Double Dose of Lara Croft Announced at E3

- 06-09-14Videogames Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


Amongst the goodies at Microsoft’s E3 presentation this morning was the announcement that we’re getting not just one, but two new Tomb Raider games in the near future. Following up on last year’s critically and commercially successful reboot of the franchise, Tomb Raider, developers Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics seem to have their eyes on a true Croftian renaissance. But will they succeed? Let’s roll the videotape on the two new trailers for the games and see. (more…)

E3 2014 Takes Us Back With New ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Trailer

- 06-09-14Cool Stuff, Film, Nerd Culture, Tech, Videogames Posted by James Daniels



When i was asked to cover E3‘s release of the new Star Wars trailer, I came close to crapping myself! An Episode 7 trailer? At E3? ALREADY???

Well, as you’ve no doubt gathered from the headline, E3 has NOT released a trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII….

But honestly–even if you’re like me and not big on modern video games–what we have here is damn near almost as good.  (more…)

So How Exactly Does the Batmobile Work in ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’?

- 06-04-14Comics, Videogames Posted by Jason McAnelly

batman arkham knight

Batman junkies may be a little irked that Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight video game has been delayed until next year. But, like all things we grow to love, it sometimes takes time to produce a top-notch game. One thing the gamer team has been showing off recently is a look at the way the Batmobile mechanics work. Unfortunately, the teaser we received doesn’t really go into detail about how these mechanics actually function in-game. Now, a voice in the dark has spoken up in an effort to enlighten us a bit about what we can expect. (more…)

Well, Shoot: ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Delayed Until 2015

- 06-03-14Comics, Videogames Posted by Brandon Marcus

Arkham Knight

Remember a little while ago when I was gushing about how cool the new video game Batman: Arkham Knight is going to be. Rocksteady’s epic finale, the game will allow players to explore an open-world Gotham City as Batman and even drive the Batmobile. Next-generation graphics, a map larger than anything seen before and the ability to finally control Batman’s ride? This, I said, will be the Batman game we’ve all been waiting for.

Well, it’s still going to be the Batman game we’ve been waiting for but that wait just got extended by a bit. (more…)

‘Mortal Kombat X’ Kills in First Trailer

- 06-02-14Videogames Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


MOR-TAL KOM-BAT! Coming up on the annual tease for all things video game, the E3 Convention in Los Angeles, NetherRealm Studios has dropped their first look-see at the upcoming tenth Mortal Kombat game, Mortal Kombat X. The game will be released across most platforms – PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC – in 2015, but the general public and the media will get to sample the goods next week at E3. As a taste of things to come, the studio has released today a teaser trailer featuring an epic rematch between Sub Zero and Scorpion. Are you ready to take your first look at the game? Of course, you are. (more…)

‘World of Warcraft’ Movie Update – Ben Foster Talks about His Role and the Film’s Tone

- 05-31-14Film, Videogames Posted by Jason McAnelly

world of warcraft banner

Even though the World of Warcraft film is officially done with shooting, it’s still a long way from here to there. After all, this type of movie is going to require a hell of a lot of CGI work in post-production. In the meanwhile, we get to sit back and wonder what the heck the movie is all about. We already know the main plot involves a first meeting between orcs and humans, but other than that there’s not much out there. Now, actor Ben Foster has stepped up to talk a bit about his role in the flick. Read on for all the info. (more…)

VIDEO GAME REVIEW: ‘Watch Dogs’ – Breaths New Life Into “Open World” Style Adventure

- 05-29-14Featured, reviews, Videogames Posted by Luke Gallagher


Since its unveiling at E3 2012, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs has been one of the most anticipated games for any console, particularly this new generation of systems. The spawn of what seems to be a three-way between Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto and Infamous, Watch Dogs puts you in control of Aiden Pearce, a hacker-cum-vigilante in search of bloody retribution for the death of his niece. Delayed several times, this once launch title has finally graced American shelves. Did the delay produce a better game or simply postpone the inevitable disappointment which often accompanies a hype-beast such as this? It’s 696 miles to Chicago, we’ve got $60, a quarter tank of gas, a six pack of Red Bull, it’s night, and we’re wearing sunglasses…let’s punch it.  (more…)

Announcement Trailer for ‘Lego Batman III: Beyond Gotham’ is Cute & Filled With Legos

- 05-27-14Comics, Videogames Posted by Jacob Knight


The “Legofication” of the world continues, as Warner Bros. & TT Games released an announcement trailer for Lego Batman III: Beyond Gotham today. Pretty soon we’re going to be able to play all of our favorite characters in Lego form. I personally cannot wait for the Lego version of David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers, just so I can see what Lego gynecological instruments look like.  (more…)

The Avengers Battle for New York in New ‘Disney Infinity’ Play Set Trailer

- 05-22-14Comics, Videogames Posted by Sarah Moran


Disney Infinity is, for me, that game I want to play so desperately, but can’t bring myself to invest in the necessary start up hardware. Maybe that means Disney Infinity isn’t really for me, seeing as I’m not enough of a collector to get behind the novelty of owning the characters as tiny replicas in addition to playing as them in a virtual world. And if I were being honest, I’d likely tire of the game within a month and all those little figurines would just become something else to dust. Yet, with Disney acquiring more and more properties – Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm – on top of their own beloved characters and movies, the possibilities of Disney Infinity begin to look more enticing and, well, infinite. (more…)