‘Shadow Of The Colossus’ Film Adaptation Gets The ‘Mama’ Treatment

- 09-05-14Film, Videogames Posted by Aspry Jones


I never saw the horror film ‘Mama’ but now that I know Jamie Lannister’s in it, I may just have to check it out asap. That’s my guy, in all his sick and twisted sister-loving douchery. It’s about a couple taking in the husband’s young nieces who’d just spent the last 5 years living alone in a forest. Produced by Guillermo del Toro, I expect that film to be bonkers because that guy’s a crazy man. When I watched the trailer, the first thing I thought was “dude, I feel like I’m playing ‘Silent Hill’ with these claustrophobic hallways!” And then it dawned on me that director Andy Muschietti would do serious justice to a survival horror video game movie. Sony Pictures has similar ideas for the writer/director – just not all that similar. (more…)

The Angry Birds ‘Transformers’ Cartoon You Never Knew You Needed

- 09-01-14TV, Videogames Posted by Jason McAnelly

angry birds transformers

I’ve steered clear of the Angry Birds franchise as a matter of principal (and because my cell phone is from the late 90s), but even I have to admit that mashing up this group of irate avians with The Transformers is a pretty clever idea. Scroll on to check out the VHS-rip-styled trailer for this upcoming cartoon and see what you think of it. (more…)

‘Star Wars’ Roundup – Harrison Ford is Healthy, ‘Rebels’ Sneak Peek and… Spoilers?

- 08-29-14Film, TV, Videogames Posted by Jason McAnelly

star wars vii

Welcome to this week’s barrage of news from the Star Wars front. This time around we’ve got a few announcements, including Harrison Ford’s return, some talking heads discussing the various new Star Wars projects, a sneak peek at one of the new Star Wars: Rebels toys and even a few possible spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VII. Read on for all the details. The spoiler stuff has been placed at the bottom, so fear not that you will tread into uncharted space. (more…)

‘Leprechaun: Origins’ Director To Take On ‘Dead Rising’ Next

- 08-21-14Film, Videogames Posted by Mark Poynter


Legendary Pictures’ Dead Rising feature film has found a director. Zach Lipvosky will be bringing Capcom’s Zombie-Killing-Fest of a video game to Crackle the online streaming service. Tim Carter will be handling the script, you’ve seen his writing in games like Sleeping Dogs and the web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy. For those of you wondering just what Lipvosky might bring to the movie, click-through and find out. (more…)

New Petition Aims To Include Robin Williams Tribute In Upcoming Zelda Game

- 08-18-14Nerd Culture, Videogames Posted by Mark Poynter


When the recent petition to include a Robin Williams tribute in World of Warcraft was successful, many fans first after thought was that Nintendo‘s upcoming 2015 Zelda Wii U console game should also include a Williams tribute. A fan started such a petition over at Change.org and Nintendo has responded. (more…)

INTERVIEW: Creators & Cast of ‘Batman: Assault on Arkham’

- 08-16-14Comics, Featured, Film, Interviews, Videogames Posted by Sarah Moran

batman aoa interview

Earlier this week the latest DC Universe animated feature – Batman: Assault on Arkham – released digitally and on DVD/Blu-ray. This one, however, isn’t tied to The New 52 continuity DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.’ Animation are building with films like Justice League: War and the upcoming Throne of Atlantis, but is instead linked with the Batman: Arkham video game universe. While at San Diego Comic-Con I participated in roundtable interviews with many of Assault on Arkham‘s creators and cast: director Jay Oliva, producer James Tucker, writer Heath Corson, voice director Andrea Romano, and voice talent Kevin Conroy, Matthew Gray Gubler, and John DiMaggio. Hit the jump for their input on making Batman: Assault on Arkham! (more…)

Petition Spurs Creation Of Robin Williams NPC Tribute in World of Warcraft

- 08-13-14Internet, Videogames Posted by Mark Poynter


While the world continues to come to grips with the loss of Robin Williams, celebrity/fan tributes and remembrances are popping up everywhere on the Internet. There are also quite a few real world tributes appearing at Robin Williams sites like the Mork & Mindy house, the Good Will Hunting bench, and William’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Williams was an avid gamer and the gaming community, specifically the World of Warcraft community, has started a petition to create a Robin Williams NPC tribute character in the world of WoW. (more…)

Announcement Of ‘Rise Of The Tomb Raider’ Being An Xbox Exclusive Has Gamers Throwing Chairs

- 08-12-14Videogames, WTF? Posted by Aspry Jones


The Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison announced at Gamescon that the new installment in the popular Tomb Raider franchise will be an Xbox exclusive. There’s no word on whether things will change or stay that way. It’s slated to debut “Holiday 2015,” and if anybody knows what that means, please chime in. Last year’s Lara Croft adventure was a great success and played across wide platforms, so it’s a mystery why Microsoft would shut out loyal gamers for the sequel. Especially since the series has arguably been more associated with Playstation than any other console. Whatever the case, deals such as this one are few and far between in recent years because they do test player loyalty. Even if the status quo shifts, the damage of betrayal is done and documented. And gamers are rioting over the internet. (more…)

“Impossible Coin” in ‘Super Mario 64′ Retrieved, Life Not Wasted After All

- 08-08-14Videogames Posted by Adam A. Donaldson


18 years. That’s how long it took one player to retrieve the so-called “Impossible Coin” from an infamous level of Nintendo’s Super Mario 64. By comparison, it took them four years to build a prototype atomic bomb, and it took them 10 years to (allegedly) go to the moon, but to spend nearly two decades trying to collect one singular coin that may have been left in the game by mistake? Well that’s a level of dedication that’s not merely obsessive compulsive, but it puts obsessive compulsive in the rear-view mirror and keeps driving till it ends up somewhere completely unrecognizable. So how did this dedicated gamer finally do it? Read on. (more…)

Original ‘Resident Evil’ Game To Be Remastered For Your Nightmare-Having Pleasure

- 08-07-14Videogames Posted by Aspry Jones


In it’s early years, a little company with big dreams manufactured arcade games, which they called “capsule computers.” Then somebody decided to combine the two-fold term into their new name “Capcom.” It wouldn’t be long before we’d be introduced to the golf-swing uppercut that made Ken and Ryu famous. Back then we rocked the typed of technology that modern day kids point at and laugh. It’s a fine enough history to be proud of…unless you’re Capcom, who is out to change the past. Desperately trying to put the pixelated humiliations of the 1980’s behind them, the video game behemoth has announced that they are remastering the original 1996 ‘Resident Evil’ video game for 2015 audiences. Hey, when money’s burning a hole in your pocket and you’re not motivated to build something new from scratch, just jump in your time machine and fix something that ain’t broke. (more…)