It’s almost too easy at this point to make a joke about Ubisoft and the mess it’s made with the Assassin’s Creed series. Once one of the most anticipated and hyped franchises in the gaming industry, rushed releases, botched, convoluted storylines, and low innovation quickly dropped the series towards critical panning. Its seemed the games have turned into endless meme fodder.  (more…)

Victory is Life, the newest update to the Star Trek Online (STO) MMO game, launches June 5th.  The new content focuses on Deep Space Nine.  This is the fourth major expansion to the game.

For the first time Captains will be able to play as the Jem’Hadar and interact with ten of the original cast members from the show.  To help prepare players for the new content the creators of the game put together a list of episodes from that series that relate to the story line in the game.  Don’t have time to watch the episodes?  Nerdbastards has got your back…here is a run down on those episodes and how they might tie in to the game.


Since 1998, when the original Pokémon games were released in North America, fans wanted nothing more than a main console Pokémon game. Core Pokémon games are usually released on Nintendo’s handheld systems. Then came Pokémon Go. This game brought pokémon into the real world with your smartphone. Catching pokémon while walking on your phone was something all Pokémon fans wanted. The next change in the world of Pokémon, Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee.


For almost two years, Nintendo has been knocking things out of the park. Well, the NES Classic was an issue, but it wasn’t the concept it was the process. The popularity of the NES Classic was the reason why we received the (and highly superior) SNES Classic. Oh, and then there’s the Nintendo Switch, which is hard to keep on shelves. What could Nintendo do to keep the money flowing into the company? Just trademarking N64, which could mean the N64 Classic is on the way!


Call It A Comeback! The NES Classic Is Back!

Nintendo has announced the NES Classic Edition will return to retail stores on June 28, 2018. The NES Classic Edition, which comes with 30 classic games, will be available for the first time since April 2017 for $59.99, The mini console will come with Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Castlevania and many more. The NES Classic exceeded every expectation from Nintendo during its first manufacturing run. Undoubtedly, the second run will do the same.


First-Person Shooters are almost a genre in and of themselves. Call of Duty. DOOM. Duke Nuke ‘Em. Uber-Masculine and hyper-violent games that can be a bit much for those of us who lean more towards Role-Playing Games or other genres. Sometimes we dip our toes into an FPS, only to get our faces stomped and teabagged. It keeps us from diving into a genre of games that can be fun and stress relieving. So here’s a small list of more RPG-inclined FPS that focus on story, differing game mechanics, and unique experiences. (more…)

Enterprise D Comes to VR

Star Trek: Bridge Crew has been one of the most well-received VR games yet. GamesRadar ranked it 25th on their list of the best games of 2017.  While it wasn’t the commercial success that Ubisoft hoped it would be, it still has the company’s support as Ubisoft has announced Star Trek: Bridge Crew – The Next Generation, a new expansion for its co-op multiplayer experience. (more…)

The world of gaming has maintained consistency in its forward evolution. The invention of enhanced technology has delivered more exciting video games for popular console !platforms Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. The Google corporation’s marketing team has kept a finger firmly on the pulse of these industry giants and decided that it’s time to throw their hats in the ring and offer a video game platform of their own. Enter, Google Yeti!

What is Google Yeti?

Google Yeti is in the works and it is designed to become Google’s “Netflix for Games.” The services will offer video games that are hosted on their remote servers. Access to the games will be possible via hardware that allows streaming to a television. The service will be available through subscription that is similar to current gamer services offered through XBox Live and PlayStation already. This is Google’s answer to these popular providers who are doing well in their endeavors. They offer access to the entire collection for subscribers, but what that will entail has yet to be seen.


Atari is Back in the Hardware Business!

We just came out of E3, a solid week of video game related news from the front line of the console wars. Between Nintento’s various systems, Microsoft’s Xboxes and Sony’s Playstations, there’s more than enough video games out there for everyone, but is there any room left in the market for one more, ahem, player? Well one old name in the video game business certainly hopes there is. Once upon a time, if you wanted to play video games at home, you had only the one choice in the matter, but in today’s environment of choice, are gamers still going to want an Atari(more…)

The announcements made at this year’s E3 conference have heralded some enormous news for gaming culture. Games across the board are looking more exciting and engaging and realistic than ever. The new consoles and accessories launched alongside them are creating innovative new ways to experience gaming with every new release. One new trailer that turned every head in the room – and plenty across the globe, too – was for God of War, the new Playstation 4 game from Santa Monica Studios due for release early next year. Although it is the eighth instalment in the God of War series, the new game is entirely unique. (more…)